Preparing for what will be a defining provincial election; what the candidates are saying.

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June 3rd, 2018



It is an election that is going to define the province for at least a decade.

How is it playing out in Burlington where there are three constituencies. Some north Burlington residents, particularly those in Lowville and Kilbride, are in the Milton provincial electoral district, while some living in the northeastern area of the city will be in the new Oakville North-Burlington riding.

In Burlington there are 5 candidates; Liberal Eleanor McMahon, PC Jane McKenna, NDP Andrew Drummond, Green Party Vince Fiorito, and Libertarian Jim Gilchrist

In Oakville Burlington North there are six candidates: Frank DeLuca, Trillium Party; Charles Zach, Libertarian Party; Marianne Workman, Green Party; Saima Zaidi, NDP and Alvin Tedjo, Liberal. The riding was created by the province in 2015

In Milton, which covers the northern part of the city there are  four candidates: Brendan Smyth -NDP, Indira Naidoo-Harris -Liberal, Eleanor Hayward -Green and Parm Gill- PC

The NDP are in a place they have never been in before in Burlington – 2nd

They sent the following out to their supporters and media.

E-5. FIVE DAYS LEFT. So many contacts made, so many people who have expressed support for us. I have been working on NDP campaigns since 1999, and I have never felt like this. We were joking on Wednesday as we canvassed the area around Longmoor that this must be what it feels like to canvass in Hamilton. You can really feel that the people of this city are behind us and believe that we can win.

Drummon in campagn office

NDP candidate Andrew Drummond

And then beyond that, the Liberals essentially conceding the election here gives us an unprecedented opportunity. We were already in at least second place because of the work that we have done, but this really gives us a chance to get over the hump and win this riding.

I again want to thank everyone for everything that they have done for this campaign. I have had a ton of people support me at the doors. I have had so many of you show up to help make phone calls. So many people who generously donated to the campaign. So many of you who helped put up signs. So many of you who came and knocked on doors with me. It has all been very appreciated, and it is because of all of you that we are as close as we are in Burlington.

We are so close to an NDP win in Burlington. Please join me for any time that you can in the next 3 days of the campaign. Even a single hour is appreciated tremendously. We have to do everything we can to get out our message.
Sincerely, Andrew Drummond

The Liberals see the campaign a little bit differently.

Eleanor McMahon sent the following to her supporters and the media:

Courage comes in all shapes and sizes, and we need the greatest courage when things aren’t going how we hoped. Today Premier Kathleen Wynne showed us the courage, character and fundamental decency that Ontario Liberals know make her such a wonderful leader for our province and party.

McMahon with Wynne

Eleanor McMahon with Premier Kathleen Wynne

Today our leader acknowledged that, sadly, after 15 years of incredible progress by Liberal governments and thousands of achievements of which we can be justly proud, she will not be leading us as Ontario’s premier after Thursday’s election.

That’s democracy, and we shall respect and honour the decision of Ontarians, whatever it may be.

What does this mean in Burlington? We can still stop Doug Ford in Burlington
The battle for Burlington is far from over.
1. We know that most Burlingtonians always vote against the Conservative choice.
2. We know the NDP can’t win here.
3. We know only the Ontario Liberals can beat the PCs in Burlington.
4. We know most Burlingtonians don’t want Doug.

We must do everything we can locally to stop a Doug Ford majority.

Eleanor McMahon

Effie signWhere are the Progressive Conservatives in all this? Nothing from the Jane McKenna campaign. But we did get a short video clip on the Oakville Burlington North campaign where Progressive Conservative candidate Effie Triantafilopoulos made an astonishing statement.

In her own words in a public setting Triantafilopoulos said.


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Mike Wallace - up close during an interview in a very small car.

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June 3rd, 2018



James Burchill has been broadcasting Smartcar Coffee Confidential interviews for a number of months. With a municipal election to take place in October Burchill has used his car to give the public a glimpse of what some of the people running for public office have to say.

On Friday he will broadcast his Mike Wallace interview. Based on the short clip the Gazette has seen it might well be titled: Upclose and uptight with Mike Wallace.

We will bring you the full broadcast on Friday when we will ether be trying to recover from the provincial election results or breathing a sigh of relief.

Wallace Confidenial coffee

Mike Wallace with James Burchill during a Smart Car Coffee Confidential interview.

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Burlington Herd posts its 8th consecutive loss - yet to win a game.

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June 3rd, 2018



The London Majors kept two streaks alive Saturday afternoon in Burlington.

June 2The Herd dropped its eighth consecutive game when the London Majors posted an 11-3 win over the Herd giving them their fourth straight victory.

Carlos Arteaga drove in two and scored twice for London, which improved to 5-3. Matt Hexter had two hits, an RBI and a run, RJ Fuhr and Michael Ambrose each drove in a run and scored once, while Byron Reichstein and Brendan DeClark each had an RBI. Cleveland Brownlee drove in a pair, and Keith Kandel, Tristan Buntrock and Chris McQueen combined to score six runs at the bottom of the lineup.

