Rivers: Driving Dangerously - Tanks, Teslas and Tweets.



Rivers 100x100By Ray Rivers

August 17th, 2018


“Saudi Arabia remains a critical financial support base for al-Qaida, the Taliban, LeT and other terrorist groups… Donors in Saudi Arabia constitute the most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide.” (Hillary Clinton)

Word is out that Elon Musk has an offer he can’t refuse from the Saudis, to help him take back Tesla from all those critical public share holders. The question is why. Is it possible that Allah had bestowed an enormous endowment of battery quality lithium in the Arabian desert, as well as all that petroleum.

Rivers Musk

Elon Musk

One suspects Saudi King Salman must be up to something fishy. Otherwise why would a nation whose economy virtually runs on oil be buying into an electric car company? Perhaps the kingdom, sees Tesla as a threat to the gas guzzlers and is planning to buy it up only to shut it down – sort of like what US Steel did to Stelco. But why spend good cash buying a money losing car company. Odds are good it’ll go bankrupt all on its own.

If they can be taken at their word, this foray in buying an auto company may be just the start. They’ll still have ready cash available in their two-plus trillion heritage fund – enough to buy other perennial money losing auto companies like Chrysler. Or perhaps there is a deeper method behind this seeming madness.

Rivers Tesla cockpit

Cockpit of a Tesla electic car

How much simpler life would be for the misogynous state if the new Saudi Teslas could be engineered somehow so that only males could operate them. After all Elon Musk is a genius. Tesla pioneered autonomous drive as well as battery power. How difficult could it be to differentiate between males and females, and everything in between? Wouldn’t that bring a whole new slant to the term intelligent drive?

What then would be the point of those female protesters demanding equal rights to drive when they are not gender-capable of doing so anyway? Women in Saudi Arabia have finally and grudgingly been given the right to drive, provided they are accompanied by a male and/or have submitted an acceptable flight plan to a male relative or guardian. Hardly what we’d call freedom, but then that is Arabia.

Rivers Raif

Protesters demanding the release of Raif Bedawi; his wife is now a Canadian citizen

Human rights are subservient to male rights in this backward sexist monarchy and all rights are subservient to the wishes of the royal family. Back almost a decade ago Saudi authorities apprehended an independent humanitarian blogger, Raif Bedawi, for having the gumption to write on the internet about something we call freedom of speech.

For that heinous act he was sentenced to 10 years in prison and 1000 lashes to be administered at the rate of 50 a week.

The Harper government and its foreign minister Baird roundly criticized the Saudis back then, trying to influence them through diplomacy and even twitter. But since then Bedawi’s wife has managed to flee to Canada and become a citizen. So when Chrystia Freeland, Canada’s foreign minister, out of desperation and as duty to a Canadian citizen, tweeted to the Saudi government that they should immediately release Mrs. Bedawi’s husband and the other imprisoned peaceful protesters, all hell broke loose and the rest is modern history.

The Saudi will accept nothing less than an apology for calling them out for exactly what they are. But Trudeau is not going to apologize for speaking out on women’s human rights, even if the Conservative opposition members, who have apparently forgotten what they did as government, are now making sounds like they think he should. After all he is the feminist PM of Canada.

And Canada is not going to play tit-for-tat trade. Our $15 billion contract to export armoured cars is wrong on several counts but $15 billion is a lot of money and jobs, and besides if we cancelled, General Dynamics would just transfer production from their Ontario plant to someplace else. Morality has never been an insurmountable issue when it comes to selling weapons for the Americans, Brits or French either.

Rivers Freeland + prince

The Crown Prince wants Canada to apologize for the tweet Chrystia Freeland sent.

It is embarrassing that over the thirty years since Trudeau the elder promised a national energy policy, we’re still importing oil from Arabia.

Perhaps once the jurisdictional matter with B.C. is resolved we will move forward on the Energy-East pipeline. Or we could start making more electric cars – like Tesla is doing.

And then there are some 800 Saudi medical students who’ve been told by their homeland to pack up and go home. Sure we’ll lose the money they bring with them, but that is about the best news ever for young Canadian medical graduates still waiting for a resident position.

Most concerting in this unfortunate tussle though was the image released by a group of Saudi whacko nationalists portraying an Air Canada plane heading for collision with our CN tower. There was a retraction and apology, but nobody thinks threatening another nation with the kind of terror we saw on 9/11 is at all funny. And, of course, 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers were Saudi nationalists, as indeed was bin Laden

Rivers LAV-700-icon

We manufacture them in London, Ontario ship them to Saudi Arabia

So this little tempest over a tweet will become a game of ‘who blinks first’. Or like a game of road chicken, American Graffiti style, except the Saudi’s are racing at us with their new Tesla and Canada is driving one of those General Dynamics tanks. And our foreign minister, a woman, is doing the driving.

Background links:

Saudi Arabia –    Tesla Sale –    Saudi Driving Ban

Women Protesters–    Freeland Tweet –    Saudi Medics –    Saudi 9-11 pic


Rivers hand to face

Ray Rivers writes regularly on both federal and provincial politics, applying his more than 25 years as a federal bureaucrat to his thinking.  Rivers was once a candidate for provincial office in Burlington.  He was the founder of the Burlington citizen committee on sustainability at a time when climate warming was a hotly debated subject.     Tweet @rayzrivers



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Macbeth as a murderous conspiracy: Copp and his cast make it work.

artsblue 100x100By Pepper Parr

August 16th, 2018



Trevor Copp’s interpretation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth is not the way we heard the play in high school.

