Joseph Gaetan sees an upside to online learning - it worked for him.

opinionred 100x100By Joseph A. Gaetan

December 9th, 2019



At the moment, the secondary school unions and the Ontario government are at loggerheads over whether 4, 2 or 0 online classes should be offered. Having experienced both traditional and e-learning firsthand I can attest to the fact that in both cases some courses are delivered better than others.

Online 1

Take your courses when you want – where you want and if you didn’t get it the first time yo can replay the class.

In my experience there is room for improvement on both fronts and not every subject is a candidate for e-learning. One of the criticisms I have heard about e-learning involves access to tutors, something I found to be both a problem and an opportunity. On one hand not having instant access to a tutor can be frustrating, on the other hand, from personal experience, it can make you dig deeper for the solution. In education, as in life, some of the things that stick with us the most are the things we had to work the hardest to achieve. Easy and instant access to resources is not always the answer and is not always the best form of education.

Say or think what you want about online learning, it has been here a while and it is here to stay, and, it’s growing in leaps and bounds. For many people it is a game changer as it may be the only way they can earn those last few credits or a credential that they otherwise would not be able to earn. For some it is a matter of cost or a way to balance raising a family while earning a living.

According to the “Ontario Learn” website, in 1995 seven colleges put their heads together and started to offer online courses, today 24 Ontario colleges offer high quality online education. The original seven realized that by pooling resources, they could extend their reach by offering online courses and programs to students who would not otherwise have access to them.

“Athabasca University” (AU) is a Canadian Open University specializing in online distance education and is one of four comprehensive academic and research universities in Alberta. Founded in 1970, it was the first Canadian university to specialize in distance education. Athabasca offers online undergraduate and graduate programs and courses. AU serves over 38,000 students (over 7,900 full-load equivalents) and offers over 900 courses in more than 50 undergraduate and graduate programs in a range of arts, science and professional disciplines.

If you haven’t heard of a MOOC, you aren’t alone. MOOCS or Massive Open Online Courses have unlimited participation and open access via the web. EDx is just one online MOOC platform that has about 14 million learners and is the second largest MOOC provider in the world. The global MOOC market size was estimated to be $4 billion in 2018.

When I wanted to brush up on my knowledge of social media marketing, I turned to EDx and promptly found 10 offerings. One course from Boston University not only met my needs but allowed me, should I so desire, to earn a credit towards a Micro Masters. The course starts in April of 2020 and currently has 69,871 registrants.

So why all the fuss and push back here in Ontario? Online learning is anything but new. Online learning may also be the only choice for some people who have different learning styles or disabilities. My granddaughter is in grade 10 so I sought her opinion on the topic. Her response; she prefers having a teacher in front of her. Good enough. Online learning is not for everyone. Some students like my granddaughter prefer a live teacher, some may learn better, as I did, with online learning.

The current generation of high school students are prodigious users of online technology. So why not offer them online learning as part of our high school curriculum? Failing to offer online learning in this day and age is a missed opportunity.

Athabasca University has been around since 1970 and Ontario Learn since 1995, and 2020 is just around the corner, so let’s get on with it, but do it right, and by that I mean involving the right stakeholders be it parents, students, teachers and the government in the process.

There is but one pool of taxpayer money, some of that pool is dedicated to education, some of that pool goes towards paying for infrastructure, some for books and supplies, some for school repairs and maintenance, and some to teachers and other staff.

Online 2

There are strengths and weaknesses to online education. It does cost the governments less.

We have one of the best and most expensive education systems in the world. In order to continue to be the best we must find a way to make online learning part of that system and we can either lead the way, or we can sit back and suffer the consequence of lagging as did Research in Motion (RIM) aka Blackberry.

At the moment online education is geared to post-secondary learning. I see two pathways for primary and secondary student e-learning. One has the government and other stakeholders working hand in hand to figure out how to make e-learning part of Ontario’s education future.

The other path is market based where the government with the help of e-learning experts such as EDx create a series K to 12 courses that are optional for those who would benefit the most. In the end this approach will only work if there is value to members of the target market, “the student”.

Joseph GaetanJoseph A. Gaetan has a BGS degree in applied studies, earned through studies at The University of Waterloo and Athabasca University. He also earned a Province of Ontario Engineering Technology Certificate through Fanshawe College, and for 8 years worked at earning a trade becoming a Journeyman Machinist. He also studied French at the Centre Linguistique du Collège de Jonquière and Italian at Mohawk College. In addition, he has taken online courses through the EDx platform taking courses from Harvard, The University of Queensland, Wellesley and Delft Wageningen, he is currently working at learning 6 languages through Duolingo. His work career includes being a Machinist, a CNC programmer, a business owner, a consultant and the Director of Organizational Development for a Fortune 100 company. All of this thanks to life-long learning.