Joan Montero (3-1) went seven innings for the win, allowing two runs on four hits with two walks and eight strikeouts.

Eddie Chessell led the Herd with two hits and an RBI, while Reese O’Farrell doubled and scored twice.
Justin Gideon stole two bases and scored once.

Rich Corrente (0-3) took the loss, giving up seven runs (four earned) on seven hits over 5.1 innings. He walked three and struck out two.

The Toronto Leafs snapped the Guelph Royals’ three-game win streak with an 11-8 road victory over the Royals Saturday afternoon.

Justin Marra went 2-for-4 with a solo home run, his sixth longball of the season. He also walked and scored twice. Greg Carrington had three hits, two runs and an RBI, Jonathan Solazzo drove in a pair, Adam Odd singled twice and scored once, Connor Lewis picked up two singles and two runs, Mike Reeves singled, doubled, drove in a run and scored once, Grant Tamane scored twice and drove in a run, and Dan Marra had an RBI and a stolen base.

Marek Deska (1-0) scattered six hits and allowed two runs over seven innings. He walked one and struck out one. Andrew Simonetti gave up three runs on four hits with two strikeouts in two innings for his second save.
Toronto, which had dropped two straight, improved to 6-3.

For Guelph, Sean Reilly went 2-for-3 with a home run, two RBI and three runs. Josh Garton singled, homered and scored three times. Justin Interisano went 2-for-4 with a run and RBI, Jeff MacLeod and Matthew Pilarczyk each drove in a run, and Narciso Padilla singled twice.

Yunior Yambatis (1-1) took the loss, allowing four runs (three earned) on eight hits in six innings, walking four and striking out five.

Guelph dropped to 3-3.

In Barrie, Ryan Spataro drove in two runs and scored three times to lead the Barrie Baycats to a 10-3 win over the visiting Brantford Red Sox Saturday night.

Brandon Dhue, who entered the game as a pinch hitter, had two hits, two runs and an RBI. Jordan Castaldo and Kevin Atkinson each drove in two, while Glenn Jackson singled twice and scored three times. Anderson Green had an RBI.

Emilis Guerrero (4-0) went seven innings for the win, giving up three runs on 13 hits with five strikeouts.
For Brantford, David Mendham went 2-for-4 with a solo home run. Blake Kauer had two hits and drove in a run and scored once. Terrell Alliman, Nic Burdett and Anthony Rizquez had two hits apiece, and Andris Rizquez drove in a run.

Tyler Gillies (0-1) took the loss, giving up two runs on two hits in an inning of relief. He walked one and struck out two.

Euclides Leyer started and went five innings, allowing two runs on four hits with four walks and five strikeouts.

Barrie improved to 5-2, and Brantford dropped to 1-4.

Future games
Sunday, June 3

Kitchener at London, 1:05 p.m.
Guelph at Toronto, 2 p.m.
Barrie at Brantford, 2 p.m.
Burlington at Hamilton (Postponed to July 17) Tuesday,

June 5

Burlington at Guelph, 7:30 p.m.
Kitchener at Barrie, 7:30 p.m.

Wednesday, June 6

Barrie at Toronto, 7:30 p.m.
Hamilton at London, 7:35 p.m.

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PRIDE - it has taken decades to get to this point - celebrate the achievement.

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June 2, 2018



It took some time to get to the point where there is a PRIDE month.

The bathhouse raids took place in Toronto in 1982.

People lost their jobs because of their life style choice.

HRPS cruieser with rainbow stripesStudents coming to terms with their sexual identity needed time to figure out what was happening. For far too many years the best much of society could do was bully and shame these boys and girls.

It all took time but June is now PRIDE month.

Doug Ford, who wants enough of us to vote for him and make him Premier of the province next Thursday has yet to commit to marking in the PRIDE parade in Toronto. Not there yet

The acronym PRIDE stands for Parent Resources for Information, Development and Education.


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Lawrie contributes a new sculpture to the International collection at the RBG

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June 2, 2018



In 2013 Dan Lawrie, Hamilton businessman and Burlington resident, made a 10-year commitment to donate sculpture to Royal Botanical Gardens which has created The International Sculpture Collection.

It was Dan Lawrie's idea and his willingness to put up $37,000+ of his own money that started the a process tat ended with a piece of public art being unveiled outside the Performing Arts Centre.

Hamilton businessman and Burlington resident Dan Lawrie.

Through Lawrie’s generosity, this permanent collection grows in Hendrie Park each year, with the addition of new works from around the world.

Killeen hare

Peter Killeen’s Boddhisattva Hare.

The most recent donation is the Boddhisattva Hare.

