Hospital will have significantly improved internal communications system by the end of the year.

jbhhealthBy Staff

August 12th, 2016



Despite some problems the province had with creating a system for the electronic movement of medical records the people building the new seven floor patient tower appear to have a grip on the problem.

JBH renering July -15 with passageway to garage

The new communications system will be operational by the end of the year and will be part of the new seven storey patient tower that is now under construction.

EllisDon Design Build Inc., the company selected to build the new seven-story patient tower, that is very close to being closed in has chosen Orion Health’s Rhapsody Integration Engine which was designed for rapid interoperability between healthcare IT systems. It has been described as the pre-eminent engine delivering secure patient information among healthcare clinicians, collaborators and patients.

Joseph Brant Hospital’s communication infrastructure is being readied to meet the future healthcare needs of one of Canada’s fastest-growing communities. The system will power all communications and data processing

In a media release Gary Folker, EVP for Orion Health in North America said: “There’s urgency in healthcare for building technology solutions that accelerate the shift towards patient-centric care and away from the traditional disease-centred model of care.

“Partnering with EllisDon to help transform Joseph Brant Hospital into the pinnacle of healthcare delivery, will usher in a new wave of smart hospitals, while allowing us to combine our expertise in healthcare integration with their innovative approach to healthcare planning and design.”

“Rhapsody will be a key component of improving the workflow and communication among the various departments within the hospital, as well as the quality of real-time patient information available to clinicians. This greater access to secure patient data will ultimately result in more timely care and better coordination of care.

“As this is one of the most substantial projects we’ve worked on, our goal was to bring a technology partner on board that can help solidify the collaborative, patient-centric environment we are building,” said Stephen Foster Director, ICAT, EllisDon. “In Orion Health, we have the partner that offers the best healthcare information technology solutions to address the needs of both patients and healthcare professionals – now and into the future.”

In addition to the transformation of the hospital’s administrative, clinical and patient information systems, EllisDon is also spearheading the design, build and financing of a number of renovations and expansions within the hospital:

Construction of a new, seven-story patient tower that will have a new emergency department, nine operating rooms and a post-anesthetic care room that will allow for an additional 1,770 inpatient and day surgeries

Upon completion of the project there will be 172 modern inpatient beds and 70 per cent of the patient rooms will be private
Expansion of the cancer clinic, enabling the hospital to serve an additional 2,876 patient visits
Modernization and expansion of the laboratory to improve turnaround time for test results

The implementation of Rhapsody will be completed by September 2016, while construction of Joseph Brant Hospital’s new patient tower will be completed in the fall of 2017 and renovations to the existing hospital will be completed in 2018.getting new - yellow

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Live and Play guide on line now

News 100 redBy Staff

August 12, 2016



The 2016-17 Live & Play guide – the City of Burlington’s guide for information on recreation, sport, culture programs and festivals and events is now available online.

Printed copies are available for pick up at recreation centres, City Hall, 426 Brant St., Burlington Tourism and the Burlington Public Libraries.

Live and play coverThe Live & Play online guide allows you to view and share program information as well as register for programs directly from any computer or mobile device. View the online guide… RIGHT HERE

getting new - yellow

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You would not believe the stories police hear when they pull people over - real whoppers!

Crime 100By Staff

August 12th, 2016



Traffic officers from across the service worked together to target the “Big 4” driving behaviours that are the greatest cause of concern for road users within the region.

The project ran over a three day period starting on Monday August 9th in Georgetown, in the Town of Halton Hills, followed by the Town of Oakville on Tuesday August 10th and concluding in the City of Burlington on Wednesday August 10th.

Officers targeted sub divisions that had been identified through police analytics as having the highest number of complaints and traffic related occurrences.

HRPS crestOver the course of the three days 371 traffic stops were initiated for Highway Traffic Act violations and 238 Provincial Offence Notices were issued.

The goal of the project was to allow officers to have meaningful conversations with drivers who live within these communities and encourage them to drive safely in the future. The number of charges laid demonstrates that officers used considerable discretion and only charged drivers when they felt that it was prudent to do so.

Officers were asked to note the excuses drivers offered in response to being stopped. Some of the comments are being provided here in the hope that this sparks a debate on road safety between family members and their friends. Surely none of these reasons are serious enough to risk getting involved in a collision with a neighbour walking down the street, a child riding their bike or family heading out for dinner.

Stop Sign/Speeding/Cell phone/Impairment statements:

• “Really…. I’m usually the first person to complain about that”

• “OH there’s a stop sign there?”

• “Just let me drive home, I just live around the corner a few blocks, I can make it” This driver failed a road side screening test and his licence was suspended

• “I guess there isn’t enough crime to keep you busy”

• “But I was just involved in a car accident the other day”

• “You’re a F……….. liar”

• “I was just holding it for directions”

• “Please we are very late for the train”

• “I’ve phoned and complained about the traffic on this street”

• “Sorry Officer I’m on my way to get my nails done”

• “I’m speeding because I have an infection and I’m on my way to shoppers to pick up the medication”

Halton police receive many complaints concerning aggressive driving and we will continue to conduct rigorous enforcement where it is required, we do however want to do this in partnership with our community and encourage everyone to Drive Safe.

