Mayor's point of view on the New Street Road Diet.

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August 22, 2016



Mayor Rick Golding uses a number of media to reach the citizens he governs.  In an article he posted to his blog on the city’s web site he had the following to say on the decision made to put parts of New street on a Road Diet.

A road diet is when parts of a road used for vehicles is re-purposed and used for bicycle lanes

This summer, Burlington City Council supported a staff recommendation for a one-year pilot for bicycle lanes on New Street between Walker’s Line and Guelph Line.

As you are likely aware, the majority of council (6-1) supported this decision. It was our team of transportation experts that recommended what is being called a ‘road diet’. Simply put, that means taking New Street from four lanes to three lanes (two travel lanes and a centre left turn lane), with bike lanes separated by painted buffered lines on each side.

There are a few key things to note as we measure data and carefully listen to residents during the bicycle lane pilot project on the two-kilometre stretch of New Street:

Bike lanes - New street

The current New Street lane configuration is on th left with the “road diet” on the right.

This is a pilot project scheduled to last one year. Our staff will be tracking detailed data and we invite feedback from everyone using that stretch of the road.

The pilot is a litmus test to see if the painted lanes result in a positive experience for people who want to ride their bicycles, while causing a minimal impact for drivers who also need to get where they are going in a timely manner.

The pilot aligns with strategic planning – Transportation, health and environment

A key direction of our new Strategic Plan, which identifies priorities for the next 25 years, is a City That Moves. We want to increase the percentage of people using alternative transportation including cycling on a regular basis and not just for recreational purposes. The car has a 50 to 60-year head start when it comes to our city. A large part of Burlington was built when land and gas were plentiful and cheap. We are now trying to retrofit our city with more options than driving. Another key direction of our new Strategic Plan is A Healthy and Greener City.

Goldring - Christmas picture

Mayor Rick Goldring

Halton Region recently released an Active Transportation Health report, which was discussed at Halton Region’s health and social services committee meeting on Feb. 8, 2016. The report states 39 per cent of Halton residents, aged 12 and older, were inactive during their leisure time in 2013/2014. The report recommends using active transportation, including cycling, to improve health. (Read more here: Furthermore, 40 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions produced in Burlington is from automobiles. There are significant opportunities for a greener, healthier city with a wider variety of transportation opportunities if we start investing now.

The timing is appropriate for this pilot project

New Street bike lanes - long pic

The city held a public information meeting on the project – it was not hugely attended – almost as many staff on hand as here were taxpayers. The decision to proceed with the project was approved by city Council on a 6-1 vote. Councillor Sharman voted against the idea. Does he have the best political antenna?

This is an ideal time for the pilot to be done as this section of road is scheduled for resurfacing in 2017. This means there will be no cost to revert the lanes if the pilot is determined to be unsuccessful by staff and ultimately, council, or keep the new lane configuration when the road is resurfaced.

Meanwhile, city staff has assured me New Street west of Guelph Line will be reopen to the public in mid-August before the pilot starts east of Guelph Line. There will still be ongoing works on the boulevard (sod, driveways) but this will be limited to minor lane closures. All work will be done on this section prior to Labour Day weekend.

We will be watching the pilot closely

I live by New Street and as such, take it every day, at different times. I will experience first-hand the traffic delays, if indeed there are any.

The key measurement for me will be the impact on the automobile driver. If there are significant traffic issues as a result of this new configuration, we can simply repaint the road. This one-year test allows us to see if New Street is the right place for bike lanes.

Staff will be collecting data on travel times and residents are invited to share their feedback at any time to My office will share this information with council and staff.

The pilot is a more direct route offering more destinations than the bike path

The multi-purpose pathway from Burloak Drive to Martha Street is good for recreational cycling. However, it is a busy mixed use pathway that includes not only cyclists but walkers, skateboarders, walkers with dogs and young children. A friend of mine broke his wrist after a young child darted in front of him causing him to slam on the brakes and fall. This means it is not ideal for people cycling along the pathway for transportation, especially when travelling at higher speeds.

The pathway is also not useable when it is dark as the average light from a bicycle is not bright enough and does not shine far enough to create a safe ride. The pathway is not lit at night. There are also numerous crossings where vehicles have the right-of-way. Furthermore, the pathway does not provide meaningful connections to the many amenities right along New Street.

The Mayor does indeed use New Street regularly. It will be interesting to see if he chooses to take the bus and experience whatever delays there might be.

The Gazette recently wrote a piece on the debate that was taking place and suggested that the public needed to give the city staff the time they needed to complete the pilot. That article brought in more than 35 responses several of which added valuable information to the debate.

This is an issue that has aroused the public, one reader advised us earlier today that “I noticed yesterday that someone had written WTF across the signs on New St promoting the road diet. I went back this morning to take a photo for you, but the signs have been removed. Work is underway.”

And so is the debate.

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Hospital Foundation wants to take the title to forming the Largest Human Letter by forming a giant J in Spencer Smith Park.

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August 22, 2016



The Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation is attempting to break the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® title for the Largest Human Letter by forming a giant J in Spencer Smith Park.