These hares will be installed this summer at for the Royal Botanical Gardens as part of the Dan Lawrie International Sculpture Collection. Cast in Ireland, each tall-eared form has been masterfully cast using the Cire Perdue (lost wax) method of bronze casting.

Artist Peter Killeen began his career working with the highly regarded CAST bronze foundry. Killeen’s experience of working in foundries in Ireland and Australia is evident in the execution of his art. Careful consideration and skill are required to finish each piece.

Peter Killeen

Bronze sculptor Peter Killeen

The work has been described as “immensely appealing and timeless representations of small birds and wild animals have a distinctive and very particular charm, each warmly animated and softly rounded in form with carefully worked, richly coloured patinas.”


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Free space for community groups at the Haber Recreation Centre.

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June 2, 2018



The City has launched a new, free community space called “Haber Hub” at Haber Recreation Centre at 3040 Tim Dobbie Dr.

This is a great example of giving sponsors value for their money. In June of 2013 Chris Haber, a personal injury lawyer, signed a 20 year deal with the city for the naming rights for the new Recreation Centre in the Alton Village. The $1.3 million dollar deal was for a 20 year agreement.

The Haber name gets a bit of a boost with the Haber Hub added. No word on if the city picked up any additional funds or f they gave it to the family as a freebie.

From the left, WArd 6 Councillor Blair Lancaster sitting in for MAyor Goldring who had to remain at Regional Concil to assure quorum, as she signs the 20 year $1.3 milion naming rights deal with Chris HAber in the Centre. Chris Glenn on the right is pleased with that much casj

From the left, Ward 6 Councillor Blair Lancaster  signs the 20 year $1.3 million naming rights deal with Chris Haber in the Centre. Chris Glenn, Director of Parks and Recreation is on the right.

Haber Hub space is free to any neighbourhood or community group looking to provide free community programs and events to Burlington residents.

The space is also available for rent for those looking to host an event or program that is charging a user fee or is a private program or event.

This is a good first step, it will be interesting to see how this innovative program come to life.

Part of the massive gym set up in the Haber Recreation Centre

Part of the massive gym set up in the Haber Recreation Centre

Follow up on this at – or email

Denise Beard, Manager of Community Development explained that “The ultimate goal of community development is to have community groups working to provide their own programs and events that benefit either the smaller community or the city on a larger scale.”


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Bit of a glitch in the Sound of Music Kick Off ticket sales service provider - solutions detailed below.

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June 1, 2018



Ticketfly, the service provider Sound of Music is using to get tickets into the hands of people who want take in the best band sound in the country later this month, experienced a glitch so SoM moved over to the parent platform Eventbrite.

If you purchased your tickets via Ticketfly, no worries – if you have your confirmation email, the tickets will be attached as a PDF and will still scan at the gate.

If you don’t have your confirmation email, once Ticketfly is back online (which they are still hard at work on), you will be able to log in again and download your tickets. Otherwise, just bring your ID and credit card to the box office onsite to pick up your tickets.

We wanted to let you know that general admission ticket prices are planned to go up on June 2 at 11:30pm. Time to purchase if you haven’t already!

The deal is: eight bands for $65 on Saturday, June 9th and seven bands for $55 on Sunday, June 10th (plus fee and tax) can’t be beat. Get yours HERE.

SoM ticketsGates open at 1:00 pm. Shows start at 1:30 pm. Come early! Participate in our survey and enter to win 4 Sweet Seat passes for next year’s festival HERE.

The Father’s Day weekend Free concert program begins on the 17th.  Great line up!

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Canada buys a pipe line - Rivers buys his first EV - thinks the feds paid too much for the pipe line while he is saving a bundle on gas.

Rivers 100x100By Ray Rivers

June 1, 2018



I got an EV (electric vehicle) earlier this year. It is really quiet and really fast. No more oil spills on the driveway, no more stinking exhaust fumes nor visits to drive clean, and no more oil change stickers plastered on my windshield. And best of all I now just smile when I pass gas stations with their pixel boards displaying those ever escalating pump prices. I feed my EV on a diet of electrons from the comfort of my garage every evening. So I can say thanks but no thanks to Doug Ford and his maybe ten cent gas price cut.

There are thousands of small solar panel installations like this across the province - they work very well and in many cases provide revenue for the owners.

There are thousands of small solar panel installations like this across the province – they work very well and in many cases provide revenue for the owners.

The oil industry is dirty and toxic and otherwise environmentally destructive. And the oil sands are arguably the worst example of all that. So I’m one of those who has always been in favour of ending the subsidies for that sector – or at least offering the same level of subsidy for greener energy sources, like wind and solar – to level the playing field and encourage the transition to green. Canada is the fifth or sixth largest oil and gas producer in the world but we’re also the seventh biggest in wind power.