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Canadian online casinos give every individual a chance to participate in their casinos.

News 100 yellowBy Rachelle Otto

December 10th, 2019



Are you searching for an online casino that allows Canadian players?

Well, get your gaming suit on because they have designed a website and written up a list of the highly-rated Canadian online casinos that are after every Canadian’s heart and that offer deposits and bonuses which favors the players.

Canada has a neutral ground when talking about online casinos, it has a vast central ground.

Canadian online casinos give every individual from the world a chance to participate in online gambling in their casinos. Most persons ask whether Canadian casinos can be trusted well the answer to that is yes. Cutting to the hunt, every legit and appropriate online Canadian casino is trustworthy. There are some could not be trusted but this is not because they are destructive but because they promise one thing and give another.

But as they say there must be a black sheep in every family, we’ll all online Canadian casinos are checked for security and safety purposes before and when people are using. These protocols are essential because it reduces theft.
There are several games offered in Canadian casinos which include:

flat jackpotsGambling tables
live casino
video slots
classic slots


History of online casinos in Canada
Given the fame of Canada online casinos in other parts of the world, Canada is a big participant in online casinos. Years back gambling was illegal in Canada. In the year 1892 and 1969 Canadian Authority preserved the illegitimacy of gambling in the country, social progress greatly helped in influencing the government to permit lotteries in the year 1969.

In 1985 gambling powers were delegated to provinces. The requisition for gambling in Canada has proven to be way forward than the legal conditions put in place.

The protocols scripted up were inadequate, and backward.

Canadian online casinos are the epicenter to the largest and the most common games worldwide which include skiing and ice hockey.

We can say that Canadians will stop at nothing in making Canada an utopia even if it would sound unattainable, therefore they want to make life more eventful by participating in online casinos.

Canadian online casinos give bonuses to the newbies this simply means that if you receive a money bonus that you can utilize to play your next game.

When you sign in the online casinos, Canadian dollars can be used but sometimes they may need you to use different currency by changing it to American dollars, pounds, and Euro.

Using Canadian currency is easy because it gives participants a chance to use a currency that they are familiar with.

Also, they is no need to pay exchange charges when changing it to other currency.

One of the most asked questions is are the winnings taxed.

In Canada participating in online casinos is not seen as a source of income therefore they are not taxed, the only way one would be taxed is if they won a huge amount of money.

Why people opt for Canadian online games

Last picture1. It is a convenient type of game
2. They offer free games
3. They give bonuses to beginners
4. They give loyalty points to individuals who participate in online games.


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Salvation Army needs volunteers to help with the Christmas kettles.

News 100 redBy Staff

December 5th, 2019


Once again the Salvation Army is desperate for volunteers, 50 percent of their kettles have been going unmanned since the campaign began 2 weeks ago because they haven’t got the volunteers.

If you can help – The number to call is 905 630 5212.

Sally Anne kettle

Salvation Army needs volunteers to man those Christmas kettles.

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It just caught my fancy - had to share it.

News 100 yellowBy Staff

December 4th, 2019



NervesWhat did you buy on Black Friday?

Did you buy anything on Cyber Monday?

A friend bought a lovely little item that can be given as a small token of appreciation to someone who has a sense of humour.

She got it in a shop in Elora.

What do you think? Does it speak for you?


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Santa parade cancelled on short short notice - the sleigh is reported to return on the 24th.

News 100 redBy Staff

December 2nd, 2019



The notice was brief, to the point and for some really disappointing.

The weather was foul and there were not going to be that many people lining New Street waiting for the floats to pass by.
The city posted a notice:

It is with great disappointment that the Santa Claus Parade is cancelled due to the declaration of a weather event and unsafe weather conditions. Public safety is our #1 priority. Unfortunately the parade cannot be rescheduled due to the massive amount of scheduling to coordinate 90 floats and road closures. We encourage all residents to please avoid any unnecessary travel until weather conditions improve.

No mention of any refunds for those people who paid healthy fees to participate in the parade.

The Salvation Army is there for the good times and during the hard times. The parade was one of the Good Times.

The Salvation Army is there for the good times and during the hard times. The parade was one of the Good Times.

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Mayor will get to explain what was spent and what was done while she and some staff were in Japan at the taxpayers expense.

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

November 28th, 2019



“Just in case you haven’t seen it yet” wrote a Gazette reader, “that Japan trip cost us $31,161 for the six people who took it – quite a bit over the initial estimates, even by airfare and accommodations alone.

