Seniors community serves up a Thanksgiving Dinner and looks into providing equipment that will allow seniors to get the kind of exercise they need.

News 100 yellowBy Connie Price

October 6th, 2017



What a wonderful day……..just what the Burlington Seniors Community Inc. had hoped for!

The Volunteer teams of St. Christopher’s Open Doors cooks and servers and BSCI’s Board and Volunteers worked together seamlessly: all deserve credit for the efficiency with which the meal was prepared, including the 225 lbs. of turkey cooked and served.


The Burlington Seniors Community organization organized a Thanksgiving day dinner – cooked more than 200 lbs of turkey

The attendance, even though we initially thought we would limit it to 225 – 270 were fed. We didn’t turn anyone away.

The decorations and tables were inviting and attractive with a Fall theme, which afforded us the opportunity to give each table centerpiece as a Birthday Gift to whomever at the table had a Birthday nearest to the Event.

BCSI # 2

The Thanksgiving Day Dinner took up two rooms at St.Christopher’s – 270 were fed and entertained. Turns out the Seniors can run programs of their own without having to deal with city hall.

While the Guests ate, Aldershot High School Student, Alex Bella performed magic and card tricks at the tables to baffle the seniors.

The Entertainment was outstanding, fun and all seniors themselves. The performers included the New Horizons 20 piece Band, comic musical singer Bette Pender & Sinatra style crooner Fred Burnell, both from the Burlington Footnotes, the Weekly Strum Ukulele Trio and last but certainly not least Burlington’s Singing Veteran, Bill Read, who led the audience singing through a medley of old tunes with his Ukulele, including a patriotic song he had written and performed many times in the past 18 years singing for early morning commuters at the Appleby Go Station.

He concluded his performance along with the afternoon, by asking everyone to stand and sing God Save the Queen and O Canada with him.

Very emotional for many. What gifted and talented seniors we have in Burlington!

As the Guests left, they were given a Take Home Bag with items, information and literature of importance to seniors.

BCSI equipment

Some of the types of Senior Exercise Equipment available to promote balance & increase flexibility, while encouraging social and mental health through socialization.

Since BSCI’s mandate is “To be a leader for information, education, recreation and social interaction for our diverse and growing community of seniors” , we also circulated a Survey with information and questions asking the seniors’ opinions on two projects we are currently promoting and want their input and comments about. We received 152 completed Surveys, regarding our new Seniors Without Walls Program and the building of Outside Senior Exercise/Social Spaces.

These are just two of the projects that BSCI are becoming involved in to further our aim to fill some of the current gaps, especially for socially and physically isolated seniors.

The Thanksgiving dinner was a day of rolling up our sleeves and doing the work to accomplish it.



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Vigil for victims of all accidents and tragedies: for families, friends, and loved ones; for survivors and first responders who will have memories for the rest of their lives

eventspink 100x100By Staff

October 4th, 2017



This evening from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm the doors will be open at THiNKSPOT for anyone who wishes to drop-by (even if for a few minutes) as a Silent Vigil for victims of all accidents and tragedies: for families, friends, and loved ones; for survivors and first-responders who will have memories for the rest of their lives; for the psychological fear this can randomly happen again; for individuals who feel such anger and hatred that their choice is to kill another human being.

THiNKSPOT is just what the word says – a spot to think, reflect, exchange ideas, learn what other people think and explain what you think to others.

The feature that makes THiNKSPOT work is the setting and the level of facilitation,

The feature that makes THiNKSPOT work is the setting.

It is located in Lowville, yards behind the Lowville Bistro, surrounded by the Walkt Rickli Sculpture Garden where there is plenty of parking across the road.

Those who take part will will create a mural from play-doh, crayons, markers, LEGO, the dry-erase wall, paint, gifts of nature, as a response based on unconditional love for every part of the system that we are connected to.

Debra Pickfield, the woman that runs THiNKSPOT, said earlier today that her “ personal belief is we are connected to every part – even the evil, anger, and hatred – because my choosing to ignore macro-level actions and events that may have caused the horror, means I am also connected to the micro-level outcome. I cannot wipe my hands and say it has nothing to do with me.”

She suggests you “ bring your families; or come on your way home from work; share with your friends and colleagues. Help us bring a collective response of community and caring that defines us – not the hopelessness and fear that separates and detaches us.”

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City opens up with goodies for the senior set: celebrating National Seniors’ Day

News 100 redBy Staff

October 2nd, 2017



The City is hosting a series of open houses today to celebrate National Seniors’ Day and honour older adults who make a difference in our families, workplaces and communities.

Transit - seniors with Gould

Seniors at a meeting on the city’s transit service .

The celebration will kick off with a ceremony at City Hall at 9:50 a.m.; the Mayor will do the photo op thing with song from Sing, Sing, Sing, a choral group made up of three choirs.

Open houses will be held throughout the day at city facilities featuring a variety of activities and refreshments.

Attendees at the open houses will be entered for a chance to win one of two Burlington Seniors’ Centre annual memberships and one of two Parks and Recreation $25 gift cards.

Open Houses
Location: Aldershot Pool
Time: 10 a.m. to noon
Activity: Free swim

Mayor Rick Goldring has his membership application processed at the Seniors' Centre - filling another of his campaign promises.

Mayor has his membership application processed at the Seniors’ Centre.

Location: Brant Hills Community Centre
Time: 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Activities: Free pickleball and badminton

Location: Burlington Seniors’ Centre
Time: 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Activities: Facility tours, entertainment, bike ride and bike demo

Location: Tansley Woods Community Centre
Time: 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Activities: Sing, Sing, Sing performance, free swim, community group representatives and information tables

The ceremonies over the Naval Promenade becomes the fous with the Seniors' out in force listening to the All MAle Welsh Choir. Strolling along is Craig Stevens, the city's project manager on the pier project. He direction and oversight kept the project going when it got a little wonky at times - but that's another story.