The J - Guiness Book of Records

The Brant Hospital Foundation is going to attempt to put 2,167 people in the space shown in the graphic and win the Guinness Book of Records title for the Largest Human Letter by forming a giant J in Spencer Smith Park.

Bring your friends, family and co-workers and be a part of history!  Plan to arrive at Spencer Smith Park at 12 noon for on-site registration.

This event is free but you do need a ticket.

You can get that ticket by clicking HERE:

You do have to bring the ticket with you so that the hospital foundation can accurately measure the number of participants for the world record attempt. They will be scanning digital or printed tickets at the event and ask you to please bring your printed ticket or an electronic ticket on your smartphone.

When you arrive at the park you will be given a rain poncho to be identifiable as a participant and be assigned to a numbered section.

Participants will be asked to enter the formation upon arrival, and will remain there until the record attempt is complete and verified by the Guinness World Records judge on site. Water and snacks will be provided, and there will be live entertainment throughout the day including a DJ and emcee on stage to keep participants informed.

The current record for this category in the Guinness Book of Records is held by Dell Computers, who formed the slanted E in their logo with 2,166 people. We require 2,167 people to break the record. For the safety of all participants, the first 3,000 people to register at Spencer Smith Park will be permitted to be a part of the Guinness World Records Official Attempt.

An architects rendering of the new entrance to the Joseph Brant Hospital whch will now face the lake. The entrance will be off LAkeshore Road with the new parking lot just to the west of the hospital.

An architects rendering of the new entrance to the Joseph Brant Hospital which will now face the lake. The entrance will be off Lakeshore Road with the new parking lot just to the west of the hospital.

This all happens Sunday, 2 October 2, 2016 from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM (EDT) at Spencer Smith Park. There will be all kinds of sign showing you where to go.

This is an exciting and really innovative idea – can Burlington do it?

The Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation is responsible for raising funds for the hospital – they are currently well into the raising of $60 million for the re-development of the hospital that is taking place now on Lakeshore Road.

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London takes a two game lead over Toronto in the IBL semi-finals.

sportsgold 100x100By Staff

August 21, 2016



The London Majors left Christie Pits after defeating the Maple Leafs 9 – 6 in game 2 of the best-of-seven semi-final series Sunday afternoon.

Cleveland Brownlee hit two home runs to lead the London Majors; one a three-run blast in the third inning and added a solo shot in the ninth to finish with four RBI. Michael Ambrose hit four singles and scored once, Carlos Arteaga went 2-for-5 with three RBI and a run, Byron Reichstein and Keith Kandel each drove in a run, and RJ Fuhr and LeJon Baker had two hits and two runs apiece.

Oscar Perez (2-0) went six innings for the win, allowing three runs on eight hits, walking three and striking out six.

Jonathan Solazzo had three hits, including his third home run of the playoffs, two RBI and two runs. Ryan White had three hits and two RBI, Sean Mattson singled three times and scored three times, and Dan Marra drove in a run.

Marek Deska (1-2) took the loss, giving up four runs on five hits in three innings, walking two and striking out three.

2016 IBL playoffs: Semifinals

Kitchener Panthers vs. Barrie Baycats
Barrie wins series 4-0

Game 1: Barrie 8, Kitchener 1
Game 2: Barrie 2, Kitchener 0
Game 3: Barrie 10, Kitchener 5
Game 4: Barrie 3, Kitchener 0

London Majors vs. Toronto Maple Leafs
London leads series 2-0

Game 1: London 5, Toronto 0
Game 2: London 9, Toronto 6
Game 3: Tuesday, Aug 23 at London; 7:35 p.m.
Game 4: Wednesday, Aug. 24 at Toronto; 7:30 p.m.
Game 5: Friday, Aug. 26 at London; 7:35 p.m.
Game 6: Saturday, Aug. 27 at Toronto; TBD
Game 7: Sunday, Aug. 28 at London; 7:05 p.m.

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Gord Downie entertains a crowd of at least 10,000 in Spencer Smith Park and lectures the Prime Minister on national television - and we loved him for that.

News 100 blackBy Pepper Parr

August 21, 2016



The number is reported to be between 8,000 and 12,000.

And it was huge.

Sea of people B

It was wall to wall – with the crowd stretching far into the western part of Spencer Smith Park

But it was more than that – it was the looks on people faces and people who mouthed the words to many of the songs.

It was hot.

When Gord Downie first appeared on the giant screen he was in a passageway hugging and greeting the members of his band. The last performance of the Man Machine Poem tour as about to begin and the crowd of 6000 in the Kingston venue went wild.

Downie - shiny blue

He gave it everything he had and went through three costume changes during a performance to be remembered for a long long time.

And then he began to do what he does best – entertained an audience and took them back to better days.

At one point he came close to lecturing the Prime Minister who was in the audience which seemed OK especially when he said Justin had 12 years in office ahead of him

The aboriginal community has always been a concern and a passion for Downie – and he directed the Prime Minister to do something about that as the Prime Minister stood quietly with a look of both awe and respect for the man on the stage. “We are going to figure it out” said Downie.

Sea of people Hip

There were very few open spaces like this – these didn’t have all that good a line of sight.