“I understand the significance of the anniversary, but this is a ridiculous cost that I as a Burlington resident am forced to pay. They went over there for five days with few working hours – an entire day at least was spent on things like a ‘soba noodle making experience’.

What value is that to the public back home? It sounds more like personal vacation time for the Mayor, Councillor Nisan, the City Manager and the Mundialization Committee members.

“I urge you to take a deeper dive into this – the report is available online, its item 4.6

Commisso and Mayor in Japan

The Mayor and the City Manager went local while they were in Japan.

The trip may well have been worth the photographs of the Mayor and the City Manager strutting through the streets of a Japanese community.


Here is what the Mayor will report on.

Japan trip costs

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Museum goes commercial - craft beer and pin ball contests.

eventspink 100x100By Staff

November 28th, 2019



Brant Museum transformed

Transformed at a cost of close to $10 million – the museum is now open to the public.

The Museum does have the name of the first citizen on the outside – but high school level entertainment is the feature currently.

The Joseph Brant Museum made the display of a collection of pin ball machines as the opening event for the expensively transformed museum.

There are two events that focus on the collection of pinball machines at the Museum.

Pin ball and beerBalls & Beer Pinball Night takes place on Friday, December 13th, from 7 pm to 10 pm

Patrons can enjoy local craft beer and test their pinball skills at the Part of the Machine: Rock & Pinball exhibition on for a special night out at Joseph Brant Museum.

This event is licensed, you must be 19 years + to attend. Your ticket includes unlimited pinball play, 2 beer tickets, appetizers, a souvenir beer glass and there will be door prizes! $40/person. Tickets for the event.

Pin bal tournamentOn December 21st, the Museum is hosting an IFPA sanctioned pinball tournament. You are expected to be a pinball wizard – the event is a friendly competition – all skill levels are welcome!

Prizes will be given to the top 3 scorers. Sign up before December 14. Snacks provided. $25/person.

Guest host, Jeff Teolis from Pinball Profile will lead a fun night out at Joseph Brant Museum on – 5 to 9 pm. ALL skill levels are welcome. Players will be randomly assigned opponents and a pinball machine to play a match. This event is sanctioned by the IFPA (International Flipper Pinball Association).

Top scores will be posted on their website. Registration limited to 40 people, sign up before December 14.


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The Nutcracker will be performed three times on two days at the Performing Arts Centre

eventsblue 100x100By Pepper Parr

November 25th, 2019



The Burlington Performing Arts Centre is doing what they are there to do. Bring world class performances to the city.

The Nutcracker is a must see for every young person who is going to have at least an understanding of the arts. For the truly young it is spectacular; for those in high school and their parents it is great performance.

The Russians do The Nutcracker superbly – the National Ballet Theatre of Odessa’s production of The Nutcracker is in town for three performances from December 6-7, 2019.  (Some of the people of the Ukraine are going through a bit of a war trying to get out from under the thumb of the Putin Russian government.)


Energy and colour – will delight the eyes and hearts of the very young.

The dancers will dazzle Burlington audiences with the timeless holiday classic. Set to Tchaikovsky’s music, including Waltz of the Flowers and Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, The Nutcracker is a cherished holiday adventure that follows a little girl’s journey through a fantasy world of fairies, princes, toy soldiers, and an army of mice.

Following in the footsteps of Moscow’s famous Bolshoi Ballet, The National Ballet Theatre of Odessa (which happens to originate in Ukraine) will be dancing the same classical choreography with 55 of the Ukraine’s brightest ballet stars. This production of The Nutcracker has fast become a Burlington family tradition for the young and young at heart.

The Odessa National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet is the oldest theatre in Odessa, Ukraine.


Classic ballet – the performances show the way it is supposed to be done.

It is not cheap –

Regular: $69.50 (All in)

Member: $64.50 (All in)

Youth: $35.00 (All in)

National Ballet Theatre of Odessa:
Friday, December 6, 2019 @ 7:30pm
Saturday, December 7, 2019 @ 2pm and 7:30pm
Main Theatre
440 Locust Street, Burlington, Ontario

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December is Free P month; on Sunday the 1st the Ho Ho man arrives in his sleigh. He will be at the Joseph Brant Hospital earlier in the day.

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

November 25th, 2019



It is that time of year again – when the Ho Ho man rides down Guelph Line and along New Street to City hall following almost anyone who can walk as part of the Santa Clause Parade that takes place on Sunday December 1st – which happens to be the start of that month long Free Parking gift from the city.

FreeP December FNL ParkingThere is Free P for you in downtown Burlington parking lots and on-street spaces throughout the month.

Few will remember that it was our Mayor who stick handled this one through city council when she was a mere ward Councillor.