It is however a production well worth watching.

2018 audience

Summer outdoor theatre at its best.

There are some exceptionally good performances.

Lady Macbeth and Macbeth

Lady Macbeth arguing with Macbeth

Alma Sarai did a wonderful job as Lady Macbeth – the depth of her “out out” scene and the way in which she carried Macbeth off the stage in her arms was pure poetry and a demonstration of physical strength as well. DeSousa-Coelho who played Macbeth is not a man of small stature.

Copp has a core of experienced cast members that have ben a part of the RBG program for the past three years. My personal preference would have been to see Mika Hannigan as Macbeth – however Shawn DeSouza-Coelho did good work dealing with the mental emotional torment Macbeth was going through.

Kaylyn Valdez-Scott as was very good as Lady Macduff; she was a bright light to keep an eye on.

One could bank on the Banquo performance given by Jesse Horvath.

The murders - offing Duncan

Macbeth dispatches Duncan

Zach Parsons played Macduff and Malcolm very well.

Claudia Spadafora did a nice Ross – what we’ve not experienced with her before was the quality of her singing voice. It was a pleasant surprise .

The murderers reminded one of the way the Sûreté du Québec, that province’s provincial police service, has behaved in the past. It was sometimes hard to tell the difference in Quebec between the criminals and the police.

The choreography was the typical Copps work – he understands movement; the scene in which the murderers formed a chain of people stabbing one of their victims was brilliant.

Copp had a merry band of murders on stage who were very comfortable thrusting knives into almost anyone at hand or putting pistols to the heads of those they had to deal with and pulling the trigger. I lost count of just how many people were “offed” on that outdoor stage.

This second performance of the three week run went well; it was humid.

Outdoor theatre means coping with the weather – which is now climate in a constant state of change.

band of murderers

Some of the murderers having a drink after work.

The closing scene before intermission and the and the opening scene in the second half had everyone on the stage and involved in an operating room that was part Abu Ghraib and what we used to do at summer camp skits. Electric drills, tools that defied ones imagination were all part of a gruesome scene.

Hannigan dryly commented to Lady Macbeth that he was unable to help Macbeth: “he is beyond my practice”; this after he had taken every tool imaginable to “fix” Macbeth.

For those who make room for Shakespeare in their entertainment choices it is the language the draws us back again and again.

“Resolve thyself” … “filty witness” … the “bell that invites me” … “almost at odds with the morning”. There were people in the audience mouthing the words being said on the stage. “Let us make medicine of our revenge.”

Couple reading - flashlight

Reading a script during an intermission.

One patron said after the performance that “it took me a bit to get into it but I soon found myself feeling very emotional.

During the intermission one couple, using a flashlight to read a script they had were debating the wording and thoroughly enjoying themselves.

The play runs again on Friday and then Monday to Friday the week of the 20th and the week of the 27th.

There are no performances on Saturday or Sunday.



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Police Marine unit has a fleet of three craft that patrol the lake from the Peel boundary to the canal.

News 100 blueBy Pepper Parr

August 16th, 2018



Policing is much more than officers handing out Highway Traffic Act tickets.

There is a homicide unit

There is a fraud unit

There is a Mobile Command that the Gazette did a feature story on.

There is a K9 unit

There is a unit that handles sexual assaults.

And there is a Marine Unit that works out of Bronte Harbour in Oakville.

Oakville harbour

The Outer Harbour at the bottom of Bronte Road in Oakville – HQ for the HRPS Marine Unit.

Their area of jurisdiction is from the border with the Region of Peel, basically at Winston Churchill and out into the Lake up to the International boundary then west to the canal.

The Halton Marine unit works very tightly with the Hamilton marine unit – Halton has the larger of the two fleets.

The Halton boats are run by a team of six people – 5 male and a single female. “Women haven’t sought out the opportunity to serve in the marine unit” said Csanyi.

The Gazette met with Sergeant Paul Csanyi and PC Jeff Thurston at the office they share with a community patrol unit.

Csanyi at the wheel

Sgt Paul Csanyi at the helm of Marine 2 – a screen with a depth measurement sits in front of him on the right with a screen that lets him zoom in and out of a map.

Csanyi is an 11 year veteran with the Marine unit and has been a police officer for 28 years. Thurston has been with the unit for five years.

They oversee the operation of a three boat fleet that includes a 40 foot boat, a 26 foot boat and a 17 foot boat. Oddly, the boats don’t have names: just Marine 1, 2 and 3 or as Sgt Csanyi puts it – “the big guy, the fast one and the little guy.”

There is a 4th boat called Marine 4 that is an inflatable dingy which is used for inland waters/ponds)

Marine 1

Marine 1 – the biggest boat in the fleet has better handling than Marine 2 the boat this is used most often

The Halton Regional Police Service Marine unit is in place to enforce federal Department of Transport regulations.

“We have an area we are responsible and we do our patrols – we come under the direction of Canadian  Coast Guard  for Search and Rescue only.


All the regulations that apply to using a boat on the water are federal.”

The two bigger boats have sonar that tells then what is beneath the boat; we were 24 feet above the bottom during our run.

A second screen in front of the person at the wheel is a map of the area they are working that can be expanded and contracted. They have all the technical whistles and bells they need. Radar is also part of what they have to work with.

Marine 2 is very open – not much getting out of the weather on that boat. The command deck is partially enclosed.