To report individual driver behaviour, residents can complete a Road Watch complaint at :

ROAD WATCH© is a community driven program encouraging anonymous reporting of incidents involving dangerous and/or aggressive driving.

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Burlington Bandits out of the running in the InterCounty Baseball league - lose 5-0 to Barrie pitcher who struck out 15 batters.

sportsgold 100x100By Staff

August 11, 2016



The Barrie Baycats are one step closer to defending their Intercounty Baseball League championship.

Matthew St. Kitts threw a complete-game shutout as the Baycats blanked Burlington 5-0 at home Thursday night to win the best-of-seven quarter-final in five games.

IBL aug 11St. Kitts (2-0) scattered three hits and struck out 15 Bandits batters. He walked two.
Conner Morro had a double, two singles and an RBI for the Baycats, who finished third in the regular season and will face Kitchener in the semifinals.

Branfy Infante, Jeff Cowan, Kyle Nichols and Kevin Atkinson drove in the other Barrie runs. Jordan Castaldo had two hits and a run, and Kyle DeGrace doubled and scored twice.

Justin Gideon, Robert Tavone and Canice Ejoh had Burlington’s hits.

Christian Hauck (0-2) took the loss, allowing five runs on 11 hits in seven innings, striking out three and walking three.

2016 IBL quarter-finals

Series A
(1) London Majors vs (8) Guelph Royals
London wins series 4-0
Game 1: London 9, Guelph 4
Game 2: London 10, Guelph 0
Game 3: London 8, Guelph 5
Game 4: London 10, Guelph 9 (10)

Series B
(2) Kitchener Panthers vs. (7) Hamilton Cardinals
Kitchener wins series 4-0

Game 1: Kitchener 12, Hamilton 6
Game 2: Kitchener 6, Hamilton 2
Game 3: Kitchener 17, Hamilton 7
Game 4: Kitchener 11, Hamilton 4

Series C
(3) Barrie Baycats vs. (6) Burlington Bandits
Barrie wins series 4-1

Game 1: Barrie 6, Burlington 1
Game 2: Barrie 7, Burlington 3
Game 3: Barrie 14, Burlington 4
Game 4: Burlington 3, Barrie 2
Game 5: Barrie 5, Burlington 0

Series D
(4) Brantford Red Sox vs. (5)
Toronto Maple Leafs Series tied 2-2

Game 1: Brantford 9, Toronto 8 (10 innings)
Game 2: Toronto 6, Brantford 5
Game 3: Brantford 16, Toronto 6
Game 4: Toronto 6, Brantford 4
Game 5: Friday, Aug. 12 at Brantford; 8 p.m.
Game 6: Saturday, Aug. 13 at Toronto; 7:30 p.m.
*Game 7: Sunday, Aug. 14 at Brantford; 8 p.m.

Baseball IBL league colours

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Water levels at their lowest since August 20, 2007; Region issues a level 2 water condition.

News 100 blueBy Staff

August 11th, 2016


A combination of below-average precipitation this year with hot summer temperatures has resulted in water levels in local streams dropping well below normal.

As a result, Conservation Halton is escalating from a Level I to a Level II Low Water Condition for its watershed, based on criteria set out in the Ontario Low Water Response guidelines.

Conservation Halton’s data for the month of July indicates that like much of south central Ontario, the Halton watershed has received below-average precipitation and an unusually high number of very warm days. The watershed received an average of 43 mm of rain, which is only 54 per cent of the normal July average of 79 mm.

Bronte creek

Bronte Creek isn’t looking quite this flush these days.

The three-month total for May to July was approximately 105 mm or 45 per cent of normal for this time of year, and there have been 24 days where temperatures surpassed 30°C during this period of time (compared to an average of six days for the preceding three years). Furthermore, current stream flow data indicates that many of our watercourses are in a Level II Low Water Condition, with monthly July flows averaging 35 per cent of the lowest average summer monthly flow.

A Level II Low Water Condition is the second level of an escalating scale of low water conditions. Under the Level II Low Water Condition, water users in the Conservation Halton watershed are strongly encouraged to voluntarily conserve water with the aim of reducing overall consumption by a further 10 per cent, to a new target total reduction of 20 per cent. Conservation Halton had previously issued a Level I Low Water Condition on July 8, 2016.

Conservation Halton sign - angle

The Halton watershed is comprised of the Bronte, Grindstone, and Sixteen Mile Creek watersheds, which encompass portions of Puslinch, Hamilton, Halton Hills, Milton, Mississauga, Burlington and Oakville, as well as a number of smaller watersheds located in Burlington and Oakville.

The last time Conservation Halton declared a Level II Low Water Condition for its watershed was August 20, 2007. This Level II Low Water Condition was maintained until January 24, 2008 when it was reduced to Level I, then returned to normal conditions on February 6, 2008.

“The continued hot and dry weather conditions has resulted in the streams in the Halton watershed being lower than their typical levels for this time of the year and that is why we have moved to a Level II Low Water Condition,” said Conservation Halton Manager of Watershed Engineering Services, Janelle Weppler. “Given the situation, our team will maintain our increased level of monitoring and regular discussions with our Low Water Response Team. We encourage everyone to use water wisely.”

