Garden clubs of Ontario hold their triennial show at the RBG

eventspink 100x100By Staff

June 16, 2016


We apologize for not getting this news to you earlier – it did not come to our attention until late this afternoon.

Looks like an interesting event – the organizers appear to have slipped a little in getting the word out to the media.

Art through the Ages - RBG

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Burlington's newly minted provincial Cabinet Minister appears at her first public event after being sworn in.

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

June 15th, 2016


At this point she has the right to be referred to as “The Honourable” – but Mary Eleanor McMahon has yet to get her calling card updated – it will be Eleanor McMahon for some time to come.

She arrived at the tea party she had scheduled for her seniors – well before she was appointed to Cabinet where she will serve as the Minister for Sport, Art and Culture.

McMahon - First public as Minister

The Honourable Mary Eleanor McMahon -Provincial  Minister for Tourism, Culture and Sports.

McMahon’s Mother stood with her as she was sown in – she had tears running down her face said McMahon. “I was worried about tripping over something.”

The oath was taken with her Bible in her hand – A Catholic Bible McMahon reminded people.

“I met with my deputy minister” said McMahon – “she is going to be great. I will get my first full length briefing on Thursday and then it will be me hitting the Briefing binders.”

McMahon has a couple of projects that will impact Burlington directly – “not going to tell you what they are” she said and then inadvertently mentioned a big one – I agreed to respect her “that was supposed to be off the record” request. It isn’t in the bag yet – but McMahon is pulling hard for this one. The history buffs will like it.

As for the tea party – it was a quiet event.

Small crowd but all the right well wishers were there.

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West stage - Sound of Music - Saturday the 18th - 9:30 pm - don't miss this one. If the music doesn't get to you - the green eyes will.

eventspink 100x100By Pepper Parr

June 14th, 2106


Langenburg, Saskatchewan has less than 12 streets and is bisected by the Yellowhead highway – if there was ever a face that goes with the story – the one about the farmer’s daughter – this is one of the better ones.

Jess Moskaluke, born June 4, 1990 is a Canadian country pop singer. She released her debut studio album, Light Up the Night in April 2014, which includes the Gold-certified single “Cheap Wine and Cigarettes”

Jesse Moskaluke

Take me home – when she begins this piece on the West Stage at the Sound of Music on Saturday night – expect the audience to roar.

In June 2011, Moskaluke won the Next Big Thing contest, sponsored by Big Dog 92.7 and SaskMusic. In September 2011, she won the New Artist Showcase Award at the Canadian Country Music Association Awards.  She was chosen to represent Canada at the Global Artist Party at the 2012 CMA Music Festival.

The people who promote artistic talent love to trot out all the awards and the billings they got – read them if that kind of thing works for you – better to take the fast route and go straight to her music. When she does Take me home – get close to the stage – this song has loads of emotion pouring out of those inviting green brown eyes.

She will be on the West stage of the sound of Music on June the 18th. Get there early with a comfortable chair. This one’s a charmer.

If you want a sample of what this Saskatchewan native is going to do to you – listen in.

Moskaluke’s debut single, “Catch Me If You Can”, was released on June 4, 2012. The song’s music video received regular airplay on CMT. It was followed by an EP, also titled Catch Me If You Can, which was released on September 4, 2012 by MDM Recordings and distributed by EMI Music Canada. Jeff DeDekker of the Leader-Post gave the EP four stars out of five, writing that “by using the full extent of her voice and also incorporating tenderness and fragility, Moskaluke is able to cover the complete spectrum of material.”

Jesse Moskaluke 2

This one’s a keeper – Jesse Moskaluke, came to us from the prairie – Saskatchewan

Casadie Pederson of Top Country also gave the EP four stars out of five, calling Moskaluke “one of the best young talents we’ve seen in a long time.”[8] The EP’s second single, “Hit N Run”, reached the top 40 on the Billboard Canada Country chart in 2013. Moskaluke was named Female Vocalist of the Year at the 2013 Saskatchewan Country Music Association Awards.[10]

Moskaluke released the first single from her debut studio album, “Good Lovin'”, in October 2013.[11] It became her first single to reach the top 20 on the Billboard Canada Country chart. The album, Light Up the Night, was released on April 15, 2014. “Cheap Wine and Cigarettes” and “Used” were both released as singles from the album in 2014.

