Afternoon tea at the AGB this afternoon

March Hare

By Staff March 25th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON Little did we know. Our original headline on this story read: High tea at the AGB this afternoon. […]

Trustees are not opposed to having a new HDSB administration centre built - but they don't agree on where it should be located.

street view of the site

By Pepper Parr March 22, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON In an earlier version of this news story we said that Milton trustee Kim Graves had complained […]

Milton public school named after Viola Desmond, first black woman to appear on Canadian currency.

Desmond $10 bill

By Pepper Parr March 22, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   We were a different people then. Harder, harsher less tolerant of others and the differences between […]

Public school board trustees will be deciding on a recommendation to build a new administration building - $23 million +

aerial of site

By Staff March 20th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   The easiest way to get this story out is to report that after deciding to close two […]

Seniors will get to hear students doing a Band Extravaganza

Students playing instruments

By Staff March 19th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   Approximately 900 Halton District School Board Grade 7 and 8 music students representing 24 elementary schools, will […]

Teaching girls to become radiant during Spring Break; it worked!

Lego and radiant sign

By Pepper Parr March 17th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   Planning for Spring Break – what are the options for parents? Is it just part of […]

Another sneaky Identity theft scam using a well know financial brand name - PayPal

paypal logo

By Staff March 12th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   This is a real sneaky one. The message tells you that you sent an amount of money […]

Making Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics the core of a new high school course offering begins.

Project Based Learning logo

By Pepper Parr March 12th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   STEM is an acronym that refers to Science Technology Engineering and Math. The Halton District School […]

Province gives municipalities funding to cope with legal, educational and public safety problems that will result from the sale of cannabis

Cannabis logo

By Staff March 10th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   On March 7, 2018 shortly before 11:00 pm, Halton Police officers responded to the area of Maple […]

Innovation high school program to be introduced in Aldershot for the September 2019 school year.


By Pepper Parr March 8th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   It’s a go! Superintendent of Education Terri Blackwell and her team got the vote she needed […]

School board trustees get an opportunity to make a far reaching decision on the kind of education that will be delivered.

Blackwell + Tuffen as a team

By Pepper Parr March 6th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   There is something good that will come out of the Program Administrative Review (PAR) that resulted […]

Denis Gibbons: From alter boy to world class hockey researcher covering seven Olympic hockey tournaments.

Gibbons Dennis N. Book cover

By Pepper Parr February 26th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   When the 23rd Winter Olympic Games closing ceremonies were over Denis Gibbons was able to get […]

Gould expands on the details of the Canada Learning Bond - $2000 is available through an RESP.

By Staff February 22, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   Earlier this week a very pregnant Karina Gould stood before an audience and talked about the cost […]

Canada Learning Bond can put up to $2000 into an RESP - announced yesterday at The Centre.

Gould - very pregnant

By Staff February 21st, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   Burlington MP Karina Gould – baby due early in March Burlington’s Member of Parliament and federal Cabinet […]

Kickass Canadian is featured speaker at a Conservation Authority Workshop on March

Version 2

By Staff February 16, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   Sharing Experiences is a biennial one day capacity-building workshop for individuals and community groups interested in creating […]

Civil, civic conversations. If you can’t do that – don’t waste your time writing.


By Pepper Parr February 13th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   It was the call for a Task Force on Bullying and Harassment that got us started […]

The last farm house in what was once Appleby Village was rich in history and the city's farming past.

Site with address and backhoe

By Staff February 12th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   When we published the story on the Taylor farm and the house on the property at Appleby […]

Ridge tells council there is going to be a workshop on the long awaited code of conduct for members of Council during a discussion on harassment and bullying in the city.

City Hall BEST aerial

By Pepper Parr February 8th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON Ridge tells council there is going to be a workshop on the long awaited code of conduct […]

Comments on the cycling survey - are the right questions being asked?

Cyclist - winter

By Staff February 6th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   Joe Gaetan is a Burlington resident who lives in a high rise on Maple Avenue. He cycles […]

Disruption - understand it before it disrupts your company.

DeGroote logo

By Staff February 6th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   Technology and disruption are among today’s hottest buzzwords. But how are technological developments going to affect your […]