It was 18 years ago - the free world as we know it changed.

World Trade

One of our readers sent this in this morning – did you remember 9-11? On this day… 18 years ago, 246 people went to sleep […]

Rainbow street crossings on the way - maybe something really spectacular if Councillor Sharman has his way.

Kearns at Rainbow crossing

By Pepper Parr September 11th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   With 1500 plus people attending a very inclusive event at the Art Gallery it was not […]

Nelson high school expansion finally gets the funding to proceed - opening September of 2020 is a stretch.

HDSB sign with flag

By Staff September 10th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   The Halton District School Board can finally put the Nelson High School addition out to tender. Ward […]

Last year there were 941 registered runners - can we make it 1000 this year?

Fox monument with Brant Inn

By Staff September 10th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   This will be the 39th Annual Terry Fox run. What a record! The Terry Fox Run for […]

Five land-based gaming options closest to Burlington

Nash - wheel

By Claire Nash September 10th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON     Considering the hectic lives we lead these days, going about your day-to-day work without taking […]

Could pausing to give cash to a pan handler get you a ticket for distracted driving? Some members of council think that might be a good idea.

Panhandling OK tosay no

By Pepper Parr September 10th,2019 BURLINGTON, ON   What do you think about this one? Police in Burlington don’t ticket pan handlers – there is […]

Councillor Nisan asks staff to dig out information that is already public - his first step in doing anything about the Nelson plans for a bigger quarry operation.

14a rendering of the lake 77acres

By Staff September 10th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   Some movement at city hall on the expected application to do more quarrying by Nelson Aggregates. A […]

Marathoner celebrates 40th birthday - does a 16.51 km run to celebrate.

Ashley Worobec - footwear

By Ashley Worobec September 10th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   I was asked about the technology I use in my running and how that’s changed over […]

Election debate: Burlington Green working with NuvoOne to host a debate between the federal candidates.

By Staff September 10, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   Burlington Green has joined forces with Nuvo One to sponsor a debate between the candidates for the […]

West Nile virus found in Eight batches of infected mosquitoes found in the Region - all four municipalities.


By Pepper Parr September 9th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   They are a seasonal threat that we have to pay close attention to. This is how […]

By law officers are reported to be tearing out naturalized gardens they once said were in compliance.

GARDEN Paul Raun

By Doreen Nicoll September 9th,2019 BURLINGTON, ON Part 1 of a 2 part story. August 15th, I published an article about Antheia, a long-time homeowner […]

Home gardens are bursting with produce; peaches are nice and corn is just what it is supposed to be.

Jan - beans on vine

By Pepper Parr September 9th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   It’s the time of year to drive around the province to take in some of the […]

Council will decide whether or not to recommend that LaSalle Park Marina Association continue to run the marina.proceeding with a new wa

LaSalle Park MArina

By Pepper Parr September 9th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   When John Birch was the President of the LaSalle Park Marina Association he was pretty sure […]

The Art Gallery was swamped Friday night with many people who had not been in the place before - all part of a Gender Conspiracy.people


By Pepper Parr September 9th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   It was an event that is difficult to describe. That it packed, really packed the Art […]

Gazette web site attacked for the third time - whose ox was being gored?

An old newspaper name revived.

By Pepper Parr September 9th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   There has been a third malicious attack on the Burlington Gazette web site. Last Friday we […]

Lakeshore renewal: Walkers Line to Appleby to be resurfaced

Traffic barriers in place on LAkeshore for the Car Free Sunday last year were expensive and not really used.  The event was poorly attended.

By Staff September 5th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   The City of Burlington is making improvements to Lakeshore Road from Nelson Avenue to Locust Street. The […]

Two Males Arrested After Violent Sexual Assault in Burlington

HRPS crest

By Staff September 6th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   In late August 2019, members of the Halton Regional Police Service, Child Abuse and Sexual Assault Unit […]

Mayor unable to find a restaurant in Burlington to treat her brother to oysters on the half shell.

MMW in a hands up pose

By Pepper Parr September 6th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   It takes a certain kind of person to run for public office. And should they get […]

Federal government drops 307 big ones into the lap of HalTech: earmarked for female entrepreneurs.

Damoff with big wide open smiles

By Pepper Parr September 5th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   HalTech Regional Innovation Centre, based in Burlington, Ont., will receive around $307,000 from the federal government […]

He did it again - he put a whistle in the hands of the Queen's representative in Canada after he was made a Member of the Order of Canada.

GG and Foxcroft

By Pepper Parr September 5th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   He did it again. But this time he had met his match. She already had a […]