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Sound of Music Club series taking place in six of the better watering holes.

News 100 blueBy Staff

June 14th, 2016



It’s not just in Spencer smith Park.  It’s in the clubs as well.

Set out below are the locations for the Sound of Music Club Series today and tomorrow.

Club Series locations

Queens Head

The Queens Head – one o the six Sound of Music Club series locations.

Dickens window Xmas-2012-Dickens-1024x587

The Dickens – will feature a couple of the Club Series performers Today and Wednesday.

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The graph does a better job than the usual 1000 words

News 100 redBy Staff

June 14th, 2016



A picture is said to be worth 1000 words.

That just might be true with the picture set out below.

SoM by the numbers

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Spirituality on the GO train - Burlington lawyer gets a different look at the start of his week.

News 100 yellowBy Staff

June 14th, 2016


Karmel Sakran, a Burlington based lawyer who has served on the hospital board, runs a Wills Clinic each year and was the Liberal candidate for Burlington a number of elections ago, got a letter from a friend recently.

You've seen his picture before - on an election poster. He was smiling then

Karmel Sakran doing the Terry Fox Cure for Cancer run

The letter captivated Karmel. He explained: “… my friend describes her role as a Spiritual Care giver and how she recently had the experience of saving a man’s life on the Go Train. I will let the letter speak for itself. Enjoy!

You would think that someone from Spiritual Care would not have trouble answering the questions, “How do you work spiritually at work?” when the Wellness Coordinator asks, however, I was stumped until the Friday night GO train ride home.

GO train crowdsFor those of you that regularly ride the GO Kartrain, you know that it is a bit of a strange environment. You can ride with the same people for many years and never actually meet them. At the end of the day, the cultural norm on the top deck of the train is quiet and silence but the alarm went for “Code 1033,” the code for a medical emergency and this time the emergency was in my car. I went down to investigate and a man had collapsed on the floor, not breathing, rapidly turning blue. Someone had started CPR and I took over compression as she tired. Others arrived as well. I heard the GO train personnel inquire who everyone was and it turns out we had someone from palliative care, someone who delivers babies, a dermatologist and me, a spiritual care provider.

I thought of all those family meetings where it was unknown what time the patient collapsed and how long he had been down for, so I looked at my watch. The time was 4:23. A minute into compressions and I was tiring already. How did I not know how tiring CPR was? I had watched the ICU team do CPR for hours, switching off every few minutes, never realizing how hard the work was and being reminded in the moment how important teamwork is. We began to switch off between trying to find a pulse and doing chest compressions.He was turning that awful colour between life and death.

Someone found a defibrillator and the baby doctor prepared to deliver a shock as she ripped open his shirt at 4:26. We heard her say “clear” and then he jumped underneath us. I heard the palliative doctor ask someone to find his name in his wallet and she began to talk to the patient. Talking to a dying patient is usually my job, but today, I heard someone else giving the spiritual care while we continued chest compressions stopping periodically so the palliative doctor could see if his heart was beating.

Suddenly he began to breathe. A cheer went up and we turned him on his side but the victory was only short lived. He stopped breathing again and we rolled him back to continue CPR. At 4:29 we gave him a second shock. In that second moment when we called “clear,” I looked up and I saw the faces of the people that I normally speak to- scared, overwhelmed by what they were seeing, panicked but I couldn’t provide the spiritual care it was someone else’s job to offer comfort and support. I placed my hands on his chest taking my turn at compressions from the dermatologist and this time I felt his heart punch back at my hands and beat to life again, like when I was pregnant and I felt the baby kick from within. It was like his soul was letting me know he was still there.

The doctors confirmed he had pulses, stronger pulses this time. Rolling him onto his side again it was 4:34. His colour returned, his eyes fluttered open. Oxygen arrived from somewhere and paramedics arrived on scene just as he was waking up. There was a sense of exhilaration that together we had saved this man’s life- the woman who went running through the train looking for doctors and found the strange collection of people to help, the person who donated her scissors to cut open his shirt, those of us that pounded on his chest and shouted in his ear to keep breathing, those that held elevators and doorways, went running for the defibrillator or just silently prayed- together- a crazy team that journeyed together differently today.

