Foxcroft whistle will make sure all the NBA final plays are properly regulated.

sportsred 100x100By Staff

June 3rd, 2019



It is going to be a great evening to watch a basketball game with everyone glued to a TV screen and really pumped.

It didn’t work out quite that way but Councillor Nisan did say it was ‘Raptors in 6”

What few people will know is that the whistles being used by the referees is a Canadian product developed by Ron Foxcroft and manufactured in Canada.

Foxcroft spent his early years as a referee and came to the conclusion that a better whistle was necessary – the result was the Fox40.

These whistles are also wired up to stop the clock every time a referee blows.


Foxcroft kept a net in his office – was never sure when he was going to be called back to the courts.

And to think none of this would have happened if Foxcroft hadn’t have been a basketball referee who several times had the pea in his whistle get stuck, including in the gold medal game in the 1976 Montreal Olympics.

“I decided I needed to design a whistle that didn’t ever get stuck,” said the Hamilton and Burlington businessman, who earlier this year was bestowed with Canada’s highest honour of being made a companion of the Order of Canada.

Certainly the man known in basketball circles as Foxy has used his whistle in some big games, including in his decades as an NCAA referee.

Foxcroft whistle 2

Foxcroft testing one of his Fox 40 whistles.

He was on the court for the first game a guy named Michael Jordan played at the University of North Carolina in 1981.

He has also refereed an NBA exhibition game and went on to be an NBA official’s game performance evaluator.

“The Raptors are doing something that others have not been able to do,” Foxy mused. “They are uniting the whole country. There is no debate from people of all walks of life over their love of the Toronto Raptors.”

“It will be emotional,” he said. “As a Canadian, it’s a dream come true to see basketball being the focus.”

Foxcroft and the Queen

Foxcroft gave Queen Elizabeth one of the Fox 40 whistles when he was presented to her.

Back in his refereeing days, the Americans he worked NCAA games with teased: Shouldn’t you be refereeing that violent game with the slippery surface?

He laughs now, because who would have ever known the whistle he invented would be in the middle of every NBA game, no matter who is playing?

Or that a Canadian team would be just three wins from an NBA title?

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City hall is all in for the Raptors games - lifts the 11 pm noise bylaw for the events,

Burlington’s Burlassic Park public viewings confirmed for entire NBA Finals series
sportsgold 100x100By Staff

June 1st, 2019



According to city hall, “Burlington’s Burlassic Park roared with excitement as over 2000 people came out to cheer on the Toronto Raptors and celebrate the historic win of Game 1 of the NBA Finals.”

The City of Burlington wants to continue to share Canada’s moment with Burlington residents and is all in to host free public viewings for every NBA Finals game.

Civic sq 2000 raptors

Don’t see 2000 people in this picture – the two buildings centre background will be a lot taller five years from now – 24 storeys taller.

The following are the dates, times and locations for Burlassic Park NBA Finals public viewing parties:

Game 2 Sunday, June 2: Civic Square 7:30 p.m.

Game 3 Wednesday, June 5: Central Park Bandshell 8:30 p.m.

Game 4 Friday, June 7: Location to be determined next week. 8:30 p.m.

Games 5, 6 and 7: Civic Square (if needed and the Raptors do not take the series in 4 games)

Games 5 and 6 public viewing parties would start at 8:30 p.m. and

Game 7 at 7:30 p.m.

The City of Burlington will be hosting game viewings rain or shine. As the games are likely to go beyond 11 p.m., City Council has granted a Noise Bylaw exemption for all days.

civic sq 2000 a

Can’t see a pop corn stand in this picture.

Event updates will be available on the City of Burlington social media accounts and residents are encouraged to following along for event shares via the hashtag #burlassicpark
Twitter: @cityburlington
Facebook: @cityburlington
Instagram: @cityburlington

Councillor Rory Nisan said “The Raptors are on track and Burlington is stepping up, making Burlassic Park the spot to be for the rest of the NBA finals. Let’s show the Raps how much we support them with an even bigger crowd for Game 2 and through the rest of the series.”

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Parts of the Beachway, LaSalle Park and Paletta are closed due to high water levels.

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May 30th, 2019



Paletta walkway 2

Pathways in Paletta Park are being eroded.