The boats are on the water right up until freeze up.

Each boat has life boat of its own that opens automatically when it hits the water.

The work of the Marine Unit amounts to making sure people have the safety gear and that they have a license to use a boat and that the boat is registered.

During our tour Marine 2,  the 26 footer, came up on a man on a paddle board who didn’t have a fanny pack. Constable Thurston went forward to explain what the regulations were while Sgt Csanyi took the wheel.

Cautioning a paddler

Sgt Csanyi at the wheel while Constable Thurston cautions a paddler who was on the water without all the safety equipment required.

The man was on the water paddling away; his daughter was in Oakville at a hockey school.

No ticket (saved the paddler $125) just an explanation on what the rules were.

The boats have very powerful engines – twin Volvo engines on Marine 1 and dual 250hp Evinrude outboards on Marine 2.

Each boat has a communications system that put them in direct contact with the Halton Communications people who can reach almost anyone anywhere in the world. They are also tied into the communications at the Oakville detachment and they are part of a VHF frequency that the boats use to communicate when they are on the water.

Engines on Marine 2

Twin 250 hp Evinrude engines can move Marine 2 at a 40 knots clip – that is fast for travel over water. The white box at the bottom of the picture, partially visible is the life raft for the boat.

And of course they have their cell phones with them.

Whenever a member of the Marine unit boards a boat they have a large bag with everything they need including wet suits if they have to go into the water.

“Should we come across a boat that is on fire our job is to ensure that anyone on the boat is helped. We are not there to put out the fire.”

“There was an occasion when we were involved in helping to raise a boat that had sunk; we were able to suck out some of the water to get the boat up and then get flotation devices underneath so the boat could be taken into a harbour.”

Marine 2

Marine 2 – the work horse of the fleet can be out on the water in minutes should there be an emergency.

The biggest problem for the Marine unit is weather: when the waves get to the six foot level it is heavy boating. Few people know how to handle that kind of weather; it takes an experience boat user to make way in heavy weather.

“A lot of our calls involve racing to aid a boater who is in over their head and are having difficulty handling a boat. We have had to tow boats in the past. We put a line out or we can pull them in alongside our boat and get them back to a harbour” explained Csanyi.

Related news story:

Mobile Command Unit

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Intercounty Baseball League records the first ever no hitter in a playoff game as it begins the semi-finals.

sportsred 100x100By Staff

August 16th, 2018



The InterCounty Baseball League moved into the semi-finals where four teams will play to determine which two will be in the finals.

Getting to this point was covered in history.

The IBL is celebrating its 100th anniversary.

To make that event really significant the Toronto Leafs defeated the Guelph Royals 6-2 for the first playoff no-hitter in IBL history.

No hitter game IBL

An historic game. Photo credit: RS Konjek

Zach Sloan (1-1) started and went six innings, walking five and striking out seven. Both runs allowed were unearned. Marek Deska pitched the last three innings for the save, striking out three.

The last IBL no-hitter came in 2003, when Barrie’s Derek McDaid kept St. Thomas hitless in a seven-inning game.

Rob Patterson was the last Leafs’ pitcher to throw a no-no, doing so in 2000 in another seven-inning game against London.

The last nine-inning no-hitter was thrown in 1977, when future major leaguer Jesse Orosco blanked Guelph in a 15-0 win.

Offensively, Garret Takamatsu went 2-for-4 with a home run, two RBI and two runs. Aaron Hornostaj had three hits and two runs, Marcus Knecht had two hits, two stolen bases and an RBI, Zach Orchard drove in two, and Connor Lewis singled and scored.

Ethan Mohan and Sean Reilly scored for Guelph as the Royals scored twice in the sixth inning thanks to a pair of Toronto errors.

Yomar Concepcion (1-1) took the loss, giving up four runs on eight hits over six innings. He walked three and struck out three.

The Best-of-seven Dominico Cup semifinals will have Hamilton playing against Barrie; Kitchener playing against Toronto.

Burlington Herd was defeated by the Barrie Baycats in the quarter finals.

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Three Halton District School Board students earn perfect scores on an important test.

News 100 blueBy Pepper Parr

August 16th, 2018



She, along with two of her peers, have given the Halton District School Board bragging rights.

Dasha Metropolitansky served as a student trustee on the Halton District School Board where her performances were better than several of the publicly elected trustees.

Three students in Board of Education schools earned perfect scores in their International Baccalaureate (IB) programme.

Dasha Metropolitansky, Brian Guo and Hanson Liu achieved rare perfect scores in their International Baccalaureate (IB) programme. All three are students at White Oaks Secondary School in Oakville.

IBL student pics 2018

Brian Guo, Dasha Metropolitanskyand Hanson Liu got perfect scores on IBL tests.

The IB programme is an internationally recognized, two-year diploma, which provides a challenging curriculum for highly motivated students. It offers additional academic rigor in languages, mathematics, humanities and sciences and emphasizes personal development for students. It is offered at 5,000 schools around the world, including three in the Halton District School Board: Georgetown District High School, Robert Bateman High School and White Oaks Secondary School.

The IBL program is scheduled to transfer to Central high school when Robert Bateman high school closes.  The date for that closing keeps getting extended.

According to the IB organization, only 13 students in the ‘Americas’ region achieved a perfect score (45 points), and three are students from the same school in the Halton District School Board.

“I owe my peers, teachers and White Oaks administration so much for providing me with excellent resources and counsel, without which my accomplishment would not have been possible,” Guo says. “I am honoured to have received a 45, but I am most appreciative of the IB for its formative impact on me as a learner and as a global citizen.”