Major water users, such as golf courses, aggregate extractors, farm irrigators and others are asked to implement or continue their water conservation programs to reach the 20 per cent reduction target. Rural water users can lower the demand on the watercourses and aquifers by pumping water at a lower rate, storing it in ponds or by staggering their pumping times in conjunction with neighbours to lower peak demand. A 20 per cent voluntary reduction will help to provide water supplies for essential use and to sustain aquatic ecosystems.

Water users which rely on municipal sources are reminded to follow any water conservation measures as prescribed by Halton Region or their local municipality.

The Halton watershed is comprised of the Bronte, Grindstone, and Sixteen Mile Creek watersheds, which encompass portions of Puslinch, Hamilton, Halton Hills, Milton, Mississauga, Burlington and Oakville, as well as a number of smaller watersheds located in Burlington and Oakville.

• Normal – Normal Conditions are within normal limits.
• Level I – First indication of potential water supply problems, primarily a warning level – key focus is on voluntary conservation of water
• Level II – Indicates a potentially serious problem – conservation of water is extended to restrictions on non-essential uses
• Level III – Indicates a failure of the water supply to meet demand – key focus is on conservation, regulation and enforcement of non-essential uses.getting new - yellow

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Police having a conversation with a 38 year old Mother of three about why they were left unattended in a car in blistering heat.

News 100 redBy Staff

August 11, 2016



It happens.

There are some incredibly stupid parents out there.

Changing them is difficult; fortunately there are services that can work with negligent parents.

The public is one of the defences the children of negligent parents can rely on.

A 38 year old Halton Region mother of three is under investigation following an incident in a store parking lot early Wednesday evening.

HRPS crestOfficers were called to the parking lot around 6:45 p.m. in response to a citizen’s complaint that three children were in a car in an “expectant Mother” parking space. The car was parked in full sunlight and had its engine turned off. Four windows were open only approximately 3 inches each. The car was locked and the alarm had been activated.

Officers attended and persuaded the oldest child to open the door so that officers could check on them and get some fresh air flowing through the car. The children, aged between 4 and 12 years old, appeared hot, and the youngest appeared to be sleeping yet perspiring profusely. As a precaution, the officers summoned an ambulance to the scene. The children were checked by paramedics and appeared to be suffering no ill effects from the heat.

About 11 minutes after the initial call, the mother returned to the vehicle. She had a conversation with the officers and provided her excuse as to why she left her three children in a locked car, with no air conditioning, in 32 degree Celsius ambient heat.

Police will be reviewing video surveillance footage of the parking area to determine how many minutes, in excess of the known 11 minutes, that the children were subjected to these conditions. Officers will then determine what charges could and may be laid.

Halton Regional Police would like to remind people that leaving children or pets inside a motor vehicle is not only gravely dangerous, but unlawful as well. The interior temperature of a standard automobile in 32C weather can increase to 42C in 10 minutes, 48C in 20 minutes and 51C in 30 minutes. Having windows cracked open just a few inches has minimal to no affect on the increase in interior temperatures. Children have been known to succumb to heat stroke inside cars where the outside temperature is only 21C.getting new - yellow

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City wants to make it easy for you to report nuisance signs.

News 100 redBy Staff

August 12, 2016



Those people who want to fix my roof and those that want to pave my driveway are going to have to find another way to get my attention – the city has come up with a way for me to report signs that I don’t like so they can deal with them.

They call these nuisance signs, the things that are attached to street light poles or put in the ground at stop signs.

Nuisance signsThe city has added a new service request to its online customer service application ( that makes it easier for residents to report sightings of nuisance signs.

“Nuisance signs are the advertisements and portable directional signs often placed on street lamps and at traffic poles at major intersections and boulevards,” said Tracey Burrows, the city’s manager of bylaw enforcement, licensing and animal services. “The addition of this new service request will provide residents with a quick and easy way to inform the city about advertising signs that are creating clutter and impacting sightlines, posing traffic and pedestrian safety hazards.”

Once submitted, reports of nuisance signs are reviewed by city staff and signs that are not permitted will be removed. Residents can upload a picture with their report and use the interactive map to follow the progress of their request and see where other reports have been made in the city.

Residents can already use to report potholes, broken traffic signs, traffic signals and street lights, graffiti and coyote sightings. The reporting app can be downloaded directly to an iPhone or Android from

“We anticipate this new service request will help city staff track the locations of nuisance signs across the city and also save time locating the signs,” said Burrows. “Residents can upload a picture of the nuisance signs right in their report so city staff know exactly where the signs are located and what they look like.”

The online customer service application ( was introduced in 2014 as part of the city’s increasing focus on online customer service through the e-Government program.

“More than two-thirds of residents and 70 per cent of businesses surveyed said they prefer to carry out interactions and transactions with the city online,” said Deb Caughlin, manager of Service Burlington. “The city is listening and responding to these needs by continuing to expand the online customer service application.”

getting new - yellow

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Alma Sarai to be directed by Trevor Copp in a production of Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream at the RBG Rock Garden

artsblue 100x100By Pepper Parr

August 10th, 2016



There was little doubt in Alma Sarai’s mind that the stage is where she wanted to be when she grew up.

