Burli Blast Festival - Saturday - 9:00 am – 2:00 pm at Sherwood Forest Park. Burlington Youth Soccer at its best.

sportsred 100x100By Staff

July 28th, 2017



The Burlington Youth Soccer Club (BYSC) is hosting its “Burli Blast Festival” this Saturday, July 29th to celebrate the end of the soccer season for the U3 – U6 age groups in their Outdoor House League program.

BYSC girlsThe Burli Blast Festival is an event dedicated to celebrating the successes and achievements of the players and volunteer coaches over the course of the summer season. There are over 800 players in these age divisions, and with parents and coaches, the expected attendance is upwards of 2,500 people.

Burli Blast will take place from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm at Sherwood Forest Park (at the end of Fairview Street past the Appleby GO station) in Burlington. The festival will feature 60 mini soccer matches and medal presentations spread throughout the morning and afternoon.

byscThe BYSC has also invited many of its community partners that are providing bouncy castles, carnival games, food, and prizes. The BYSC invites the Burlington community to come out and enjoy the day, regardless of whether your child plays in their programs. An information tent with staff will be in attendance if you have questions about any BYSC programs or if you are interested in registration.

For more information about Burli Blast Festival or other BYSC programs, visit www.burlingtonsoccer.com or call 905-333-0777.

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MPP will be in chat mode next Wednesday - look for her on her bike at the Pier

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July 27th, 2017



She wants you to join her on the Pier for a bike ride and a chat next week.

McMahon with a bike

Eleanor McMahon before she was elected to the provincial legislature.

Burlington MPP Eleanor McMahon has used riding a bike to great advantage in her political career – she was one of the driving forces on Share the Road before she was tapped to run for public office in Burlington where the Tories had owned the seat for more than 70 years.

There is a provincial election on its way – June 7th, 2018 and McMahon, like every MPP, is out and about meeting people.

She is a strong campaigner, one of the best in the Region and bonds well with people.

McMahon bike meet upSo – if you want a couple of minutes with your MPP and can get out on your bike – be at the Pier on Wednesday, August 1st at 6:00 pm.

But don’t drive your bike – that’s a no no. Not sure the MPP was fully aware that bikes are not permitted on the Pier

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Burlington Herd takes one from the Hamilton Cardinals with a 9-4 win: a game that had 13 walks.

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July 26th, 2017



The Burlington Herd took advantage of 13 walks in a 9-4 win over the Hamilton Cardinals Tuesday night.

Burlington collected eight hits but used the free passes to build a 5-0 lead after three innings and a 9-1 advantage in the seventh.

Herd player

Giving that incoming ball a close look.

John Whaley drove in a pair of runs, and Justin Gideon scored twice and swiped a pair of bases. He also had an RBI.

Ryan Freemantle, Matt McCue and Nolan Pettipiece each singled, scored and had an RBI, while Andrew Mercier drove in a run. Ethan Cummins singled and scored twice.

Rich Corrente (2-3) went six innings and allowed a run on four hits with two walks and three strikeouts.

Mike Hart singled twice and had an RBI and run for the Cardinals. TJ Baker had a pair of singles, and Connor Bowie went 2-for-2 with an RBI. Luke Tevlin drove in a run and scored once.

Jackson Jones (0-3) took the loss, giving up five runs (two earned) on three hits with eight walks and two strikeouts in five innings.

Future games

Thursday, July 27
Toronto at Burlington, 7:15 p.m.

Barrie Baycats 30-1
Kitchener Panthers 27-6
London Majors 22-9
Toronto Maple Leafs 15-17
Brantford Red Sox 14-18
Burlington Herd 13-20
Hamilton Cardinals 8-24
* Guelph Royals 1-35
* – Ceased operations

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Barometric pressure impacts the results of an attempt to complete an Evertest challenge on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

July 24, 2017


The first ever Halton Everesting challenge Saturday along Kerns Road didn’t end the way organizers had hoped.

After beginning the one-day vertical ‘climb’ of Mount Everest at 4:30 a.m. Saturday, remaining riders George Orfanogiannis and Matt Zielinski had to call the event at lap 69 (just short of 73 laps of the 4.9-kilometre loop)) due to malfunctioning measuring equipment.