As I reflected on the events, I realized that in many ways the hospital is a strange collection of strangers, a collection of people journeying together, never knowing what the day will bring.

GO train Union stationI realized that being in rounds and family meetings had made me the accidental student as I heard over and over again what made the different at the beginning of a cardiac arrest to the final outcome. We must all be accidental students in our journey together, always learning from one another. Today, I reflected on all the people that I watch day in and day out use their hands to work to save a patient. How differently it felt to put my hands on a patient for medical treatment than to hold a hand to comfort. How lost for words I am to describe the feeling of seeing another human being shocked and pounded back to life and to have been a small part of that.

Today as we journey together, I’m reminded once again of the precious commodity of time that is given to each one of us to make each moment count. After he was taken away by EMS, a woman, in tears, explained, that the man collapsed after seeing her struggling up the stairs with her suitcase feeling panicked at being caught in rush hour. Seeing her struggle, he carried her suitcase up to the platform. She worried that the act of kindness may have cost him his life- perhaps it saved him because it put him in just the right place. I am more deeply aware that we are strange strangers on a journey but we don’t have to be estranged from one another, especially in crisis.

So today as I think about what the day will bring. I hope that I can live in deeper spiritual appreciation and with deeper reverence and awe for all those who place their hands onto their fellow sojourners in care. I hope that I can live with heightened awareness and hope for the strangers and companions that are all around. I hope that I can see with more compassion the struggles that each person carries in their work. In the end, to work spiritually is to remember that we journey together.

Pretty good way to start a week!

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Little Eleeza is back - this time as a Ramadan Ranger - formidable little fund raiser this one.

News 100 yellowBy Pepper Parr

June 10th, 2015


We first saw Eleeza at the Mainway arena last December during a meeting at which the public learned about what was being done to support the bringing of Syrian refugees to Canada.

There was some concern at the time that there might be some vocal opposition to helping the refugees – it turned out to be a quiet, informative meeting at which everyone learned what could be done if we all worked together.

Eleeza - surprisedgetting funds

What started off as a single $5 donation grew to a total of $410 in a few short minutes; people just kept stuffing money into her hands.

During the meeting on young lady spoke of the fund raising she was doing to buy Beanie Boos that would be given to refugee children  that were arriving in Canada. It was a simple decent thing to do – and that a child of Pakistani heritage whose parents were born in Canada took the initiative was admirable in the minds of  many. Before the end of the meeting people were stuffing $10 and $20 bills into her hands,

Eleeza had learned at an early age how to give back.

Ramadan ranger collection box

Eleeza and her Ramadan Ranges expect to fill cartons like this numerous times – they want to exceed their five SUV’s full that they collected last year.

She has now enlarged her circle and created what the calls – the Ramadan Rangers and drafted her brother Waseem and their six close friends, Ammani, Ayaana and Ammad from Burlington, and Imaan, Zaara, and Aiza from Ancaster who re running a food drive to collect food and money for charity!

They ran this drive last year and collected five SUVs full of food and over $2000 in donations. The kids call themselves the Ramadan Rangers and are at it again this year and looking to surpass their accomplishment from last year.

The drive is running from June 5th until June 26th 2016.   At the end of June, they are going to divide the food; some will go to Food for Life Burlington and some will go to Muslim Welfare Centre. All monetary donations will go to Islamic Relief Canada.

Ramadan Rangers posters

They created a certificate for Ramadan Rangers.

Drop off points for food donations are:

4674 Irena Avenue Burlington ON L7M 0K3

3316 Stoneware Road Burlington ON L7M 0K3

31 Camp Drive Ancaster ON L9K 9A7

People can leave food donations on the porches.  For monetary donations they can contact Sehr Wyne at to arrange a funds transfer.


getting new - yellowThe background story:

Eleeza watches a $5 donation grow to$410


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Want to go for a hot air balloon wide? Saturday morning at Mohawk Park.

eventspink 100x100By Staff

June 10th, 2106



Up up and away in a beautiful balloon.

hot-air-balloonsThis Saturday, June 11th from 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. at Mohawk Park on Kenwood Ave, Mayor Rick Goldring and Councillor Paul Sharman will rise from the ground in a tethered hot air balloon – part of the MorganMerry Experience Annual Yard Sale in support of SickKids Foundation through Children’s Miracle Network.