Now in its seventh year, the Free P program allows visitors to park in on-street parking spaces at no cost for up to three hours and, in municipal parking lots or the parking garage at 414 Locust St. with no maximum time limit. Free parking overnight in municipal lots is also permitted.

Motorists with downtown parking permits are reminded to continue to park in their assigned parking lot throughout the month of December to maximize the number of parking spaces available for visitors and holiday shoppers.

The City of Burlington provides 1,500 municipal parking spaces in downtown Burlington. Free parking is year-round in the downtown, Monday to Friday after 6 p.m. and all-day Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

Starting at 2:00 pm – the Season parade begins at Guelph Line and Prospect.
Santa parade 2019Road closures:
1:30 to 4:30 p.m.
Guelph Line from Prospect Street to New Street
New Street from Guelph Line to Martha Street
James Street from Martha Street to Brant Street
Brant Street from Baldwin Street/Victoria Avenue to Elgin Street.

The Joseph Brant hospital is holding a Join the Joy Holiday Open House.  You can leave the hospital event and scoot over to New Street and watch the Santa Claus parade.Join the Joy



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RBG Master Plan Update meeting is shown more than 50 poster sized graphics of the ideas that were being worked on.

News 100 greenBy Pepper Parr

November 22, 2019



It was the second public meeting to update people on the 25 year Master Plan that the Royal Botanical Garden is putting in place.

The RBG is a sprawling 2700 acre property that has dozens of nooks and crannies that many, probably most, don’t know anything about.

RBG Laking Gardens

Formerly a market garden, Laking Garden is home to RBG’s herbaceous perennial collections.

There are of course the obvious Laking, Hendrie, Arboretum and the most recent Rock Garden but did you know about the Rock Chapel? The South Shore Commons?

The RBG has a core group of supporters that are rock hard. They see themselves as stewards there to support management and ensure that no one infringes on the place.

Other than some American Republicans everyone knows we no longer have weather – we have climate change. We are also becoming much more aware of the relationship of the climate we live in and what it does for our overall well-being.

The RBG is an operation with a $50 million budget of which 65% is generated internally.

They are in the process of expanding their revenue options while at the same time taking a look at what in the way of problems is coming their way.

The recent news of the waste water that was allowed to seep into the water is just one example of what RBG has to cope with.

RPG Full house

It was a full house of people who see themselves as stewards in place to support management to ensure that no one infringes on the RBG

The RBG is part of a bigger picture; it is impacted and impacts the Great Lakes, the Escarpment and local agriculture. Pollution is an ongoing concern and adjacent land users need to have an eye kept on them.

The objective is to ensure that the RBG is ecologically resilient and reflects the changes in the way the public now sees the place.

Drew Wensley, a principal with MT Planners, said they were looking for a way to change the “landing points” for the RBG adding that he didn’t think it appropriate for the entrance to the RBG be a parking lot. He thought the entrance point should be a garden of some sort.

Thought was being given to improving transit to the site and also looking for way to use “green transit” on the site.

All this is a part of the 25 year plan – how does RBG adapt to the public change in attitude towards the changing climate? And how do they continually take the RBG’s environmental pulse?

RBG People looking at posters

People attending the Master Plan Update meeting had more than fifty poster sized graphics to see in detail the changes that were being thought through.

Thursday evening well over 150 people turned out to learn more and get an update on the Master Plan being developed by a team of consultants led by the Primary Consultant, MT Planners. The long-term policy document will identify short-term capital projects to be addressed in the next five years as well as longer-term projects for the next 25 years. The plan is expected to be completed at the end of February 2020 and approved by RBG’s board of directors in mid-March 2020.

Called a “bold initiative” it will be the roadmap for Royal Botanical Gardens to ensure future generations will connect with plant-life in a unique environment, fostering awareness and care for a world that is under increasing ecological threat. RBG aims to instill in everyone they reach, a deeper awareness of themselves, their place on this planet and their role as protectors and stewards of the environment.

“The Master Plan will be the roadmap to achieving RBG’s goals; namely to build the financial strength and independence to serve its future and to enhance infrastructure and amenities for current visitors and for new, more diverse audiences from local, national and international markets.

RBG Mark Runcimen

Mark Runciman – the xx of Royal Botanical Gardens; runs a tight ship.

“RBG plans to achieve this by creating new revenue streams and leveraging and enhancing its existing land use plan. RBG will explore not only the living framework of the landscape, and its business and market, but the aspirations of RBG’s members and governance body.
“At the heart of this plan is the critical need to nurture and protect ecosystems on a local, national and global scale. While the need to achieve financial sustainability is clear, RBG exists to affect real and positive change in how humanity interacts with our environment and has pledged to take full advantage of our resources, knowledge and reputation to make significant strides in this direction. To bring this Master Plan to fruition, significant fundraising efforts will be required and formalized throughout the planning process.

