Tributes reminiscing and outpourings of affection for Casey Cosgrove who passed last Thursday.

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September 3rd, 2017



The late Casey Cosgrove Facebook is alive and has become the place to grieve, commiserate and openly love the man we have lost.

And old friend of Casey’s posted a note – it is not easy reading, especially if you know Casey – but it is worth reading. We still speak of him in the present tense – don’t we?

Hey Cosmo

Well, it’s been a shitty 24 hrs, not going to lie! I’ve cried more than I have since my dad died 40 years ago. I hurt because I won’t get to see you anymore but that’s selfish and I know that’s something you weren’t so I will stop that but it may take a few days ok sorry.

You created quite a stir on FB since you left, and I’m going to tell you that you certainly touched a lot of people and they too are as gutted as I am. You have some friends and family who can articulate very well by the way… without F-Bombs even 🙂

I know you know this but Bryna, Ev, Jack, Kate, Stanley, Rudy and Hefty will all be doted upon for years to come by everyone you touched. Not because you left, but because of the family core values you guys all showed us that caused us all to fall in love with the Cosgrove clan.

Judson - Casey and # 19

Cory Judson found his way of remembering.  Cosgrove was one of the driving forces behind getting the monument in place.

It’s been 30 years since you walked up to the dugout of our team and said “Hey guys, I’m Casey, Casey Cosgrove and I’ve been asked to play with you guys”. You had flow (as they call it now) and a smile that just broke down any barriers we may have wanted to implement with the “new guy”. Casey Cosgrove… has there EVER been a better baseball handle in history? Maybe Mickey Mantle but I heard he was an asshole so…

You always had a competitive air about you, sometimes to a fault! Remember that hanging curve you threw that behemoth first baseman in the Nationals in Yarmouth? He hit that friggin meatball so far it should have had a flight crew on it. After the game you said “I can’t believe he got lucky and hit that out” we all laughed and said they had to scramble jet fighters to shoot that bitch down!

Then there’s all the years of ball hockey on Mainway, the moves you had with those silky mitts was ridiculous and you kept reminding me of that with every goal you scored on me. I’d tell you you it was just because you were lucky, you tell me it was just because I was a shitty goalie. We both know who was right, oh, and I still am haha.

My step daughter texted me yesterday morning and said “I am so sorry about Casey Jaker.” I responded with “You know Casey was the first person to call me Jaker 29 years ago” You remember that Cosmo? I got caught stealing second and was walking back past the bench and you said ” nice try Jaker” and I stopped in my tracks and said “did you just call me Joker?” You gave me that sly Cosmo smile and said “no you f***ing idiot I said Jaker”. Whether or not you called me joker or were quick on your feet to back pedal it stuck. Every time someone now calls me Jaker, my thoughts will go to that day and it’ll make me smile… you f***ing idiot 🙂

Well Cos, I gotta fly, Rach needs me to take a load of stuff to Western for her. Thanks for listening. From now on it will just be a silent discussion between you and I but everyone is sad here so I thought I’d share our first chat with them in hopes that some of our stories will bring back a smile or a laugh for them! That is, after all what you did best for all of us! I promise to get back to smiling and laughing, I just need to see Petey in pastels 😉

Love ya bro, so happy your pain free. Say hi to my Dad and Miley for me.
Chat soon…. Jaker

The family held a reception this afternoon and have said they will announce a public celebration for later in the month.

How is this city going to get through the Terry Fox Marathon of Hope on September 17th?

Casey Cosgrove had a couple of hundred people walking with him last year in the Terry Fox Run. This year he will serve on the organising committee - imagine if those who ran and walked with Cosgrove all volunteered as well? This is going to be THE event come September. Get your name on the list now.

Casey Cosgrove in the 2015 Terry Fox run.

The family held a reception this afternoon and have said they will announce a public celebration for later in the month.

In an obituary that is far more formal than Casey ever was he is named as Vincent Casey Cosgrove.  I don’t think very many people knew his full name.  We could have been calling him Vinnie!

The obituary is at:!/Obituary

How is this city going to get through the Terry Fox Marathon of Hope on September 17th?

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Ribfest weather has been a little iffy - but the ribs are what they have always been - d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s.

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September 3, 2017



Buddy Gerl, chief ribber at Camp 31, said that Ribfests are driven by weather – that being true Saturday turned out to be an iffy day . When it is too cold – people don’t come out. If it is too hot – they don’t come out.

But when the weather is just right – they come out in droves.

Chowing down

Chowing down and listening to the music – with the sun shining. The cranes in the background speak of a changing skyline

With little luck Gerl and his Camp 31 operation will have a good season and the Rotarians will rack up another solid fund raising event.

The crowds were soft when we toured the site in the middle of Friday afternoon – but they got better. Saturday was a disappointment – the rest of the weekend looks as if the weather Gods are with the Rotarians again.

VIP tent

VIP tent is open to the public for parts of Sunday and Monday.

There are a number of pluses this year. There is a VIP tent that is available to the public on parts of the weekend – Sunday and Monday for the most part.