What are a bunch of cyclists doing on Kerns Road pretending they are climbing Mount Everest? They were “Everesting”.

George Orfanogiannis’s eight year old son Joey was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in January of 2016 and has been battling the disease since then.

Joey is currently at a point where the disease is being maintained. His doctors hope to be able to say it is in remission if his current maintenance program goes well through to 2019.

Joey on the rock

Joey – ready to take on whatever comes his way.

Joey is now on daily chemotherapy medication and monthly visits to the hospital. He had to be homeschooled for a year but has returned to his school and is looking forward to getting back to class in September.

The “Everesting” was to raise funds and awareness of the cancer that has invaded Joey’s young body.

George was a cyclist with the Oakville Morning Glory cycling club; they took up the challenge of driving up and down Kerns Road in Burlington until they had ridden the equivalent of 29,029 feet in elevation – which is the height of Mount Everest from its base camp.

They did all the paper work and set up stuff with the Everest organization – they are the people who oversee the challenge for any group that wants to create a target they can work towards achieving.

The day of the “climb” turned out to be less than stellar, drizzly rain was an on and off thing throughout the day but that didn’t deter Joey for as much a minute. He was running all over the place serving people lemonade. His day took a huge surge when a Burlington Fire department truck rolled into the parking lot and Joey was made an honorary fire fighter and got to wear fire fighters clothing and have his picture taken. Big moment for Joey Orfanogiannis.

Joey - bike rider 60+

Non the worse for a stern lecture from a police officer fr blowing through stop signs one of the cyclists checks in with the family.

Half an hour earlier a police cruiser slide into the parking lot. The officer had pulled over a couple of the cyclists who were blowing through stop signs at speeds in the 60km range – on the downhill portion of Kern Road. No tickets – but stern warnings. All was forgiven when the police officer bought himself a tall lemonade.

Things weren’t going as smoothly for the “climb”

At the approximately 315-kilometres point, the cyclists were “feeling good and ready to go the distance” said Orfanogiannis.

But something didn’t seem right, the riders “did a quick recalculation” and found that the device that measured altitude had been affected by the day’s air pressure, and had “robbed us of 60’ for every climb we did.”

“That would have taken the ride to 88 laps and pushed us to 6 a.m. We were ready to go to 6 a.m., but the issue became was going to rain again and we thought if we get to 6 a.m., what happens if the rain robs us of more laps; does it become too dangerous to finish?”

“We stopped just short of what should have been 27,064’ but on the device doing the actual measurement was reading 23,000’ (Everest is 29,029’) The ride doesn’t count unless it is measured on by the software that takes all the data and calculates just how many feel of elevation the cyclists have completed.

What no one told the riders from Morning Glory was that atmospheric conditions were part of the calculation – lots of clouds meant a different barometric pressure reading on the measurement device.

But these riders wouldn’t be considered hard-core cyclists if they gave up after their first attempt.
“We gotta get up it. I won’t stop until I get it and neither will Matt,” said George

Orfanogiannis came up with Halton’s first Everesting attempt, not just as a challenge for himself, but to raise funds and awareness in support of research into pediatric oncology; his son Joey, 7, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in January of 2016.

Joey father - confirm

George Orfanogiannis

“When my son was going through treatment I always told him I wouldn’t ask him to do what I wouldn’t do. I asked him to climb a mountain so I owe him a mountain,” said Dad.

Orfanogiannis said the event was incredible nonetheless based on the hundreds of people who came out to support the cyclists, not just fellow riders but members of the community and those touched by cancer. Two thousand dollars was also raised.

“Four young children came down at midnight with their parents to donate their allowance money,” said Orfanogiannis, a selfless act that moved him to tears.

The next day a small group of girls had set up their lemonade stand on Kerns Road, raised $130 and donated that to the cause as well.

The residents along Kerns Road were so moved by the effort that they said they will ask the city to close the road next year and make it a much bigger event.

Orfanogiannis and his team “knew what we were in for physically and emotionally, it was devastating when we realized we came this far only to be robbed by technology.”