It isn’t just the ball parks that are having water problems: The Beachway, LaSalle Park and parts of Paletta are closed due to high water levels.

The Burlington Beach Regional Waterfront Park—the Beachway—is closed until further notice due to high water levels. The closure includes all beach rentals and services.

Paletta shoreline

Shoreline in the Beachway is being ereoded.

The closure takes place to protect public safety and will remain until the lake-level goes down. There is significant sand erosion and debris at the shoreline.

At this time, the playground, concessions, washrooms, parking and the recreational trail will remain open.

The lake-level is approaching the recorded all-time high of 2017, and it is anticipated to continue to rise.

City staff will be removing the floating public docks at LaSalle Park. A contracted crane service will be performing the dock removals which is tentatively scheduled for Friday, May 31. The public boat launch will stay open and the docks will be re-installed once the lake-level has returned to normal.

LaSalle barrier

Washouts along with Groyne Trail at LaSalle Park

LaSalle Park, west and south of the Sailing Club, the stone dust trail has been closed due to  The pedestrian bridge on the Groyne Trail has been locked closed and barricades are in place.

LaSalle to docks

Docks at LaSalle will be taken out of the water until levels fall.

Trail access at Paletta Park remains closed along the east side of the park, as well as a section of trail on the west side of Shoreacres Creek at the waterfront, where shoreline erosion has occurred.

Murray Cameron, Manager of Parks Operations explains that rain has raised Lake Ontario water levels; everyone is being asked to stay away from the beach until the water is low enough for us to at least get a clean-up crew in place.


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Burlingtonians invited to cheer the Toronto Raptors in Civic Square as they make a run for the NBA championship

News 100 blueBy Pepper Parr

May 29th, 2019



For a city that basically drove the amateur baseball team out of town and into the welcoming arms of the city of Welland – hearing that the Mayor is agog at the plans to cheer on the Toronto Raptors as they begin their run for the NBA championship.

Herd batter

Amateur baseball team in a league with a 100 year history wasn’t able to get the support it needed from the city – they moved to Welland.

The Burlington HERD just couldn’t make it work with what they saw as a dismal level of support from the city.

Folks are invited to Civic Square for a free viewing party for Games 1 and 2 of the NBA Finals.

The public space on the south side of City Hall by Brant Street will come alive as residents are invited to join in the fun and together watch the Toronto Raptors take on the Golden State Warriors for Game 1 Thursday, May 30.

Viewing party for Game 1 starts at 8:30 p.m. The City will also host a Game 2 viewing at ‘Burlassic Park’ on Sunday, June 2 starting at 7:30 p.m. Game viewings will be held rain or shine.

Civic Square Dec 2018

Civic Square to be turned into an outdoor theatre with big screens and perhaps pop corn – while the city cheers on the Raptors as they make a run for the NBA championship.

Mayor Meed Ward thinks this is “awesome! Thank you to our amazing city staff who was able to pull this together in such a very short time. The Toronto Raptors playing in it’s first-ever NBA Finals is our generation’s moment. It’s Canada’s moment. I’m so glad we’re able to bring this free, all ages, national celebration to our city.

Bringing our community together to celebrate sports, arts and culture is just as important as the other things we do at the City of Burlington. Very exciting.”


Raptors in six?

Councillor Rory Nisan maintains: “The entire country is on board for the Raptors drive to the championship with over three million Canadians watching the team win the conference finals. There are a lot of fans in our city so I knew we had to do our own Jurassic Park to show the team we’re behind them and to make the most of our first finals appearance. Raps in six.”

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eventspink 100x100By Staff

May 27th, 2019



If there are yoga exercises being done on Sundays then summer weather must be here.

Yoga in civic sqThey were done in Civic Square in the past –they have moved to a location outside the Performing Arts Centre – 440 Locust Street

Kicks-off June 2nd!

Runs every Sunday | 10am – 11am

Fit in the Core is back again for the summer beginning June 2nd! Join us for free fitness featuring a different class & instructor every Sunday outside the Burlington Performing Arts Centre. All you need to bring is a mat & water bottle.

This event will be canceled in the event of rain. Please stay tuned to social media @DTBurlingtonOn (Twitter, Facebook & Instagram) for cancellation announcements in addition to our webpage.