Naval Promenade at Spencer Smith Park is the perch for seniors out in force listening to the All Male Welsh Choir.

All city pools and arenas will be offering free drop-in recreational or lap swims and skating for Adults 55+ on October 2nd.

No mention of the level of bus service that will be available.

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David Suzuki to take part in November Youth Eco Summit for grades 7 to 12 students

eventsgreen 100x100By Pepper Parr

September 23, 2017



The man is iconic and the event is epic.

Perhaps just a little over the top – ya think?


David Suzuki – to be in Burlington in November for three days,

In their media release BurlingtonGreen added that they are “THRILLED” to announce they are partnering with the David Suzuki Foundation to present an incredible three component event on November 21st, 2017, featuring the iconic Dr. David Suzuki.

Halton youth from grades 7 to 12 will be invited to register to attend a free daytime Youth Eco-Summit, followed by a special early evening “VIP” event which will then lead into the main public event. Dr. Suzuki will be at all three events!

Tickets will be available through the Burlington Performing Arts Centre box office and online at starting September 27, 2017.

Burlington Green will be releasing more about these events early next week.

The Gazette will keep you posted.

cc Paul Carvahlo (Burlington Mall Representative) with Dr. Jane Goodall and event sponsor, Joe Saunders of Burlington Hydro.

Paul Carvahlo (Burlington Mall Representative) with Dr. Jane Goodall and event sponsor, Joe Saunders of Burlington Hydro.

Burlington Green has brought in world class speakers in the past. In 2012 they brought Jane Goodall to Burlington for a similar series of events.

Note the date – events like this are formative for students who are in the process of determining their values and the way they see the world.

David Suzuki will not disappoint.


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All 21 Ontario universities will have representatives at Assumption Catholic high school on Wednesday the 27th.

eventsblue 100x100By Staff

September 22, 2017



Representatives from Ontario’s 21 universities will be in Burlington at Assumption Catholic Secondary School on Wednesday, September 27, 2017, from 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., for the University Information Program (UIP).

Assumption is located at 3230 Woodward Avenue, Burlington L7N 3P1

Assumption map

Assumption high school location – 3230 Woodward avenue

This free event offers high school students from the surrounding area, and their parents, the opportunity to speak in-person with multiple university representatives. Any high school students in the area are welcome to attend, regardless of which school board their school belongs to.

The UIP offers students who are considering an Ontario university the opportunity to learn more about admission requirements, scholarships, residence, the application process, campus life and much more.

The event is designed to assist graduating high school students in making an informed decision before they apply to university in January 2018. The event also aims to help younger students with high school course selections in order to guide them toward future university programs.

Students and their parents will have the opportunity to learn more about Ontario’s 21 universities in either a fair- or presentation-style format, where they can visit each Ontario university representative individually.

University - UofT

One of the 21 universities that will be in Burlington to tell their story.

The UIP is hosted exclusively by Ontario universities. Each university participates in joint visits to high schools across the province each fall. Each UIP event is organized by the University Information Program Working Group with oversite from the Standing Committee on Student Recruitment, and the Ontario University Registrars’ Association.

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Our two Members of Parliament serve as a tag team during Question Period.

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

September 22, 2017



They decided to work as a tag team in the House of Commons during Question Period yesterday.

First Oakville North Burlington MP Pam Damoff stood and asked:

Damoff with big wide open smiles

Oakville Burlington North MP Pam Damoff

“Mr. Speaker, the Leader of the Opposition has stated that he feels he should not be bound by the same ethical standards he demands of others in the House. He may have forgotten that his own party’s changes to the Lobbying Act actually make him a designated public officeholder. This might explain the confusion about the Leader of the Opposition hosting secret fundraisers.

“Could the Minister of Democratic Institutions tell the House what she is doing to pull the curtain on these types of fundraisers?”

Gould In the House while Obama speaks

Burlington MP Karina Gould getting her picture taken while former President of the United States addresses the House of Commons.

The Minister of Democratic institutions, Karina Gould, the Burlington MP stood up and responded thusly”

“Mr. Speaker, Canadians have a right to know about fundraising events attended by party leaders and leadership candidates, as well as the Prime Minister and cabinet ministers. Our legislation will make public the information related to who is going to fundraisers, where and when they are happening, and the amount required to attend.

“We hope the opposition will support this bill in committee so that no opposition party can ever again have their leader hold secret fundraisers.

“Together let us all raise the bar.”

Words to be remembered.

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On the last day of summer Jasper AB got snow. What kind of a winter are we going to have?

News 100 greenBy Staff

September 22, 2017



The last day of summer – and what did we get?

A little on the sticky side but rather nice for the most part – certainly above seasonal norms.

In Jasper, Alberta they got snow.

We no longer have weather – we have climate change.

Snow Jasper AB

Jasper, Alberta on the last day of summer 2017

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Burlington fire fighters place first overall, first in Limited Pit, third in Unlimited Pit and first in Rapid Pit auto extraction categories.

News 100 redBy Staff

September 21, 2017



Maybe it is because Burlington has all kinds of high volume highways running through the city. Maybe it is because the men and women who make up our fire department decided they didn’t see that many serious fire any one year and decided they would focus on something and be really really good at it.

Fire extraction

Firefighters learning how to take the top off a car.

Whichever the Burlington Fire department is as good as it gets in prying people out of badly damaged cars.

The Firefighter Vehicle Rescue Team recently competed and placed in several categories in the North American Vehicle Rescue Challenge hosted by Enfield Fire in Enfield, N.S.

The Burlington team, led by Ryan Stewart, placed first overall and first in Limited Pit, third in Unlimited Pit and first in Rapid Pit categories. Ryan Stewart was named Top Incident Commander and Mark Adams was honoured as Top Medic.