Despite government promises to the contrary, the oil industry still feeds at the public trough to the tune of over $3 billion dollars a year. So I wasn’t really surprised when the federal government announced it was buying up the Trans Mountain pipeline from Texas based Kinder Morgan (KM). KM is the son of Enron, the notorious and scandal plagued energy trading company which was once the fifth largest corporation in the US, and which became the largest bankruptcy in US history ($74 B) sending its CEO to prison for fraud.

Critics of the Finance Minster abound on this topic, as on everything else. Those opposed to oil sands and pipelines, like the Green Party, Neil Young, Al Gore and just about every environmental group, could be heard screaming out ‘climate change’ so loudly I could hear them even in the quiet of my EV. And many of those who support the pipeline, as does the opposition federal conservative leader, still found fault, complaining that the feds had paid too much, or they shouldn’t have had to pay at all.

SLUG: ph-cyclists DATE: April 15, 2010 NEG NUMBER: 213218 LOCATION: Constitution Avenue, NW at New Jersey and 6th streets intersections. PHOTOGRAPHER: GERALD MARTINEAU, for TWP CAPTION: We photograph morning rush hour bicycle commuters amidst traffic on Constitution Avenue, NW. Photo shot at Constutution Ave, NW. and 6th Street. StaffPhoto imported to Merlin on Thu Apr 15 11:19:04 2010

There is this huge inventory of gasoline and diesel powered cars that are going to need fuel.

$4.5 billion is a lot of money. And then there will be at least another seven or eight billion more to complete the twinning and actually get the diluted bitumen moving. But finance minister Morneau is confident that the project is economically viable – after all the global demand for oil has been increasing almost every year and is likely to continue to do so into the near future. There is this huge inventory of gasoline and diesel powered cars which we’ve acquired over the years, and still more being sold as we speak.

Too bad Mr. Harper isn’t in the House to quell the ranks of his party by explaining why he bought into the Hibernia offshore oil project when it was failing, or why he decided to invest heavily into GM and Chrysler when they were heading for receivership. And what about Bill Davis and Pierre Trudeau buying into Suncor and saving Peter Lougheed’s sorry butt after Atlantic Richfield pulled out of the oil sands? And didn’t Pierre also create PetroCan? And none of this bankrupted the nation. Besides, it’s only right that Justin should try to save the industry his father helped build.

Like the railways and Trans Canada highways It is what Canadian governments since confederation have always done. And while many Albertans will always hate the Liberals because of something in the 80’s called the National Energy Program, at least the the political leader with the most at stake right now, Alberta premier Notley, doesn’t. She praised the move and offered to back up the deal with a couple billion dollars from her own treasury.

Pipeline -Transmountain

Close to 100,000 people work in the oil and gas extraction business

There are almost a hundred thousand Canadians involved in the oil and gas extraction business and most of those are in Alberta. But while this is a very important sector for Alberta, it is also essential today for the country as a whole. And without pipelines to convey the disgusting black gold to foreign markets offshore we are left with the railways and selling to and through the Americans, who are becoming more self-sufficient in petroleum products every year. Without the pipelines we are told that leaves about $15 billion off the table for us.

The Trudeau government’s intervention is a lifeline for the Alberta leader. And why not? For one thing she isn’t a Tory so she won’t be insulting him the way Alberta’s opposition leader Jason Kenny recently did. For another Notley gets climate change and wants to do something about it. Kenny doesn’t, much as Saskatchewan’s Scott Moe and Ontario’s Doug Ford don’t.

Notley, like the PM understands that while she must serve today’s market demands with her provinces petroleum products she needs to be thinking ahead to tomorrows markets. Which is why she introduced a carbon tax, and is diversifying Alberta’s economy, and moving the province’s electricity system off coal, as Ontario has done. For that is the future that we all should look to – the day when we will be driving electric cars and breathing cleaner air.

Rivers hand to face

Ray Rivers writes regularly on both federal and provincial politics, applying his more than 25 years as a federal bureaucrat to his thinking.  Rivers was once a candidate for provincial office in Burlington.  He was the founder of the Burlington citizen committee on sustainability at a time when climate warming was a hotly debated subject.     Tweet @rayzrivers

 Background links:

Crude Oil Demand –    Fossil Fuel Subsidies –     Renewables

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Two major drug busts in the city during May.

Crime 100By Staff

June 2, 2018



The Regional police had their hands full – two significant drug busts.

The Burlington Street Crime Unit (SCU), concluded a drug trafficking investigation that resulted in the arrest of a Burlington resident and the execution of a Controlled Drugs and Substances Act search warrant at a Burlington residence.

Seized as a result of the Investigation:

• 310 grams of marihuana
• 1 prohibited weapon (brass knuckles)
• $300 in cash
• Indicia of drug trafficking

The drugs have an estimated street value of $3,100. A 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer was also seized as offence related property.

