School board trustees vote to form Program Accommodation Review Committees to review the staff recommendation to close two high schools - Central and Lester B. Pearson.

Trustees - fill board +

By Pepper Parr October 20th, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON There will be a Program Accommodation Review (PAC) – and it is going to keep the parents […]

Burlington Junction Station in 1920 - a first person story of life around the Freeman station.

Freeman Junction sign BEST

By Pepper Parr October 20th, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON   It is just under a month away but registration for this event is going to fill […]

Central High School parents are going to ask school board trustees to slow down the process that could result in the closing of the school - They want to get it right and need more time to complete their homework.


By Pepper Parr October 18th, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON   You knew before the meeting was over that this was a group of parents who were […]

Province announces a program to convince you to take the GO train - while you are actually in your car on the QEW.


By Pepper Parr October 14th, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON   Not quite sure how to take this announcement from our provincial government – let’s see what […]

Central high parents group has a new Facebook page - check it out - it will be their prime source for sharing information. Web site to follow,

By Staff October 13, 2106 BURLINGTON, ON   To a considerable degree the group of parents working to ensure that the Burlington Central High school […]

If BCHS is a community school - then let's hear what the community wants their school to become - let's not limit yourselves to just struggling to keep it open.


By Pepper Parr October 13, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON   It was interesting, exciting and exhilarating to watch some 60+ parents, several with children in tow […]

Parents organize to keep Central High School open.


By Pepper Parr October 12th, 2106 BURLINGTON, ON   The Halton District school Board recently decided that they needed to look at the number of […]

329 healthy food packages were handed out to students this weekend - they didn't include turkeys.

Food4kids - bag + apple

By Pepper Parr October 10th, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON   As we move into the Thanksgiving weekend teachers in the Region use one of their Professional […]

Ward 4 school board trustee withholds any comment on decision to undertake a Program and Accommodation Review.

Richelle Papin

By Staff October 8th, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON   The Gazette asked Halton District school Board trustee Richelle Papin, ward 4, if she had made any […]

District school board staff recommending the closure of two high schools June 2018 - Central and Lester B. Pearson.


By Pepper Parr October 4th, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON   Burlington does not take to change all that well. A change in the configuration of traffic […]

Historical burial ground opened to the public during Open Doors last Saturday.


By Pepper Parr October 4th, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON   I’d heard about it; drove by the place hundreds of times, knew what it was but […]

Anishinaabe speaker, educator, and musician Eddy Robinson will be at Crawford Lake October 15th.


By Staff October 4th, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON   Anishinaabe speaker, educator, and musician Eddy Robinson brings a wealth of knowledge and personal experience to the […]

Walk to school day takes place on Wednesday - let the kids know today because they are probably going to expect you to drive them.

Bikes at Beaudoin school

By Pepper Parr October 4th, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON   There was a time when everyone walked to school – you met up with friends at […]

Keith Hoey and the Burlington Chamber of Commerce: He says it is the best networking deal in town - and he might be right.


By Pepper Parr September 27, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON   So – you’ve been in business for a reasonable period of time and you now need […]

Culture weekend and Doors Open Burlington take place next weekend - plan for it, there is a lot to see.

Burlington flags

By Staff September 23, 2106 BURLINGTON, ON   The 7th annual Culture Days weekend kicks off next Friday, September 30 and runs through Saturday, October […]

United Way fund raising teams are going to try and pull a 200,000 lb A300 UPS cargo plane 50 yards - really?


By Staff September 22, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON It will be the photo op of photo ops. Tips the scales at 200,000 lbs – and they […]

Grade six math scores low across the province - slightly above the provincial average in Halton.


By Staff September 21, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON   The province released the results from the Ontario Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) which show Halton […]

Halton District school board grade 9 students are doing fine with their math scores - literacy is right up there as well.

HDSB sign with flag

By Staff September 21, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON   Grade 9 month doing fine ‘’’ The province might be having problems with the mathematics scores for […]

Can high school students become philanthropists? Foundation Board member thinks so.


By Pepper Parr September 19th, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON   An interesting idea cropped up during our interview with Tim Cestnick, the newest member of the […]

MoonGlade was an outstanding success - 17 installations that saw more than 3500 visitors during a four hour show event.


By Pepper Parr September 19, 2016 BURLINGTON, ON It went well, it went very well. The MoonGlade event put on by No Vacancy in partnership […]