Blonde with beer

Fetching the beer.

The beer prices are reasonable and you can use both cash and plastic and there is an ATM on site where you can draw some cash.

The usual set of Ribbers are on site – the lineups seem to dictate where the prize sauces are located.

The Rotarians took a different approach to their fund raising this year when they partnered with the Carpenter Hospice – that organization is getting close to finalizing their plans to a significant addition to the facilities.

BTTB collecting

Teen Tour Band – collecting for Carpenter Hospice

Members of the Burlington Teen Tour Band were on hand at some of the entry point with collection tins.

We noticed a bit of a tightening in security at the entry points to Spencer Smith Park. A security guard asked to look inside the bag I was carrying – it was a pretty cursory look. It is a changing world.

Ribfest south lake side

South side of Spencer Smith with all the ribbers open for business.

Ribfest north side 2017

North side of Spencer Smith Park – crowds were sparse – but it was decent for a Friday mid-day.

The Ribfest first came to Burlington in 1996 – since that time the Lakeshore Rotarians have raised more than $3 million which they have given back to the community in the form of scholarships and awards.

For the past two years those academic scholarships have amount to $3500 for each person given a scholarship.

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Bernie Gerl gets his ribs operation set up for Friday - he was here when the first Rotarian Ribfest took place in 1996.

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August 31st, 2017



The equipment is being set up – the signage is in place.

The Camp 31 people did a test run on Tuesday when they fed the people who took part in the Rotary Ribfest Kick off.

Ribfest - Feeding the Rotarians

Rotarians get a free lunch and a bottle of the famous Camp 31 BBQ sauce

Bernie Gerl, chief “ribber” was at a table giving Rotarians and media people a sample of his famous BBQ Sauce.
What made the occasion significant is that the Camp 31 people were one of the “ribbers” on site in 1969 – 22 years ago, when the Rotary thought BBQ’s were a good fund raising idea

How the Lakeshore Rotarian’s pulled it off.

Bernie takes credit for introducing smoked BBQ ribs to the people of Burlington. No one knew at the time that the idea would take and that Burlington would end up being home to the biggest RibFest in Canada.

Ribfest - signage going up

Camp 31 signage going up for the 22nd time.  Organization ha a Canadian base in Ancaster and in Brewton, Alabama

Ribbers are sort of like gypsies – they move from location to location through a time arc that begins in May and ends sometime late in September. We started in Miramichi in New Brunswick this year said Bernie Gerl.

Their roots go back to 1908 when they were known as the Saw Mill, a general store in  Brewton, Alabama.  In 1985 Larry Murphy created Camp 31 as a BBQ operation that served authentic southern BBQ

In 1986 Murphy got some help from the Brewton Police department who helped them enter their first BBQ cook off in Pensacola Florida where the won three first place trophies.  They have been serving up authentic southern BBQ ever since.

The store, still in place, is now headquarters for the American side of the award-winning cook off team. Look for us at an event near you!

Bernie explains that Ribfests are totally reliant on weather. Cold weather – people don’t show up – rain – even fewer people show up and if it is too hot – people don’t have appetites.

The bulk of the “ribbers” come from the American south where the food is part of the culture.

They have been doing it for years – it has grown to the point where it is a competitive event.

Bernie was in Burlington for that first event in 1969 – it was a single day and it rained – but it worked. The Lakeshore Rotarians saw that it was going to work – they reached their target of an $800 profit in that first year.

Bernie has an operation in Ancaster – Camp 31 is also a restaurant. The equipment is all custom made and the operation is finely tuned. The public is protected – the Health department does checkups every day.

These “ribbers” are professionals – they are quite a bit more than a bunch of “good old boys” who like to get out and on the road.

Ribfest Setting up - behind

Everything gets packed into a fleet of trucks an assembled at each location. Everyone pitches in.

The Camp 31 operation is a family affair with wives, grown children, nephews and nieces making the event work smoothly.

The operation in Canada means that we don’t have to truck everything up from the United States. Bernie has issues with the Custom people – doesn’t feel “ribbers” get the respect they deserve.

Rib fest - Lori Gerl

Bernie’s wife Lori – can handle a barrel just as well as she handles him.

Bernie met his wife Lori at a restaurant the two of them worked at – they’ve been in the food business together ever since.

Each year the Camp 31 organization drops two of the locations it visits and adds two new ones.

“We did the Woodbine raceway this year for the first time – Bernie will not be doing that again. “I have a rule” explained Bernie – if the name Ribfest isn’t in the event – I shouldn’t be there”.

He forgot that rule – and won’t be returning to Woodbine again.

Camp 31 is one of the bigger rib operations – ten people travel “we pick up about five people at each location”, he said.

Most of their American locations are in Florida and adjacent States.

While the business is focused on ribs – Bernie thinks he should be getting credit for introducing “pulled pork” to the city as well. “We had it on our menus in the States for years but we had to give it away to create the market in this country.

Same with brisket he adds. “Been serving that up to the good folks south of the border for years – it has begun to become popular in Canada”, he adds.