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Just four sports fields closed.

sportsgold 100x100By Staff

May 24th, 2019



The condition of the sports fields is looking a little better.

Baseball glove and ballThe amount of rain the City has had over the past few weeks, (there was a point where more than ten sports fields were closed) the following Grass Multi-use Fields and Ball Diamonds remain closed today:

• Maple Park F1
• Orchard Community Park F1
• Pearson High School West Soccer Field
• Tom Thompson Diamond

All other fields are open.

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Many sports fields are still very soggy - not open for use.

sportsgold 100x100By Staff

May 22, 2019



Due to the amount of rain the City has had over the past few weeks, the following Grass Multi-use Fields and Ball Diamonds remain closed today:

• Berton Park F1
• Berwick Green Park D1
• Brada Woods Park D1
• Brant Hills Park D3, F1, F2, F3
• Clarksdale Park D1
• Frontenac Park F1
• General Brock Park D1
• Ireland Park F3, F4
• Kerns Park D1, D2
• Kilbride Park D1, D3, F1
• Landsdown Park D1, F1
• Leighland Park D1, D2
• Lowville Park D1
• Maple Park F1
• Millcroft Park D3
• Newport Park F1
• Orchard Community Park F1
• Palmer Park F1
• Pearson High School Fields
• Sheldon Park D1, F1
• Sherwood Forest Park D1
• Skyway Park D2
• Tom Thompson Diamond
• Wellington Park F2

All other fields are open.

Not much left to use is there?


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Weather is shutting down parts of several parks - LaSalle and Paletta impacted

News 100 greenBy Staff

May 17th, 2019



If this keeps up the only place you will be able to go to is a bus shelter.

Weather - LaSalle Park Marina

LaSalle Park Marina

The city has closed sections of trail at Paletta Park and LaSalle Park will be closed for an extended period as a result of the wet weather southern Ontario has been receiving this spring.

With Lake Ontario water levels expected to rise over the next few days, one of the two public floating docks at LaSalle Marina will also be closed. One floating dock will remain open to the public this weekend.

Between April 1 and May 13, 226 mm of rain has fallen in Burlington. The average monthly rainfall for April and May combined is 150.3 mm.
Paletta Park

• Sections of trail at the south end of the park, near Lake Ontario, leading to the woodlot are closed due to erosion along the watercourse and at the waterfront.
LaSalle Park

Weather - Trail West trail

Stone Dust Trail, west of the Burlington Sailing and Boating Club

• A section of Stone Dust Trail, west of the Burlington Sailing and Boating Club is closed due to flooding.

• One of the two public floating docks at LaSalle Marina is closed due to flooding.

One floating dock will remain open to the public this weekend.

Murray Cameron, Manager of Park Operations explains: “Even though there is some sun in the forecast this weekend, the water level of Lake Ontario is anticipated to rise further. City staff will continue to monitor the closures daily along the waterfront to ensure trails are safe to access.”

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Rainfall ( between April 1 and May 13, 226 mm) has resulted in the closure of all the grass based playing fields.

News 100 greenBy Staff

May 14th, 2019



It was on again off again for a week – then they just gave up and said Closed until further notice.

The weather is playing havoc with the folks over at the Parks and Recreation department.

Grass sports fields are closed due to unsafe conditions. Public safety trumps everything.

Flooded ball park

No ball playing on this diamond. This is basically the situation across the city – except where there is artificial turf.

In a media release the city said: “Due to the amount of rain the City has had over the past few weeks, all natural turf-grass playing fields will be closed until further notice.

Between April 1 and May 13, 226 mm of rain has fallen in Burlington. The average monthly rainfall for April and May combined is 150.3 mm.

The soggy conditions of the fields are a threat to player safety and use of the fields will cause damage to the turf resulting in significant repairs and lengthy field closures. Not all grass fields have been mowed because site conditions are too soft. Mowers have become stuck resulting in the need for costly repairs of the tracks left behind which also pose a risk to player safety.

Mower in mud

The field conditions are terrible – a lot of damage done.

