What the data tells us: It isn't a pretty picture

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March 16th, 2021



With people now being able to register on line for a vaccination appointment and actual vaccinations taking place it is useful to look at the data the Regional Public Health unit has put together.

The data from a Regional perspective:

PHU data Mar 15 Region

The variant versions of the virus are the huge concern. They are proving to be more deadly than the first version of the virus and they spread much faster.




The data from a Burlington perspective:

PHU data March 15 Burl

The number of variant cases is low – but these variants travel very very quickly. Reports are that we are now into a third wave..

The data that related directly to Burlington. There are variant versions of the virus in the community.

There is a desperate race to get people vaccinated before the variant versions of the virus spread.

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1 comment to What the data tells us: It isn’t a pretty picture

  • Phillip Wooster

    Still can’t get a response from local health authorities about a subset of residents awaiting vaccination. If a person is immuno-compromised, the first dose of a vaccine gives only a small boost in immunity. The timely administration of the second dose, about 3-4 weeks, is critical to getting even a moderate response. Why are local authorities playing russian-roulette by delaying the second dose for up to 4 months?