While the team gets the equipment set up Bernie looks out over the lake – sees nothing but good weather with a nice breeze coming in off the water and thinks he has a successful event coming his way.

There are a lot of very small, what Berni calls “lone wolf operators” getting into the business. Don’t get Bernie started on those guys. “Bunch of cowboys who don’t know what they are doing” he says dismissively.

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Baycats take the IBL trophy in four games straight.

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August 30th, 2017



Most saw it as a slam dunk for the Baycats but the dreamer in every sports fan thought – that maybe – just maybe the Kitchener Panthers would take at least one of the games in the IBL best of seven play of series.
Dreamers do that.

It was four straight for the Baycats to take the 2017 final – which made it the fourth finals win in a row for the team.

The Baycats dominated in the regular season and were unbeatable in the playoffs.

The last time an IBL team did that well was in the 2008-2013 stretch when the Brantford Red Sox won six straight from 2008-13.

The Baycats opened the season with 26 straight wins and finished 33-3 to earn a first-round bye.

The 4-3 win for the Baycats in game one created some hope but it was downhill after that.The four playoff games looked like this:

KyleDeGrace with IBL trophy 2017

Kyle DeGrace with 2017 IBL trophy

Game 1:  4-3
Game 2:  13-4
Game 3:  15-0
Game 4:  10-1

The Burlington Herd were taken out of playoff contention in the quarter finals when they were beaten by the London Majors in a best out of seven that went for five games.  Burlington took just one of the five games.


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Caribbean Nite - September 9th

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August 29th, 2017



They have been operating as a cultural organization for more than 20 years.

They hold an

Caribbean-NiteAnnual Spring Brunch
An Annual Awards and Scholarship Gala
Black History Month Celebration (February)
Joint Caribbean Committee Caribbean New Year’s Eve
And the Annual Caribbean Nite

which takes place Saturday September 9th at the Holiday Inn.

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Two of the three provincial political parties are pounding the pavement - looking for support - we go to the polls next June.

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August 28, 2017



The next provincial election gets more real every day.

Nothing on who the NDP candidate is going to be.

The McMahon Liberals are doing a repeat of the operational organization that Karina Gould did that propelled her into office.

McMahon proved to be solid campaigner and a good debater during the least provincial election when she took a riding that the Conservatives had held for more than 70 years.

Add that organizational heft to a superb campaigner and there is something formidable moving through the streets of the city.

McKenna campaigning

Jane at the door step – where is the voter?

Jane McKenna has been doing her own door to door work.

McKenna hasn’t said much publicly – other than a few pictures from her Facebook page there is little to go on.

McKenna has always been close to Opposition leader Patrick Brown – it will be interesting to see if she convinces Brown to campaign on her behalf in Burlington.

McKenna with small group cam[paining

One wag commented on the footwear – can’t walk many miles in those shoes. Maybe it was just a photo op?

Mike Wallace was at one point heading up the McKenna campaign – we aren’t seeing him in any of the photographs.

McMahon is running on what the Liberal government has done – she is a member of cabinet so she is part of the decisions that are made. As a member of Treasury Board she oversees where and how the dollars are spent.

McMahon picnic

Lunch is on the MPP – McMahon wants you to show up and enjoy yourself.

McMahon can bring in Premier Kathleen Wynne if she feels she needs the clout. She will be holding her annual end of summer BBQ at LaSalle Park on Sunday September 10th.

McKenna will want to focus on what the provincial government has not done.

Time for you the voter to begin thinking about what you like and are happy with and what you think needs to be changed.

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Biggest public feed fest of the year - ribs and entertainment for all and now a VIP tent.

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August 27, 2017



If you are putting together your schedule for the week don’t forget RibFest –

Friday September 1st through to Sunday September 3rd, 2017 – 11AM – 11PM

Monday September 4th – 11AM – 7PM

Sponsored by the Lakeshore Rotary club – a sixty strong membership that makes the event happen every year. This time they have made some changes to the model – not the menu.

If you looked around there was still some sitting room. The weather was close to perfect and the music was good - great way to bring a summer to a close.

Burlington’s Ribfest – If you looked around there was still some sitting room. The weather was close to perfect and the music was good – great way to bring a summer to a close.

The event is the major fund raising initiative for the Lakeshore Rotary. In 2014 – the year of the flood – the Rotary used the occasion to raise funds for those families that had been wiped out by the flood. It was successful enough for the Association to look for new ways to serve the community.

This year the focus is on the Carpenter Hospice which is in the process of close to doubling the size of the facility.

Carriage Gate VIP tent

VIP tent – open to the public Sunday afternoon and evening.

A VIP tent has been set up, courtesy of Carriage Gate Homes, that will be open to the public Sunday afternoon and evening. Your ticket, available on line, gets you a spot at the front of the line to buy your selection of ribs and then saunter over to the VIP tent and enjoy the chow where the beverage selection is a little more varied – includes some specialty cocktails.

This is a Sunday only occasion – the tent is open to the public. It is a space that is sheltered, has a great site line to the stage and a bar that has an upscale selection of beverages. And, an upscale biffy.