The following person has been charged:

Joseph WELLS (36 yrs) of Burlington (Held for Bail)

• Trafficking a controlled substance (marihuana),
• Possession of a controlled substance (marihuana) for the purpose of trafficking
• Possession of a prohibited weapon
• Breach of a weapons prohibition (4 counts)

Wells Photograph

Evidence gathered by police in the Wells arrests.

Earlier in May a Burlington couple was arrested for drug trafficking.

The Street Crime Unit concluded a drug trafficking investigation into a Burlington couple that resulted in both of their arrests. A Controlled Drugs and Substances Act search warrant was also executed at a residence in Burlington and another one in Waterdown.

Seized as a result of the Investigation:

• 28 grams of cocaine
• $7670 in cash
• Indicia of drug trafficking

The drugs have an estimated street value of $2,240

The following persons have been charged:

Isaiah JOHNSON PHILLIP (21 yrs) of Burlington (Held for Bail)

• Trafficking a controlled substance (cocaine)
• Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking (cocaine)
• Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle
• Fail to Comply with Recognizance (10 counts)
• Fail to Comply with Probation (5 counts)

Hailey SUTEJ (31 yrs) of Burlington (Released on a Promise to Appear)

• Trafficking a controlled substance (cocaine)
• Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking (cocaine)

Media Photo May drug bust

Evidence collected during the Phillips arrest.

Anyone who may have any additional information pertaining to either of these investigations is asked to contact D/Cst. Greg Watt of the Burlington Street Crime Unit at 905-825-4747 ext. 2356.
Tips can also be submitted to Crime Stoppers “See Something? Hear Something? Know Something? Contact Crime Stoppers” at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS) or through the web at

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100in1 interventions in a day in Burlington - what is an intervention? Read on.

eventsred 100x100By Staff

June 1, 2018



Saturday is Burlington’s 100In1Day.

Those planning the event are hoping that 100 interventions take place in the city.

What is an intervention – it can be whatever you want it to be – the idea is to do something that will make the city a better place.

Community Garden - Amherst HeightsInterventions are simple, often low-cost community projects or actions that are free, open to anyone, and designed to create positive change, like pop-up parking space parties, plant swaps and seed giveaways, alleyway concerts, community art creation and neighbourhood potlucks.

A list of the interventions that are planned can be found HERE.

Interventions like these take place all on one day, in a series of city-wide 100in1Day celebrations that demonstrate the collective power of small actions.

No buttsThe Millennials are holding a number of meetings where people can toss around some ideas and collaborate with other people.

You can participate in a series of community workshops designed to inspire new urban intervention leaders through active, inclusive, and engaging dialogue and activity. People of all ages, backgrounds and locations across the city are invited to attend workshops to develop their 100In1Day interventions – from idea to execution.

Imagine the possibilities for our city if hundreds of people united to participate in small initiatives to spark change. 100in1Day Burlington is part of a growing global movement that is changing how people interact with their cities.

100in1 interventions are simple, often low-cost community projects or actions that are free, open to anyone, and designed to create positive change, like pop-up parking space parties, plant swaps and seed giveaways, alleyway concerts, community art creation and neighbourhood potlucks.

Interventions like these take place all on one day, in a series of city-wide 100in1Day celebrations that demonstrate the collective power of small actions.

100In1Day Burlington is part of a growing global movement that is changing how people interact with their cities. It provides residents with a platform to showcase their ideas aimed to spark change in their communities. It is led by Evergreen ( and powered by Future Cities Canada.

It will be interesting to see how the city gets transformed on Saturday.

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Development in Burlington: Property along Fairview is being scooped up at feverish pace - said the barber.

background 100By Pepper Parr

June 1st, 2018



For woman it is the hair salon – for men it is the barber shop.

That’s where the scoop and the gossip get exchanged.

A loyal and reliable Gazette reader got a haircut yesterday. He has been going to the same barbershop for years and as our reader said: “My guy has had these people as clients for years.”

The people he was talking about are those who own property on the north side of Fairview from the Burlington GO station o Guelph Line


Hottest property acquisition spot in the city. The Walmart development years ago started the trend. When the Molinaro’s began the five tower Paradigm project and the city began the push for the mobility hub concept there was no stopping the developers.

Liz at Home

The shop is said to have to be vacated by the end of the year – according to the barber.

“I think he said that Liz at home on Fairview has just redecorated and doesn’t really want to sell, but maybe the price isn’t right yet.

“Holland Park sold for $45 million, after bickering.

“Better Bitters is said to have sold for $15 million.

“Offered 10, come back at 20, settlement 15.

Fairview and Guelph Leggat

Everything between Brant and Guelph that isn’t already being developed is being bought up. The Leggat dealership on the eastern end of the block of property could become an anchor, said the barber.

“Developers  after Leggat’s property too but Doug Leggat is said to not want to sell – or that’s the story, maybe not right.

“Objective is to get the whole GO block from the GO station west to Guelph Line.”