You can ride in the RE/MAX hot air balloon (weather permitting). The balloon will be tethered to allow passengers a secured ride, up and down. Each ride is $2 per person, with proceeds going to SickKids Foundation.

What if someone cuts the rope? Will the Mayor and the Council member just fly off into the wild blue yonder?

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Bandits lose double-header to Hamilton Cardinals move to last place in the league

sportsred 100x100By Staff

June 4, 2016


The Burlington Bandits (1-8) dropped both games of a double-header to the Hamilton Cardinals (3-9) both by scores of 8-5 in front of 647 Bandits’ fans at Nelson Park.

Hamilton started the scoring early in the first game by bringing home Geoffrey Seto off two wild pitches by Jack Dennis (0-2).

Bandits last gme 2013 - Dad and the boys

647 people at a Bandits ball game is some kind of a record.

The Bandits would get on the board in the second bringing in five runs off a RBI single by Justin Gideon and walks by Shawn Mayhew and Julian Johnson.

The Cardinals would come alive in the following innings, putting up two runs in the 3rd, 4th and 5th to bring the lead to 7-5.

The Cardinals would add a run in the final inning to seal the win. Cardinals Jonathan Palumbo (2-0) would take the win.

Game two saw a much more even affair as the contest went to extra innings. The Cardinals would open up the scoring in the first driving in two runs off a Connor Bowie RBI single.

The Bandits would respond down 3-0 in the third with a four run inning. John Whaley would drive in a run with a single, followed by Canice Ejoh RBI single and a Carlos Villoria single that would drive in two runs to bring the score to 4-3.

The game would become tied in the 6th with a single by Jonathan Palumbo to score Marcus Dicenzo.

The game would remain tied through the 9th inning before the Cardinals exploded in the 10th with a four run inning to take the win once again 8-5.

Burlington’s Christian Hauck would take the loss going 4.1 innings while giving up five hits and four runs with two strikeouts and two walks. Hamilton’s Jonathan Palumbo would take the win going 4.0 innings allowing one unearned run and striking out one.

Burlington replaces Hamilron as the team in the league holding to the bottom rung.

Panthers Win 6-2 Saturday over Guelph

The Kitchener Panthers beat the Guelph Royals 6-2 Saturday to win their ninth of their last 10 games.

The game was tied 3-0 after the opening inning and remained the same until the fifth when the Royals got on the board with one run.

Kitchener would add more insurance in the 6th with three runs and would never look back as they kept the Royals to only one more run in the 7th to take the game 6-2.

Panther’s starter Noelvis Entenza (3-1) took the win going 6.0 winnings striking out seven batters and allowing two runs. Royal’s starter Adrian Yuen (0-1) took the loss allowing three earned runs in 0.2 innings pitched.

Red Sox Offence Explodes in 17-5 win over Baycats

The Brantford Red Sox bats were hot Saturday night as they recorded multiple runs in five innings.

The Sox would start early with a three run lead after a sacrifice fly by Brandon Dailey and an RBI double by Jeff Hunt.

The Red Sox would continue in the third with two runs before exploding with a five run inning in the fourth following four hits and two walks to score runs, a RBI single by Ben Bostick and a sacrifice fly by Brandon Dailey.

Brantford would follow the fourth with three runs in the fifth including a two run home run and four runs in the sixth to seal the win.

Barrie’s offensive highlights include home runs by Ryan Spataro and Jordan Castaldo but it wouldn’t be enough to stop the Red Sox.

Brantford’s starter Grant Tebbit (1-1) took the win going 7.0 innings allowing three earned runs while striking out three and walking two. Barrie’s Nate Arruda (0-3) took the loss putting 3.0 innings of work allowing four earned runs with three strikeouts and three walks.


Sunday, June 5th

Guelph at London; 1:05 PM
Burlington at Toronto; 2:00 PM
Brantford at Kitchener; 2:00 PM
Barrie at Hamilton; 2:00 PM

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Doug Mays will demonstrate his watercolour techniques at Gallery [2]

eventspink 100x100By Staff

June 3, 2017


Doug Mays, award winning artist, will be demonstrating his watercolour techniques at Gallery [2] on June 8th from 7pm to 9pm.