More details on the ticket offering for this can be found HERE.

The event will serve up the same ribs people in Burlington have been enjoying since 1996 when there were less than ten ribbers offering a food that was new to many.

While it rained most of the one day event in 1996 – it was successful enough financially for the Rotary to make a long term commitment.

That commitment has resulted in the raising of more than $3 million – nothing shabby about that number.

Related news story.


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Merchant of Venice at the RBG all this week and next: Hear what Shylock had to say about the money he had loaned.

eventspink 100x100By Pepper Parr

August 22, 2017


After publishing this piece we got a note advising us that “we are nearing capacity… word of mouth effect is fierce with this run.”

This is the time of year to get out and enjoy the weather – and if you have room in your life for some classical theatre – check out Trevor Copp’s Tottering Biped production of the Merchant of Venice at the RBG Rock Garden.

A fine cast with some superb performances.

Harrington +

Michael Hannigan, on the right, as Antonio

Michael Hannigan has trod the boards of many of stages in the province. He is part of the opening scene in the Merchant where he gives the audience one of the most welcoming smiles you are likely to see.

Theatre is a sheer love choice and guilty pleasure for Hannigan; he has served as an Associate Artistic Director for both the Tivoli and Citadel theatres, helming several productions for each; as well as for The Players Guild, DLT, Theatre Burlington, Shooting Star Productions, and others in the GTHA.

Merchant - Antonio

Michael Hannigan preparing to give that “pound of flesh”

As impressive as his past performances have been his Antonio in the Merchant just has to be seen to fully appreciate what one man on a stage can do with a smile and a couple of words.

Chris Reid, a school teacher when he is not on stage, plays Shylock, needs a close listen to fully understand how he views the money he has loaned.

Alma Sarai who plays Portia beautifully – her coyness in determining just who her husband is going to be will delight you – almost as much as Claudio Spadafora’s performance where she introduces the various courtesans.

Alma + Jamie - night

Jamie Kasiama and Alma Sarai

Sarai could have been a little stronger as the lawyer who interprets the law that applies to the Shylock loan. The phrase “a pound of flesh” that has become part of our everyday language, turns out to be exactly that – and nothing more which saves Antonio some pain and ends of requiring Shylock to become a Christian – such is the beauty of what William Shakespeare has given us.

It is a cast of nine that is well worth watching. The choreography is as good as it gets – better than some of the stage movements at Stratford and Shaw.

Merchant - Trevor - thought

Trevor Copp during a rehearsal.

Trevor Copp’s life as a dancer comes through again and again as he directs the movement of his cast on a stage where a tree serves as a backdrop that has different coloured lights splashed on the thick branches and change the mood of the play in an instant.

Tree becomes the canvas - colour

Trees become part of the backdrop for outdoor theatre.

Performed on a stage set out on the grass where the fire flies fit in rather nicely. The sound of a freight train in the background doesn’t detract from the antics of the of the courtiers seeking the hand of Portia.

Zach Parson plays Bassanio and did some of the composing.

Jesse Horvath plays three role: Lancelot, Tubal and Salerio as well as working as director of Development.

Jamie (Milay) Kasiama plays Nerissa opposite Alma Sarai where she is superb in her attempts to direct Portia and her choice of a husband.

Copp wanted the cast members to be paid for the work they do – each gets a stipend of $100 for each day. Some support from the federal government summer employment program has helped but private sponsorship is always going to be needed.

Ticket prices are very affordable. Arrive early – seats are on a first come first served basis.

Play dates are Monday to Friday @7 pm. Plenty of parking across the road

Last performance is September 2nd.

Merchant full cast

The cast: In no particular order: Chris Reid/Shylock; Michael Hannigan/Antonio, Alma Sarai/Portia, Shawn Coelho-DeSouza/Prince of Morocco and Lorenzo, Claudia Spadafora/Jessica, Isabel Starks/Ensemble, Jamie Kasiama/Nerissa, Zach Parsons/Bassanio and Jesse Horvath/Launcelot

Treat yourself to a fun performance and some impressive choreography and Hannigan’s smile.

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Terry Fox's older brother Fred will be in town on the 24th to check out the monument erected to celebrate the Marathon of Hope run done 37 years ago.

eventsblue 100x100By Staff

August 16, 2017



The plans are almost firm.

Fred Fox – Terry’s older brother, will be in Burlington on the afternoon of August 24th to view the monument created to celebrate Terry’s achievement.  Fred Fox has seen just drawings and sketches when the family approved the design.

Fox monument with Brant Inn

The monument to Terry Fox’s run through Burlington was paid for by a group of citizens.

The schedule is to hold a meet and greet at city hall followed by a walk to the Terry Fox monument in Spencer Smith Park after which the group will head over to the Art Gallery of Burlington to see the exhibit that has been in place for a month or so.

At the gallery Fred will be joined by Leslie Scrivener who will sign copies of her Terry Book which will be on sale at the gallery (all proceeds to cancer research) as well as talking on her experience travelling with Terry on the Marathon of Hope.

terryfox 4 final

Terry Fox waving to a Burlington resident as he runs through the city during his 1980 Marathon of Hope.