Unlimited Pit: In the unlimited pit you are free to use any tools you wish. Heavy hydraulic cutter and spreaders, pneumatic and electric tools are all permitted.

Limited Pit: In the limited pit, hydraulic tools are not allowed. In some cases not all municipalities have those hydraulic tools on every truck or available at every call. It is also a greater test of tool knowledge, using different tools that can require a greater skill set to operate.

Each team has 20 minutes to complete their work in what first responders refer to as “The Golden Hour”. The golden hour is a one-hour period following traumatic injury during which there is the greatest chances of survival.

Teams from all over the country, as well as teams from New York State, competed in the event that showcased firefighter skills and teamwork in a practical, competitive setting. Vehicle rescue teams use many skills: scene safety, vehicle stabilization, extrication and patient care. Live patients are placed into crushed vehicles in various positions of instability to simulate a real vehicle collision. Teams are given 20 minutes to safely get the patients out of vehicles.

The Burlington Fire Department has been participating in vehicle rescue competitions since 1984. The current team includes team captain Ryan Stewart, team medic Mark Adams and firefighters Chris Viegas, Liam Jewell, Frank Marciello and Scott Wells.

Fire - car extraction team

Dressed for hard work – the Vehicle extraction team that brought winning prizes back to the city from a Nova Scotia based competition. The Vehicle Rescue Team practicing behind Burlington Fire Headquarters – from left to right: Chris Viegas, Frank Marciello, Mark Adams (Medic), Scott Wells, Liam Jewell, Ryan Stewart (Incident Commander)

The team trains and fundraises for 10 hours each week to prepare for three weekend events each summer. Stewart returns for a second two-year rotation as captain while this is the first year for half the other members. Team members will spend a maximum of two years on the Vehicle Rescue Team and then other firefighters will be given the chance to experience this highly specialized training.

Burlington’s team trains, travels and competes at no cost to the taxpayer and relies on fundraising to cover expenses. You can help support the team by donating used electronics at fire stations located at 1255 Fairview St., 711 Appleby Line and 4100 Dundas St.

The team also accepts used vehicles for practice. Tax receipts are issued for vehicle donations. For more information, email or visit

The Fire Department responds to an average of 650 to 700 motor vehicle collisions a year. The vehicle rescue team includes highly trained men and women who use the latest extrication knowledge, training, proven rescue techniques and equipment.

The first extrication competition held in the Province was hosted by the Ontario Fire College in 1984. The first BFD team competed in that competition.

Car rescue Enfield

These guys clean up pretty god. From left to right: The Vehicle Rescue Team with their awards after the closing ceremonies in Enfield, N.S. Frank Marciello, Chris Viegas, Scott Wells, Mark Adams (Medic), Liam Jewell, Ryan Stewart (Incident Commander)

Today the team consists of six firefighters who invest their personal time to train and compete. Each team member serves a two-year term. While on the team the firefighters are also tasked with delivering on-duty auto-ex training to their colleagues. This process closes the loop on the individual learning that occurs at the competitive level creating organizational learning for the fire department.

To date, 80 per cent of the department has participated on the vehicle rescue team.


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That Sesquicentennial has become a gift that just keeps on giving for the federal political class.

News 100 blueBy Staff

September 20th, 2017



That Sesquicentennial we celebrated on Canada Day has become a gift that just keeps on giving for the federal political class.

Damoff with LiberaL sign

Pam Damoff, MP for Oakville North-Burlington.

Pam Damoff the Member of Parliament for Oakville North-Burlington has announced the intention to award 15 special Canada 150 Sesquicentennial Pins to outstanding residents of her riding who positively impact and influence the community.

In the media release sent out Damoff invites all residents of Oakville North-Burlington to nominate a distinguished individual for the Sesquicentennial Citizenship Award.

Successful nominees will be individuals who strive to make a positive difference in the community, whether it is through devoted advocacy or dedication to an organization, in one or more of four main categories: environmental stewardship, youth engagement, diversity and inclusion and reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples.

Damoff polar ear dip

Damoff is known for her annual New Year’s Day Polar dip.

Successful nominees will be presented with a Canada 150 Sesquicentennial Pin given to MP Damoff by the Minister of Heritage Mélanie Joly. Consisting of the Canada 150 logo and a piece of the original copper which covered the roofs of Canada’s Parliament from 1918 to 1996, Sesquicentennial pins are a special keepsake to commemorate this important milestone in Canadian history.

The unique pins were made with the participation of Under One Roof, an initiative of the Ottawa-Carleton Association for Persons with Developmental Disabilities, and crafted with the help of people with developmental disabilities.

mapleleafthin150-6717_264x298Nominations will be accepted from Wednesday, September 20 to Wednesday, November 1, 2017 at 5pm EST. Visit www.MP to nominate someone today. You will be asked to include a short paragraph or two outlining how the candidate being nominated meets the above criteria.

Nominees can be of any age. All residents of Oakville North-Burlington will be considered.

Oakville North-Burlington’s Canada 150 Sesquicentennial Citizenship Awards will be presented at a special ceremony on November 16, 2017.

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Funds raised by the Burlington Terry Fox Run to battle cancer reached historical high. More than 1000 people turned out.

News 100 yellowBy Staff

September 18th, 2017



The weather was as good as it could get – and the turnout was superb for the 36th Annual Terry Fox Run

There were 1050 participants this year up from 900 last year and 70 volunteers which is about the same.

Funds come in throughout the year – so it isn’t easy to say how much was raised.

The final number for last year was $91,589.

Run sign Fox 2017

The Start and the Finish of th Terry Fox Run took place in Spencer Smith Park,

Fox run - 2 women with T shirts

Team Casey people had their own T-shirt

The total to date for this year is $91,971 – of that $16,691 came from Team Casey

Historically after the run another $5k to $15k comes in as donations which are accepted year round. Last year $12k came in after run day.