Everything she has done since leaving elementary school has been one more step towards that realization. This evening, Alma Sarai will take to the stage as Hermia in an outdoor production of Shakespeare’s a Midsummer Night’s Dream that is being performed on a lawn at the new Rock Garden at The Royal Botanical Gardens.

The location is on York Blvd – just keep going west on Plains Road – tough to miss the sign.  Parking is on the other side of  York Blvd

Alma - side - direct to camera

Alma Sarai – playing Hermia in a Midsummer Night’s Dream at the RBG Rock Garden through to the 21st of August.

Alma is in the process of completing a joint dramatic arts program at both Sheridan College and the Mississauga campus of the University of Toronto.  “This is really a unique opportunity for me” she said when explaining how she ended up as part of a nine player cast being directed by Trevor Copp.

Copp who is a performer in his own right, went looking for young talent that was relatively new to live theatre and joined them to the five experienced players.

Cast - 9 members

A cast meeting the day before they take to stage on a lawn at the RBG Rock Garden

In casting this piece, Copp said he “searched this area’s post-secondary theatre programs for the most talented senior students/recent graduates – and offered them paid theatre work. it’s unprecedented in our area.”

Alma and Trevor had crossed each others path on a number of occasions but had not worked in a production. “I have danced with him” said Alma – “he is a wonderfully smooth dancer.”

Trevor is also a director who tends to look for the edges of whatever he is doing and then seeing how far he can push those edges. Alma describes the two act play as one that is “very physical” and it is certainly a different production.

While Copp is the director his approach is very collaborative. During a cast meeting the day before the cast performs changes were being made.

Alma, who says she “is a dork for Shakespeare” is totally stoked for the production. She has a number of costume changes; one in which she wears a white costume while rolling on green grass.

“We are expected to really put ourselves out in this production” said Alma “and that’s what makes it so very exciting”.

Copp is not a director that gets caught up in the language of a production – he is more physical person and tends to focus on body movement and interpretation of a scene through animation rather than words.

What he chooses to do and manages to do with language as rich as that given to us by Shakespeare will be interesting – expect it to be different.  and expect actresses like Alma Sarai and the rest of the company to be very physical.

Amelia H&S smile

Alma Sarai, an Aldershot High School graduate who will be performing on the grounds of the RBG where she played in what they used to call the bowl.

This is the first summer in ten years that Alma hasn’t worked at Aquarius in Hamilton where she was both acting in productions and then teaching.

With the end of her formal education nearing – “I will always be learning” Alma isn’t sure what she will be doing when she has graduated.

She sings, dances and has a small streak of the comedian in her. “When I am not certain of what I am doing I tend to slip into being funny”

In her outline of what she has done so far Alma Sarai lists:

Midsummer ~ A Dream; Hermia
Pericles, Prince of Tyre; Thaisa & Diana
How to Make Love in a Canoe; Co-Creator with Melissa-Jane Shaw
Antigone; Chorus, UTM Drama Club
The Navigator; Guard. UTM Fundraiser
A Chorus Line; Val Clark. Theatre Aquarius
The Who’s Tommy; Sally Simpson. Theatre Aquarius
Departures & Arrivals; People Watcher. Aldershot H.S

The list goes on and on.

Rock Garden sign

The Rock Garden has the place for lunch in the Cafe or dinner at the restaurant. Cafe doesn’t have its license yet.

And for Alma Sarai that list is just beginning; for the next two weeks she will be outside on a lawn at the RBG Rock Garden playing Hermia in Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream; a production that will have the unique Trevor Copp touch and emerging actress Alma Sarai as part of the cast.

The location is superb, the production values will be different and you will be able to say you watched Alma Sarai when she was getting started.

Show Times:
August 10th @ 7pm
August 11th @ 7pm
August 12th @ 7pm
August 13th @ 7pm
August 14th @ 7pm

August 17th @ 7pm
August 18th @ 7pm
August 19th @ 7pm
August 20th @ 7pm
August 21st @ 7pm

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Burlington's hospital gets an additional $400 thousand from the province.

News 100 redBy Staff

August 10th, 2016


Ontario is providing $175 million in 2016–17 to hospitals across the province — an increase of $50 million over last year’s funding — to keep them in a state of good repair so patients can continue to receive high-quality care in a safe and healthy environment.

Burlington’s Joseph Brant Hospital will receive $400,525 of the $175 million the province is giving hospitals across the province.

An architects rendering of the new entrance to the Joseph Brant Hospital whch will now face the lake. The entrance will be off LAkeshore Road with the new parking lot just to the west of the hospital.

An architects rendering of the new entrance to the Joseph Brant Hospital which will now face the lake. The entrance will be off Lakeshore Road with the new parking lot just to the west of the hospital.

The funds came through the Health Infrastructure Renewal Fund (HIRF) and was an increase of $50 million over last year’s funding for all the hospitals.