The gallery portion will start between 3:30 and 4:00 pm. Craig Gardner reports that “other parts are still a bit fuzzy”.

Fred Fox will be arriving in Burlington from a visit to Oakville.

Gardner said the city hall portion of the tour is still a little iffy. He shouldn’t worry – it’s a photo op with the name Fox attached to it. The Mayor will be there.

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School bus orientation day - Saturday August 26th in five locations.

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August 15th, 2017



Mention school buses and the mind goes to getting ready for school – it is that time of year again.

School buses in Halton Region – Milton, Burlington, Oakville and Halton Hills – are managed by the
Halton Student Transportation Services (HSTS) who contract with local school bus operators.

Those operators hold a “School Bus Orientation Day” which will be held on SATURDAY, AUGUST 26, 2017 starting at 9:00 a.m.

Tsp service logoSchool Bus Orientation Day is a safety program provided by HSTS and the local school bus operators to assist parents and first time riders in understanding the importance of school bus safety.

Parents of all first time riders are encouraged to bring their children to the free sessions, which will feature a classroom presentation on school bus safety, including Off We Go! a special video on school bus safety and a demonstration on a school bus.

School bus company safety officers and bus drivers will talk to the children and their parents about safely getting on and off of the bus, proper behaviour on a school bus, crossing the street to get to a waiting bus and overall school bus safety. In addition, a handout will be provided to all young riders with tips on school bus safety.

Both HSTS and the school bus operators hope the orientation sessions will help students and their parents feel more comfortable riding a school bus before the first day of school.

The sessions begin at 9 a.m. on August 26, 2017 at the following five locations throughout Halton. To register students and secure a preferred time slot, parents must contact the host bus company at the phone number listed next to the desired location.
Burlington: Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School; 905-333-4047 (Attridge Transportation)
Oakville: Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School; 905-335-7010 (First Student Canada)
Acton: Acton District High School; 519-853-1550 (Tyler Transport Ltd.)
Georgetown: Georgetown District High School; 905-877-2251 (First Student Canada)
Milton: Bishop Reding Catholic Secondary School; 905-877-2251 (First Student Canada)

If you need to follow up for additional information, please contact:

Karen Lacroix, General Manager
Halton Student Transportation Services
1-888-803-8660 ext. 259

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Pickleball a part of the Live and Play offering at city recreation centres. It is all on line.

News 100 yellowBy Staff

August 10th, 2017



The 2017-18 Fall/Winter Live and Play Guide – the City of Burlington’s guide for information on recreation, sport, culture programs and festivals and events is now available online.

Printed copies are available for pick up at recreation centres, City Hall (426 Brant St.), Burlington Tourism (414 Locust St.) and Burlington public libraries.

The online Live and Play guide allows you to review and share program information as well as register for programs directly from any computer or mobile device. View the online guide.

Live - play registration dates


An interesting program that has become quite popular is pickle ball, a trending sport that is taking the world by storm. Easy to learn, Pickleball can be geared to a wide range of ages and skill levels, from those new to the sport to the most seasoned players.

Pickle ballBurlington offers registered lessons for Pickleball players of all levels. Many drop-in times and locations are also available. These drop-in programs are designated as beginner or intermediate levels and provide flexible, convenient opportunities to enjoy the sport.

In coming years, Pickleball in Burlington will expand to include more advanced lessons, advanced drop-in times, and tournament play. For now, we encourage advanced level players to play with similarly skilled partners and opponents or to respectfully adjust their level of play to the level of others.

More on the program online.

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Burlington Herd has to win this evening to remain in the IBL playoffs.

sportsgold 100x100By Staff

August 8th, 2017



The London Majors powered past the Burlington Herd in a lopsided 15 – 2 romp Sunday night.

Justin Gideon hit a solo home run, while Kevin Hussey had the other RBI.

Ryan Beckett (0-1) gave up seven runs (five earned) on seven hits in 1.2 innings. He walked one and struck out one.

On the London side Byron Reichstein and Michael Ambrose each hit two home runs.

London leads the best-of-seven quarter-final 3-1 and can advance with a win Tuesday at home.

The Toronto Brantford series has the Leafs leading the best-of-seven quarter-final 2-1.

In the Hamilton Kitchener series – Kitchener leads 2-1.

With all three quarter final playoff teams playing this evening how things are going to fall out should be clearer.

In the meantime the Barrie Baycats patiently wait to learn who they will be playing in the final round. The only team that has been able to beat the Baycats has been the Toronto Leafs.

Future games
Tuesday, Aug. 8
Burlington at London, 7:30 p.m.
Kitchener at Hamilton, 7:30 pm.
Toronto at Brantford, 8 p.m.

Wednesday, Aug. 9
Brantford at Toronto, 7:30 p.m.2017 playof sched FINAL

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Police investigation ongoing into Stabbing at Burlington's Solid Gold adult entertainment establishment on Plains Road.

Crime 100By Staff

August 7th, 2017



It was clearly a difference of opinion that got out of hand.