Doug Mays - artThere will be a Q&A session.

Light refreshments will be served. Tickets: $15. Contact Gallery 2 on their website at

Dou Mays H&S

Doug Mays

Gallery 2 is one of a couple of galleries that have taken space yards away from the Royal Botanical Gardens on Spring Garden Road. They are almost a bit of an outpost –away from the downtown core – not part of the Village Square that was once the home, the equicentre for local artists, in Burlington

They are part of the Art in Action crowd, a group that found and felt that the Art Gallery of Burlington, formerly the Burlington Art Centre, was not meeting their needs.

The Seaton Gallery – stained glass – is right next door.

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Local greenhouse runs a Big Tomato contest.

News 100 greenBy Staff

June 1, 2016


A local green house has announced the Great Tomato Race – where contestants can grow their biggest tomato and enter it into the race to win a grand prize $5,000 TERRA gift card!

TERRA tomato raceThis contest is open to gardeners of all skill levels.

Way back in the 1930’s, when times were tough, tough – The Mortgage Lifter Tomato was developed by a gardener who planted the four biggest tomato varieties he knew and crossed one with pollen from the other three. He did this for six seasons and created a variety that produced immense, tasty fruit. He sold the plants for $1 apiece and paid off his $6000 mortgage in 6 years.

Big tomato # 2

Will the winner of the contest bring in a tomato this big?

TERRA ran this kind of a promotion 20 years ago and felt that it was time to let people get used to the idea of growing some of their own fruit and vegetables.

Climate change is going to have an even bigger impact on the way we live our lives. TERRA believes Ontario can expect to see much more of its produce gown locally.

Contestants can sign up for the Great Tomato Race which started May 14th and ends July 15th
Those entering the contest will be invited to weigh their tomatoes over three Saturday’s in August. The prizing is as follows:

– One Grand Prize of a $5,000 TERRA Gift Card
– One 2nd place prize of a Margherita Wood Pizza Oven ($2,499.99 Value)
– Five third place prizes of a Broil King BBQ one winner per store ($949.99 value)

TERRA decided to run this contest to kick start the excitement around growing your own food this summer with hopes it will lead to increased healthy lifestyles and will generate new interest for contestants and families to get out in the garden and grow your own!

Big tomato #3

This is one big tomato!

Contestants can visit their local TERRA to sign up for the Great Tomato Race

TERRA has locations in: Burlington, Hamilton, Milton and Waterdown. There is also a location in Vaughan.

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Community uses a bright, sunny, close to perfect Saturday afternoon to contribute to the Canadian Tire Jumpstart fund.

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

May 31st, 2106


How does a large national organization with a brand that is instantly recognized and at one point had a currency that was unique to them work with community organization to help out?

Jumpstart small logoEveryone knows about Canadian Tire and when groups in the community are looking for help and support they frequently ask Canadian Tire.

The requests can get out of hand – how do you say no?

The daughter of the founder of the Canadian Tire operation, Martha Billies came up with an idea that would raise funds to help pay for sports equipment for children whose parents could not afford the price.

She called it Jumpstart which is now in its 11th year.

Brad Gordon, general manager at the Burlington Canadian Tire, explained how it works and some of the funny quirks that crop up when people work at helping each other.

Jumpstart fish pond

While the focus was supposed to be on the fish in the pond – both boys kept looking at all those bicycles

The store set up small play stations throughout the sprawling location and let people just bump into them. There was a free pop corn station, a fishing station and a BBQ stand.

The BBQ station was manned by volunteers from the Ontario correctional service. “These guys have been coming to this event for the past three years – this is the way they volunteer and give back to their community” said Glenn Butt, owner of the franchise who explained that every penny raised goes into the Jumspart fund. All the administrative costs are paid for by the corporation.

The distribution of the funds is done by local chapters that include organizations like the YM and YWCA, the Children’s Aid and Halton Woman’s Place. There are five intake organizations that determine where the needs are.

Harry Bell chairs the chapter that takes care of needs in the Halton – Hamilton communities.

Brad Gibson, store manager in Burlington, moves about the store on a Saturday afternoon seeing much more than most people see with his very practiced eye.