“Aside from feeling extremely grateful, I am very proud that the three of us can represent White Oaks,” Lui says. “I hope this showcases the quality of the HDSB staff and resources that paved the road to our
achievement, and encourages more students to pursue this wonderful educational opportunity.”

“I’m extremely proud that I’m one of only 13 students in North and South America who achieved a perfect score in such a demanding program,” Metropolitansky says. “The fact that approximately a quarter of North and South America’s perfect scores came from the Halton District School Board is extraordinary and a testament to the quality of our schools.”

“The Halton District School Board is very proud of the scores Brian, Dasha and Hanson achieved in the IB programme,” says David Boag, Associate Director of the Halton District School Board. “For many of our students, the IB program is a great complement to the high level of education they already receive in our Board. We wish Brian, Dasha and Hanson the best of good luck, as we are confident they will achieve much success in their future endeavours.”

This fall, Guo is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Duke University; Lui is studying Health Sciences at McMaster University; and Metropolitansky is attending Harvard University.

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Armed Man Robs Domino's Pizza in Burlington

Crime 100By Staff

August 16th, 2018



Police in Burlington are investigating an early morning armed robbery at Domino’s Pizza located at 495 Walkers Line.

Dominos on Walkers Line

Suspect left the pizza shop on foot after taking the cash – he appears to have known when the cash count was going to take place.

On August 16th 2018 shortly after midnight, a lone male suspect entered the business armed with a handgun and confronted two employees, one of which was in the process of counting money.

The suspect demanded cash and then removed an undisclosed amount from the till tray that was being counted before fleeing the business on foot.

The suspect is described as a white male, 25-30 years old, 5’7″ to 5’9″ tall wearing a blue and white bandana covering his face with a red baseball cap, maroon hoody, light colour jeans andblack running shoes. He was armed with a black revolver handgun. (See included photo)

Anyone with information regarding this robbery is asked to contact Detective Steve Siomra Burlington Criminal Investigation Bureau – Robbery Team 905-825-4747 ext. 2343

Tips can also be submitted to Crime Stoppers “See something? Hear something? Know something? Contact Crime Stoppers” at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS)or through the web at www.haltoncrimestoppers.ca.

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Down down down goes the city's ranking in a magazine list of best places to live; electioneering taking place!

council 100x100By Pepper Parr

August 16th, 2018



If you thought the municipal election was going to be quiet until Labour Day – think again.

Each of the candidates for Mayor has been lining up their teams, opening their campaign offices if they decided to have one.

Ward 2 Councillor Marianne Meed Ward who wants an upgrade and decided to run for Mayor this election has come out swinging with a xx on Facebook that was waiting for you on your Facebook page.

Money sense graph

She is punching hard.

The swing is directly at the current Mayor. She tells you where she thinks he has gone wrong and what she is going to do about the mistakes that were made.

Numerous references are made to how Oakville got it right and where Burlington got it wrong.

Meed Ward has always seen herself as one of the few politicians in Burlington who knows how to make social media work.

The last line of her Facebook message is an invitation to go to her web site and learn even more about what she can do for you.

Her base will love it.

Is Rick Goldring the person Meed Ward has to beat?


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Coordinator of Nursery/Toddler Ministry - for Port Nelson United Church.

News 100 yellowBy Staff

August 16, 2018



There are churches in Burlington that have not been able to renew the contract with their pastor.

There are churches that have had to merge with neighbouring churches.

There are a number who think they just might have to give up.

And then there are churches that are vibrant, packed, have growing congregations.

The why of the difference is beyond this article.

Port Nelson United Church

Port Nelson United Church

One of the churches that is healthy is Port Nelson United Church – and they are looking for a COORDINATOR OF NURSERY/TODDLER MINISTRY

This is more of an advertisement than a news story – we are comfortable in letting the news pages be used to recruit the kind of help that healthy congregations need.

The primary focus of the nursery/toddler Coordinator is to provide a consistent welcoming presence/relationship with parents and the children working with the volunteers to ensure a safe, caring environment for Sunday mornings (10 a.m. -12 noon) September through June.

This is a paid position that could be shared by 2 individuals

– To maintain up to date registration forms and information about the infants & toddlers with parent information for ease of contact.

– Oversee sign-in/sign out procedures; ensuring the use of JTECH paging devices

– To establish excellent working relationships with the volunteers overseeing and assisting in their engagement with the children

– Ensure care of equipment and toys in the Nursery and that they are age appropriate, safe, clean and well organized for easy child access

– Ensure that all supplies needed are provided for the comfort & safety of the children

– Communicate any concerns to the Spiritual Growth Ministry

Port Nelson Glee Camp

Port Nelson United Church Glee Camp

– The Chair of Spiritual Growth Ministry

– Ministry & Personnel Committee


Please direct enquiries and resume to: Ann Fleming:


It is nice to see that there is still a place where children are nurtured and grown as Christians.

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Nikola Wojewoda drawings on display at the Seaton Gallery in Aldershot

artsorange 100x100By Staff

August 15th, 2018



Summer in Burlington is a chance to get out and experience the country side, the beach and the art studios.
The Teresa Seaton Gallery on Spring Garden Road, steps away from the RBG is exhibiting some of the work of Nikola Wojewoda who describes the current exhibit as a “body of work grew out of that awkward transitional phase artists sometimes find themselves in. It was all about giving my permission; to begin from ‘not knowing’, listening to quiet impulses, and to genuinely allow myself to play. It resulted in a rediscovered love of drawing.”