Some media reported three encores – I thought there were more than that, closer to five. As he left the stage during one of the encores he said: “Have a good life.”

The Tragically Hip music is not the genre I prefer and I didn’t know very many of the songs. I was there to report on the event – and it was amazing – he did three costume changes – each into a different metallic coloured suit and a different hat with feathers. A blue suit, a maroon suit and a gold suit; he was resplendent.

Sombre faces Hip

The audience of between 8,000 and 12, 000 listened quietly and during the closing numbers stood to applaud an incredible performance.

He kept pulling up his trousers – as if they didn’t fit or he had forgotten his belt; maybe it was the equipment attached to his waist.

What was amazing for me was the size of the crowd; perhaps the biggest Spencer Smith Park has experienced. It was a well behaved crowd – and the expected plumes of thick white smock with that identifiable pungent odour wafted over the crowd at the base of the screen.

The simulcast into Spencer Smith Park happened when the ward 2 councillor for the city and the Burlington Downtown Business Association approached city council and asked them to match the $12,500 that the BDBA had raised.  Council said yes and the team that made it happen got into gear.

Television feed Hip

The technical part of the performance went off without a hitch.

They arranged for a small trench to be dug to bury a TV cable feed, along with a back up.  The equipment that made the technically flawless production happen sat under a tent humming away with one at the controls – the technology was superb.  Andie Porecki , president of the Sound of Music said everything technically had gone perfectly.

Emotions showing

The enormity of it all hits Downie – this is the last performance

Downie played with is audience and at the close of one of his encores he thanked the audience for “keeping me pushing”

Two things struck me – the pain in his face at times; the howls that were almost primal and then his ability to shift into a lighter mood.

Sat where you could - police with tasers

You sat where you could; police patrolled an event that didn’t have a spot of trouble. The officers did wear Tasers however.

At the end of one of the encores a member of the band appeared to have to lead him off the stage – didn’t matter – he returned.

At the second to last encore, the moon that was in the eastern sky was muted by drifting clouds; some of the audience was beginning to pick up their chairs and head for home. The concert was well past the 11 pm finish time.

Like the Spring break up on some rivers – the winter ice did not want to let go. No one wanted it to end.


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The Barrie Baycats will get to defend their IBL championship against either London or Toronto

sportsgold 100x100By Staff

August 21, 2016


Last year the Barrie Baycats took the NAME in a plaoff series against the Kitchener Panthers. This season they will do the same thing but against eiher the Toronto Leafs or the London Majors.

Emilis Guerrero (3-1) threw a complete-game two-hitter as the Baycats swept the best-of-seven semifinal with a 3-0 win over the Kitchener Panthers Saturday night. Guerrero scattered two hits with a walk and nine strikeouts.

Kevin Atkinson led the Kitchener offence with a solo home run, while Jordan Castaldo doubled, tripled and scored once. Jeff Cowan singled and drove in a run.

Matt McGovern took the loss for Kitchener, allowing two runs (one earned) on five hits over 6.1 innings, walking one and striking out one.

2016 IBL playoffs – Semifinals

Kitchener Panthers vs. Barrie Baycats
Barrie wins series 4-0
Game 1: Barrie 8, Kitchener 1
Game 2: Barrie 2, Kitchener 0
Game 3: Barrie 10, Kitchener 5
Game 4: Barrie 3, Kitchener 0

London Majors vs. Toronto Maple Leafs
London leads series 1-0
Game 1: London 5, Toronto 0
Game 2: Sunday, Aug. 21 at Toronto: 2 p.m.
Game 3: Tuesday, Aug 23 at London; 7:35 p.m.
Game 4: Wednesday, Aug. 24 at Toronto; 7:30 p.m.

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Two performances of A midsummer Night's Dream left

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August 20, 2016


Is there something Shakespearian about the way things have worked out with the performance schedule of the two week run of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the RBG Rock Garden?

Crowded and noisy Midsummer

Traffic tie ups on the QEW kept several cast members in the cars and not on the lawn – resulting in the cancellation of the Friday performance.

Bad enough that they had to contend with weather, that just didn’t work for them, – then traffic kept a couple of his performers in their cars somewhere on the QEW Friday evening

There are two performances left – this evening and then Sunday evening.

Reception of the play has been great.

A site that will allow 220 seats had to find a way to get 255 in place only to have the rain get in the way – again.

Midsummer - cast and audience

The setting was superb – the rain wasn’t really necessary.

The weather issues need not get in the way of a superb idea – what will they plan for next summer?

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Creeks have swelled significantly from heavy overnight rains - be cautious.

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August 20, 2016



A heavy rainfall event passed through upper portions of Conservation Halton’s watershed overnight with some areas receiving depths of over 50mm. Creeks within this area experienced rapid responses from this rainfall, however, levels have now receded. This intense rainfall resulted in localized urban flooding of some streets and low lying areas.

Raging creek

Heavy rains in the northern part of the city have swelled creeks resulting in some flooding – remind the kids to stay away from the edges of some fast flowing water.