Kelvin Galbraith headshot_Super_Portrait

Kelvin Galbraith,Ward 1 Councillor, is the Regional representative on the RBG Board

Kelven Gailbraith, who is the Regional representative on the RBG Board noted that: “There was a large crowd at the event last night and many were very excited about the future that this master plan will bring to the RBG.

“Many of the people I spoke with were frequent users of the gardens and use it as an escape from our busy society.”

The Gazette will have an opinion piece in how the meeting went – what worked and what didn’t work.

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Santa fun at the hospital - then take in the Santa parade.

eventsred 100x100By Staff

November 20th, 2019



The good folks at the Brant Hospital Foundation want to get you into the hospital – but not too far past the front door.

Join the JoyThey are celebrating their third annual Join the Joy Holiday Open House! They would like to see a lot of people show up and take part in a fun program. Event runs from 11:00am – 1:30pm., on Sunday, December 1st.

You can leave the hospital event and scoot over to New Street and watch the Santa Claus parade.

Admission is free and includes:

• Photo with Santa Claus
• Holiday treats (while supplies last)
• Musical Entertainment
And you can purchase Festive Activity Station tickets for additional activities including:
• Teddy Bear Wellness Clinic (please bring own stuffed animal)
• Holiday Photo Booth
• Festive Fish Pond
• Face Painting & Glitter Tattoos
• Cookie Decorating
• Stocking Ornament Decorating
• Finger-Cast Making & Germ Station

Register here to take part – no cost

In addition, you can purchase tickets for the children’s gift draw which includes gift certificates, toys and more and gingerbread Joy cookies from Christy’s Gourmet Gifts.

All proceeds from the event support the renovation of the Labour and Delivery Unit.

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Festival of Trees returns to Performing Arts Centre.

eventsred 100x100By Staff

November 18th, 2019



The 3rd Annual Festival of Trees will be on display in the lobby and mezzanine of the Performing Arts Centre from November 20 – December 21, 2019.

Festival of treesThe pre-lit trees, donated by the Canadian Tire Burlington store, will be available to the public by auction. The proceeds go to Performing Arts Centre’s ‘Live & Local Artist Development Initiative’, which provides performance opportunities and support for Burlington-based artists.

Over 10,000 patrons are expected to visit the Centre during the Festival of Trees which will run from November 20th to December 21st from noon – 4pm, seven days a week.

Each tree is individually sponsored and decorated by a local business in Burlington. Patrons and visitors to BPAC will have the opportunity to take one of these trees home by silent auction.

“The Festival of Trees has quickly become a holiday tradition at BPAC, and a great opportunity to bring the joy of the season to our many visitors,” said Tammy Fox, Executive Director.

Festival trees - lobby

The look of the Family Lobby last year.

The silent auction will close with the lucky winners announced during The Andy Kim Christmas.

The full schedule of BPAC Events during the season is here:

Sponsor a Tree!
Promote your local business or organization to over 10,000 local visitors, while supporting BPAC, by sponsoring a tree!

The Sponsorship Commitment:

$250 Tree Sponsorship

Decorate your tree at BPAC on November 18th or 19th (9am – 7pm)

You provide the decorations and ‘gifts’ – have fun making your tree a spectacular and seasonal reflection of your business!

Your Sponsorship Benefits:
Promotional Signage in the BPAC Family Lobby beneath your tree for over 4 weeks, seen by over 10,000 visitors to BPAC!

Recognition in 14 ‘BPAC Presents’ house programs (8,000 programs!)

Recognition in all Festival of Trees advertising and promotions, include activation on BPAC’s social media channels!

Recognition on BPAC’s website, with a direct link to your website (22,000+ visitors per month)

Recognition in a promotional eblast – sent to 28,000+ patrons! (a $200 value)

2 complimentary tickets to The Andy Kim Christmas on Dec. 21st ($139 value)

Opportunity to draw and announce your tree winner’s name on Dec. 21st

All proceeds support The Burlington Performing Arts Centre’s ‘Live & Local Artist Development Initiative’, which provides performance opportunities and support for Burlington-based artists.

Related news stories:

Twenty five pre-lit trees auctioned in 2018

Festival of trees supports the arts


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Keeping up with the seasons - some produce doesn't make it to the market table.

News 100 greenBy Staff

November 18th, 2019



There is something about the seasons.

Frozen apples - no barns

Apples left on a tree -look a little like Christmas decorations.

We know what they are but we aren’t always prepared for what they bring us.

Farmers are in the fields doing some scrambling to get crops in before they lose what was planted.

Some produce doesn’t get harvested.