Exhibition dates – Aug 16 – Sept 30, 2018
Reception – Sat Sept 8th, 2018, 2-5pm

Nikola Wojewoda is a contemporary artist of Russian and Polish descent. She graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 1981.

Nikola at Seaton GAllery

Nikola Wojewoda

A diverse artist, she has worked and exhibited in a variety of fine art mediums. In addition to drawing, painting and printmaking, she has shown sculptural works in bronze and stone, plaster, mixed media assemblage, and installation.

She’s made experimental short films, which have been shown in North America and Europe, and has designed sets for dance and theatre in Toronto – as well as for community theatre in her hometown of Hamilton, Ontario.

Swans cupboard

Swan’s cupboard

Her work can be found in private and corporate collections, including the Canada Council Art Bank. Her art has been written about in a variety of publications such as C Magazine and the Globe and Mail. She has taught painting and sculpture in Continuing Education programs through the Toronto Board of Education.

Nikola is a member of Hamilton Artists Inc., the Art Galley of Burlington, and Arts Burlington Fine Arts Association, Sculptors, and Potters Guilds.

The recipient of several Ontario Arts Council Grants, she has also recently received the Agnes Tassie Award for Sculpture (DVSA) the Jeanette Edwards Award for Ceramics (Burlington Potters Guild), and the Alice Peck Award for Fine Art (Burlington Fine Arts Guild).

Nikola W NorthbyNorthWest (002)

North by Northwest

Nikola W Harbinger (002)


In her current practice she has expanded the materials she works with and is exploring ceramic sculpture as well as a hybrid of collage and paper cutting.

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Cougars hire Mark Jooris to lead the team in 2018.

sportsred 100x100By Pat Shields

August 15th, 2018



With the departure of Chad Wiseman to the OHL’s Guelph Storm, Burlington Cougars General Manager Alex Bezerra announces the hiring of Mark Jooris for the 2018/19 season.

“As an organization we would like to wish Chad the best of luck this season with the Guelph Storm. We are very excited to announce the hiring of Mark Jooris as our new Head Coach. Mark has a familiarity with our organization and will do a great job with this group of players.” said Bezerra.

Cougars coachJooris, a Burlington native, will re-join the Cougars after serving as Head Coach and General Manager in 2009-10, and 2015-2017. He was awarded OJHL and OHA Coach of the Year honours in his 2015-16 campaign, and was 2016-17 OJHL Coach of the Year Runner-Up. After suiting up for the Cougars in the 1981-82 season, Jooris went on to a very successful NCAA career at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) and played professionally in Finland, Germany, Switzerland and the American Hockey League (AHL).

“I am extremely excited and honored for the opportunity to re-join the Cougars; this is an exciting time for the organization and we hope to continue to build on the winning tradition here.” commented Jooris.

“Mark is a well-known hockey person in our community and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge. His positive attitude and strong work ethic will be a great example to our players on how to be a successful student-athlete. Our organization is dedicated to the advancement and success of our players and we know that Mark will be a huge part of that.” added Bezerra.

Jooris as a player

Jooris as a player

The Cougars start their training camp this week with two days of prospect scrimmages before the team begins their Exhibition schedule Thursday night in Brantford (7:30pm Puck Drop).

Exhibition Schedule:

Thursday, August 17 @ Brantford 7:30pm – Wayne Gretzky Arena
Sunday, August 19 vs Brantford 3:00pm – Wave Twin Rinks, Burlington
Thursday, August 23 @ Mississauga 7:45pm – Tomken Twin
Saturday, August 25 vs Buffalo 4:00pm- Wave Twin Rinks, Burlington
Sunday, August 26 @ Buffalo 4:30pm – Harborcenter
Friday, August 31 vs Mississauga 7:30pm – Wave Twin Rinks, Burlington

The Cougars kick off their 2018/19 season during the  Home Opening Weekend (September 7-8).


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Gambling In Canada: The Peculiarities - online casinos become increasingly popular with millions of users throughout the world.

sportsgold 100x100By Hillary Walker

August 15th, 2018



Allotting much time to job and everyday minutiae, people start searching for the things and activities which will make their life more eventful and exciting. Nowadays, online casino games gain in popularity with people from across the world – users play poker or blackjack, place bets, get bonuses and enjoy their pastime.

But the main goal most of the players pursue is, obviously, an opportunity to hit the jackpot and win at online slots.

Online casinoJackpot And New Online Opportunities
It’s not surprising online casinos become increasingly popular with millions of users throughout the world. Such pastime attracts people with the vast opportunities it opens for them which are not limited in winning real money only. It is always essential to take choosing of a gambling website seriously and only give preference to the one with a solid reputation. You may read trusted casino reviews here in order to easily figure out the way to find the best online casino and choose the most reliable and trustworthy one.

Gambling websites gain in popularity with thrill-seekers, people who want to open new horizons and gain unforgettable experience. Online casinos make it possible for users to enjoy their pastime not even leaving their house winning real money in a comfortable atmosphere. Being unable to visit offline casinos, people take interest in online ones where they can spend as much time as they want for having an opportunity to win the jackpot.