HIRF funding to support crucial infrastructure projects to extend the useful life or improve the quality of their facilities. Projects may include upgrades or replacements to roofs, windows, HVAC systems, fire alarms and back-up generators.

The Joseph Brant Hospital is in the middle of a renovate/rebuild of its facilities which they expect to complete in 2018.

JBMH president Eric Vandewall is reported to be working on his schedule and aking tme to meet with the city. Dinner with senior city staff was a good start.

JBH president Eric Vandewall

Eric Vandewall, President and CEO of Joseph Brant Hospital said: “As we undergo the largest transformation in our hospital’s history, including a brand new seven-storey patient tower, it’s critical that we ensure all areas of our hospital are kept in excellent condition. This additional funding will ensure that patients receive the modern and efficient health care services they need and deserve in a setting that is safe, clean and in good repair.”

McMahon - First public as Minister

Burlington MPP Eleanor McMahon, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport

Burlington MPP, Eleanor McMahon, Minister for Tourism, Culture and Sport said: “ The expansion of Joseph Brant Hospital represents a true partnership between our government, the City of Burlington and our generous citizens. Working together we are investing in a hospital which will offer the best in patient care and one which will attract people and investment to our community. ”

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Burlington Bandits manage to stay in the quarter final playoffs by beating Barrie 3-2 last night.

sportsgold 100x100By Staff

August 10th, 2016



The Burlington Bandits avoided elimination by the Barrie Baycats with a 3-2 home game win

Bandits - Adam Odd - batter of weekAdam Odd singled and hit a solo home run for the Bandits. Kevin Hussey doubled and drove in a run, and Canice Ejoh singled twice and scored once.
Ryan Beckett (1-1) threw a complete-game five-hitter. He was charged with two earned runs and walked two while striking out six.
Jeff Cowan hit a solo home run for the defending champion Baycats. Kyle DeGrace had the other RBI. Ryan Spataro singled twice and scored a run.

Emilis Guererro (1-1) went eight innings and scattered nine hits and three runs, striking out 10 without issuing a walk.

Barrie leads the best-of-seven quarter-final 3-1.

IBL Aug 9Things didn’t go as well for the Hamilton Cardinals. The Kitchener Panthers swept the first four games in a seven game quarter final play off and become the first IBL team Cardinals to advance in the IBL playoffs.

Kitchener took the fourth game in an 11-4 win Tuesday night.

Tanner Nivins went 3-for-6 with three runs and an RBI, while Sean Reilly singled twice and drove in two runs. Jonathan Brouse, Frank Camilo Morejon and Mike Andrulis each had a hit and an RBI, Mike Glinka singled, doubled, drove in a run and scored twice, Terrell Alliman had two hits and a run, and Justin Interisano singled once and scored three runs with three walks.

David Whiteside (1-0) went 5.2 innings for the win, allowing four runs on nine hits, walking five and striking out three.

Chris Beer homered and drove in two for the Cardinals, who finished seventh in the regular season. Tyler Hardie doubled twice and had an RBI and run, TJ Baker drove in a run, and Geoffrey Seto had two singles and a run.

Jonathan Palumbo (0-1) took the loss after giving up six runs (three earned) in 1.1 innings, walking four without striking out a batter. Chris Lazar started and allowed three runs (two earned) on seven hits over 4.2 innings, walking two and striking out one.

In Guelph the Royals were taken out of the quarter finals by the London Majors but it wasn’t easy.

London let a three-run lead slip away in the ninth inning before scoring the winning run in the top of the 10th in Game 4 of the best-of-seven quarter-final Tuesday night. The Majors won 10-9.

The Majors’ winning rally started with two outs when Chris McQueen walked and stole second. RJ Fuhr doubled on a full count to bring him home.

Guelph had runners on first and third in the bottom of the inning, but Todd Leavitt struck out Blake Kauer to end the game and the series.

Fuhr had two hits, an RBI and run, while Carlos Arteaga had two RBI. Brett Sabourin and Byron Reichstein each drove in a run.

Leavitt (1-0) threw a hitless inning for the win. London’s sixth reliever walked one without striking out a batter. Starter Cory Hammond went six innings and gave up a run on six hits with four walks and four strikeouts.

Guelph’s Chandler McLaren had four hits and finished a triple short of the cycle. He drove in four and scored twice. Matt Schmidt had two hits, an RBI and run, Jeff MacLeod added a pair of hits and scored once, while Keegan Marsden, Kyle Alarcon and Trevor Nyp all drove in a run.

Alexander Gowing (0-1) took the loss, giving up a run on one hit in 1.1 innings of relief. He struck out two and walked one. AJ Mackey started and allowed three runs (two earned) on four hits, striking out seven and walking two.

Guelph outhit London 14-8 but committed five errors, while London committed three.