Jumpstart - correctional types

They look pretty tough – they should be – they are officers from the Ontario Correctional Service but last Saturday they were a couple of pussy cats serving burgers to people who were donating to the Jumpstart fund.

He explained that within the Canadian Tire organization there is a high level of competition between the different stores to see who can raise the most at the store level. The Burlington store placed second last year in its market area.

Commercial organizations like Canadian Tire are a focal point for the community – much of what people need to comfortably live their lives is found on their shelves. The company uses their brand to help groups raise funds and contributes in its own way to helping people who need help.

jumpstart Canadian Tire

The growth of the Jumpstart fund has been impressive – every dollar collected in the Burlington community is spent in the Burlington community – and the administrative costs are picked up by the Canadian Tire corporation.

During the annual drive for Christmas gifts – The Toys for Tots – frequently referred to as “Cram a cruiser” we had people coming into the store buying a dozen hockey sticks and putting them in the police cruiser and walking back to their car – they didn’t stop to talk – they just gave. A number of people walk to that police cruiser with their arms filled with stuffed toys.”

“This is a very generous community”.

All the results for the 2016 Jumpstart haven’t been tallied yet – the traffic looked pretty good on Saturday and those correctional officers said they were doing a brisk business.

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Bandits sponsoring a Youth baseball day on the 4th - pancake breakfast followed by skills and drills sessions.

sportsgold 100x100By Pat Shields

May 29, 2016


The Burlington Bandits (1-5) found themselves in tight this past weekend, with consecutive losses in heart breaking, extra inning fashion.

On May 27 Burlington relinquished a 6-4 lead in the 9th inning, and ultimately fell 7-6 to the Brantford Red Sox (4-2) in a 4 hour and 19 minute game. Just over 12 hours later, the Bandits dropped another close matchup to the defending champion Barrie Baycats (4-2) by a score of 4-3.

Despite the two tough losses against strong opponents, Bandits field manager Jeff Lounsbury felt confident with his team’s performance and execution in both games.

Bandit catcher - ball coming in“We played well – we pitched well and we hit well against two tough teams. Unfortunately, I think our next curve is to learn how to win those games,” Lounsbury said.

It took the Red Sox 12 innings to beat the Bandits on Friday night, with Brantford second baseman Benjamin Bostick singling in the winning run. After holding a 6-4 lead in the ninth inning, Brantford scored two runs on a triple by third baseman Ricky Murray to extend the game.

Ryan Beckett (0-1) got the start for the Bandits, going five innings and surrendering four earned runs on six hits. Beckett also struck out two and walked two batters before giving way to the bullpen. Reliever Alex Nolan (0-1) ultimately took the loss, following three Red Sox hits in the 12th inning.

Red Sox pitcher Tanner Guindon (2-0) notched his second victory against the Bandits this season, after pitching 2.2 innings and allowing just one hit. Although Burlington struck out a season-high 18 times on Friday, they also registered 13 hits.

Bandits’ outfielder Justin Gideon led the way, going 5/6 with two runs scored and one RBI. Following Saturday’s game Lounsbury spoke highly of Gideon’s play as of late, specifically his approach at the plate.

“He’s starting to make the adjustment that he needed to make. He made a correction and it looks like it’s showing already,” Lounsbury said.

In their Saturday afternoon matchup with the Barrie Baycats, the Bandits got an early start, scoring two runs in the 1st inning on a triple by left fielder John Whaley.

Burlington once again held a two run lead, until a 3-run homerun by Barrie third baseman Jordan Castaldo put the Baycats ahead 3-2 in the 6th inning. The Bandits rallied to tie the game in the bottom of the 9th on an infield single by pinch hitter Brad McQuinn.

Bandits Team-pumped

If attitude wins games and coaxing a better performance from the coach really works – the Bandits should break through any day now. We’re waiting. They are currently one place away from the bottom of the league.

However, Barrie took a 4-3 lead the very next inning on a sacrifice fly by second baseman Conner Morro and didn’t look back.
Bandits reliever Brandon Hillier (0-1) took the loss despite allowing just one hit in his 2.1 innings of work. Starting pitcher Jack Dennis (0-1) looked strong in his 7.2 inning outing for the Bandits, with Castaldo’s long-ball being his only blemish on the day.