The past several years the Team Casey idea caught on – this year there was a tent set up for their use, it was never empty.

Fox run - Team Casey

They needed a drone to get the camera high enough up in the air to get everyone in the picture.

The group wanted a picture with everyone in it – camera couldn’t get them all in – so a drone was used to capture everyone

For the first time ever the people who manage the Run sold out of the Terry Fox T-shirts.

The Team Casey people had their own T- shirt so the increase in sales wasn’t due to the close to 200 people who were members of the Team.

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United Way sets a $10 million goal for the 2017 campaign

News 100 yellowBy Staff

September 18th, 2017



There were a reported “hundreds” of United Way community partners on the tarmac at the John C. Munroe Hamilton International Airport to pull a 200,000 lb.

Over 250 community partners joined UPS and United Way to rally around this fall’s fundraising campaign. Teams of 15 pulled with all their strength to move the 200,000 lb. plane across the finish line.

Plane pull“We are so grateful for the support and dedication of partners like UPS and so many who continue to stay committed to making our community great for everyone”, said United Way
President & CEO, Jeff Vallentin during his opening remarks at the Hamilton Airport.

“As you know, the beginning of April was a watershed time for the United Way movement in our region. Vallentin was referring to the decision to amalgam all four United Way operating in Halton with the Hamilton organization.

“We are focused now, more than ever, on ensuring that we remain connected to the issues that face each of the communities we serve and as always all dollars raised local will stay local. That means that whatever is raised in your community will go directly to support programs and services for your neighbours, family, and friends.” said Vallentin.

Ken Smithard, Campaign Chair and President of Cogeco Connexion also delivered opening remarks and helped to reveal the United Way Halton & Hamilton 2017 Campaign goal. “United Way Halton & Hamilton is focused on responding to local needs and providing critical impact in five distinct communities across the region. Monies raised in each community remain in that community.” Ken continued, “I am proud to support United Way and ask that you join me in helping make these communities better places for all of us to live; we’re stronger together.”

Ken then joined the rest of the Campaign Cabinet on the tarmac to reveal the $10,000,000 goal for the 2017 Campaign.

Ten million bannerAlso in attendance at the event was Craig Rayner, Vice-president of Automotive at UPS Canada. He discussed the 30 year partnership between United Way and UPS mentioning that, “ In 2016, UPSers across Canada raised more than $1.2 million in charitable donations. These contributions were a combination of both employee engagement and sponsored events, including our four nation-wide “Pulling for U” plane pull events in Hamilton, Mississauga, Vancouver and Calgary.”

Craig spoke about the importance of giving back to our neighbours, family and friends and their over three- decade long partnership with United Way.

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Community to celebrate the life of Casey Cosgrove at the Convention centre September 17th 4-6 pm

News 100 yellowBy Pepper Parr

September 7th, 2017



Team Casey is coming together to play another game.

They are going to run the 36th Terry Fox Run on Sunday the 17th and later in the day – between 4 and 6 pm they are going to gather at the Burlington Convention Centre and celebrate the life if Vincent Casey Cosgrove.

Wear your Team Cosgrove sweater and bring your stories – he will be with us. He knows who you are.

Bryna Cosgrove said last night that – “Although words just don’t seem to do him justice, we’ve tried our best.

“We will try to do even better by celebrating Casey’s life together with his friends, his family, and those who knew him.”

Some members of Team Cosgrove made their own sweaters. One of those has to be used in the Spiral submission for the Performing arts Centre if that submission is chosen.

Some members of Team Cosgrove made their own sweaters.

Cosgrove family

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Noted photographer to publish a lavishly illustrated book on the Niagara Escarpment

News 100 blueBy Pepper Parr

September 4th, 2017



Later this month Mark Zelinski will launch his book on the Escarpment. It is a large format publication with loads of pictures – Zelinski is a photographer with an eye for the outdoors.

zelinski Mark

Mark Zelinski, graduate of both Sheridan College and OCAD and the recipient of several awards for his work.

However, it would be a mistake to see the book as a collection of really nice pictures in between hard covers – the kind of thing that sits on a coffee table or in an office reception room where people flip through the pages.

It is one of the first books of this type that I have read that recognizes the place of the Indigenous community in the geography of our community.

Zelinski let the Indigenous people tell their story – his use of the a wonderful piece by Richard Hill about the: The Great Escarpment In Haudenosaunee Oral History is so powerful that we have included it in this review.

“The Haudenosaunee Confederacy consists of the Mohawk, Oneida, Cayuga, Seneca, Onondaga and Tuscarora First Nations. Our Creation Story is a road map to our underlying values, beliefs and customary practices. It sets in motion our way of life, and the annual cycles of nature that impact on our lives. It also tells of the re-shaping of Mother Earth that was created on the back of a giant turtle.

Turtle_LOGO_ON_MAP-©[1]“Oral history tells of giant serpents that lived underground and emerged into the deep Great Lakes, only to surface from time to time to seek out human flesh. One huge cavern behind Niagara Falls soon became the home of the Thunder Beings. These powerful spirits rode the skies behind the dark storm clouds. When they saw one of those giant serpents trying to make its way to this world, the Thunder Beings would fly into action, shooting flint-tipped arrows that turned into lightning bolts, hoping to strike down the serpents and keep the land safe for humans.

“Our oral history also tells of a time when the Sun, Our Elder Brother, also known as the Great Warrior, while making his daily round of overseeing the Great Turtle Island, would notice that humans are fighting and hurting one another. As the story continues, our Elder Brother will pause, directly overhead when he sees such chaos. He will turn up his heat, hoping that the humans will pause and look skyward.