Downtown the things are close to frantic – surveys are being done, renovations are being stalled. All the big money players in the game are moving rapidly – getting agreements in place with plans for nothing but growth.

The city has said the development is going to take place around the GO stations. These locations are being referred to as mobility hubs and the developers appear to be saying – that’s OK with us.

Speculation is rife.

At the same time there is a group looking for a way to appeal the decision that was made by city council to approve the 421 Brant project.

But it is all barbershop talk of course.

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Camp Tedjo - getting the voters to meet with the candidate.

eventsred 100x100By Staff

May 31st, 2018



The objective is to get face time with a voter.

The election is just a week away.

Going door to door is one way.

Tedjo BEST

Alvin Tedjo, the Liberal candidate for Oakville North Burlington

Alvin Tedjo, the Liberal candidate for Oakville North Burlington has come up with another way – get those voters to come to you.

Friday is a PD day– Professional development for the teachers – no school – what to do with the kids.

Drop them off at Camp Tedjo – it is a free PA Day activity for children and families that will run from 10 am to 1:00 pm.

A magic show and a Bubble party for the kids.

Parents do have to stay on the premises – it’s not a day care set up – but it is something different to do.

Location: Alvin Tedjo Campaign Headquarters – 1940 Appleby Line, Unit 22, Burlington.


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Annual Kite Festival - Sunday - two locations

eventsblue 100x100By Staff

May 31st, 2018



The city is calling June Park and Play month and getting things started with the annual Kite Festival – that is taking place at Brant Hills Community Centre and Brant Hills Park.

Kite flying art


Build a kite or bring your own to help fill the sky with colour and celebrate diversity. It is free family fun and if the wind is good and a few of the champion level kite builders show up it should be a delight to watch the wind pick up the kites and see them soar.

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Burlington resident charged with Criminal Negligence Causing Death: child left in a vehicle and exposed to high temperatures for an extended period of time.

News 100 blackBy Pepper Parr

May 30th, 2018



The Halton Regional Police announced earlier today that they have laid the criminal code charge of

Criminal Negligence Causing Death
Failing to Provide the Necessaries of Life

against Shaun Pennell, a 37 year old Aldershot resident.

Following an investigation into the sudden death of a young toddler in Burlington on May 23, 2018, the Halton Regional Police Service has laid the charges against the father.

Pennell was released on a Promise to Appear. He is scheduled to appear in Milton Court on June 27, 2018.

Just after 5:30pm on Wednesday, May 23, 2018 Halton Regional Police Service and Halton Region Paramedic Services responded to a call for an unresponsive child in a vehicle, located in a parking lot of a the rear of the Crossroads Centre on the North Service Road, Burlington.

Despite lifesaving measures attempted by first responders, the child was pronounced deceased at the scene.

A post mortem was conducted on May 24, 2018 and the preliminary cause of death was determined to be hyperthermia, consistent with the child being left in a vehicle and exposed to high temperatures for an extended period of time.

The Gazette knows Shaun Pennell. He was involved in an initiative to turn parts of the Crossroads building into a work/play location that appealed to the younger entrepreneurial set that would have had a day care centre for children.

Pennell operated the Burlington Hive in the downtown core and then the Halton Hive that was located on Guelph Line at Harvester Road.

Shaun is a brilliant computer programmer who is imaginative and creative.

This tragedy is beyond understanding. The grief in the hearts of every member of the family cannot even be imagined.

The Courts will deal with the criminal charges. Those who know Shaun and his wife can only pray for them and support them in what is going to be a very hard period of time.

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Art Gallery of Burlington begin their 40th anniversary year while Handweavers and Spinners begin their sixtieth.

eventsred 100x100By Staff

May 30th, 2018



For 40 years, the Art Gallery of Burlington has been welcoming and hosting creative thinkers and artists in the Burlington community. The month of June marks the start of the AGB’s 40th anniversary year. They are going to start with a New Exhibit Opening Reception on Friday, June 1

The Burlington community is invited to the gallery from 6 to 9 pm to celebrate the opening of five new exhibitions:

Levee - McMahon at loom - I did that

Burlington MPP Eleanor McMahon at an Art Gallery of Burlington loom. The Handweavers & Spinners Guild is celebrating their 60th anniversary.

Dialogue: Celebrate the 40th anniversary of the AGB, 35th anniversary of the AGB’s Permanent Collection, and the 60th anniversary of the Burlington Handweavers & Spinners Guild

Karla R - ceramics AGB

Karla Rivera’s ceramic – Always Between the Fine Line, 2017.

AGB Ceramics Residency: Karla Rivera,

The Koyanagi Family Donation,

Pacific Overtures; Drawn from the Permanent Collection at the AGB, this exhibition looks at the effect that Japanese ceramics has had on Canadian ceramics.

My Eyes are on You – Joon Hee Kim uses Baroque-inspired decoration into her work, resulting in a contrasting presentation of the traditional and modern. Familiar shapes are altered with the incorporation of personal and cultural visual narratives on human relationships, emotions, and behaviours.