Joey laps poster

Lap chart at 2:00 pm on a rainy Saturday afternoon. The challenge began at 4:30 am. They made it to lap 69

George Orfanogiannis isn’t all that good at giving up. He reports that “there is currently open dialogue with Strava the software that manages the data for rides and there may be a chance the realize the error in the technology and be willing to correct it – if that is the case I would need to climb the hill eight more times which I am prepared to do.”

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Othello in the open in Lowville - one night only.

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July 24th, 2017



When the weather works for us this time of year the days get described as those lazy hazy days of summer. The evenings still have warmth in the air and a bit of a breeze makes being outside pleasant. Being in the country gathered with friends and enjoying a play and then talking about it with people around a camp fire is about as Canadian as you can get.

That’s what it is going to be like in Lowville on August 2nd – when those who were taken enough with the Driftwood production of Shakespeare’s Othello gather with the director to talk about why he produced the play he did.

Hamlet - Lowville Festival - people on grass

Bring a lawn chair or a blanket and settle in for an evening of Shakespeare’s Othello as done by the Driftwood Theatre.

It is usually a small group that gathers around the pit in which a nice fire glows. Deep seated Muskoka chairs are pulled into the circle and the conversation goes on late into the evening.

Othello is being produced by Driftwood Theatre and put on in more than 20 locales around the province this summer.

Debra Pickfield of Thinkspot has brought the travelling troupe into the hamlet of Lowville for the past three years.

Pickfield believes that it is the sense of community we have that helps us survive as a society and that community happens when people come together to listen to each other, take part in a social event. Bringing people together is the vision and mission of Thinkspot – it made sense to extend that vision more deeply into the community.

People drift into the open space yards away from the fire pit bounded by trees on three of the four sides, set up their lawn chair or spread out a blanket and settle in for an evening of Shakespeare.

Othello graphic

Othello – at Thinkspot in Lowville – one night only. august 2nd – actors take to the stage at 7:30 pm.

Driftwood is known for the interpretations they do of whichever Shakespearian production taken on.

Othello, a searing tale of race, jealousy and revenge, is being done against the backdrop of the 1974 Canadian Peacekeeping initiative in Cyprus where our Armed Forces were caught in a life and death struggle on that small island in the Mediterranean.

The production is one of those Pay what you can events with $20 suggested.

The actors take to the stage at 7:30 pm

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Not quite a free lunch but still a mighty fine deal - one day only!

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July 18th, 2017



There is no free lunch – right?

But a slice of pepperoni and cheese pizza slices for 99 cents – from a brand name operation is as close to free as you’re going to get.

And onion rings at 50 cents is reason enough to head out to a Pizza Pizza this Saturday.

To entice you to get there early – there are $10 gift cards for the first twenty five people who show up at the four Pizza Pizza locations in Burlington,

Why the close to free lunch?

Pizza Pizza 50th logoIt’s Pizza Pizza’s 50th anniversary and they are celebrating with a pizza party for the whole family! The four Pizza Pizza locations in Burlington will be hosting community pizza parties on Saturday, July 22 as a way to thank its customers for their continuous support during their 50 years of operation.

WHEN: Saturday, July 22, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

WHERE: Pizza Pizza

2184 Mountain Grove Avenue
3537 Fairview Street
2201 Brant Street
 2485 Appleby Line

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Classical and electronic to come together at the RBG Rock Garden July 20th.

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July 16, 2017



A string quartet and an electronic band playing outdoors on a sultry summer night.

Illitry - by Martin Bazyl

Illitry will perform with the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra at the Rock Garden. Photograph by Martin Bazyl

It’s part of what summer is supposed to be and on July 20th at 7:00 pm the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra and the electronic band Illitry will perform together at the RBG Rock Garden.

Rock Garden sign

One of the gems Burlington shares with Hamilton.

They will be performing work by both classical and contemporary composers.

Catch a mini guided tour of the Rock Garden during intermission. Admission to the Gardens is included with the price of ticket.

Cash bar and concession items will be available for purchase prior to the concert and during the intermission.

Rock Garden AFTERDARK: Stick around following the show to have a drink and enjoy the tranquility of our famous garden, meet the musicians and listen to their favourite tunes.

Garden opens at 6pm to those who have purchased tickets. Seating is first come first served.

