Rivers on solving the cost of education: Cutting the herd reduces the feed bill.


By Ray Rivers March 28th, 2109 BURLINGTON, ON “When students are currently preparing to go off to post-secondary education, we’re hearing from professors and employers […]

Students have been selected; course load is in place - iStem students will start classes in September.

M Benz event istem poster

By Pepper Parr March 27th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   It all started more than two years ago. It was a comment from a trustee who […]

ECoB event sells out in less than 12 hours - larger space being arranged.


By Pepper Parr March 26th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   Interesting how things change. What was once defined as an organization that had little if anything […]

Student art to be on display at New Street Education Centre.

Sculpture - curvy

By Staff March 19th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   Every year for the past 15 years the Halton District School Board has showcased the artistic talent […]

Provinces releases new education initiatives on a Friday at the end of Spring Break when a lot of parents are away.

lisa Thomson with sign

By Pepper Parr March 18th, 21019 BURLINGTON, ON   The province announced major changes in the way education is going to be delivered to elementary […]

Braithwaite: What I learned from magnetic stones: force and resistance.


By Alison Braithwaite March 14th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   I have these beautiful black, flat, polished stones that are magnetic. I believe it is called […]

Fibre Arts demonstrations at the AGB this weekend.

Felt artist Dufour

By Staff March 7th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   This weekend at the AGB: John Willard Fibre Arts Resident Line Dufour is hosting two exciting demonstrations! […]

Governance training for the not for profit sector being offered by Community Development Halton.


By Pepper Parr March 7th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   Governance and the not for profit sector are not always that comfortable with each other. There […]

It has been 50 years since graduation for the BCHS Class of 69 - party time!


By Staff March 6th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   If you started as a student at Burlington Central High School (BCHS) in 1964 or ended your […]

Public school board looking for input on their 2019-2020 budget.

HDSB trustees

By Staff March 6th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   The Halton District School Board values input from parents/guardians, members of the community, staff and students concerning […]

The community needs the regional government to invest in enough subsidized housing to reduce wait times for women at risk that can be measured in weeks - not years.

Violence agaainst women

By Andrew Drummond March 4th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON From the left: Councillor Bentivegna, Mayor Meed Ward, Councillors Paul Sharman and Lisa Kearns   Halton Women’s […]

Youth Art Mural Project - workshops in March.

Burlington flags

By Staff February 28th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   The City of Burlington is pleased to launch a new youth mural project. Lead by professional artists, […]

Public Board of Education Looking for Comments.

Students doing survey

By Staff February 26th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   Bureaucrats at almost every level want to know what the people they serve think – so they […]

Application has been made for a retail cannabis operation on Fairview, east of Walkers Line.

Cannabis location

By Staff February 26th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   An application for a retail cannabis store in Burlington has been received by the Alcohol and Gaming […]

Tuck, Ryerson, Pauline Johnson and Tecumseh as well as Frontenac to undergo a boundary review.

Paraded in a row Pauline Johnson PS

By Staff February 25th 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   The Halton District School Board (HDSB) is currently reviewing the boundaries of Frontenac Public School along with […]

AGB Spring and Summer program registration begins March 13th.

AGB Spring summer registration

By Staff February 23rd, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   We are going to get through this winter. The people at the Art Gallery are so certain […]

Trumpeter swans take center stage at LaSalle Park on Family Day.

wings up

By Pepper Parr February 19th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   The weather was great! Michael Jones talks to Liz Benneian about the turnout for Family Day […]

What Are Snapchat Emojis And What Do They Mean

smile emoji

By Larisa Wong February 18th, 2018 BURLINGTON, ON   One of the most popular social media platforms is Snapchat. It has grow in popularity ever […]

Second information session on private tree bylaw to take place February 26 - bylaw becomes effective March 1st in Roseland community.

Tree stump A

By Staff February 11th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON Second information session on private tree bylaw to take place February 26 – bylaw becomes effective March 1st […]

Family Day - the 18th - Include the Trumpeter Swans at LaSalle Park.

Trumpeter swan - Family Day

By Staff February 6th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   They are the largest swans in the world, native only to North America and they have made […]