Murray Cameron, Manager of Park Operations explains it this way: “We’ve had much more rain than normal this spring, so our fields just haven’t had a chance to drain. They will need several days of drying conditions for the ground to become firm enough to support a mower and dozens of people using the area, so please stay off the fields until further notice, even if we get one or two warm sunny days.

“Repairs of fields are costly and time-consuming and injuries are not how anyone wants to start the season.”

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Burlington has declared June to be the month of play - now to get the weather to co-operate.

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May 14th, 2019



June is the Month of Play and the City of Burlington has many activities planned to help people get outside, have fun and be active.

The Burlington Kite Festival, presented by the Rocca Sisters Team

The Burlington Kite Festival, presented by the Rocca Sisters Team, is being held on Sunday, June 2, 2019 from noon to 4 p.m. at the Brant Hills Community Centre, 2255 Brant St.

Festival participants can build their own kite (while supplies last) or bring their own kite to fill the sky with dancing colours.

This year’s event will feature the Curiosity Cube which involves interactive, hands-on science experiments using the latest technology to inspire curiosity in the next generation of scientists. There will also be face painting, balloon animals, stilt walkers and much more. All are welcome.

Splash pad LaSalle - swimming

Splash pad at LaSalle.

Spray Pads
Community Park Spray Pads will be opening on May 18.

Nelson swimming pool

Nelson pool.

Summer Outdoor Pool Openings
• Nelson Pool and Splash Park opens June 1
• LaSalle Outdoor Pool and Splash Park and Mountainside Pool and Splash Park open June 15

Please note, Nelson Pool and Splash Park will be closed June 9 and July 6 to 7, and

Angela Couglan Pool will be closed after May 31, 2019, until Spring 2020 for pool renovations.

Learn more about swimming lessons and recreational swimming schedules at

ParticipACTION’s Community Better Challenge
Help Burlington become Canada’s Most Active Community. All you need to do is track your activities during the challenge. The challenge takes place from May 31 to June 16.

Download the ParticipACTION app for free at
Start tracking your activities!

Burlington Walks the Talk
Burlington Walks the Talk is a community program that encourages people to create or join neighbourhood walking groups year-round. The program offers a “how to create a walking group” guide and a place on the City of Burlington website to share information about upcoming community walks to invite others to participate and learn more about walk meetup times and locations in Burlington. The first 10 groups to post their community walking group on the community walk meetup calendar will receive up to 10 t-shirts for their walking group (while supplies last).

Pop Up n’ Play
Popping up in City of Burlington parks throughout the spring and summer is our Pop Up n’ Play experience where children can explore, create, imagine and play in their own way.

Yoga in the Park
Each week will feature a fully qualified instructor in a different park. Bring your yoga mat and/or towel, water, and wear appropriate clothing. All experience levels are welcome.

NEW-Pop Up n’ Play Fitness
Parents can join free Yoga in the Park every Sunday morning in May and June from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m., while kids get their move on at our free Fitness Pop Ups. Encouraging children to be active and have fun in non-traditional activities. Build a ninja course, find a new way to balance or swing, create a strength challenge or make up a new game. Ages 4-14. Parents are to be in the park during the program.

Play Streets
The community program offers the opportunity for weekly, local street closures which encourage the use of neighbourhood streets for safe, active play and social interaction between neighbours of all ages and is available all year.

Koogle at the bandshell

Summer play at the Band Shell in Central Park

Concerts in the Park
Bring a blanket or lawn chair and enjoy an evening of music under the open sky at the Central Park Bandshell. Concerts begin June 16 and run every Wednesday and Sunday until the Aug. 18. We offer music for every style and age.

100n1 Day Burlington
A festival of citizen engagement, 100In1Day Burlington is part of a growing global movement that is changing how people interact with their cities. 100in1Day Burlington inspires residents to activate 100 innovative, thought-provoking ideas into activations to transform our city, all on one day, June 1.

The City of Burlington encourages people of all ages to get outside and enjoy the many parks, outdoor spaces, playfields and recreational play experiences that support active living and a healthy lifestyle for all ages, abilities and cultures. Learn more about recreational experiences and where to play at Get Outside. Live & Play Every Day.

Glenn Chris

Chris Glenn, Director of Parks and Recreation in his PArks& Rec uniform.