Conservation Halton is asking all residents and children to stay away from watercourses and structures such as bridges, culverts and dams. Elevated water levels, fast flowing water, and slippery conditions along stream banks make these locations extremely dangerous. Please alert children in your care of these imminent dangers.

Conservation Halton will continue to monitor stream and weather conditions and will issue further messages, as necessary.
Conservation Halton will issue an update to this Watershed Condition Statement – Water Safety Statement only if significant changes in the forecasts occur. This Watershed Condition Statement will be in effect through to Sunday, August 21, 2016.

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Friday Jazz concerts at the Performing Arts Centre have just the one event left in the schedule.

artsblue 100x100By Staff

August 20th, 2016



It was a close to perfect evening – not even a hint of rain.

The folks that live downtown and those that made themselves aware of the free Jazz events on the Plaza at the Performing Arts centre began to take up seats as early as 5:30 pm for a 6:30 performance – they knew that the seats get taken up quickly.

This is the second year of what is turning out to be a very popular event.

Barbara Lica - Jazz - sidway look

Barbara Lica, charming both an audience and a microphone.

Good music, Barbara Lica, Romania’s gift to Canada took to the platform and never failed to delight. The cash bar was open.

Barbara Lica JAzz BPAC A

Barbara Lica, a night light lyrical voice.

The Jazz part of the Centre’s summer program end next week when Vincent Wolfe & the VegasNorth Seven will be playing.

The fall program really doesn’t begin until very late in September when the Centre celebrates five years of existence – they are bring Royal Wood back for this occasion.

An opportunity to listen to a growing artist and to take a look back at what the Centre has given the city that gave so much to get it built.

The audience has grown, putting a management team in place has proven to be more of a challenge than many expected. The arts are different – not like running a factory.

There have been three Executive Directors during the five years of existence.

Jazz - SRO

There wasn’t seat to be had – some people sat on the other side of the street to just listen.

What the general public doesn’t see or hear much about is the elementary and secondary school programs.

The Centre has an 11 performance program for kindergarten to grade 8 specifically curated for young audiences to be more than just regular, old field trips. Instead, they are unique cultural excursions that nurture the development of creative students and who in turn build creative communities. And tickets are $10 each.

Among the school program offerings are: The Lightning Thief, I.aM.mE Dance Crew, Peter Rabbit Tales, Brown Bear, Brown Bear and other Treasured Stories plus The Spirit of Harriet Tubman.

There are also workshop’s for students.

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A concert that has morphed into a wake as we watch a singer give it everything he has - how will the public respond?

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

August 20, 2016



A national newspaper recently said that God Downie, lead singer of the Tragically Hip, was attending his own wake.

Tragically hip - flag at nightThis evening tens of thousands of Canadians across the country will listen during the last stop of an immensely successful cross country tour – sold out at every stop – comes to an end in Kingston, Ontario – their home town.

Downie was told by his oncologist, who will be in the audience tonight that his brain cancer is terminal. In the 1980’s Terry Fox ran through Burlington as part of his Marathon of Hope – he wasn’t able to complete the run – but since that amazing effort on his part millions has been raised to pay for the research that has to be done to beat back cancer.

Gorn Downie of the tragically hip

Gord Downie – performing.

Tonight, perhaps millions will listen to that final concert. Will those listeners be generous enough to pump additional millions into cancer research as Gord Downie once again gives it everything he has?

That’s what that concert this evening is really all about – our chance to show who we are and what we can do.

Think about passing along the price of a good dinner in a fine restaurant to the cause.

Donate to

There is a free shuttle bus service from the Burlington GO station to the John street bus terminal – a short walk to Spencer Smith Park.
CBC is running an hour of Olympic’s coverage before the concert.  The Hip concert will begin at 8:30.

You can donate online.

There will be people on site accepting cash donations.

There will be two stations on site where credit card donations can be made.

Give till it hurts – cancer does hurt – ask Gord Downie.

Joseph Brant Hospital Cancer Clinic

Canadian Cancer Society – Halton Branch

This event came out of an initiative from ward 2 Councillor Marianne Meed Ward and the Burlington Downtown Business Association who proposed that the city match the $12,500 the BDBA put up.

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London smothers Toronto in the first of their seven game semi-finals in the IBL. Beginning of a trend?

sportsgold 100x100By Staff

August 20, 2016


Elis Jimenez was nearly unhittable as the London Majors opened their semi-final with a 5-0 win over the Toronto Maple Leafs at Labatt Park Friday night.

Jimenez (2-0), pitching for the first time since Aug. 5 against Guelph, scattered three hits in the complete game and walked one with nine strikeouts.

IBL_Horizontal_LogoOffensively, Byron Reichstein had three hits and two RBI as London improved to 5-0 in the post-season. Michael Ambrose and Chris McQueen each had a hit and RBI, and Brett Sabourin drove in the other run. RJ Fuhr and Carlos Arteaga each had two hits and scored once, and Keith Kandel singled twice and scored twice.

Connor Lewis had two of Toronto’s three hits. The fifth-place Leafs were coming off a Game 7 win in Brantford this week.
Brett van Pelt (1-1) took the loss, allowing three runs on nine hits in 6.2 innings. He walked two and struck out two.