Baseball IBL league colours2016 IBL quarter-finals

Series A
(1) London Majors vs (8) Guelph Royals
London wins series 4-0
Game 1: London 9, Guelph 4
Game 2: London 10, Guelph 0
Game 3: London 8, Guelph 5
Game 4: London 10, Guelph 9 (10)

Series B
(2) Kitchener Panthers vs. (7) Hamilton

Cardinals Kitchener wins series 4-0

Game 1: Kitchener 12, Hamilton 6
Game 2: Kitchener 6, Hamilton 2
Game 3: Kitchener 17, Hamilton 7
Game 4: Kitchener 11, Hamilton 4

Series C
(3) Barrie Baycats vs. (6) Burlington Bandits

Barrie leads series 3-1

Game 1: Barrie 6, Burlington 1
Game 2: Barrie 7, Burlington 3
Game 3: Barrie 14, Burlington 4
Game 4: Burlington 3, Barrie 2
Game 5: Thursday, Aug. 11 at Barrie; 7:30 p.m.
*Game 6: Friday, Aug. 12 at Burlington; 7:30 p.m.
*Game 7: Saturday, Aug. 13 at Barrie; 7:30 p.m.

Series D
(4) Brantford Red Sox vs. (5) Toronto Maple Leafs

Brantford leads series 2-1

Game 1: Brantford 9, Toronto 8 (10 innings)
Game 2: Toronto 6, Brantford 5
Game 3: Brantford 16, Toronto 6
Game 4: Wednesday, Aug. 10 at Brantford; 8 p.m.
*Game 5: Friday, Aug. 12 at Brantford; 8 p.m.
*Game 6: Saturday, Aug. 13 at Toronto; TBD *Game 7: Sunday, Aug. 14 at Brantford; 8 p.m.

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Parts of Drury Lane to be closed for more than a month.

notices100x100By Staff

August 9th, 2016



The error in the map – blame the city – not the Gazette has been corrected.

Notice of Temporary Road Closure – Prospect Street at Drury Lane, Monday, Aug. 15, 2016 to Friday, Oct. 21, 2016
Prospect Street from Joyce Street to Ashley Avenue and Drury Lane from Sharron Street to Fairview Street will be closed Monday, Aug. 15, 2016 to Friday, Oct. 21, 2016 to reconstruct and install new water mains and sanitary sewers.

Drury lane map Local access to homes and business will be maintained. Please refer to the map for vehicle and transit detours.

For more information, please contact Bob Jurk at 905-335-7600, ext. 7682 or

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Problems with the management of waste water land on the Mayors desk. Video highlights the problem.

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

August 9th, 2016



A video has been posted that shows waste garbage near a storm water grate at the Brant Street Beach, near the Brant Street Pier.

Burlington singer Sarah Harmer and producer Brett Rogers met with Mayor Rick Goldring, Regional officials and Marianne Meed Ward, the city Councillor for the downtown core of the city.

In a media release the city said:
Sarah Harmer, Rogers, Mayor Rick Goldring, Ward 2 Councillor Marianne Meed Ward and city staff responsible for storm water management and communication were joined at City Hall by Halton Regional staff responsible for drinking water and public health, including testing beaches for swimming safety.

The meeting follows the posting of a video by Rogers that shows garbage near a storm water grate at the Brant Street Beach, near the Brant Street Pier.

“We had a good discussion today with Brett, Sarah and staff,” said Mayor Goldring. “As a result of today’s meeting, city and regional staff are working to further quantify elements that impact storm water management and beach water quality in Burlington in order to determine next steps. We know Lake Ontario is a tremendous asset to our community.”

A natural beach created when land jutting out into the lake was formed - some think the "mini-beach should have a boat dock dropped into place.

A natural beach created when land jutting out into the lake was formed – some think the “mini-beach should have a boat dock dropped into place.  You can see where the water discharge pipe is located on the right hand side.

“The small beach at Spencer Smith Park is well-loved and well-used,” said Councillor Meed Ward. “I’m grateful to Brett and Sarah for raising awareness about water quality and how we handle storm water, especially as more development occurs, and we lose green space.

There are lots of options for us, including low-impact development, green infrastructure and storm water utilities. I’m committed to exploring those.”

That water run off pipe is what results in part of the problem with the small beach at the foot of Brant Street. That plus the geese that foul the water. There is always a sign on this beach that tells you if the water is safe.

That water run off pipe is what results in part of the problem with the small beach at the foot of Brant Street. That plus the geese that foul the water. There is always a sign on this beach that tells you if the water is safe.

Water - MMW Harmer -Rogers - Magi

From the left: City Councillor Marianne Meed Ward, Sarah Harmer, Brett Rogers and Allan Magi, Executive Director of Capital works for the city. Harmer is casting a wary eye on what Magi is explaining – and well she should.

The five next steps before the group meets in September are:
• Halton Region health staff will connect with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change to determine if it is possible to do any testing of the outfall and, if possible, would testing be meaningful.
• The City of Burlington will research end-of-pipe technologies that could be possible for the storm water outlet at Brant Street Beach. Staff will also check in with the city’s roads and parks maintenance department to learn about current geese management practices.
• The City of Burlington will connect with other agencies, including Conservation Halton and Halton Region, and compile a list of current education programs related to storm water and beaches, also researching best practices for communicating.
• The City of Burlington will look at the signs created in the past year featuring, which are posted at both Burlington Beach and Brant Street Beach. The city will look at possible additional signage related to animals on Burlington’s beaches.
• Mayor Goldring is hosting a follow-up meeting with Rogers and Harmer, Councillor Meed Ward and staff in mid-September to report back on the findings and determine possible next steps.