On Sunday, the 3rd there will be a 40th Anniversary Community BBQ.

The afternoon will include free art activities and demonstrations, a tasty barbecue lunch, and a used art book sale held in support of the AGB Permanent Collection.

Doors open at 11 AM. All are welcome, and admission is free.

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Crime Stoppers raise $6000 through their Shredding events in Burlington and Oakville

News 100 redBy Staff

May 30th, 2018



Halton Crime Stoppers had another successful shredding event – this year two locations were done back to back – they shredded 18,000 lbs between the Burlington and Oakville shreds and raised $6000.

The FileBank beast was used once again,

Funds raised through shredding are used to pay for crime tips that are sent to Crime Stoppers. How does that work?  If Crime Stoppers is anonymous – how are the rewards delivered? The Gazette reported on that last year.  Interesting story – if you missed it – here s a LINK.


Shred event Beast

The Beast is a truck, owned by the FileBANK corporation that shreds documents for Crime Stoppers.

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Police arrest two youths arrested in connection with two stolen vehicles and a pursuit - both youths 15 years of age.

Crime 100By Staff

May 30th, 2018



It was shortly after 3:00 AM on the morning of May 27th 2018 when police responded to 1300 Maple Crossing Blvd. in Burlington after a complaint was received about a possible stolen pickup truck in which two male youths were seen driving and subsequently leaving in the middle of the road.

Police located the pickup truck which was determined to have been stolen from an address on Hager Avenue in Burlington. A search of the area resulted in one of the youths being located and arrested.

Search efforts continued for the second youth when an officer observed a red Dodge Caravan being driven at a high rate of speed on Ghent Avenue by a lone male youth. The officer attempted a traffic stop however the driver refused to stop and a brief suspect apprehension pursuit commenced but was soon discontinued because the manner in which the fleeing vehicle was being driven posed a risk to public safety.

The vehicle was located a short while later abandoned on Hager Avenue and it was determined to have been stolen from 1300 Maple Crossing Blvd. Search efforts to locate the driver were unsuccessful but he was eventually identified, located and arrested later in the day.

A 15-year-old male from Burlington who cannot be identified due to his age was released on bail and will appear next in Milton Youth Court on June 21st 2018 charged with possession of property obtained by crime over $5000.

A second 15-year-old male from Burlington who cannot be identified due to his age was released on a promise to appear in Milton Youth Court on June 21st 2018 charged with possession of property obtained by crime over $5000 (two counts), dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and flight while pursued by peace officer.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Jared McLeod of the Burlington Criminal Investigations Bureau at 905-825-4747 Ext. 2385.

Tips can also be submitted to Crime Stoppers “See Something? Hear Something? Know Something? Contact Crime Stoppers” at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS), or through the web at .

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Six names now on the ward 2 ballot.

council 100x100By Staff

May 30th, 2018



Another name will be on the municipal election ballot for the ward 2 city council seat.

Gerard Shkuda, filed nomination papers earlier this week. His contact information will be posted at a later date joins:

Kimberly Calderback

Kimberly Calderbank

Kimberly Calderbank

David Cherry
1312 Hammond St., Burlington, ON, L7S 2C2

Michael Jones
477 Holtby Ave., Burlington, ON, L7R 2R4

Kerns - head slanted

Lisa Kearns

Lisa Kearns

Roland Tanner

Roland Tanner

Roland Tanner
357 Delaware Ave. Burlington, ON, L7R 3B4

This gives vote splitting a whole new dimension. In the 2014 election there were 10 candidates in ward 6 – the incumbent took the seat.

Ward 2 is one of those situations where the incumbent has vacated the seat to run for Mayor – so it was wide open with no heir apparent in place. A gong show now.

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Andrew Drummond: It wasn't quite the way he felt the campaign was going to work out.

News 100 blueBy Pepper Parr

May 30th, 2018



Andrew Drummond, the NDP candidate for Burlington, had no idea that things were going to work out the way they have.

He has been one of those behind the scenes political workers for the Burlington New Democrats – worked diligently and hoped that maybe at some point his political party would form a government for the province.
Early in his political life Drummond was a Young Progressive Conservative. Now he is a parent with two children edging into the teen years. Works as marketing type in Toronto and does the necessary trying to just keep up.

Drummon in campagn office

It is a busier campaign office now.

He felt he was ready for his first campaign but wasn’t able to take time off and devote himself to the campaign. The objective for the NDP in Burlington has been to keep the name before the public; showing the flag as it were.

Drummond attended the Bfast Transit Forum, which was the first truly public event; wearing the orange T-shirt sitting beside Walter Mulkewich who looked like a proud grandfather.

Drummond brought a lot more credibility to the race than past candidates.