2016 IBL playoffs
(2) Kitchener Panthers vs. (3) Barrie Baycats
Barrie leads series 3-0
Game 1: Barrie 8, Kitchener 1
Game 2: Barrie 2, Kitchener 0
Game 3: Barrie 10, Kitchener 5
Game 4: Saturday, Aug. 20 at Barrie; 7 p.m.
* Game 5: Sunday, Aug. 21 at Kitchener; 7 p.m.
* Game 6: Tuesday, Aug. 23 at Barrie; 7:30 p.m.
* Game 7: Thursday, Aug. 25 at Kitchener; 7:30 p.m.

(1) London Majors vs. (5) Toronto Maple Leafs
London leads series 1-0
Game 1: London 5, Toronto 0
Game 2: Sunday, Aug. 21 at Toronto: 2 p.m.
Game 3: Tuesday, Aug 23 at London; 7:35 p.m.
Game 4: Wednesday, Aug. 24 at Toronto; 7:30 p.m.
Game 5: Friday, Aug. 26 at London; 7:35 p.m.
Game 6: Saturday, Aug. 27 at Toronto; TBD
Game 7: Sunday, Aug. 28 at London; 7:05 p.m.

Expect it to be London Barrie against London – however Toronto has managed to pull rabbits out of the hat before.

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Plain clothes police officer covering Spencer Smith Park instrumental in the apprehension of a bicycle thief.

Crime 100By Staff

August 18, 2016



On August 16th 2016 at approximately 6:50 pm, police received a report that a bike had been stolen in the area of Pearl St. and Pine St. in Burlington.

At approximately 7:00 pm, a plain clothes officer observed a male suspect riding the stolen bike along Spencer Smith Park.

Inland Water location - Burlington

Bicycle thief steals second bike at the Inland Water research station in an attempt to escape.

Police followed the suspect to the Burlington Lift Bridge where officers confronted him. The suspect discarded the bike and fled on foot towards the rear of the Canadian Centre for Inland Waters.

At approximately 7:20 PM, the suspect was observed riding another bike out of the parking lot of the Canadian Centre for Inland Waters. The suspect had attempted to change his appearance by wearing a hat and changing his clothes.

Police confronted the suspect a second time and he again discarded the bike and fled on foot into backyards along Lakeshore Road. The suspect entered one of the homes in order to hide from police but was confronted by a homeowner. The suspect then fled out the rear door where he was immediately arrested by awaiting officers.

The same suspect was also wanted in connection to a residential break and enter that occurred on Lakeshore Rd. on July 18th 2016 where two cell phones a wallet and cash were stolen.

Bradley Lionel MARK (34 years old) of No Fixed Address was arrested and held for bail charged with the following offences:

Theft under $5000 (X2)
Unlawfully in a Dwelling
Break, enter and Theft

Anyone with information is asked to contact D/Cst. Mark Urie of the Burlington Criminal Investigations Bureau at 905-825-4747 Ext. 2338 or Crime Stoppers at 1 800 222-8477 (TIPS) or through the web at or by texting “Tip201” with your message to 274637 (crimes).

Bradley clearly did not want to get caught

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IBL - London begins their semi final series against Toronto while Barrie is beating Kitchener.

sportsgold 100x100By Staff

August 18, 2016



The IBL semifinal between the first-place London Majors and fifth-place Toronto Maple Leafs is scheduled to begin Friday, Aug. 19 at Labatt Park in London.

IBL_Horizontal_LogoThe Majors haven’t played since sweeping Guelph on Aug. 9, while the Leafs are coming off a Game 7 win over Brantford in 10 innings on Wednesday night.

The semifinal schedule is as follows:

(1) London Majors vs. (5) Toronto Maple Leafs

Game 1: Friday, Aug. 19 at London; 7:35 p.m.
Game 2: Sunday, Aug. 21 at Toronto: 2 p.m.
Game 3: Tuesday, Aug 23 at London; 7:35 p.m.
Game 4: Wednesday, Aug. 24 at Toronto; 7:30 p.m.
Game 5: Friday, Aug. 26 at London; 7:35 p.m.
Game 6 and 7: TBD

The Barrie Baycats are playing against the Kitchener Panthers where the Baycats are up to games.

Prediction:  It will be London Majors against the Barrie Baycats with Barrie taking the prize.  We have been wrong before.

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Youths Robbed of Their Cell Phones near Alexander’s Public School on Sutton Drive

Crime 100By Staff

August 18, 2016



Late last night, shortly after midnight, three youths were gathered near the splash pad area behind Alexander’s Public School on Sutton Drive in Burlington when they were confronted by three black males armed with knives.

The youths were robbed of their personal belongings including I-phones.

The suspects are described as:

Suspect #1: Male black, 6’0” – 6’3” tall, no facial hair, wearing baggy clothing, specifically a dark coloured hoodie, grey sweat pants, and armed with a silver 4” flick knife.

Suspect #2: Male black, 5’7” – 5’9” tall, very thin, 1-2 gold teeth, shoulder length black dreadlock style hair, no facial hair, unknown clothing.