On line casino headsetGames Of Chance In Canada
There are almost no differences between offline and online casinos in Canada. Nowadays, Canadian provinces are involved in the lottery schemes which let gamblers win real money guessing lottery numbers. The provinces conduct and manage online gambling; each Canadian province forms its own requirements and conditions concerning online and offline casinos. For example, British Columbia offers four types that gambling players are able to choose from: online gambling, lottery tickets, betting on horse races and playing casino games.

Lottery schemes include the following games:

● poker;
● bets;
● sport betting;
● blackjack;
● slots;
● bingo;
● roulette;
● lotteries.

Alongside the provinces, charitable and religious organizations may hold gambling license and conduct lotteries. Charitable gambling usually includes bingo, raffles, sports pools and give earned money to hospitals, homeless shelters, schools.

The Most Widespread Online Casinos
Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia and Alberta are the gambling centers of Canada: the largest and the most widespread gambling websites belong to the above mentioned provinces. The following websites are considered to be the most popular ones among Canadian gamblers:

● LotoQuebec is a well-known online casino where users can play slot games and lots of other casino games;

● BCLC is a gambling website popular with citizens of British Columbia;

● WCLC is a Western Canadian gambling site where users can place sport bets, purchase lottery tickets, play blackjack and poker.

All of the above mentioned websites offer their users a wide range of services and numerous games to play online.

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Aldershot Farmers Market Saturday - 10 - 1

eventsgreen 100x100By Staff

August 15th, 2018



Everything doesn’t happen in downtown Burlington.

The good people of Aldershot have a nice, thriving Farmers Market that supports local artisans and food vendors at the Aldershot Village Market Saturday, August 18, from 10:00 – 1:00 on Plains Road.

The market is sponsored by the Aldershot BIA.

Aldershot BIA market

There are people who will tell you about the rich farmland either side of Plains Road that produced some of the best produce in the province.

During the market season wagons pulled by horses would take produce to market and into Burlington where it would get shipped to Toronto and points east.

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An interesting approach: use a strong brand name with a deal that makes sense. This is a gift horse whose mouth needs a closer look.

Crime 100By Staff

August 14th, 2018



And what’s wrong with this “deal”?

The spelling – but it’s such an enticing offer and Air Canada is such a strong brand name.

No problems with this one – right?

Air Canada scam

Check the spelling – a national organization would never make that kind of misttake.

When you click on that promotion code you real problems will have just begin.

If it is a gift horse – look it in the mouth.

The thieves promoting this scam will do very well.

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Ward 2 candidate maintains the inability to defend its own zoning downtown is a creation of the City, not the province.

opinionred 100x100By Roland Tanner

August 14th, 2018



The residents of Ward 2 are now left hoping that one development they don’t want wins out over another they want even less.

Mayor with Reveniue Project developer

President of Reserve Properties chats up the Mayor at a public meeting reviewing the development.

Reserve Properties, the development company behind the proposed 409 Brant Street development, has filed an appeal to the Local Planning Appeals Tribunal (LPAT, formerly the OMB) seeking 24 storeys instead of the 17 storeys Council voted for at their last meeting.

The appeal comes as no surprise. Reserve Properties has repeatedly stated, initially in a response to a question I made on May 1st at the public meeting at the Lions’ Club, their justification for 24 stories is based primarily on the fact the neighbouring development was given 24 stories by vote of Council in the Fall of 2017. They made clear at Council that they did not believe 17 storeys was an ‘optimized’ intensification of the property, based on an argument derived from a single sentence in the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe (GPGGH).

All Council’s attempts at appeasement of developers, in the hope for some moderation and respect for the City’s new (but not yet in force) Official Plan have come to naught.

high profile 421

The city approved this development …

From Civic Square

The proponents of the development on the right want the same height as the development on the left – which the city has already approved. It isn’t quite that simple.

The developers are doing their job. While we can certainly wish for a more respectful dialogue between developers and the community, which would take into account the community’s desires, they are under no obligation to respect the residents of Ward 2. They are within their rights to appeal. It is supposed to be Council’s job, above all others, to defend and represent the interests of residents, but over the last decade they appear to have largely abrogated that responsibility.

The question is now how the newly formed LPAT interprets whether the City is meeting the provincial objectives for intensification under the GPGGH. If it can be successfully argued by the City that 17 storeys meets the objectives of the GPGGH, then the 17 storeys will be upheld.

Site - south of 421

Red square is the location of the approved project – the black one is the development that has been taken to LTAP on appeal.

Residents must now wait to see which of the two wildly unpopular options will be supported by LPAT. In one way the developer’s arguments are correct – the practical difference between a 17 storey tower and a 24 storey tower is not that great. They’re both too big for the site, and run calamitously counter to the clearly expressed desires of residents for development on Brant Street. There is no ‘good’ result to be had for citizens at LPAT with this appeal, just an official judgement on ‘bad’ or ‘worse’.

This crisis in the ability of the City to defend its own zoning downtown is a creation of the City, not the province. This development and the subsequent appeal would not be happening in downtown Oakville. The City chose to designate downtown for intensification, and the City chose to designate downtown as a Transit Hub, placing twice the number of intensification areas in Ward 2 of any other ward, and more than the whole of North Burlington.

Bus roites - 1st design

Those thin red dotted lines represent different bus routes that will transfer passengers at the downtown terminal.

This despite the fact that transit connections in downtown are far from adequate. We are now faced with being unable to control intensification because of the lack of care that was taken to protect downtown zoning within the Official Plan and zoning since the Places to Grow Act. Blaming the Province, the OMB or the LPAT is a smokescreen to hide the calamitous decisions that have been made with regard to downtown at City Hall, and the too-late, likely ineffective, attempts under the new OP to control development by re-zoning downtown in an attempt to appease developers into being more moderate in their demands.