Chris Glenn, Director of Parks and Recreation maintains that “Flying a kite is just as fun for adults as it is for kids. For the rest of the Month of Play, we have a variety of activities to keep everyone active, having fun outdoors throughout the city all summer long. Get outside and play this summer and help Burlington become Canada’s Most Active Community.”


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Baseball diamonds and sports fields still spongy - closed.

sportsgold 100x100By Staff

May 9th, 2019



Sport Field Status

All Grass Multi-use Fields and Ball Diamonds are closed, due to extreme water saturation.

Additional rain in the forecast for Thursday, May 9 and Friday, May 10.

Grass Multi-use Fields and Ball Diamonds will be assessed on Friday for a decision regarding weekend play.

Artificial Turf Fields remain diamond under water

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Sport Field Status: Basically wet and sloppy except for artificial turf.

sportsred 100x100By Staff

May 3rd, 2019



All Grass Multi Use Fields and Ball Diamonds will be closed May 3, 4, 5, & 6 2019 due to weather.

Fields and Diamonds will be inspected daily and status will be updated each day starting May 6.

Artifical Turf fields remain open.

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City hall wants you to 'walk the talk' and then record your distance and psuh Burlington to the top of the list.

eventsred 100x100By Staff

April 26th, 2019



Burlington is getting ready to launch the Month of Play (June) and has three new exciting initiatives lined up:

“Burlington Walks the Talk”,
“Community Better Challenge” and
“Art and the City” a self-guided downtown public art walking tour.

A public kick-off event for all three will be held at Civic Square at City Hall, 426 Brant St. on May 6, 2019 at 10 a.m., rain or shine.

Residents and media are invited to join Mayor Meed Ward in a leisurely Public Art Walking Tour in the downtown area, lead by Arts and Culture staff. The tour is expected to be 45-minutes and is accessible.

Terry Fox - Eagles walking up path - back

Does the Terry Fox Run for the Cure count as a ‘walking the talk” event?

Burlington Walks the Talk
Burlington Walks the Talk is a new community program that encourages people to form or join neighbourhood walking groups. It includes a “how to create a walking group” guide and place to share information about upcoming community walks to invite others to participate and learn more about walk meetup times and locations in Burlington. The first 10 groups to post their community walking group on the community walk meetup calendar will receive up to 10 t-shirts for their walking group (while supplies last).

ParticipACTION’s Community Better Challenge
This national campaign is looking for Canada’s most active city. The City of Burlington is challenging residents to track their physical activity through the ParticipACTION app on their phone and compete to become Canada’s most active city.

The challenge runs May 31 to June 16 and every active minute counts. Sign up by downloading the app with your postal code at

Art and the City – Downtown Public Art Walking Tour
New for residents and tourists is Art and the City, Burlington’s downtown public art walking tour. Art and the City is available online and accessible from any mobile device.

It was real art which the public liked and it was one of a number of elements that brought to the surface a desire for more in the way of cultural life in the city - and brought it from a community few knew all that much about.

The Spiral Stella -one of the better pieces of public art that few know all that much about.

The free web app offers a new way to explore Burlington’s downtown and learn about public art in the process. The tour provides artwork information, photographs and a suggested walking route. A limited number of printed guidebooks will soon be available at all city facilities, Burlington Public Library and Tourism Burlington. Art and the City is also available online in PDF format to download, save, and print. Both formats are available online at

The first 50 participants that join in the public art walking tour will receive a “Burlington Walks the Talk” t-shirt and an Art and the City tour guidebook. T-shirt sizes are limited and on a first-come, first-served basis.

Participants in the Public Art Walk with the Mayor event do so at their own risk and acknowledge that accidents and/or injuries could occur while participating in this event. The City assumes no liability for any liability, claims, demands, damages, actions, or causes of action now existing or which hereinafter may arise as a result of my participation in the event, whether any injury is caused by the negligence of the City, participants or third parties.

(The legal disclaimer above reflects wording provided by the City and any grammatical errors are theirs. )

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Good Friday Road Race on April 19, will result in road and lane closures.

eventsgreen 100x100By Staff

April 9th, 2019



The 46th annual Good Friday Road Race on Friday, April 19, 2019, will result in road and lane closures.
Streets will reopen as soon as possible following the completion of the final race. Vehicles parked illegally in the event area will be tagged or towed to allow emergency access.