“In doing so, the people can recall the sacred origins of this land, and of humans of the clay from the back of the Great Turtle. His hope is that if we recall our Original Instructions to look after one another, humans just might stop fighting and return to the way of life that was intended for them – peace on Mother Earth. If humans refused to reconsider their actions, the Elder Brother said he would transform himself, becoming the Spirit of the Earthquake and shake the Earth so much that all that was made by humans would be destroyed, including the humans.

“This universal struggle between the serpents below and the Thunder Beings above is a metaphor for our own existence. We live in the middle of these two zones. While walking on the earth, we experience one aspect of life. When we die and are placed in the loving arms of our mother, we may experience another aspect of life. We can be like warriors who sneak up on others to do harm, or we can live in peace so that when our Great Elder Brother looks upon us, he will smile, knowing that we remember our Original Instructions. Life can flourish in this beautiful world we call home. Or, we can lose it all if we do not heed to wisdom of our ancestors and be thankful for all that has been provided.

“To me, The Niagara Escarpment represents the jagged edge of our existence. a place that has had a profound impact on the Indigenous people who live on or near it. It remains a place of power, a reminder of the original battle over this land, and an ongoing threshold between the goodness of our Mother the Earth, and the mysterious forces that are above and that lie below.”

Like many people I took the short boat ride when I last toured the falls at Niagara aboard the Maid Of The Mist. I never asked where the name of the boat came from – I recall more vividly how close we got to the falls and how wet we were when we returned.

Chezney Martin tells the story of the creation of the Niagara Escarpment and Maid of the Mist. It begins with a battle that involved the Seneca Nation of the Haudenosaunee.

“The Thunder Beings are considered the supernatural grandfathers and protectors of the earth. They make appearances in many Haudenosaunee stories and tales. The duties of the Thunder Beings flow from the creation story to the belief that they keep dinosaurs underground with strikes of lightening.

“In this particular story we meet a monstrous snake-like beast conjured by witchcraft that decided to live within the Niagara waterways to kill and eat the Haudenosaunee people.

“Enraged by this, the Thunder Beings sought to dispel the snake with force. This battle raged on for days as thunder rumbled in the sky and lightening struck the serpent until it dissipated into a huge crevice in the earth, the same crevice we call the Niagara Gorge today.

“The Thunder Beings were suspicious as to whether or not the snake had truly been defeated. Rather than leaving the earth they sought shelter behind the waterfall that had been created by the serpent. The Thunder Beings natural rumbles were covered by the sound of falling water, as they awaited any sign that the snake had survived.

niagara-escarpment-turtle-island-©[1]“Shortly after this battle, the clouds in the sky cleared to a beautiful day. The sunshine attracted a young woman to lie near the water. She was soon to be wed and wouldn’t have much time to enjoy her alone time once she had children.

“As she closed her eyes, the snake that was shrunken by the strikes of the Thunder Beings slithered out of the water. It is said that the snake entered her body during her rest.

“The young woman was later married and after the first night spent with her new husband, he died. She mourned and decided to try marriage again with the same result. She tried once more to marry, desperately craving a family. Her third husband died.

“Distraught with grief and guilt the young woman decided to end her life. She entered a canoe up stream and allowed the current to carry her to the waterfall.

“Just as her canoe was going to tip over the edge and to the sharp rocks below, the Thunder Beings heard her weeping. They caught her mid-fall, and brought her into their cave behind the water.

“Once inside, the Thunder Beings taught the young woman how to dispel witchcraft as they alleviated her of the snake and destroyed it.

“It is said that the Thunder Beings returned to the clouds. The knowledge passed on to the young woman was brought back to the Haudenosaunee and has been used ever since.

“This is the story of The Maid of the Mist from the Original People.”

The care and preservation of the Escarpment is now in the hands of the public that is represented by the Niagara Escarpment Commission and Conservation Halton.

Robert Edmondson was with Conservation Halton for 38 years, starting his career as a biologist in 1974 and retiring as the director, watershed management services at the end of 2012. He describes and explains the huge stretch of land that he oversaw that extended through the world’s largest freshwater island, Manitoulin, and emerging from the crystal clear waters of Georgian Bay surrounding Flower Pot Island, follows a 740 kilometre journey from the tip of the Bruce Peninsula to Queenston Heights.

“Visual highlights along the Niagara Escarpment include dramatic views at vistas such as Lion’s Head, Colpoy’s Lookout, Nottawasaga Lookout, Rattlesnake Point, Mount Nemo, Spencer Gorge, and featuring creeks and streams flowing over such outstanding features as Inglis Falls, Eugenia Falls, Hilton Falls, Webster Falls and Balls Falls.


The Escarpment is our backyard.

“All these natural wonders are found on publically owned lands that make up the Niagara Escarpment Parks and Open Space System (NEPOSS). Over 44,300 hectares of land, representing close to 23% of the Niagara Escarpment Planning Area is part of the park system. For the most part, these lands are connected by the Bruce Trail as it winds its way some 855 kilometres from Tobermory on the Bruce Peninsula to Queenston on the Niagara River. Manitoulin Island, which is outside of the Niagara Escarpment Planning Area, cherishes its own incredible parks, such as Misery Bay Provincial Park; a 1000 hectare coastal alvar sanctuary, with the largest wetland in the eco-district. The Cup and Saucer trail on the islands east end, possesses one of the most exhilarating views in the province.

“The NEPOSS is administered by the Ministry of Natural Resources and governed by a council with representatives from the park owners and the Niagara Escarpment Commission. The main objectives of the park system are to protect the unique ecological and historical areas; maintain and enhance the natural environment of the Niagara Escarpment while providing for outdoor education, recreation, and public access to the Bruce Trail; and promote the principles of the Niagara Escarpment’s UNESCO World Biosphere Designation.