“Our starting pitching has been great and our bullpen has done a great job,” Lounsbury said. “You could tell we were a little tired today energy-wise, but that’s no excuse.”

After Baycats starting pitcher Matthew St. Kitts (1-0) left the game with an injury in the 6th inning, three Baycats’ relievers combined to limit the Bandits to just four hits, with Chris Nagorski (1-0) getting the win. The Bandits once again struggled with their plate discipline, striking out 16 times on the day.

“We’re continuing to work on it,” Lounsbury said of his team’s strikeout frequency. “We’re starting to barrel up the ball a little bit better.”

Burlington will look to break back into the win column on Thursday, June 2 when they welcome the Guelph Royals (2-5) to town.

First pitch will be at 7:30pm at Nelson Park.

The Bandits are putting on a Youth Baseball Day Saturday June 4th starting at 9:00 am

Pancake breakfast
Skills and drills with Bandits players


Tuesday, May 31
Guelph at Hamilton; 7:30 pm
Barrie at London; 7:45 pm

Wednesday, June 1
Kitchener at Toronto; 7:30 pm
Barrie at Brantford; 8:00 pm

Thursday, June 2
London at Kitchener; 7:30 pm
Guelph at Burlington; 7:30 pm

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48th Highlanders of Holland, Pipes and Drums will perform a concert in Civic Square May 31st.

News 100 blueBy Staff

May 27, 2016


If you’re Dutch – you already know about this event.

Lead piper Dutch Highlanders

Lead piper of the Dutch 48th Highlanders who will perform a concert in Civic Square May 31st at 11:30 am.

If you like the sound of bagpipes and military style events – you will want to know about it.

Burlington’s Mundialization Committee will host a delegation from Burlington’s twin city, Apeldoorn, the Netherlands from May 29 to 31.

Goldring and Dutch Mayor

Mayor Rick Goldring in Holland with Apeldoorn Mayor John Berends during the 75th Anniversary of the liberation of Holland.

The delegation includes the 48th Highlanders of Holland, Pipes and Drums, who will perform a special concert for Apeldoorn Mayor John Berends and Burlington Mayor Goldring during the farewell reception on Tuesday, May 31 at 11:30 a.m. in Civic Square.

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Fun, food and a chance to support those who need help - Canadian Tire's Jumpstart this Saturday.

Event 100By Staff

May 27, 2016


What is it like to make a significant difference to the lives of more than 1000 children?

Tomorrow, Saturday, Canadian Tire holds their Jumpstart Day and the local Canadian Tire store in Burlington will be celebrating with a fun-filled day of activities for the community.

jumpstart Canadian Tire

An impressive growth rate – raising funds for kids who can’t afford sports equipment. Jumpstart takes place at Canadian Tire this Saturday.

Jumpstart Day is an annual fundraising celebration to help kids from financially disadvantaged families across Canada, participate in organized sport and physical activity. Jumpstart Day kicks off Jumpstart month in June, and last year, more than $1 million was raised in Canadian Tire stores from coast-to- coast across Jumpstart Day and Jumpstart month.

Since 2005, Jumpstart has helped more than 1 million kids across Canada, including 4,500 in Burlington alone. Last year, more than $100,000 was disbursed to help 1,050 kids in Burlington get involved in their favourite sports and physical activities.

The all-day event will feature fun games for kids and a BBQ from 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

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Eye in the sky - the pier on a holiday weekend.

News 100 redBy Staff

May 25, 2016


What did you do on the holiday weekend?

Some people took in the pier.

How many?  Not as many as one might have expected – but see for yourself.

There is an eye in the sky –

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This is a deal - Symphony on the Bay: The Orchestra for Kids - $10

artsblue 100x100By Staff

May 25, 2016


Symphony on the Bay: The Orchestra for Kids.

May 28 11:00 AM

Admission is $10 + HST for children (one free chaperone per child).

This program was sold out last year so buy your tickets early to avoid disappointment.

Symphony on the Bay

All this – for $10

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Burlington improves their Inter County Baseball league standings to 1-3

sportsred 100x100By Staff

May 22, 2015


The position on the score board is looking quite a bit better.

The Burlington Bandits scored four runs in the ninth to break open their game against Hamilton and win 10-5.