Same route and road closures as 2018.

Road closures

• 8 to 11:30 a.m. – Fairwood Place, in the area directly in front of Aldershot School will be closed to traffic with local access to residences maintained, subject to race delays.

• 9 to 11:30 a.m. – North Shore Boulevard West from Fairwood Place to Unsworth will be closed to through traffic.

• Local access to residents within the closed area will be maintained, subject to race delays. Through traffic on North Shore Boulevard West will be detoured at LaSalle Park Road and at Plains Road West.

Traffic lane closures
All other streets on the race route will have one lane open for local access.
Resident access

Urgent access assistance: residents can get access to or from their homes to cross the race route, subject to race delays, by contacting the road marshal from the race committee at 289-795-7391 in advance or on race day. An escort vehicle will be sent to escort your vehicle through the closed section of the course, subject to race delays.
Emergency Services access will be maintained at all times along the event route.

Supervision and route management
Halton Regional Police Service will direct traffic at major intersections and event marshals will help runners and motorists at multi-residential driveways and on side streets.

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Golf tournament to support Adult Day Programs in long term care homes.

eventsred 100x100By Staff

April 9th, 2019



If you’ve taken your golf clubs out and are getting ready for the season – make a note of the Willow Foundation’s annual golf event.

Willow Foundation logoThe Willow Foundation raises funds annually to support several ongoing programs at Halton Region’s Long-Term Care homes and Adult Day Programs in these locations:

Post Inn Village—Oakville
Creek Way Village—Burlington
Adult Day Programs—Milton, Georgetown

Tournament takes place at Crosswinds on May 16th.




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New season at Tyandaga Golf Course gets underway April 12, 2019

sportsgold 100x100By Staff

April 8th, 2019



The robins are back and Tyandaga Golf Course is open for business. The City of Burlington’s Tyandaga Golf Course will officially open for the 2019 golf season on Friday, April 12.

Although the course is open, golfers are asked to excuse the mess as work is being completed to improve the cart-path and area between holes 16 and 17. The work is expected to be done by the end of May and should not impact play.

Tyandaga golf course aerial

An aerial view of the Tyandaga golf course.

Tyandaga offers memberships, tournaments, clinics, private lessons, men’s and women’s league play, and in-season and off-season rentals. The course combines a perfect mix of urban convenience with rural beauty, natural waterways, contours and mature trees as well as dining and catered private or corporate events. New for this year are student memberships that range from $199.99 to $499.99.

Players wishing to book a tee time can do so online at

For more information about golfing at Tyandaga, call 905-336-0005 or visit

Tyandaga Golf Course is an 18-hole course with 4,852 metres of scenic terrain characterized by its natural waterways and broadleaf woods

Spring specials on green fees include $45 to ride in a golf cart and $30 for golfers that are walking

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Group has organized walking groups - check it out.

eventspink 100x100By Staff

March 21st, 2019



Walking is a healthy exercise.  It is also a time when you can think and wonder at all the things we have going for us and worry a little about the problems.

Walking with a friend is one of the most civil things a person can do.

Terry Fox - Eagles walking up path - back

Just out for a walk.

Burlington is encouraging members of the community to take steps toward better health with Just Walk Hamilton-Burlington, an outdoor community walking program led by local healthcare professionals and funded in part through the City’s Neighbourhood Community Matching Fund.

Join registered Kinesiologist Jordan Kilpatrick-Smith for a free, fun and supervised walk on Saturday, March 23 at 9 a.m. through Nelson Park and Sherwood Forest Park. Kilpatrick-Smith and the Just Walk team will meet community members at the Nelson Park parking lot located behind the Nelson Arena near the baseball diamonds (4183 New St., Burlington).

The walk will begin with a short educational talk titled, “Healthy Weight Loss to Gain Time, Money and Energy” followed by a guided walk at your own pace. Each walk is open to all abilities and pre-registration is not required.

Join the Just Walk group’s email list at for information on upcoming walk dates and locations.

The group will be hosting 12 walks in Burlington between February and September.

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Tim Hortons expands and extends its sponsorship program with the city.