Tickets available at:  CLICK HERE

Ticket prices:

Adult (13 years and older) $30.00
Senior*** / Student** $21.00
Child (4-12 years old) $15.00
Toddler (1-3 years old) Free
Babes in Arms (0-12 months) Free

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Get yourself nominated as one of the 150 special people in Burlington.

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July 16. 2017



It’s a little like the gift that keeps on giving.

If you thought the Canada 150 theme was just for Canada Day – think again.

The Ontario Liberals plan to get all the mileage possible out of that one by renaming the event at Ontario 150.

It looks as if each provincial Liberal is going to hold an event at which you the public get asked to nominate 150 people as special.

Burlington MPP Eleanor McMahon tell us she is “so thrilled to announce a call for nominations for the Burlington 150 Awards! “

McMahons 150“In a year focused on celebrating our province and country,” said McMahon “let’s honour 50 women, 50 men and 50 youth who embody the qualities and values that make our province great and who have dedicated their time and talent towards community service in Burlington.

Burlington150 celebrates people who contribute to:

Celebrating diversity/inclusion
Building community/capacity
Protecting the heritage of Burlington
Protecting the environment
Promoting a healthy community

You don’t even have to live in Burlington to be nominated but “their work must have had a direct impact on our community. You are not limited to the number of people you wish nominate!

Nominations close September 30, 2017.

McMahon at Up Creek - side view - smile

McMahon out in the community.


1. Website: www.eleanormcmahon.onmpp.ca
2. Email: emcmahon.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org [Subject: “Burlington150 Nomination”]
3. Phone: 905-639-7924
4. Mail: 472 Brock Avenue, Suite 104 Burlington, ON L7S1N1

This wouldn’t be a way to collect names of people that can be called upon to vote for the re-election of the Burlington MPP in 2018 – would it?

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The Herd hangs in to beat Hamilton Cardinals 18-13 in a 30 hit game Friday evening..

sportsgold 100x100By Staff

July 14th, 2017



The lead changed hands several times; there were 30 hits and eight errors but the Burlington Herd eventually beat the Hamilton Cardinals 18-13 Friday night

Herd T-shirtBurlington’s Justin Gideon went 3-for-6 with a home run, three RBI, four runs and two steals. Justin Whaley homered and drove in four. Canice Ejoh had three hits, three RBI and two runs, Ryan Freemantle scored twice, Quinton Bent singled twice and scored twice, while Cooper Lamb, Kevin Hussey, Eddie Chessell and Nolan Pettipiece all drove in a run.

Herd reliever Kyle Symington (1-2) gave up three runs on five hits over three innings for the win. He didn’t walk or strike out a batter. Derek Zwolinski started and gave up five runs on six hits with three walks and three strikeouts in three innings.

Jake Chiaravalle went 3-for-5 with two home runs and five RBI for Hamilton. He also scored three times. Connor Bowie doubled twice, singled, and scored three runs, Logan Stewart had two hits, two runs and an RBI, Callum Murphy singled twice and had an RBI and run, Marcus Dicenzo went 2-for-4 with two RBI and a run, and Greg Marco added an RBI.

Ben Reid (0-1) took the loss in relief, giving up three runs (two earned) on three hits with a walk and two strikeouts in 1.1 innings. Nick Virdo started and allowed seven runs (three earned) on three hits with seven walks and five strikeouts in 4.1 innings.

Future games
Saturday, July 15
Kitchener at Burlington, 1:05 p.m.

Barrie Baycats 23-0
London Majors 19-5
Kitchener Panthers 20-6
Toronto Maple Leafs 12-14
Brantford Red Sox 9-15
Burlington Herd 10-17
Hamilton Cardinals 7-18
Guelph Royals 1-26

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Teen Tour Band to celebrate its 70th anniversary at a concert this evening at the Central Park Band shell

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July 9th, 2017



The city will celebrate the Burlington Teen Tour Band’s 70th anniversary at a concert on Sunday, July 9 at 7:30 p.m. at Central Park Band shell.

Will the citizens be out marching in the streets along with the Burlington Teen Tour Band when the city announces they have settled all the pier related lawsuits in a closed mediation session?

Burlington Teen Tour Band opened The Pier.

The BTTB started in 1947 in a room on top of a store on Brant Street with 75 young and eager musicians. Since that time the BTTB has grown into Canada’s Premier youth marching band.