The next Council, even if composed of Councillors far more sympathetic to moderation downtown than the current one, will be faced with a difficult struggle to undo the decisions that have been made.

The battle is just beginning for growth done right in Burlington.

Tanner croppedRoland Tanner is an historian by profession and a candidate for the ward 2 city council seat.  He was a member of the group that produced the Shape Burlington report; a document that council endorsed unanimously then forgot that it existed.

Related news story:

Why the Carriage Gate development opposite city hall was approved.

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Children’s Festival this Sunday - Spencer Smith Park

News 100 yellowBy Staff

August 14th, 2018



As they get a little older - they are ready for bigger challenges. This group works there way through a children's obstacle course.

As they get a little older – they are ready for bigger challenges. This group works there way through a children’s obstacle course.

Join in the fun and celebrate being a kid at the city’s Children’s Festival Aug. 19

We have been doing it for years – 27 as a matter of fact.

The Children’s Festival takes place on Sunday, Aug. 19 at Spencer Smith Park from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Presented by The Rocca Sisters Team the day is a time to celebrate being a kid with live entertainment, play zones and inflatables, crafts, face-painting, balloon animals and a kids’ marketplace.

Children at the event can enjoy many activities and shows on the main stage, sponsored by TELUS, including:


This one is getting ready for the competition at the CNE

• Main stage shows with Mega Magic,
CRASH Rhythm,
Isabella Hoops and Birds of Prey
• Meet the characters from PJ Masks
• Roaming entertainment with Jungle Jack and stilt walkers
• Face painting
• Balloon animals
• Hairspray artist
• Crafts
• Inflatables
• Kids’ marketplace

Admission to this accessible event is free.


While it is a Children’s Festival – the grandparents have their place as well.

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Door to door canvasser arrested in Burlington

Crime 100By Staff

August 14th, 2018

HRPS crest


Halton Police have arrested a male after receiving a complaint of a suspicious person canvassing door to door for money while falsely representing himself as a member of a local place of worship in the Headon Forest area.

After an extensive search and the assistance of local residents, Mohammed ISMAIL (25 yrs of age from Hamilton) was arrested and charged with the following offences;

Fraud Under $5000,

False Pretenses Under $5000 and

Trespassing at Night.

Mr. ISMAIL is believed to have obtained funds from numerous citizens in the Headon Forest area.

Anyone with information relating to this incident is encouraged to contact the Halton Regional Police Service Criminal Investigations Bureau at 905-825-4747 extension 2316.

Tips can also be submitted to Crime Stoppers “See Something? Hear Something? Know Something? Contact Crime Stoppers” at 1-800-222-8477 or through the internet at www.haltoncrimestoppers.ca

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Weather clouds the first night of Macbeth at the RBG Rock Garden. Opening moved to Tuesday.

artsorange 100x100By Pepper Parr

August 14th, 2018.


Weather clouds the first night of Macbeth at the RBG Rock Garden. Opening moved to Tuesday.

Weather was always going to be an issue – it was after all outdoor theatre.

The early crowds were good – and they kept coming in through the wrought iron gates even as people were opening up their umbrellas and stage people were beginning to cover electrical elements with plastic.

First night umbrellas

Umbrellas were brought out by the hardy theatre goers but the rain Gods didn’t bless them

Weather call BEST

Director, stage manager and RBG staffer gather to discuss the weather options.

Trevor Copp, director of the Macbeth performance that was to hold its opening night of a three week run at the RBG Rock Garden, discussed what the options were and decided at 7:25 pm that they would wait an additional 20 minutes before deciding what to do.

A few people, very few left.

The rest hung in until 7:40 when Copp took to the stage and said that the weather formations on the RBG weather channels were not optimistic – Opening Night was being cancelled and ticket holders would be given tickets for another evening.

The cast and the stage crews began the take down – there was going to be another day.

Couple umbrella

This couple were quite content to wait it out.

For those who walked to their cars across the road there was this wonderful rainbow beginning to arc its way across the evening sky.

An omen for the rest of the three week run.

Tickets are available at: WWW.RBG/shakespeare

Related news stories:

Cast in rehearsal.

Lady Macbeth doing out out.


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Burlington Herd gets taken out of contention in the IBL baseball quarter finals.

sportsred 100x100By Pepper Parr

August 13th, 2018



It was the last game of the season that would take place in the city for the Burlington Herd.

They hugged the bottom of the league standings for most of the season. They were then matched against the league leading Barrie Baycats for the quarter finals and got taken out of contention in three games straight.

Baycat swinging

The Barrie Baycats played a strong game – the Herd lost several excellent opportunities when their bases were loaded.

The Barrie Baycats, who almost owned top spot through the season, put the series away with a 9-2 win Sunday night at Coates Stadium.

The Herd committed a number of errors that didn’t help.

Baycats pitcher St. Kitts went the distance giving the Barrie team the second of two wins in a five game quarter final game played at the Casey Cosgrove field at Nelson Park Saturday night.

Coach and the umpire

The Herd coach didn’t get very far with the umpire.

The Herd has had a tough time throughout the season. The team is made up of relatively young players who seemed to need some guidance from a coach that wasn’t doing all that much to support and encourage the individual players.

He did go out on the field to argue one with the umpire – he lost that difference of opinion as well.