This lone tree will hang on to its fruit until total frozen and the apples fall to the ground.

The dogs seem to like them.

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Guy who Chases Painted Horses will be speaking at the AGB November 27th.

eventsorange 100x100By Staff

November 17th, 2019



This is one of those events that has three different organizations behind the wheel as it were.

The Library is sponsoring it – you will need your library card to register.

The Art Gallery is the venue for the event – they have the space.

And A Different Drummer is in there should you want to buy the book.

The event is an opportunity to hear an “ever-droll playwright, novelist, and social commentator discuss his life, career and the concerns at the heart of his artfully wry and poignant new work of fiction, Chasing Painted Horses.

Hayden Taylor

The star of this show is Drew Hayden Taylor who is “one of the dangerous writers who knows the potential of humour, and how far it can reach into a society, how deep it can cut, how quickly it can heal.”

He’s an award-winning playwright, novelist, journalist, scriptwriter and artistic director of Canada’s premier Native theatre company—and a very funny man. BPL is thrilled to welcome back Drew Hayden Taylor to share his latest novel, Chasing Painted Horses.

Admission is free–please register at this link or by contacting us at 905 639 0925 or

If you don’t have a library card give the Drummer a call – they can register you.  Seating is limited – there are a reported less than 30 left.


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Applications for support in setting up a neighbourhood ice rink close December 1st.

News 100 blueBy Pepper Parr

November 15th, 2019



That young deer that got stranded on the not frozen enough pond at Royal Botanical Gardens tells us that we are close to being able to create neighbourhood ice rinks.

The City of Burlington is encouraging neighbours to come together to maintain outdoor community ice rinks at their local park this winter.

Applications for the Neighbourhood Rink program are available now at and are due by Dec. 1, 2019.

Outdoor skating rinks

There is something so very Canadian about being out on an ice rink set up by neighbours where everyone can take part. A lot nicer than any indoor rink.


Applicants can choose from nine City parks that have a dedicated water supply or another local park without a water supply. Groups looking to organize a neighbourhood rink will need a minimum of six people from their community to maintain the rink.

City staff will install rink boards and hoses in each requested park and provide a tarp (or voucher for a tarp) and a training manual with tips on ice maintenance. As the colder weather arrives, each neighbourhood group will flood the rinks to get them ready for a first skate and then maintain them throughout the winter.

Neighbourhood rinks are open to all community members to skate for free.

Chris Glenn

Chris Glenn, Director of Parks and Recreation

Chris Glenn, Director of Parks and Recreation lauds the program run by his department. He said: “A neighbourhood rink is a great way to get outside and play with your neighbours during the winter months. A key new feature we’ve included this year is a tarp. It sounds simple but we heard from many of last year’s groups saying a tarp will do wonders to keep the rink in better condition as we go through freeze-thaw cycles. Early forecasts are calling for a long, cold winter which hopefully means a long time for everyone to enjoy the great Canadian pastime of outdoor skating and playing outside.”

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Port Nelson United Church is Location for Gospel According to St. Nick that slips you into a Gospel Groove .

eventsred 100x100By Staff

November 16, 2019



The Gospel According to St. Nick wants to put you into the Gospel Groove with music from Burlington New Millennium Orchestra (BNMO).

Gospel Groove logoThe BNMO is comprised of highly respected musicians and talented soloists whose performances are comparable to the Canadian Opera Company, Metropolitan Opera and Boston Pops with inspiration from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Specializing in broad-based non-classical performances, BNMO is genre-crossing. Their repertoire features Pops, Broadway, Jazz, Rock, and World Music, and many of the scintillating arrangements are penned by Conductor and Artistic Director Charles Cozens.

Charles Cozens is the driving force of the BNMO. A highly acclaimed arranger, composer and orchestrator, Maestro Cozens is best known for compelling symphony shows, featuring his arrangements for full orchestra, performed by artists that include Sir Elton John, Randy Bachman, The Nylons, Mark Masri and more.


TC3’s proudest fact is that young people who stay with TC3 complete high school and an impressive 90% continue on to higher education.

The Toronto Children’s Concert Choir & Performing Arts Company (TC3) is part of the very full program. They are more more than a choir. Bringing together young people ages 7 to 18 from across the Greater Toronto area, TC3’s mission is to promote, develop and encourage youth through inspirational song, dance and Afro-Caribbean drumming. The focus is always on establishing excellence, holistic development and first-rate performance.

The premier program of The HopeWorks Connection TC3 has performed on television, at corporate events as well as at sold-out performances and on international tours. They have also released an award-winning album. However, TC3’s proudest fact is that young people who stay with TC3 complete high school and an impressive 90% continue on to higher education.