Solid Gold imageEight people on the street outside the Solid Gold nightclub located at 53 Plains Road East in Burlington got into a fight that had the police responding at approximately 12:30am on Sunday August 6th 2017 ,

During the fight, one of the suspects used a small pocket knife to stab two other people involved in the fight. Those people have been treated at hospital for minor injuries and are expected to make a full recovery.

Detectives have since identified each of the persons involved in the incident and are continuing conduct interviews and investigation into this matter.

Police are appealing to anyone who may have witnessed the altercation or may have any information concerning this incident to contact Detective Joe Barr of the #3 District Criminal Investigations Bureau, at 905-825-4747 Ext. 2385. Tips can also be submitted to Crime Stoppers “See something, Hear something, Say something” at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS), through the web at, or by texting “Tip201” with your message to 274637 (crimes).

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Almost totally SOLD OUT weeks before the curtain rises: Annie Jr to be performed at the Drury Lane Theatre.

artsblue 100x100By Staff

August 3rd, 2017



Every artistic director wishes for words like these:

KooGle Theatre Company is very excited to announce that they are presenting a Youth Musical Theatre Summer Intensive for youth ages 8-18 – culminating in a production of ANNIE Jr.

Annie jr short logoAll actors have auditioned for a role in this production.

Tickets are on sale now! Only $10 each!

Saturday August 19, 2017 1:30pm – SOLD OUT
Saturday August 19, 2017 6:30pm – SOLD OUT
Sunday August 20, 2017 1:30pm – TICKETS AVAILABLE

Performances at
2269 New St., Burlington

For tickets, please email us at
call 905-633-8788

Excited they should be.  Leslie and Christopher Gray, Co-Artistic Directors at KooGle Theatre work very hard at getting productions to the stage and then hoping that the audience reaction is good and that tickets are bought based on the reaction to the show.

When they brought the Putnam County Spelling Bee to Burlington a few years ago and put it on a stage at the Performing Arts centre the response was good. There were a couple of SOLD out nights, but nothing like this.

Weeks before the curtain goes up for the first time there is just the one performance left for which tickets are available.

Extending this show would make real sense.

Has something like this happened in Burlington before?


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The Food Trucks at the Joseph Brant Day in LaSalle Park are not to be missed. Smokey maple bacon poutine - on Monday August 7th.

News 100 blueBy Staff

August 3rd, 2017



For Canada’s 150th birthday, the Museums of Burlington are celebrating Joseph Brant Day at LaSalle Park with all things Canadian.

2017 Brant festivalThis year, revel in the food truck rally highlighting Canadian ingredients.

Enjoy the main stage entertainment by local performers. Interact with local organizations and businesses, hosting a variety of fun games and activities.

You will sure find something to love from our long list of exciting features, including: a “Made in Canada” vendors market, henna tattooing, live art performance, community mural project, and many more!

Museum Board has plans for a major upgrade to the Brant Museum - is this a place for you and your skill set?

The Joseph Brant Museum as it looks today. It has been closed for close to a year and probably will never again be open to the public.

But you may not hear very much about the $10 million expansion that is to take place at the Joseph Brant Museum on Lakeshore Road.

Before packing things in for the summer city council approved the provision of a $1 million dollar top up sum to ensure that all the funding was in place for the construction of the new updated museum that will turn the replica structure into an administrative office that the public won’t get anywhere near. What is now the museum will be pivoted and moved a short distance while construction of the new museum, much of which will be underneath a large pile of earth.


Artists rendering of the proposed re-development of the Joseph Brant Museum.

Neither the Museum staff or the Museum Foundation have said very much about just what is going to be in the new structure other than to say that it will be 300% bigger than what is in place now.

One would have thought that the Joseph Brant Day would have been an excellent opportunity to tell the public about these big big plans.

This time next year the construction will be well underway.

For this year what the public gets is

11:30 Opening Ceremony
12:30 First Nations Pow Wow Dance Demonstrations
1:30 Halton Dance Network Interactive Dance Workshop
2:30 Curious Canadian Critter Show
3:30 Bar Blue Sea Live Band

At various times during the day there will be Interactive First Nations Drum Circles


Brant Day - Food truck line -2

Food Trucks have proven to be very popular at the annual Joseph Brant Day celebration.

Feast at the Food Truck Rally. This is a really smart addition to the Brant day celebration. The dishes being offered are said to be inspired by Canadian ingredients.

Enjoy a smokey maple bacon poutine, a True North burger, maple cotton candy and more!

There’s something for everyone: Dora’s Express, Luchadore Gourmet Streatery, Cafe du Monde Creperie, Pappas Greek, Sweet Temptation Cupcakery, MeatVentures, and Triple Treats.


Explore the vendors market which will showcase the work of local artisans and businesses. Plan to visit the Purpal Paisley Soapery, Ruff Trade Ties/ Little Kitchen Helpers, The Davidson Co., She’s Got Leggz, In Front Design Studio, Voxx Life, Healing Treasures, Woodfully Wooden World, The Good Red Earth Soap Company, Pandamonium Publishing House, Rubber Ducky Co., Life lounge Chiropractic and Health Centre, Papas Pens by Bill and more.