Suspect #3: Male brown, 6’3” tall, very thin, unknown facial hair wearing a neon green Nike hat, a grey sweater, grey sweatpants.

Investigators do not believe this incident is connected to a stabbing that occurred in the same community several hours earlier.

Anyone with information is asked to contact D/Cst. Alan MacEwan of the Burlington Criminal Investigations Bureau at 905-825-4747 Ext. 2349  or Crime Stoppers at 1 800 222-8477 (TIPS) or through the web at or by texting “Tip201” with your message to 274637 (crimes).

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Public getting noisy over planned lane re-configuration for New Street between Guelph and Walkers Line

SwP thumbnail graphicBy Pepper Parr

August 18, 2016


A little less anxiety over the announcement that New Street traffic lanes are going to be re-configured from the two lanes each way to one lane each way, a centre turning lane and two buffered bike lanes on each side of the road would seem to be in order.

Road marking removal will take place starting August 22 to prepare the roads for lane-painting, which will begin on August 26. The road is expected to be ready on August 27.

Bike lanes - New street

Existing configuration on the left – planned configuration on the right.

Gazette commentators are getting themselves all wound up with some rather silly comments. Those rocket scientists have concluded the pilot project is going to be a traffic disaster.

New Street bike lanes - long pic

Extensive maps showing the possible options for bike lanes on New Street were on display at a public meeting in May at Bateman High school.

No one really knows how this pilot project is going to work. It will run for a year and the evidence will tell the transportation department if what they tried worked or didn’t work.

All these comment, some of them downright silly, add little to the discussion – wait for the results.

You can bet that the transportation people will be monitoring this very closely and reporting regularly to the city manager. The city manager will certainly keep council advised; maybe he will find a way to share the data the city collects with the taxpayers.
No one knows if the pilot will work – can we not wait for the evidence before jumping to conclusions?

One hopes that the members of council don’t fold on this one and pull the plug before there is a decent chance to see if it works.

Here is a sampling of the comments that have come in – and it isn’t over.

“Utterly incredible and unbelievable! At a time when this City faces major problems with transportation gridlock a major east-west thoroughfare gets cut to one lane in each direction. Get behind a school or city bus and your commute will be extended significantly.”

“Shame on this Council for their lack of perspective, and shame on our Mayor for lacking the leadership and the guts to stand up to the bicycle lobby at City Hall who are intent on pursuing their agenda despite widespread community opposition. Kudos to Councillor Sharman for being the sole voice of reason, logic and common sense on this pathetic Council.”

“Wonderful- no more bikes in the car lanes! Now the bikes have more options finally- Burlington bike paths, Burlington sidewalks and the new bike lanes! Looking forward to improved snow removal and synchronized lights for bike safety. Next- running lanes? Shake your heads! Check out where the bike lanes are in Amsterdam”

“What on earth are they thinking????? The congestion at rush hour will be crazy. We already can’t move in Burlington, they keep building and building. Would like to see the study plan for this. Lakeshore does not work either by the way. Lived in Burlington my whole life, time to move.”

“It is finally now official, this is a City being run by incompetent Councillors and staff. They should all hang there head in shame.”

“Unbelievable! A main corridor being reduced. I understand Burlington’s obsessiveness but to take a full lane divide in 2, well it is an attraction for cyclists to run 5 or 6 abreast. Afterall, they run 2 and 3+ currently.”

Related article:In May

New Street to be narrowed.


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Dispatch side of police communications unit gets fast paced at times.

News 100 blueBy Pepper Parr

August 18th, 2016



The Dispatch side of the Regional Police communications unit is quite different than the Intake side.

The Intake people deal with whatever comes to them – the dispatch people are closer to the action. They come into the picture when the Intake side is unable to resolve an issue.

The job is a little more exciting on the Dispatch side – a dispatch operator can pull up a screen and see exactly where the patrol cruisers are in the community she is handling (the vast majority of the comm-unications staff are female).

Their is a GPS system in every cruiser.

Operator at dispatch

The Dispatch operator for Oakville keeps her eyes glued to the monitors in front of her as she communicates with officers in the field.

There is a Dispatch operator for each community: Oakville, Burlington and Milton – Halton Hills is included in the Milton operation.

The Dispatch people can be in instant contact with every unit of the Halton Regional Police Service (HRPS).

They are basically the connect point for every police officer in a vehicle on patrol.

Dispatch can be linked to the Marine unit in Oakville and patch them into police cruisers that are on a scene at the pier in Burlington.

The Dispatcher is basically a tool, a resource for the front line police officers who rely on them for information and at times direction.

Supervisors work station

Shift supervisor works form this station – count the monitors she has in front her – that plus three mice.

Dispatchers, like the Intake people are monitored all the time by the shift supervisor who can listen in on any operator.

The tension is a little higher on the Dispatch side.

During my time with this unit I sat with Nicole and Sam; both women had parents or relatives who were in the police service who suggested they give it a try.

It involves shift work which doesn’t work for some people.

It also calls for a lot of training and you become part of the unit by being smart and quick. There wasn’t all that much going on when I sat in with the Dispatchers – but when it gets hectic – everything rests on their shoulders.