Burlington is probably the only city in the country that has a band that represents the citizens at all major events and flies the city’s flag at events around the world.

The FAmily room is one of those spaces that just works. Here the Burlington Teen Tour BAnd marches into the room with every instrument blaring away. It was a great day for the Centre and the day the BTTB made the place their home base. The Centre needs more events like this.

The BTTB opened the Performing Arts Centre.

The BTTB represented the city in Holland during the 75th Anniversary of the end of WWII and will march in the Rose Bowl parade later this year.

Bring you chairs and take in a significant celebration – something the city can be very proud of.

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Herd still in the standings - lose to Hamilton

sportsgold 100x100By Staff

July 9th, 2017



The Hamilton Cardinals scored twice in the top of the ninth inning, with a little help from the Burlington Herd, to take a 7-5 IBL win at Nelson Park in Burlington Saturday afternoon.

Standings July 9

The Guelph Royals ceased operations earlier in the season.

Burlington had tied the game with three runs in the bottom of the eighth but then Hamilton got the win with two runs in the ninth on just one hit, three errors and two walks.

Jake Chiaraville singled to open the inning, went to second, and then third, on errors by the pitcher and scored the winning run on a fielder’s choice.

Connor Bowie had a single and a double for Hamilton and TJ Baker hit a home run, scored twice and drove in two runs.

Justin Gideon had two hits for Burlington, including a home run, stole two bases and is now batting .414. Catcher Kevin Hussey also homered for Burlington.

Benson Merritt recorded the win and Kyle Symington was tagged with the loss.

It was the sixth win of the year for Hamilton and Burlington drops to 9-17.

Sunday is a big day in the IBL as the undefeated Barrie Baycats travel to London for a doubleheader with the second-place Majors.

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Temporary road closures during the Burlington Downtown Car Show.

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July 6th, 2017



Saturday, July 8, 2017 – 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Car show - police carThese roads will be closed on Saturday, July 8 from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. for the Burlington Downtown Car Show:

• Brant Street, between Caroline Street and Lakeshore Road

• Ontario Street and Elgin Street between Locust Street and Brant Street

• James Street between John Street and Brant Street.

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A sunrise - free to every Burlingtonian that gets up early enough.

News 100 yellowBy staff

July 5th, 2017



Does your day start with the sound of an alarm clock?

Or perhaps it is the kids making more noise than they should and you aren’t quite sure what they are up to so you need to slip out of bed. Coffee or tea follows.

Skinner pic July 5-17 Cropped

Good morning sun!

There are people in this city who have a habit of slipping out the door very early and watching the sun rise and determining what kind of a day they are going to have.

Only in Burlington – the sun rise is part of what makes the city the place that it is.

And it is not a magazine circulation promotion tell us that we are the best city or very close to it in the province and then the whole of Canada.

That sunrise told the photographer what kind of a city she lives in.

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Historic re-enactment to take place at Air Park today and tomorrow.

eventsblue 100x100By Pepper Parr

July 5th, 2017



It was going to be the war that ended all wars.

It was a war that had a huge impact on Canada as a nation that was just coming into its own.

It was a war that was fought with equipment that is close to laughable today – but the men, and they were mostly men back then, took to the air in the flimsiest of aircraft to fight for the dominance of the sky’s over Europe.

Vimy re-enactment

A ceremonial fly past during the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge.

Last April this country celebrated the 100th anniversary of the battle of Vimy Ridge. It is a great story and if it is of any interest to you the link to a video about the 100th anniversary of the battle of Vimy Ridge is at CLICK here. You might want to book mark it for viewing later .

Vimy Tour in Globe Master

The RCAF gave the fleet a lift in the C17 Globemaster. Four Nieuport II, 2 Sopwith Pups and one SE5 ready for the journey.

Today, Wednesday, a small crew of pilots will be in Burlington with the four aircraft that are part of the Vimy Flight which consists of a team of Canadian military pilots who are retired or active and continue to believe that our Nation was born out of the teamwork and the sacrifice that our brave soldiers and airmen endured during the Great War.

Today, with over 230,000 of combined flying experience, the ten hand-picked pilots understand the tremendous risk and courage required to fly these fragile craft.