What would Joseph Brant have said about all this? Maybe his peers knew what was best for Brant when they moved his remains from Burlington to Brantford where they rest in peace today.

Brant tomb in Brantford -Mohawk chapel

The Brant tomb sits just outside the Mohawk Chapel near Brantford.

Joseph Brant – the man.

Just who was this man Joseph Brant, the corner stone of the city’s history ?

The Museum staff tend to tell the public very little about the man who was given the land grant that Burlington was built on. Lest he be totally forgotten – here is a short version of his story:

Mohawk Leader. Born on the banks of the Ohio River to Tehonwagh’ kwangeraghkwa of the Wolf Clan of the Mohawk. In his early youth, Thayendanega became a favorite of Sir William Johnson, the British Superintendent of Northern Indians of America.

Thayendanega was among a number of young Mohawks who were selected by Johnson to attend Moor’s Charity School for Indians at Lebanon, Connecticut where he became known as Joseph Brant.  That school evolved into what today is known as Dartmouth University.

Brant was always pretty good at getting grants from the British, but this Council probably isn’t going to hear his argument.

Joseph Brant was frequently painted by British artists who were keen to capture his image – he was very popular during his several visits to the United Kingdom.

Brant left school at about age 13 and followed Sir William into battle during the French and Indian War. He became Sir William’s aide in the Indian Department, administered by the British out of Quebec. In August 1775, the leaders of the Six Nations of the Iroquois League met in council and decided that the growing conflict was a private affair between the British and the colonists, and that they should stay out of it. Brant denounced the Iroquois League’s decision to remain neutral and called the Americans the enemy of all Indians. He feared white expansion would push the Iroquois off their lands if the colonists achieved independence. Brant used his influence to engage the League for the British, four tribes, the Mohawks, Onondagas, Cayugas, and Senecas entered into an alliance with England.

Brant property boundary on Allview

The oak tree on Allview, a street that runs off the North Shore Road, marks the western boundary of the land grant given to Joseph Brant.

The Oneidas and Tuscaroras ultimately sided with the Colonists splintering the confederation. Brant received a Captain’s commission in the British army and was placed in charge of the Indian forces loyal to the Crown. Brant took part in the Battle of the Cedars in 1776, German Flats, and Cherry Valley in 1778, establishing a formidable reputation for himself. At war’s end, Britain abandoned its Indian allies in the 1783 Treaty of Paris, when it ceded the Crown’s claim to land south of the Great Lakes and accepted peace terms that contained no mention of tribal rights.

2_Joseph_Brant_Painting_George_Romney-1200x500Brant retained his commission in the British Army and was awarded a land grant on the Grand River in Ontario by Governor Sir Frederick Haldimand in 1784. Brant led almost 2000 Iroquois Loyalists from New York to his grant where they settled and established the Grand River Reservation.

In this portrait Joseph Brant is seen wearing the gorget given to him by King George III. That gorget is the most important piece in the collection at the Joseph Brant Museum.

In this portrait Joseph Brant is seen wearing the gorget given to him by King George III. That gorget is the most important piece in the collection at the Joseph Brant Museum.

This land grant was separate from the 3000 plus acres he was granted in what became Burlington and whee he built a home. The current museum is a replica of the house he built.

Brant traveled to England in 1785 and succeeded in obtaining compensation for Mohawk losses in the American Revolution.

He encouraged the Mohawk to adopt Christianity and support British style schooling. His translations of Saint Mark’s Gospel and the Book of Common Prayer into Mohawk were published in 1787. Brant died at about 65 years at his home in what was then known as Wellington Square which came to be known as Burlington.

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Community needs tools to complete the building of a neighbourhood playground on Sunday August 13th..

News 100 blueBy Staff

August 1, 2017



The KaBOOM! Aldershot community planning committee are looking for gardening and construction tools to help build a new playground at Bolus Gardens Parkette on Sunday, Aug. 13, 2017.

A few volunteers are also needed to join Foresters FinancialTM, and non-profit KaBOOM! to create the new play space, which will serve more than 1,200 children and their families in the local community.

The design for the new playground is based on drawings created by neighborhood children at a special Design Day event that was held in June when community members met with organizers from KaBOOM! and Foresters Financial to design their dream playground. The drawings inspired the final playground design.

KaBoom visual

Designed by the kids – assembled by the community – they need to borrow some tools to get the job done.

Volunteers are asked to bring tools and community residents and businesses are encouraged to loan or donate items such as garden hoes, wheel barrows, various drills, hammers and saws. Please see the complete list at or contact Kim Napier at 905-335-7600, ext. 7900. or

Those interested in volunteering are encouraged to register at There are limited spots for this opportunity.

Since 1996, KaBOOM! has been dedicated to ensuring that all kids get the balance and active play they need to thrive.

KaBOOM! is the national non-profit dedicated to bringing balanced and active play into the daily lives of all kids, particularly those growing up in poverty in America. KaBOOM! creates great places to play, inspires communities to promote and support play, and works to drive the national discussion about the importance of play in fostering healthy lives and communities.