Among that talent that will be featured are:

Join the Burlington New Millennium Orchestra for Gospel Groove - The Gospel According to St. Nick with the Toronto Children's Concert Choir and featured singers Arlene Duncan and Gavin Hope at Port Nelson United Church, 7:00pm Saturday, December 7th, 2019.

Gavin Hope is a natural-born performer with a truly exceptional, emotional voice.

Gavin Hope is a natural-born performer with a truly exceptional, emotional voice whose diverse career includes song, stage, TV and film. This Juno-nominated solo recording artist has performed around the world sharing the stage with such greats as Aretha Franklin, Natalie Cole and James Brown.

His theatre highlights include lead roles in the original Canadian companies of RENT, The Lion King (Mirvish), The Tempest (CanStage) and As You Like It (CanStage). Gavin is also known for his work performing as a member of the Canadian a cappella vocal group The Nylons, with whom he has toured the world and recorded six studio albums (two of which were nominated for Juno Awards).


Alexandra Oliver is a Burlington-based poet, who will read a poem written specifically for this BNMO “Gospel Groove” event.

Arlene Duncan is a Canadian singer, songwriter and DORA award-winning actress who has worked extensively in theatre, television, radio and film, but is perhaps best known for her role as Fatima Dinssa on the hit CBC series “Little Mosque on the Prairie”. She was also recognized as Female Vocalist of the Year at the Canadian Black Music Awards and received an African Canadian Achievement Excellence in Arts award.

Duncan‘s theatre credits include the Dora Award-winning production of Ain‘t Misbehavin, and the Tony award-winning musical ―Caroline or Change. The multitalented Duncan has appeared in many commercials and sang jingles for McDonald‘s and Pepsi.


Arlene Duncan is a Canadian singer, songwriter and DORA award-winning actress.

Alexandra Oliver is a Burlington-based poet, who will read a poem she has written specifically for our BNMO “Gospel Groove” event.
Alexandra Oliver’s 2013 collection Meeting the Tormentors in Safeway was the recipient of the 2014 Pat Lowther Memorial Award, and her most recent collection, Let the Empire Down, was also shortlisted in 2017. Her libretto for From the Diaries of William Lyon Mackenzie King, conceived in conjunction with composer Scott Wilson, was performed by Continuum Music in Toronto in 2017.

Oliver is a past co-editor of Measure for Measure: An Anthology of Poetic Meters (2015) and the Toronto-based formalist journal The Rotary Dial. She is currently enrolled as a PhD student in the Department of English and Cultural Studies at McMaster University. Oliver’s most recent chapbook, On the Oven Sits a Maiden, is available through Frog Hollow Press.

It all comes together at 7:00 P.M., Saturday, December 7th, 2019
Port Nelson United Church, 3132 South Dr., Burlington, ON L7N 1H7
Tickets: $45 Adult | $25 Youth 18 and under incl. HST Tickets are only available through the BNMO website.

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Eight Decades of Music from the Movies at A Different Drummer Books

eventspink 100x100By Staff

November 16, 2019



They are going to do it again; a Sunday afternoon Matinee when the music will be sublime at A Different Drummer Books.

Performed by Andrea Battista, violin; Philip Corke, guitar and Shiori Kobayashi, clarinet


Andrea Battista, violin; Philip Corke, guitar and Shiori Kobayashi, clarinet

Sunday November 24th, 3pm at A Different Drummer Books, 513 Locust Street Burlington

IIan Eliott said he is delighted to herald the return of his marvellous friends Andrea, Philip and Shiori who will celebrate great cinematic scores in an enthralling concert.

Tickets are $15. Refreshments will be served. Please contact us at (905) 639 0925 or to reserve seats.

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They gave 470 lbs of home grown produce to the community: kudos to the two of them.

News 100 greenBy Staff

November 14th, 2019



This month BurlingtonGreen is celebrating the close of the 2019 Grow to Give program by recognizing two of their amazing program leads, Ross Johnson & Darlene Duncan.

Ross and Darlene“Both volunteers have tirelessly committed their time, energy and knowledge to support the Grow to Give program. They were on site every time a new volunteer required orientation, organized tasks and timelines, and got their hands dirty every week caring for the food donation garden, harvesting produce and more.

“We could not have operated this impactful program without these two wonderful team members and we are THRILLED that they will be leaders for the program again next year!”

This year Ross and Darlene were able to donate over 470 lbs (215 kg) of produce to the community, contributing a whopping total of almost 8,000 lbs (3,535 kg) since 2012.


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Karamba; a New Gaming entry to the on-line Industry - focus is on responsible gambling.