Three of the aircraft

These aircraft kept the sky over France during the battle for Vimy Ridge fee of German aircraft. They were part of the 100th anniversary of the battle where they performed a ceremonial fly past.

The dramatic re-enactment of the 1936 fly over ceremony at the historic Vimy Memorial is being re-enacted across the country. The Vimy Flight team of pilots and support personnel will share the stories of the early military aviators in a way that has never been seen before. Passion, courage and adventure drives the team to provide Canadians the much needed message that it is our humbling privilege to honour those that sacrificed so much in order for us to enjoy the freedom that we enjoy today.

Vimy Flight team

Meet the men behind the machines L->R: Larry Ricker, Paul O’Reilly, Will McEwan, Dale Erhart, Dave Wilson, Peter Thornton, Rod Ermen, Gord Cooper, Al French. Missing from photo: Allan Snowie

VIMY FLIGHT is a team of dedicated volunteer pilots and ground support that had the honour of performing a commemorative bi-plane fly-past over the Vimy Ridge Memorial in Vimy France this April 9, 2017. That team is taking that fly past on a cross country tour that will be in Burlington today and for much of the balance of this week.

The Vimy Flight is in Burlington from July 4th to the 7th.

The aircraft arrived in Burlington yesterday July 4th.

Bell school line mapOn Wednesday, July 5 from 4:00pm – Dusk – there will be an Open House – BBQ at the Burlington Executive Air Park.

On Thursday, July 6 from 11:00am – 7:00pm – Local Flying / Static Display/

The aircraft leave Burlington 11:00 AM on July 7

The entrance to the Air Park is on Bell School Line.

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Canada Day transit and shuttle service

notices100x100By Staff

June 30th, 2017



Canada Day event organizers have arranged for Burlington Transit shuttle service with three pick-up points:

Haber Recreation Centre,

Mainway Recreation Centre

and the north side of Burlington GO Station.

The buses will begin at noon and run until the fireworks end.

This is great for the people in Alton – parking will be impossible downtown – take the bus – there should be plenty o parking at the Haber Centre – schools are closed.

For specific departure times and more event information, please visit the Canada Day event website.

Burlington Transit is also operating a regular Saturday service schedule on July 1, which includes late night routes 50, 51, and 52.

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Picture of the day - The Sandy Empire sailing through the canal.

eventsred 100x100By Staff

June 30th, 2017



The picture that tells the city’s story today?

Those tall ships sailing through the canal on their way into Hamilton Harbour where they will be on display for Canada Day.

Thousands gathered on both sides of the canal to watch these majestic ship slide by. Those with massive Canadian flags drew rounds of applause.

Sandy Empire - canal

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What did part of the city look like this morning? A band of fog settled over the Pier.

News 100 blueBy Staff

June 29th, 2017



What did the city look like at around 10 am this morning?

A Beachway resident captured a band of fog lingering over the Pier – and we decided to share it with you.

Fog over the pier

A band of fog hovers over the Pier.

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Tall ships to sail past The Pier on their way to Hamilton. Expected to enter the canal at 2:00 pm on Friday June 30th

eventsred 100x100By Staff

June 28th, 2017



It will be exciting!

Eleven magnificent Tall Ships will gather on Lake Ontario near the entrance to the Burlington Bay Canal on Friday, June 30 beginning at 2:00 p.m. with all ships docking at Pier 8 at 4:00 p.m.

In order to get to that canal – you gotta sail past the Burlington Pier, the most expensive chunk of concrete in the province – but we digress.

Tall ships map

Where you park and where the ships are.

Burlingtonians can watch the ship sail towards the canal

Prominent vantage points to watch the parade of ships on the Burlington side of the Skyway are|:

Burlington Canal
LaSalle and Bayshore Parks in Burlington.

And of course from the Pier and from a number of vantage points in the Beachway.


The Empire Sandy

Access to vantage points will be affected by the closure of Eastport Drive at the Burlington Canal Lift Bridge from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. to enable the ships to enter Hamilton Harbour.

With the ships in Hamilton, tied up at Pier 8 the Parade of Sail launches the Rendez-Vous 2017 Tall Ships Regatta at Pier 8, Discovery Drive, on July 1.