The campaign team is small – but Drummond says he has knocked on more than 4000 doors and is at the point where he has had to order more signs.

Will Andrea be in the riding? Probably not said Drummond.

Burlington has never been seen as prime NDP territory – that stuff is in Hamilton.

His Dad went to Queen’s University and worked on the election campaigns that put the late Flora Macdonald into the House of Commons. “As a young man I worked on Conservative campaigns with my parents” said Drummond.

He went to the University of Waterloo and got a job with Rodgers where he now works on enterprise strategy – which means working out the details and the discounts for a client that buys 500 cell phones.

It was while he was at Waterloo that he got a look at the damage a government can do – the Mike Harris government was a political awakening for Drummond. His days at handing out campaign literature for the Conservative cause came to an end.

Drummond moved to Burlington in 2004, his children have grown up here – this is the kind of family community he likes.

He made is clear during the information session on Monday that his concern for community goes far beyond his own neighbourhood. He told that audience that he doesn’t understand how a developer can come in and raze an established community and more than triple the population through intensification; which is what is happening in the Warwick Surrey community in Aldershot. Many of the policies and regulations that make that kind of development possible are provincially based. Words like that should keep the “responsible development” people very happy.

McKenna + Drummond

Andrew Drummond and Jane McKenna – the body language tells it all. He could be first – she might be last.

His issues are family issues – school, health and safe streets.

He wants to see major changes in the wait time at the hospital. “If you have to take your child to the hospital in the evening – take a sleeping bag – you are going to be there a long time.”, said Drummond.

The decision to close Bateman high school is something he wants to see revisited. “I can save that school if I am elected,” said Drummond.

His views on transit are not as strong – Burlington was built for the car – a reality Drummond doesn’t see changing all that much. However he does want the municipalities to have sound funding and as much as 50% of their operational costs.

Educational funding is a major focus for him – he sees a situation where school boards create a program but are not assured consistent funding going forward. “It is difficult to plan a program without knowing if the operational funding is going to be there.”

Drummond doesn’t have any problems with the tax increases that will be needed to pay for the Pharmacare and the dental care. He feels that a 1% or 2% increase is more than manageable for those in the $220,000 household income levels.

Walter and Drummond NDP

Andrew Drummond at his first public event with former mayor Walter Mulkewich in a supporting role.

During our discussion with Drummond there wasn’t any of that always coming back to the role the unions play. His focus was on the quality of the lives people live and more sharing of the wealth we have. He understands that the NDP has deep union roots but he does not see himself as a “union man”. The only time he was a member of a union was when he was 17 working as a dishwasher.

He understands that hydro is an issue and believes there is a solution to the problem.

Not any mention of the plight of the indigenous community.

What Drummond isn’t is one of those “radical activists” that Doug Ford goes on about. Drummond is quiet by nature with the capacity to think through an issue.

His concern is people and the lives they get to live.

He is aware of the impact provincial policy is having on the need for Burlington to intensify

There are times when the pace of the election and the volatility of the change taking place seem to overwhelm Drummond.

Our interview took place before the Canadian Federation of University Women held their information night for all the candidates. During the evening one could begin to see the character and depth of the man – he not only handled himself very well – he exuded a level of confidence that was refreshing.

Andrew Drummond

Andrew Drummond talking to a supporter during the CFUW event on Monday.

He is out 4 of the 5 weekday evenings  and all weekend knocking on doors. The campaign has eaten up the vacation time he had coming to him. Securing the traditional NDP vote and coping with the people who now want to take a longer look at the New Democrats keeps him moving.

The Monday CFUW event was followed by a Chamber of Commerce event the next morning. Drummond reports that he was the only person that got a strong round of applause when he made his closing remarks.

NDP vote map

The original objective was to keep the traditional NDP vote – that vote has grown requiring additional lawn signs.

What does all this mean to Andrew Drummond? Will he find himself sitting in the provincial Legislature in the fall? It is now something he thinks and wonders about.

He ran as the NDP candidate this time because he wanted to see the party get back to its traditional 19% share of the vote in Burlington. It was 14% in 2014.

What will it take to get that number high enough to take the seat?

That is something everyone in Burlington is thinking about.


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Cyclist dies as a result of collision with other cyclists on New Street near Goodram.

News 100 blackBy Staff

May 30th, 2018



The Halton Regional Police issued an Update on the Cyclist Collision on New Street May 26th.

The Police Services Collision Reconstruction Unit investigated a collision involving cyclists on New Street near Goodram Drive. The investigation revealed that a group of nine cyclists had been travelling in a group westbound on New Street.

Cycling group-

Cyclists in a group.

Two cyclists toward the front of the group made contact resulting in one falling to the ground. Three other cyclists behind them then fell off their bicycles.

One of the three was 66 year old Douglas Carter of Oakville who later died of his injuries, Mr. Carter had been wearing his helmet.

There were no motor vehicles involved in the collision.

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