Foresters Financial is a KaBOOM! Founding Partner and National Partner.

Bolus Parkette is on Francis Road south of Plains Road East.

Related article:

Parkette adjacent to proposed community re-development.

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Burlington Herd gets ready to start what might be a very short play-off series against the London Majors.

sportsred 100x100By Staff

August 1. 2017



Herd T-shirtThe beginning of the end of the playoff season for the Burlington Herd starts on Wednesday when the team takes to the ball diamond and plays against the London Majors, a team they were not able to beat during the regular season.

This could be a very short play-off season for the Herd.

The schedule is as follows:

Game 1: Wednesday, Aug. 2, at London, 7:05 p.m.
Game 2: Thursday, Aug. 3, at Burlington, 7:15 p.m.
Game 3: Friday, Aug. 4, at London, 7:35 p.m.
Game 4: Sunday, Aug. 6, at Burlington, 5:30 p.m.
Game 5: Tuesday, Aug. 8, at London, 7:05 p.m.
Game 6: Thursday, Aug. 10 at Burlington, 7:15 p.m.
Game 7: Friday, Aug. 11, at London, 7:35 p.m.

2017 playof sched FINAL

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Othello will be in Lowville this Wednesday evening - just the one performance - not to be missed.

artsblue 100x100By Pepper Parr

July 30th, 2017



If you do what many of us do – plan your week on Sunday you might want to give some thought to slipping up to Lowville to take in a performance of Othello at Thinkspot where you can sit outside on a large large lawn and watch gifted actors perform one of Shakespeare’s plays.

Getting out in the middle of the week to watch a play isn’t the way most people spend their time – unless of course they are on vacation.

Hamlet - Lowville Festival - people on grass

Driftwood Theatre performing at Thinkspot in Lowville

Whether you are on vacation or putting in time at the office – Wednesday evening – 7:00 pm the Driftwood Theatre Company will take to the outdoor stage and give you an interpretation of Othello that you will not have seen before.

Lowville has been the locale for a number of artistic endeavours. The annual Lowville Festival is now an established event that has shown admirable resilience getting off the ground. With three years behind them and respectable sponsorships in place – they can be expected to do nothing but grow.

Thinkspot has been welcoming the Driftwood Theatre to their location for a number of years. Lowville has become one of the more than 20 locations that Driftwood performs at each year.

At the end of the production, always to boisterous rounds of applause, some of the deeply committed audience for the works of William Shakespeare gather around a fire place and talk about the merits of the performance and the how’s and why’s of what the director chose to do.

Othello graphicUsing  Canada’s United Nations role in Cyprus as the backdrop for a production of Othello is both a brave and audacious decision.

The experience is well worth the time and the locale is one to be treasured.

This is a Pay what you can event with a suggested $20.

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Burli Blast Festival - Saturday - 9:00 am – 2:00 pm at Sherwood Forest Park. Burlington Youth Soccer at its best.

sportsred 100x100By Staff

July 28th, 2017



The Burlington Youth Soccer Club (BYSC) is hosting its “Burli Blast Festival” this Saturday, July 29th to celebrate the end of the soccer season for the U3 – U6 age groups in their Outdoor House League program.

BYSC girlsThe Burli Blast Festival is an event dedicated to celebrating the successes and achievements of the players and volunteer coaches over the course of the summer season. There are over 800 players in these age divisions, and with parents and coaches, the expected attendance is upwards of 2,500 people.

Burli Blast will take place from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm at Sherwood Forest Park (at the end of Fairview Street past the Appleby GO station) in Burlington. The festival will feature 60 mini soccer matches and medal presentations spread throughout the morning and afternoon.

byscThe BYSC has also invited many of its community partners that are providing bouncy castles, carnival games, food, and prizes. The BYSC invites the Burlington community to come out and enjoy the day, regardless of whether your child plays in their programs. An information tent with staff will be in attendance if you have questions about any BYSC programs or if you are interested in registration.

For more information about Burli Blast Festival or other BYSC programs, visit or call 905-333-0777.

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MPP will be in chat mode next Wednesday - look for her on her bike at the Pier

News 100 redBy Staff

July 27th, 2017



She wants you to join her on the Pier for a bike ride and a chat next week.

McMahon with a bike

Eleanor McMahon before she was elected to the provincial legislature.

Burlington MPP Eleanor McMahon has used riding a bike to great advantage in her political career – she was one of the driving forces on Share the Road before she was tapped to run for public office in Burlington where the Tories had owned the seat for more than 70 years.

There is a provincial election on its way – June 7th, 2018 and McMahon, like every MPP, is out and about meeting people.

She is a strong campaigner, one of the best in the Region and bonds well with people.

McMahon bike meet upSo – if you want a couple of minutes with your MPP and can get out on your bike – be at the Pier on Wednesday, August 1st at 6:00 pm.

But don’t drive your bike – that’s a no no. Not sure the MPP was fully aware that bikes are not permitted on the Pier

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