“There are over 147 parks within the system that are maintained by a mix of public bodies and conservation organizations including seven conservation authorities: the Ministry of Natural Re-sources, Ontario Parks, Parks Canada, Ontario Heritage Trust, St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation, Niagara Parks Commission, Royal Botanical Gardens, Bruce Trail Conservancy as well as a number of municipalities and organizations such as the Hamilton Naturalists Club, Nature Conservancy and Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy. The Conservation Authorities of Grey Sauble, Nottawasaga, Credit Valley, Toronto, Halton, Hamilton and Niagara maintain more than half of the lands and 60% of the parks in the system.[1]“All Escarpment parks are classified according to their attributes and ecological significance: such as Nature Reserve, Natural Environment, Recreation, Historical, Escarpment Access and Resource Management Area.

The Parks provide a wide range of experiences: visits to preserved historical sites, walking or cycling to vistas with their breath-taking views; tumbling waterfalls; quiet strolls along hiking trails meandering through mature forests; and observing the active life of the wetlands, or the enjoyment of cross country and down-hill skiing. The fundamental responsibility of the park system is to preserve the legacy of the Escarpment, all the wonders of its ecological diversity and outstanding features.”

These three people set the table on which Zelinski places the several hundred photographs that capture what it is that we see, feel and experience when we spend time in this vast stretch of land.  For those of us who have to spend time in sometimes stop and go traffic on six lane highways – an understanding and appreciation of this collection of land that has been preserved becomes close to poignant.

The book – title will be launched at an RBG reception September 20th at the RBG Rock Garden 7:00 to 8:30 pm.

The Heart of Turtle Island retails for $50.  It is available for a limited time at a discount at

It is also available at: A Different Drummer Books, Royal Botanical Gardens,,  and Indigo Books for the full retail price.

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Tributes reminiscing and outpourings of affection for Casey Cosgrove who passed last Thursday.

News 100 redBy Staff

September 3rd, 2017



The late Casey Cosgrove Facebook is alive and has become the place to grieve, commiserate and openly love the man we have lost.

And old friend of Casey’s posted a note – it is not easy reading, especially if you know Casey – but it is worth reading. We still speak of him in the present tense – don’t we?

Hey Cosmo

Well, it’s been a shitty 24 hrs, not going to lie! I’ve cried more than I have since my dad died 40 years ago. I hurt because I won’t get to see you anymore but that’s selfish and I know that’s something you weren’t so I will stop that but it may take a few days ok sorry.

You created quite a stir on FB since you left, and I’m going to tell you that you certainly touched a lot of people and they too are as gutted as I am. You have some friends and family who can articulate very well by the way… without F-Bombs even 🙂

I know you know this but Bryna, Ev, Jack, Kate, Stanley, Rudy and Hefty will all be doted upon for years to come by everyone you touched. Not because you left, but because of the family core values you guys all showed us that caused us all to fall in love with the Cosgrove clan.

Judson - Casey and # 19

Cory Judson found his way of remembering.  Cosgrove was one of the driving forces behind getting the monument in place.

It’s been 30 years since you walked up to the dugout of our team and said “Hey guys, I’m Casey, Casey Cosgrove and I’ve been asked to play with you guys”. You had flow (as they call it now) and a smile that just broke down any barriers we may have wanted to implement with the “new guy”. Casey Cosgrove… has there EVER been a better baseball handle in history? Maybe Mickey Mantle but I heard he was an asshole so…

You always had a competitive air about you, sometimes to a fault! Remember that hanging curve you threw that behemoth first baseman in the Nationals in Yarmouth? He hit that friggin meatball so far it should have had a flight crew on it. After the game you said “I can’t believe he got lucky and hit that out” we all laughed and said they had to scramble jet fighters to shoot that bitch down!

Then there’s all the years of ball hockey on Mainway, the moves you had with those silky mitts was ridiculous and you kept reminding me of that with every goal you scored on me. I’d tell you you it was just because you were lucky, you tell me it was just because I was a shitty goalie. We both know who was right, oh, and I still am haha.

My step daughter texted me yesterday morning and said “I am so sorry about Casey Jaker.” I responded with “You know Casey was the first person to call me Jaker 29 years ago” You remember that Cosmo? I got caught stealing second and was walking back past the bench and you said ” nice try Jaker” and I stopped in my tracks and said “did you just call me Joker?” You gave me that sly Cosmo smile and said “no you f***ing idiot I said Jaker”. Whether or not you called me joker or were quick on your feet to back pedal it stuck. Every time someone now calls me Jaker, my thoughts will go to that day and it’ll make me smile… you f***ing idiot 🙂

Well Cos, I gotta fly, Rach needs me to take a load of stuff to Western for her. Thanks for listening. From now on it will just be a silent discussion between you and I but everyone is sad here so I thought I’d share our first chat with them in hopes that some of our stories will bring back a smile or a laugh for them! That is, after all what you did best for all of us! I promise to get back to smiling and laughing, I just need to see Petey in pastels 😉

Love ya bro, so happy your pain free. Say hi to my Dad and Miley for me.
Chat soon…. Jaker

The family held a reception this afternoon and have said they will announce a public celebration for later in the month.

How is this city going to get through the Terry Fox Marathon of Hope on September 17th?

Casey Cosgrove had a couple of hundred people walking with him last year in the Terry Fox Run. This year he will serve on the organising committee - imagine if those who ran and walked with Cosgrove all volunteered as well? This is going to be THE event come September. Get your name on the list now.

Casey Cosgrove in the 2015 Terry Fox run.

The family held a reception this afternoon and have said they will announce a public celebration for later in the month.

In an obituary that is far more formal than Casey ever was he is named as Vincent Casey Cosgrove.  I don’t think very many people knew his full name.  We could have been calling him Vinnie!

The obituary is at:!/Obituary

How is this city going to get through the Terry Fox Marathon of Hope on September 17th?