The crowd was small. Dedicated and attentive but still small.

Ryan Harrison has done a good job of building a revenue stream for the Herd. The hot dogs and the hamburgers were just fine. Beer was kept ice cold and decently priced as well.

High school football was being played on a field a parking lot away behind the high school – much bigger crowd; sounded much more boisterous as well.

Mom serving a hot dog

The Herd was meant to be a local team that would entertain families and give the home town something to root for – they did the former, fell flat with the latter.

The objective of having an InterCounty League (IBL) baseball team for Burlington was to have an inexpensive place family’s could spend summer evenings taking in the game in pleasant surroundings.

That objective was met to some degree – there are always parents with children in the stands – jusyt not enough of them.

A team that didn’t own the bottom of the league standings would help.

Harrison seems to have done a good job of lining up sponsors. His biggest problem on that side is the city deal he has to live with. Harrison reports that he has to get his sponsors to take their sponsorship application and pay city hall who then keep 70% of the revenue.

Not much balance or fairness in that kind of lopsided deal.

Herd team sign

Can Burlington support a local IBL baseball team? Can the team begin to look like a winner?

Harrison has been doing some research on the different venues around the province. He recently reported that he was looking at the ball park in Welland.

Putting some pressure on city hall seems to be the end game.

The end for the Herd came Sunday evening.

Is the end of the Herd as a Burlington baseball team in sight?

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Police station's hour of operation limited, downtown substation closed and the new headquarters has yet to open: troubles?

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

August 13th, 2018


We got a call from a reader asking why the Burlington Police detachment wasn’t open full time.

We were advised this morning that the Halton District Police Service put in a policy that became effective September 1st, 2017 to limit the hours of operation in Milton and Burlington to the following:

HRPS crest3 District Burlington (30 Division)
3800 Constable Henshaw Blvd. Burlington, ON
Operating hours 8:00am -10:00pm

1 District Milton (12 Division)
490 Childs Drive Milton, ON
Operating hours 8:00am -10:00pm

1 District Georgetown (11 Division)
217 Guelph Street Georgetown, ON
Operating hours 8:00am -7:00pm

20 Division in Oakville will remain open to the public 24 hours a day.

The Community Rooms will not be available to the public once the station has closed for the evening.

A public intercom will be located at the front door of the respective stations. This intercom will provide immediate contact with our police communications. This feature will be available during off- hours.
hours of operation will be in place seven days a week:

The police sub-station on Brant Street was closed on April 30th, 2017.  The public was made aware of the change a few days before the bureau closed.  The police reported that in 2016, only six reports were generated from visitors; the vast majority stopped to ask for directions or to turn in found property.

Police with bikeThe decrease in attendance, police said, “can be largely attributed to advances in technology which have changed the way members of the public interact with the Service. Key among these is social media like Twitter and Facebook which enable users to obtain information and advice on a range of police-related matters.”

“In Halton, other advances include the introduction of online crime reporting, mobile apps Text to 9-1-1. All – in addition to traditional 9-1-1 for emergencies and crimes in progress or 905-825-4777 for non-emergencies – make it possible for people to receive 24 hour a day, seven day a week police support without having to attend a police station.”

The idea of a police officer on a beat is a thing of the past.

Halton Police Services Board

The Police Services Board oversees the service and approves the budget. There are representatives from each municipality as well as a provincial appointee.

Police services are not cheap. The “gross” budget number are:

2018 = $150,070,809
2017 = $144,940,030
2016 = $139,714,700

There is a brand new police headquarters for the Region sitting on a rise overlooking the QEW that is yards away from the current police operations building that is now more than a year late in opening.

New headquarters from QEW

A little late in opening – communications has to be fully operational before the rest of the force moves in.

The $65-million, 235,000 square foot facility was approved in January 2015.

The new structure, located on the same regional property at 1151 Bronte Rd., broke ground in October of that year. It was to be completed in late August or early September of 2017

The new headquarters is considerably larger than the existing 86,000-square-foot headquarters facility.

No comment from the police when the Gazette asks: why the delay?”

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Macbeth opens this evening at the RBG Rock Garden

artsblue 100x100By Pepper Parr

August 13th, 2018



The third season of Shakespeare in the RBG Rock Garden begins this evening.

The cast has been rehearsing for months at a concrete bunker on the McMaster campus.

Trevor Copp

Trevor Copp

Director Trevor Copp has taken a different tack on a play that has added strong phrases to the English language.

Copp re-imagines the classic story of fate and vengeance  as a conspiracy story thriller. Macbeth’s pact with unseen forces to become a tyrant King unfolds with consequences beyond his darkest imaginings. This highly physical interpretation is performed outdoors.

It dramatizes the damaging physical and psychological effects of political ambition on those who seek power for its own sake

Alma Sarai does several scenes that have to be watched.

Alma with bowls

Alma Sarai in rehearsal as Lady Macbeth

Out, damned spot! out, I say!—One: two: why, then, ’tis time to do’t.—Hell is murky!—Fie, my…

The thane of Fife had a wife: where is she now?—
What, will these hands ne’er be clean?—No more o’…

Here’s the smell of the blood still: all the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this …

This is a young growing actress who performs intensely and superbly.

At the Royal Botanical Gardens Rock Garden on Plains Road between August 13th to 17th; August 20th to 24th and August 27th to 31st. There are no Saturday or Sunday performances.

There are no performances on Saturday and Sunday.

Tickets are available online at: www.rbg.ca/shakespeare

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