The Beach Brett Rogers was using was one of the bonuses that came with the $14 million pier. Sand began to form on the west side of the pier and that spot where the Naval Promenade begins yards away from the Waterfront Hotel.

When the city realized the formation of sand was going to continue they built a small walkway to the edge of the water. The location is now used by children who want to be near the water. Some small craft beach their boars there from time to time.

The testing of water quality is a Regional government responsibility. At one time the Region would issue regular water quality reports but they stopped doing that at the end of the 2015 summer season.

Brett Rogers is a producer and adventurer and co-creator of the History Channel’s 7 Days in Hell.

Sarah Harmer is the founder of PERL  – Protecting Escarpment Rural Lands  and a well-known singer who has won numerous awards. She was a significant witness during the Tribunal that eventually decided not to issue a permit to the Nelson Aggregate company that wanted to expand the quarry in north Burlington.

The discharge pipe has been in place for years; it was the keen eye of Brett Rogers that saw the scope of the problem.

On a web site of his own Brett Rogers gives what he calls “his rant”. It follows:

Brett Rogers

Brett Rogers – a guy who loves what he is doing.

On Saturday I went paddle boarding at my local launch point at Spencer Smith Park, in Burlington. You could make a good argument that between Spencer Smith Park and the Skyway bridge is some of the best recreational shoreline on Lake Ontario. Spencer Smith hosts some pretty awesome festivals like the Sound of Music and Rib Fest, while Burlington Beach is honestly one of the best places to swim, anywhere. Over the last four years I have spent a lot of my leisure time paddling my standup paddle board here. I love this place so much.

I’ve always had a close relationship with fresh water and I like to think that I’ve done a good job at respecting and celebrating water too. One of my News Years resolutions this year was to be a better fresh water advocate. The truth is, yeah I’ve done a good job at being a fresh water advocate over the past decade but I have not done a great job, and in this world, there are only great efforts and shitty efforts. Trust me in that I do not want to be a shitty fresh water advocate, which means I either up my game, or I shut up. And if you know me, I rarely shut up so I decided to up my game.

A big part of upping my game has been about reconnecting with an old mentor of mine, Mark Mattson. Mark is my Lake Ontario Waterkeeper. I worked for him for 9 months, 9 years ago. Looking back now, man was that an awesome job. Over the past handful of months I have really taken every opportunity of free time to help promote the work Mark is doing. A big part of that has been collecting Watermarks and exploring Burlington Bay in Annie, my York Boat. Since I’ve spent so much time with Mark lately, I’ve also learned a ton about Lake Ontario – some things that are truly out of this world cool and something, well, they just pissed me off.

Take Saturday for example. On that day I went paddle boarding with one of my best buddies. It was a wicked 3 hours on the lake. We launched and pulled out at this tiny little beach (maybe the smallest sandy beach on all of the Great Lakes) at Spencer Smith Park. As we paddled back in I noticed this huge culvert pipe between the beach and the pier. Now last year, I would had not even paid attention to such a feature, but this year I am like an eagle on the water, constantly on the lookout for a target – pollution. I notice this pipe and I think to myself, ‘I bet this dam thing is dumping storm water into my lake!’.

I guess the Lake Ontario gods had the same thought because last night, which was Sunday night, I wake up at 3 am to a huge thunder and lightning storm. I shut the windows and I can feel the mist of the rain blowing through the screen. It’s raining hard. The first thing that comes to my mind is that dam pipe! So I get out of bed, grab my video camera and drive 20 minutes down to the Lake. I have to investigate.

I love my home. I am proud of it. Both in terms of my roots in the country where I live and as a citizen of the City of Burlington. I’ve traveled a bunch and I do believe that this city is one of the best cities in all the world to live in. It’s not to big, not to small and with two totally awesome natural features that I am so proud of – the Niagara Escarpment and Lake Ontario. Plus Burlington really does has a nice downtown which we should all be proud about. But man… was I pissed off this morning. I mean, I was mad. How the hell can a great medium size City like Burlington be cutting corners like this and pull off this type of cronyism?

To deal with my anger (and utter disappointment) I felt I needed to pull some of those images and make this short video – if only for my mental well being but hopefully, to bring about change. Here’s the thing. As a Canadian, and as a member of the Burlington community, I really have no business worrying about the destruction of the Amazon rainforest when there is bull shit going on right here in my home town. Yes there are horrible things going on all over the world, but who am I to become engaged in ‘those’ issues when my own city and municipality are dumping pollution into the one of the greatest lakes on Earth, and the drinking water source for 9 million people! I don’t even drink from Lake Ontario, I am on a well, but I am still angry!

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Bikes, Boards and Bandsaws Tour at Lee Valley - close to a must for the serious skate boarder.

sportsgold 100x100By Staff

August 9th, 2016


Motis, a Canadian action sports company, will be leading skateboard and longboard building workshops across Ontario at Lee Valley Tool stores.

Participants will get a hands-on education by using saws, sanders and drills to create their own skateboard or long board, which they will take home with them.