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Ribfest weather has been a little iffy - but the ribs are what they have always been - d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s.

News 100 blueBy Pepper Parr

September 3, 2017



Buddy Gerl, chief ribber at Camp 31, said that Ribfests are driven by weather – that being true Saturday turned out to be an iffy day . When it is too cold – people don’t come out. If it is too hot – they don’t come out.

But when the weather is just right – they come out in droves.

Chowing down

Chowing down and listening to the music – with the sun shining. The cranes in the background speak of a changing skyline

With little luck Gerl and his Camp 31 operation will have a good season and the Rotarians will rack up another solid fund raising event.

The crowds were soft when we toured the site in the middle of Friday afternoon – but they got better. Saturday was a disappointment – the rest of the weekend looks as if the weather Gods are with the Rotarians again.

VIP tent

VIP tent is open to the public for parts of Sunday and Monday.

There are a number of pluses this year. There is a VIP tent that is available to the public on parts of the weekend – Sunday and Monday for the most part.

Blonde with beer

Fetching the beer.

The beer prices are reasonable and you can use both cash and plastic and there is an ATM on site where you can draw some cash.

The usual set of Ribbers are on site – the lineups seem to dictate where the prize sauces are located.

The Rotarians took a different approach to their fund raising this year when they partnered with the Carpenter Hospice – that organization is getting close to finalizing their plans to a significant addition to the facilities.

BTTB collecting

Teen Tour Band – collecting for Carpenter Hospice

Members of the Burlington Teen Tour Band were on hand at some of the entry point with collection tins.

We noticed a bit of a tightening in security at the entry points to Spencer Smith Park. A security guard asked to look inside the bag I was carrying – it was a pretty cursory look. It is a changing world.

Ribfest south lake side

South side of Spencer Smith with all the ribbers open for business.

Ribfest north side 2017

North side of Spencer Smith Park – crowds were sparse – but it was decent for a Friday mid-day.

The Ribfest first came to Burlington in 1996 – since that time the Lakeshore Rotarians have raised more than $3 million which they have given back to the community in the form of scholarships and awards.

For the past two years those academic scholarships have amount to $3500 for each person given a scholarship.

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Bernie Gerl gets his ribs operation set up for Friday - he was here when the first Rotarian Ribfest took place in 1996.

News 100 blueBy Pepper Parr

August 31st, 2017



The equipment is being set up – the signage is in place.

The Camp 31 people did a test run on Tuesday when they fed the people who took part in the Rotary Ribfest Kick off.

Ribfest - Feeding the Rotarians

Rotarians get a free lunch and a bottle of the famous Camp 31 BBQ sauce

Bernie Gerl, chief “ribber” was at a table giving Rotarians and media people a sample of his famous BBQ Sauce.
What made the occasion significant is that the Camp 31 people were one of the “ribbers” on site in 1969 – 22 years ago, when the Rotary thought BBQ’s were a good fund raising idea

How the Lakeshore Rotarian’s pulled it off.

Bernie takes credit for introducing smoked BBQ ribs to the people of Burlington. No one knew at the time that the idea would take and that Burlington would end up being home to the biggest RibFest in Canada.

Ribfest - signage going up

Camp 31 signage going up for the 22nd time.  Organization ha a Canadian base in Ancaster and in Brewton, Alabama

Ribbers are sort of like gypsies – they move from location to location through a time arc that begins in May and ends sometime late in September. We started in Miramichi in New Brunswick this year said Bernie Gerl.

Their roots go back to 1908 when they were known as the Saw Mill, a general store in  Brewton, Alabama.  In 1985 Larry Murphy created Camp 31 as a BBQ operation that served authentic southern BBQ

In 1986 Murphy got some help from the Brewton Police department who helped them enter their first BBQ cook off in Pensacola Florida where the won three first place trophies.  They have been serving up authentic southern BBQ ever since.

The store, still in place, is now headquarters for the American side of the award-winning cook off team. Look for us at an event near you!

Bernie explains that Ribfests are totally reliant on weather. Cold weather – people don’t show up – rain – even fewer people show up and if it is too hot – people don’t have appetites.

The bulk of the “ribbers” come from the American south where the food is part of the culture.

They have been doing it for years – it has grown to the point where it is a competitive event.

Bernie was in Burlington for that first event in 1969 – it was a single day and it rained – but it worked. The Lakeshore Rotarians saw that it was going to work – they reached their target of an $800 profit in that first year.

Bernie has an operation in Ancaster – Camp 31 is also a restaurant. The equipment is all custom made and the operation is finely tuned. The public is protected – the Health department does checkups every day.

These “ribbers” are professionals – they are quite a bit more than a bunch of “good old boys” who like to get out and on the road.

Ribfest Setting up - behind

Everything gets packed into a fleet of trucks an assembled at each location. Everyone pitches in.

The Camp 31 operation is a family affair with wives, grown children, nephews and nieces making the event work smoothly.

The operation in Canada means that we don’t have to truck everything up from the United States. Bernie has issues with the Custom people – doesn’t feel “ribbers” get the respect they deserve.

Rib fest - Lori Gerl

Bernie’s wife Lori – can handle a barrel just as well as she handles him.

Bernie met his wife Lori at a restaurant the two of them worked at – they’ve been in the food business together ever since.

Each year the Camp 31 organization drops two of the locations it visits and adds two new ones.

“We did the Woodbine raceway this year for the first time – Bernie will not be doing that again. “I have a rule” explained Bernie – if the name Ribfest isn’t in the event – I shouldn’t be there”.

He forgot that rule – and won’t be returning to Woodbine again.

Camp 31 is one of the bigger rib operations – ten people travel “we pick up about five people at each location”, he said.

Most of their American locations are in Florida and adjacent States.