They give definition to what is meant when we say “multi-tasking”.

There are several woman who have been with the communications unit for close to 35 years.

Sam decided to drop out of university – it wasn’t what she wanted to do – she likes the pace and the rush that comes from those occasions when there is a situation that is very active with several police cruisers involved in an action.

Nicole managed a tanning salon – these are ordinary people who happen to have that collections of skills and ability that makes them good listeners who can adapt to a changing situation quickly.

None of the communications people are sworn officers – they are all civilians doing a critical job and overseen by a staff sergeant.

The training is rigorous and everyone is cross trained and moved from task to task during a shift; any operator can do any job. A full time trainer is part of the unit.

The significant changes in communications technology adds to the need for constant training.

Police station - new - from east side

New police headquarters, yards away from th current office, is scheduled to open in July of 2017

In July of 2017 the communications unit will move to the top floor of the new police headquarters where they will have a lot of new equipment and some new furniture. Staff Sergeant Dave Cross who oversees the unit points out that some of the furniture is more than 25 years old.

Migrating from one location to the other is going to be something of a logistics challenge – which the unit will handle with considerable aplomb – that’s what they do.

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Civilian operators keep the flow of critical information constant at police communications unit



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Leafs rally to win Game 7 over Red Sox; move on to play London Majors in the IBL semi-finals

sportsred 100x100By Staff

August 17th, 2016



After several rain game cancellations the Toronto Leafs rallied from a two-run deficit to tie the game in the eighth inning and scored twice in the top of the 10th to beat the Brantford Red Sox 4-2 Wednesday night in Game 7 of their best-of-seven quarter-final at Arnold Anderson Stadium.

IBL_Horizontal_LogoThey had to grind to win the series – but that they did and they now go on to play the London Majors.

Toronto also scored both of its runs in extra innings with two out, as Sean Mattson singled home Jon Waltenbury, and Marra scored on a passed ball.

Mike Wagner picked up his second win of the series, going four scoreless innings in relief and scattering two hits with a pair of walks and three strikeouts. Marek Deska started and went four innings, allowing two hits with three walks and four strikeouts.

For Brantford, Nic Burdett and Josh McCurdy hit back-to-back RBI doubles in the Red Sox’s two-run sixth inning. Ricky Murray added a single and double.

Jonathan Joseph (1-1) took the loss, giving up two runs on two hits in an inning, with a walk and two strikeouts. Starter Nathan Forer went 6.1 innings, allowing two hits with three walks and four strikeouts.

In the other semi final playoff game the Barrie Baycats blew the Kitchener right out of the water with their 2-0 win.
Adam Rowe threw a complete-game shutout to lead the Baycats to a win in game 2 of the best of seven series.

Rowe (2-0) threw a 114 pitches and scattered seven hits with a walk and six strikeouts.

Kyle DeGrace had the lone RBI as the Baycats mustered just five singles against Panthers starter Noelvis Entenza.
Entenza (1-1) went 6.1 innings and allowed two unearned runs on five hits with four walks and five strikeouts.

Frank Camilo Morejon had two of the Panthers’ seven hits, while Mike Andrulis and Ryan Douse each doubled.

2016 IBL playoffs
(2) Kitchener Panthers vs. (3) Barrie Baycats
Barrie leads series 2-0
Game 1: Barrie 8, Kitchener 1
Game 2: Barrie 2, Kitchener 0
Game 3: Thursday, Aug. 18 at Kitchener; 7:30 p.m.
Game 4: Saturday, Aug. 20 at Barrie; 7 p.m.
* Game 5: Sunday, Aug. 21 at Kitchener; 7 p.m.
* Game 6: Tuesday, Aug. 23 at Barrie; 7:30 p.m.
* Game 7: Thursday, Aug. 25 at Kitchener; 7:30 p.m.

Is it too early to suggest where this series is going?

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Hip concert at Spencer Smith on Saturday will be preceded by an hour of Olympics coverage. GO shuttle will be operting

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

August 17, 2016



It is going to be a “twofer” that is two things for the price of one.

And when the one is free – this is an occasion you don’t want to miss.


The Tragically Hip have spent a lot of time on the road in a bus – they will play in Kingston on Saturday and be simulcast across the country.

The final event of the current cross country tour is being done by the tragically Hip from their home base in Kingston, Ontario and is being simultaneously broadcast to a number of cities across the country.

Burlington is one of them.

With the Olympics eating up a lot of television time – the CBC has decided to start the broadcast an hour early – it was originally to begin at 8:30 pm

It will now start at 7:30 pm with the first hour devoted to Olympic events.

This just might mean that the comments local politicians will want to make might get skipped – that would be nice.

The evening is an opportunity to pay homage to a band that as a significant part of the lives of a major demographic – it is also an opportunity to pony up with some of your cash and support the cancer research that may someday come up with a way to treat the cancer that for Gord Downie is terminal – the cancer research people have made tremendous strides – let Downie you know you are going to do your part.

It is going to be an emotional evening.

Gord Downie - sitting

Gord Downie

Bring your lawn chair/blanket, water bottle & cash/credit for donations to our local charities for brain cancer research and treatment.