News 100 yellowBy Staff

March 18th, 2019




They expanded and extended the program they sponsor in Burlington.

The city has Rolled up the Rim and found they were a winner to the tune of $112,500 in expanded sponsorship funding from the Tim Horton organization that will run through to 2022.

Their sponsorship will include Free Family Day skating to begin 2020. Tim Hortons sponsorship of swimming, skating and events helps to break down barriers, encourages access and participation for everyone. The total three-year investment from Tim Hortons is just over $112,500.

Tim Hortons Free Holiday Skating
Tim Hortons sponsorship of free holiday skating began in Burlington 25-years ago and has spread to more than 200 communities across Canada.

The 2019-2020 season will begin again in December and run for three-weeks throughout the holiday season to provide over 74-hours of free skating throughout the city.

Tim Hortons Free Family Day Skating
Four hours of free Family Day skating will begin on Family Day in 2020.

Tim Hortons Free Summer Swimming
64-hours of free swimming will take place throughout the summer at both indoor and outdoor pools at various locations.

movies-in-the-parkMovies Under the Stars
Movies Under the Stars will run from July to August at various parks throughout the city and offers seven free movies. Residents are encouraged to bring a healthy snack, blankets, chairs and other amenities to enjoy with their family and friends.

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Glen Eden to close for the season on the 17th.

sportsgold 100x100By Staff

March 14th,, 2019



Glen Eden hills

The slopes at Glen Eden.

If Glen Eden has announced the final day of ski and snowboard operations for the 2018-2019 season Spring weather cannot be far behind.

The slopes at Kelso will close Sunday, March 17, 2019. Snow conditions are expected to deteriorate quickly. Lifts will run from 8:30 am to 9:30 pm each day until the 17th.

To help make the most of the remainder of the ski and snowboard season, Glen Eden will be accepting all season passes and offering $25 lift tickets from now until close on Sunday.

Glen Eden usually opens around Christmas and closes near the end of March Break. This year, the Glen Eden season started on Saturday, December 22, 2018.


By the end of the season she was quite a bit better.

Glen Eden is currently offering Early Bird pricing on 2019-2020 season passes and lessons until Sunday, April 7. Early Bird is the best available pricing of the year. At this special rate, the 5 Day x 7 Night Pass pays for itself in four visits and the Weekday Pass pays for itself in just two visits.

For more information visit the Glen Eden website,, or call 905-878-5011.

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Interested in officiating football games - association looking for men and woman to referee games.

sportsgold 100x100By Staff

March 11th, 2019



The Lakeshore Football Officials’ Association, (LFOA) established in 1963, is responsible for officiating all tackle high school football in Halton, Peel, and Niagara regions and all minor football in Mississauga, Halton and Niagara.

football referee logoIt also offers Football Canada Certification Programs, rules and positioning clinics and a personal mentoring program to assist in the development of all officials.

This year the association is reaching out to women who may be interested in officiating. “We currently have only two women in our organization and we would like to increase that. The game is no longer just a man’s game and opportunities do exist for women to advance in Canadian football officiating” said Kevin Baird, President of the LFOA.

ref tieng shoe

It’s more than watching the plays – it’s also about watching the players.

The organization is also making a concerted effort to recruit individuals who have the availability to officiate high school football from September to November, the busiest time for the organization. High school football games are normally played Tuesday-Friday with most doubleheaders kicking off at noon, 1 p.m. or 2:30 pm.
Women and men, 16 years of age and older who wish to become an LFOA official may contact the recruiting co-ordinator at

Those who advance may have the opportunity to officiate in such leagues as the Ontario Provincial Football League, the Ontario Football Conference, the Northern Football Conference, Ontario University Athletics and the Canadian Football League.

Nelson Sr Football Vs Hayden Huskies

Nelson Sr Football Vs Hayden Huskies watching the coin toss.

The LFOA has a number of members who are current or former members of the CFL and the OUA football officiating staffs. These officials assist the LFOA in the development programs that are offered. A number of the officials have officiated Grey Cups, Vanier Cups and two of their members, Burlington’s Dave Foxcroft and Jason Maggio are members of the NFL Officials’ Development Program.

All new officials must complete a Level 1 Football Canada Officials’ Certification Program, which has yet to be scheduled.

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