News 100 redBy Claire Nash

November 15th, 2019



Aspire Global, a well-known iGaming solution provider for both operators and white labels, recently entered the Canadian online gambling market through one of its leading proprietary casino brands,

Prepaid Karamba - slotsFeaturing all the top-rated gaming developers such as Play n Go, Evolution Live Casino, NextGen Gaming, Microgaming, NetEnt and many ASG proprietary games, online casino Karamba is backed by the best-of-its-class platform technology delivered by Aspire.

The purpose behind foraying into the Canadian market is to offer the country’s gamblers the most popular online slot games, scratch card games and multiple live casino options.

About Aspire Global
Aspire Global came into being in the year 2005, with the idea of offering comprehensive iGaming solutions to operators and white labels, involving a complete suite of services for support call centre, acquisition optimisation, online casino management, sports book management, VIP management, payments, risk control and multilingual CRM.

All these services are over and above their robust platform which is already setting new benchmarks in this space. The games offered are from leading developers of the market, apart from 30+ well-recognised global payment methods. Aspire has obtained its gambling licenses from multiple authorities including the ones in Belgium, Malta, UK, Italy and Denmark. The company is listed on NASDAQ too.

More on Karamba
Karamba Casino has been operational since 2006 and is widely respected in the iGaming industry today. Aspire Global rebranded this casino in the year 2015, giving it a completely novel celebratory feel and look, characterized by a charismatic and fun loving parrot. Over the years, Karamba has created a huge fan following of gamblers, which the company refers to as party people.

Prepaid Karimba roulette wheelOffering a 100% match-up welcome bonus (up to C$ 200) and 100 free spins, it doesn’t come as a surprise Karamba casino has a large number of returning as well as new players. Anyone who’s experienced at playing online casino games would know that when it comes to these platforms, it’s not just about how good an offer is, but what you are allowed to do with that offer in the long-term which really counts.

Aspire Global lays a lot of emphasis on responsible gambling and the same is evident in how functions. You need to be at least 18 years old to play on this platform. They constantly track down and ban minor accounts, preventing children from engaging in any sort of gambling activity.

In order to ensure that people enjoy their gambling experience with Karamba, the casino gives them better control over their gaming habits. The platform gives the players a wide range of options to gamble more responsibly.

For instance, you can set personal limits on your bankroll on a monthly, weekly or daily basis.

Furthermore, you’re free to take a break from Karamba at any point of time and put your account into temporary suspension. This is referred to as cool-off period and lasts for 24 hours. Self-exclusion from all Aspire Global Casinos is another way in which you can control your gambling habits. You can exclude yourself for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or even permanently.

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Waterdown real estate firm holds an exceptionally successful winter coat drive - truckload was delivered to the Good Shepherd.

News 100 yellowBy Pepper Parr

November 13th, 2019



The big national corporations have deep pockets and layers of resources to mount a public drive to show that they care about the communities the operate in. It’s just good business and in this day and age expected.

What do the mid-sized local firms do that can express their concern for their community? Many firms have found a niche that allows them to involve their staff in giving back to their community in their own way.

Woolcott - pile of clothing

The response was more than overwhelming. Woolcott staff had to scramble a bit to find space for everything that was donated. The five tonne truck that was taking the donated goods was more than half full.

Jayne Woolcott, partner at Woolcott Team, said to be the largest real estate brokerage in the Hamilton – to Burlington market (by dollar volume) said the idea for the clothing drive came out of their “mastermind” team. “We operate in a very collegial manner and are open to almost anything from any staff member.”

“We’ve been doing this for five years now – this drive was our biggest ever, partly because of the new location on Dundas east of the Waterdown core. Our signage is much better and having the truck parked in the driveway helped.

“Prior to that we worked out of a supermarket parking lot.”

Woolcott - Staz helping

Trunks were filled with winter coats and other household goods.

The flow of traffic into the Woolcott parking lot on Dundas east of the Waterdown core was consistent during the several hours they were open – the five tonne truck was half full by the time it was ready to head out to the Good Shepherd operation in Hamilton where the coats and other household goods were to be sorted and readied for distribution.

Woolcott - Marty - coat

Everyone who drove into the parking lot was greeted by a Woolcott staff member. Marty Staz was greeting the gentleman on the right and getting ready to take the coat he was holding thinking it was being donated. The gentleman on the right told Marty that it was his own winter coat and the goods he was donating were in the trunk of his car. It was a nice coat.

Woolcott spent more on social media and emails to their extensive email list.

Each year Woolcott Team gets the names from the Good Shepherd of several families that need help during the festive season.

“We provide the funds for the food and buy the gifts that the families are just not able to provide” explained Jayne Woolcoot.

It’s a project that has grown – the Woolcott people can see no reason why it shouldn’t continue.

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