Volunteers will be circulating to collect cash; credit card donations will be processed at two booths at the event.

People can also donate in advance.

Joseph Brant Hospital cancer clinic

Canadian Cancer Society – Halton Branch

The city is making it easy to get to the event – they suggest you leave the car at home – finding a parking spot will be a challenge – and take the GO train and use the shuttle bus that will run from the Burlington GO to Spencer Smith Park until 1 am – which gives you loads of time to grab a brew and a bite at one of the local hospitality establishments in the city.

“Tragically Hip Shuttle” is available from Burlington GO station, north side, from 6 pm to 1 am.

This is an alcohol-free, family friendly event that will proceed rain or shine.

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A Midsummer Night's Dream begins the second week of a two week run at the Rock Garden.

artsblue 100x100By Pepper Parr

August 17, 2016


“What a week” said Trevor Copp as he prepared for the second week of a two week run of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream playing at the Rock Garden of the RBG on York Blvd.

Midsummer - on the lawn

A scene from A Midsummer Night’s Dream performed on a lawn at the Rock Garden section of the Royal Botanical Gardens

Copp tells people that while he listened to the Mayor who was commenting on the event at its opening night he wondered if he wanted to warn the crowd how the energy and attendance tends to drop down after opening. “So glad I didn’t. We’ve had a full week of huge crowds playing to an ever stronger show. It couldn’t have gone better.”

Copp may have stretched what really happened – they had to delay the show one night while it rained – but the audience was loyal and they waited out the rain

He had to cancel one show – weather just wasn’t co-operating.

Copp’s troubles were environmental – everything else was typical Trevor Copp: exciting, different and surprising. You aren’t likely to see another production of the play done with that much energy.

Rock Garden sign

If you’re on the right Road you can’t miss the place.

Copp closes with: “Love to have you as a part of our second (and final) week of this inaugural run.”

Where is this place? It’s at the newly opened Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG) ROCK GARDEN (1185 York Blvd), which is a couple kms along the same road (towards Hamilton) from the RBG Main Entrance. There is a huge sign and plenty of free parking right across the street

When? 7pm this Wednesday to Sunday; August 17-21. The Gardens open exclusively to ticket holders (your tix include admission to the Rock Gardens) at 5pm, so get there early and enjoy the newly re-opened Gardens.

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Home inspectors will have to be licensed if the province passes proposed legislation - about time.

News 100 redBy Staff

August 17, 2016



There are a lot of home buyers that are going to be pleased to see this fovernment regulation come into being.

Home inspectors are going to have to be licensed by the province. Minister of Government and Consumer Services, Marie-France Lalonde announced Ontario’s intent to introduce legislation this fall that would, if passed, regulate the province’s home inspection industry in order to better protect consumers.

If passed, the proposed changes would:

• Require home inspectors to be licensed with proper qualifications

• Set minimum standards for contracts, home inspection reports, disclosures, and the performance of home inspections

• Establish an independent Administrative Authority to administer and enforce the home inspection licensing legislation and associated regulations

Mill croft homes

If the provincial government passes it talked about legislation people buying homes like this will be able to get inspection reports completed by trained and licensed people.

These changes would ensure consumers benefit from quality advice, are protected from surprise costs and aware of safety issues before buying a home. This will also create a level playing field for the home inspection industry, preventing inspectors with little or no training from competing with qualified professionals by offering lower rates.

Did you know:

Home inspectors are one of the only professionals involved in a real estate transaction who are not provincially regulated.

Approximately 65 per cent of resale homes sold annually receive a home inspection.

There are approximately 1,500 home inspectors in Ontario.

The proposed legislation the government intends to introduce was based on 35 recommendations made by a 16-member expert panel which were then supported by both industry and consumers.

There has been some, not all but too many, really shoddy home inspection reports given to people buying a home.  This regulation should weed out the really bad apples.

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Stabbing took place in Burlington, victim goes to Oakville hospital - gets transferred to Hamilton for surgery.

Crime 100By Staff

August 17, 2016


At approximately 10:00 PM last night an 18-year-old male walked into the Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital suffering from deep stab wounds in his chest.

HRPS crest

Two of the HRPS detachments were involved in this incident – Oakville and Burlington.

The male was stabilized then transported to the Hamilton General Hospital in critical condition where he underwent surgery. His condition has since been upgraded to stable and he is expected to make a full recovery.

Investigators from the Oakville Criminal Investigations Bureau have been conducting the investigation and learned that that an altercation occurred in the area of Kindos St and Sutton Dr. in Burlington sometime last evening between 9:30 PM at 10:00 PM.

Investigators from the Burlington Criminal Investigations Bureau are now working with Oakville investigators and are seeking information from anyone who may have information about this incident and/or witnessed an altercation in this area.

Anyone with information is asked to contact D/Cst. Jack Olewniczak of the Burlington Criminal Investigations Bureau at 905-825-4747 Ext. 2364 or Crime Stoppers at 1 800 222-8477 (TIPS) or through the web at or by texting “Tip201” with your message to 274637 (crimes).

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