This will be a rare opportunity – and the only place in the GTHA – to witness the spectacle of 11 Tall Ships touring Hamilton’s beautiful Waterfront.

• Free deck tours are offered from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. (first come, first served – no guarantee of access past 5 p.m.)

• Ticketed Harbour Cruises available for purchase online at www.hamilton.ca/tallships. See website for cruise times and pricing, including the evening fireworks cruise that boards at 9:00 p.m.


The Pathfinder

• Family-friendly and nautical-themed activities

• Music on the Waterfront Stage featuring great musicians from Hamilton’s thriving music scene

• Numerous food vendors

• The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum’s Avro Lancaster will conduct multiple fly-overs of the Waterfront between 11:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. on July 1st.

This event is organized by the City of Hamilton in association with Le Rendez-Vous Naval de Quebec, Sail Training International, the Hamilton Port Authority and the Hamilton Waterfront Trust.


The Niagara

More than 40 Tall Ships will be sailing Canadian waters to honour the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation in 2017, with stops in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes

It is a Hamilton event – but they do have to sail past Burlington to get to Hamilton Harbour.


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Hamilton is said to be the most expensive date night city you will encounter - where does Burlington fall on that list?

News 100 yellowBy Staff

June 28th, 2017



We didn’t see this one coming.

A date in Hamilton is said to be the most expensive you will encounter – even higher than Toronto.

The research for this dubious WORD was done by EliteSingles, a national organization in the relationship business.

Hearts - red and blackThey totaled up the cost of a typical date night in Canada – and found that Hamilton is Canada’s most expensive big city for a romantic night out, with Toronto coming in second place! Those in Ottawa get off lightly – a date night in the city is below the average cost.

The full study is on their web site – including a rundown of date night costs in 10 of Canada’s biggest cities, and a global dating comparison that shows the cost of dating in 25 cities around the world.

They have highlighted the price differences in two interactive, shareable maps that you can find on our site.

If the love of your life is in Hamilton – be ready to spend more than your Canadian Tire money.

Given that just about everything in Burlington costs more than in Hamilton – especially when it come to gasoline prices – Oakville might be an option.

The full scoop is HERE


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It was a very satisfying win for the Herd - they just need more of them to get out of the bottom half of the league standings.

sportsgold 100x100By Staff

June 25, 2017



Five different Burlington players went deep as the Herd beat the Hamilton Cardinals 15-9 Saturday afternoon at Nelson Park.

Justin Gideon, John Whaley, Andrew Mercier, Carlos Villoria and Cooper Lamb all homered in the win. Gideon added a single and drove in three, Whaley went 2-for-5 with two RBI and two runs, Mercier’s home run was a pinch-hit solo blast, Lamb added a single and scored twice to go with his solo homer, and Villoria hit a two-run shot.

Cooper Lamb 23

Lamb lambasted the ball – again.

Canice Ejoh had two hits and a run, Matt Schmidt singled once and scored twice, Nolan Pettipiece singled twice, doubled, drove in two and scored twice, Grant Okawa had two hits and two runs, and Marquis Kidd had a hit, RBI and run.

Burlington pounded out 17 hits in total.

Christian Hauck (2-0) picked up the win, giving up a run on three hits in five innings of relief. He walked two and struck out two. Starter Jesse Anderson went four innings and allowed eight runs (seven earned) on seven hits with four walks and three strikeouts.

TJ Baker hit a pair of home runs for the Cardinals, swatting a two-run blast in the first inning before adding a three-run shot in the fourth. He also had a sacrifice fly in the second inning for a five RBI afternoon.

Jake Foden singled four times and scored twice, while Chris Beer added a pair of hits and three runs. Connor Bowie and Mike Hart drove in the other runs.

Dan Weagle (0-4) gave up nine runs (eight earned) on eight hits over four innings. He struck out one without issuing a walk.

Future games:
Sunday, June 25
Burlington at Kitchener, 2 p.m. (DH)

Barrie Baycats 15-0
London Majors 14-0
Kitchener Panthers 11-4
Toronto Maple Leafs 10-9
Burlington Herd 6-11
Brantford Red Sox 4-11
Hamilton Cardinals 3-10
Guelph Royals 1-19

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