While the business is focused on ribs – Bernie thinks he should be getting credit for introducing “pulled pork” to the city as well. “We had it on our menus in the States for years but we had to give it away to create the market in this country.

Same with brisket he adds. “Been serving that up to the good folks south of the border for years – it has begun to become popular in Canada”, he adds.

While the team gets the equipment set up Bernie looks out over the lake – sees nothing but good weather with a nice breeze coming in off the water and thinks he has a successful event coming his way.

There are a lot of very small, what Berni calls “lone wolf operators” getting into the business. Don’t get Bernie started on those guys. “Bunch of cowboys who don’t know what they are doing” he says dismissively.

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Baycats take the IBL trophy in four games straight.

sportsgold 100x100By Staff

August 30th, 2017



Most saw it as a slam dunk for the Baycats but the dreamer in every sports fan thought – that maybe – just maybe the Kitchener Panthers would take at least one of the games in the IBL best of seven play of series.
Dreamers do that.

It was four straight for the Baycats to take the 2017 final – which made it the fourth finals win in a row for the team.

The Baycats dominated in the regular season and were unbeatable in the playoffs.

The last time an IBL team did that well was in the 2008-2013 stretch when the Brantford Red Sox won six straight from 2008-13.

The Baycats opened the season with 26 straight wins and finished 33-3 to earn a first-round bye.

The 4-3 win for the Baycats in game one created some hope but it was downhill after that.The four playoff games looked like this:

KyleDeGrace with IBL trophy 2017

Kyle DeGrace with 2017 IBL trophy

Game 1:  4-3
Game 2:  13-4
Game 3:  15-0
Game 4:  10-1

The Burlington Herd were taken out of playoff contention in the quarter finals when they were beaten by the London Majors in a best out of seven that went for five games.  Burlington took just one of the five games.


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Caribbean Nite - September 9th

News 100 blueBy Staff

August 29th, 2017



They have been operating as a cultural organization for more than 20 years.

They hold an

Caribbean-NiteAnnual Spring Brunch
An Annual Awards and Scholarship Gala
Black History Month Celebration (February)
Joint Caribbean Committee Caribbean New Year’s Eve
And the Annual Caribbean Nite

which takes place Saturday September 9th at the Holiday Inn.

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Two of the three provincial political parties are pounding the pavement - looking for support - we go to the polls next June.

News 100 blueBy Staff

August 28, 2017



The next provincial election gets more real every day.

Nothing on who the NDP candidate is going to be.

The McMahon Liberals are doing a repeat of the operational organization that Karina Gould did that propelled her into office.

McMahon proved to be solid campaigner and a good debater during the least provincial election when she took a riding that the Conservatives had held for more than 70 years.

Add that organizational heft to a superb campaigner and there is something formidable moving through the streets of the city.

McKenna campaigning

Jane at the door step – where is the voter?

Jane McKenna has been doing her own door to door work.

McKenna hasn’t said much publicly – other than a few pictures from her Facebook page there is little to go on.

McKenna has always been close to Opposition leader Patrick Brown – it will be interesting to see if she convinces Brown to campaign on her behalf in Burlington.

McKenna with small group cam[paining

One wag commented on the footwear – can’t walk many miles in those shoes. Maybe it was just a photo op?

Mike Wallace was at one point heading up the McKenna campaign – we aren’t seeing him in any of the photographs.

McMahon is running on what the Liberal government has done – she is a member of cabinet so she is part of the decisions that are made. As a member of Treasury Board she oversees where and how the dollars are spent.

McMahon picnic

Lunch is on the MPP – McMahon wants you to show up and enjoy yourself.

McMahon can bring in Premier Kathleen Wynne if she feels she needs the clout. She will be holding her annual end of summer BBQ at LaSalle Park on Sunday September 10th.

McKenna will want to focus on what the provincial government has not done.

Time for you the voter to begin thinking about what you like and are happy with and what you think needs to be changed.

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Biggest public feed fest of the year - ribs and entertainment for all and now a VIP tent.

eventsblue 100x100By Staff

August 27, 2017



If you are putting together your schedule for the week don’t forget RibFest –

Friday September 1st through to Sunday September 3rd, 2017 – 11AM – 11PM

Monday September 4th – 11AM – 7PM

Sponsored by the Lakeshore Rotary club – a sixty strong membership that makes the event happen every year. This time they have made some changes to the model – not the menu.

If you looked around there was still some sitting room. The weather was close to perfect and the music was good - great way to bring a summer to a close.

Burlington’s Ribfest – If you looked around there was still some sitting room. The weather was close to perfect and the music was good – great way to bring a summer to a close.

The event is the major fund raising initiative for the Lakeshore Rotary. In 2014 – the year of the flood – the Rotary used the occasion to raise funds for those families that had been wiped out by the flood. It was successful enough for the Association to look for new ways to serve the community.

This year the focus is on the Carpenter Hospice which is in the process of close to doubling the size of the facility.

Carriage Gate VIP tent

VIP tent – open to the public Sunday afternoon and evening.

A VIP tent has been set up, courtesy of Carriage Gate Homes, that will be open to the public Sunday afternoon and evening. Your ticket, available on line, gets you a spot at the front of the line to buy your selection of ribs and then saunter over to the VIP tent and enjoy the chow where the beverage selection is a little more varied – includes some specialty cocktails.

This is a Sunday only occasion – the tent is open to the public. It is a space that is sheltered, has a great site line to the stage and a bar that has an upscale selection of beverages. And, an upscale biffy.

More details on the ticket offering for this can be found HERE.

The event will serve up the same ribs people in Burlington have been enjoying since 1996 when there were less than ten ribbers offering a food that was new to many.

While it rained most of the one day event in 1996 – it was successful enough financially for the Rotary to make a long term commitment.

That commitment has resulted in the raising of more than $3 million – nothing shabby about that number.

Related news story.


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