Julian Johnson had three of the Bandits’ 15 hits. Justin Gideon, Shawn Mayhew, Kevin Hussey, Carlos Villoria and Nolan Pettipiece all had two hits. Pettipiece added two RBI, Villoria and Mayhew each drove in a run, and Gideon scored three runs.

Christian Huack (1-0) picked up the win with three innings of relief. He allowed three runs (two earned) on five hits, walking three and striking out five.

Bandits batter

Finally – a win on the scoreboard.

Starter Ryan Beckett went five innings and allowed two runs on four hits. He struck out five and walked two.

For Hamilton, Chris Beer had two hits, two RBI and two runs. Kyle Adoranti drove in a pair of runs, Darek Bishop had an RBI, and Marcus Dicenzo had two hits and two runs.

Benson Merritt (0-1) took the loss, allowing two runs (none earned) on four hits in five innings of relief, walking two and striking out two.

Tim Black started, going three innings and giving up five runs on eight hits, striking out one and walking one.

Burlington improved to 1-3, and Hamilton fell to 0-5.

Toronto Maple Leafs won 8-6 over the Brantford Red Sox Sunday afternoon.
Toronto improved to 3-1 and Brantford fell to 2-1.

The Kitchener Panthers kicked off their home schedule with 21 runs and 27 hits in a 21-1 rout of the Guelph Royals Sunday afternoon.

Kitchener improved to 4-0, while Guelph dropped to 1-3.

The London Majors and Barrie Baycats split a doubleheader Sunday afternoon in Barrie.
Baycats took the first game 3-2

In Game 2, London starter Elis Jimenez (1-0) threw a seven-inning four-hit shutout as the Majors won 4-0. Jimenez struck out three and walked four.

London is 3-1 and Barrie 2-2.

Upcoming games:
Monday, May 23
Kitchener at Guelph, 1 p.m.

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The VanMaurik exhibit at the Seaton Gallery ends in a week

artsblue 100x100By Staff

May 20th , 2016


Teresa Seaton has invited her friends to see Tamara Kwapich’s ” Feathers Fur and Fables” Exhibiton on Sun June 5th form 1pm – 4pm.

She will tell you it is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Maurik white peonies Louvre

Michele VanMaurik’s peonies

We will take her word for it – what we can tell you with much certainty is that you want to get to the gallery before May 29th –which is when the Michele VanMaurik exhibiton comes to an end.

If you haven’t had a chance to see her flowers you are really missing something.

Kwapich’s was one of the artists chosen for the mural project – she did the apple scene for the Orchard community.

Tamara Kwapich H&S

Tamara Kwapich – self portrait

Her self portrait is an interesting piece of work.


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City splash pads open May 21; Pools open starting June 18 - that doesn't include Nelson - Councillor Dennison couldn't get the city to be innovative.

sportsgold 100x100By Staff

May 20, 2016


This is nice news – the arrival of some warmer weather means the opening of the city’s splash pads on Saturday, May 21 followed by pools beginning June 18.

Nelson pool

The Nelson pool – which won’t be open this year.

“Splash pads and pools provide a fun way to spend a summer day,” said Chris Glenn, the city’s director of parks and recreation. “As the warmer temperatures return, the city’s nine splash pads and six pools will provide families with a quick and easy way to cool off all summer long and to stay active together.”

A complete list of splash pads can be found at

Pool Openings
The summer swimming season opening dates include:
June 18
• Mountainside Recreation Centre – Outdoor Pool and Splash Park
• LaSalle Outdoor Wading Pool and Splash Pad
June 30
• Angela Coughlan Pool
• Burlington Centennial Pool
• Tansley Woods Community Centre
July 4
• Aldershot Pool

Lots of pool time this winter for Michele Benoit as she turns her energy and determination to being ready for a 2013 attempt to swim from Port Dalhousie to Burlington as a fund raising event for Waves for Water, a charity that wants to build systems in Africa that will provide fresh water.

Michelle Benoit – getting in some pool time last year.

getting new - yellowThe outdoor pool and splash pad at Nelson Park will be closed this summer for construction. All swimming programs have been accommodated at other city facilities. For updates about the replacement of the outdoor pool at Nelson Park, please visit

If you have questions contact staff at

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