Ward Councillor Blair Lancaster and Mayor Rick Goldring put their political repitations on the line and stand on skate baords. Is there one foot on the ground there?

Ward Councillor Blair Lancaster and Mayor Rick Goldring put their political reputations on the line and stand on skate boards. Is there one foot on the ground there? Don’t expect t see these two at the skate board workshop.

These one-day workshops will run from 9:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Participants will use templates to draw out their unique shape on a pre-pressed Canadian maple blank, and then use a band-saw to cut out their board.

They will then router and sand their board and will drill out holes. In the afternoon, participants will create their own custom artwork. With the use of a vinyl cutter, participants will create stencils to spray paint custom images onto their deck. Grip tape will be applied to the top. Trucks, wheels, bearings and hardware are not included in the workshop fee, but participants are encouraged to bring their own so they can complete their new boards by the end of the day.

Skateboarding Norton elements

These are the guys that can get something out of the workshops being offered at Lee Valley Tools on Thursday.

When? Thursday, August 11 at the Lee Valley location in the Plaza east of Guelph Line, immediately south of Mainway.getting new - yellow

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Live and Play Guide will be available online August 11. Registration begins on Saturday, August 20

News 100 redBy Staff

August 9th, 2016



The city’s Fall and Winter 2016/2017 Live and Play Guide, featuring listings for recreation, sport and culture programs, will be available in city facilities and online at on Thursday, Aug. 11.

Registration begins on Saturday, Aug. 20 for adults over 19, adults over 55 and those looking to sign up for fitness classes.

Registration for all other programs starts at 11 a.m.

Kids + water = fun and noise - all part of the Halton Children's Water Festival. A full day of fun at a cost of $5 per student.

Kids + water = fun and noise – all part of the summer season.

“We’re not ready to say goodbye to the summer weather just yet, but we are looking ahead to the fall and winter months and all the fun opportunities for play that the cooler weather brings,” said Chris Glenn, the city’s director of parks and recreation. “The online guide is an easy and convenient way for residents to search and sign up for their favourite activities and recreation programs.”

The city’s popular Yoga in the Park program is featured on the cover of the fall/winter guide. The free yoga classes run every Sunday from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. in a different city park each week starting Sept. 11. Each session features a different, certified volunteer yoga instructor. Participants are asked to wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat, a towel, and water. All levels are welcome.

Hundreds of families used Beachway Park on Canada Day - they had no way of know if the water their children were swimming in was safe to use. That weekend the water to the left of an imaginary line was safe, the water to the right wasn't. There was no signage telling the pubic aboiut water conditions.

Hundreds of families use Burlington parks and beaches.

The City of Burlington offers a variety of registered and drop-in programs for all ages and abilities throughout the city. Hard copies of the guide are available at City Hall, 426 Brant St., Burlington Public Library branches or any city recreation centre.

To receive future copies of the online guide by email, subscribe to the Live and Play e-newsletter at

For details on how to register for fall/winter programs and events, see page three of the guide or visit

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Rivers on the American Presidential election: The chief contenders are anything but conventional.

Rivers 100x100By Ray Rivers

August 9th, 2016


There is nothing conventional in the race for the US White House this year. The chief contenders are anything but conventional.

One is exceptionally qualified, and the other not at all, so the choice should be easy. But none of that seems to matter to an electorate tired of the ordinary and mundane and looking for something new, fresh and exciting.

Not unlike the bi-polar school teacher in the 1977 movie version of the book “Looking for Mr. Goodbar”, there is a new fascination with someone who isn’t part of one’s conventional experience – a new exciting high to be achieved by toying with the prospect of danger – the fantasy and the reality. Which brings us to Donald Trump, a man who has shown no comprehension of the job before him, though if nothing else he is exciting.

hillary-clinton_3Hilary ClintonAs outgoing president Obama made emphatic, there is no better qualified candidate than Hillary Clinton. And if qualification and experience were all that mattered there would be no contest, and the tired but somewhat boring and compromised Hillary would be the shoo-in victor on election day. After all, she is running against a man with a dubious record in his business ventures and one who has never even run for public office – let alone the highest office in the land, in all his seventy years.

But America is a divided people, red and blue states that rarely change their colour, beset with long suffering prejudices on all sides. Despite electing a black president two terms in a row, America is still conflicted with racism. It is a violent place with more guns per capita and greater incarceration than any other.

Despite having the most super rich, the US is only 44th in health care efficiency, 24th in literacy, 14th in education, and arguably has the second highest level of social ignorance among developed nations. Surprisingly at least one survey tags the USA at 46th in press freedom.

And if Trump’s plan to make America great again included dealing with those issues – every thinking American should consider voting for him. But it doesn’t. There is nothing of such to be seen in all his diatribe on America First and making it great again, nothing about introducing gun control, promoting economic and social justice, and furthering education and awareness. Hillary’s plan comes closer to those goals, in fact.

Trump fist upTrump smirk July 24-16Donald Trump cleaned-up in the Republican nomination race by simply being himself. His victory was more of a fluke than a deliberate strategy. He just plumbed for and echoed the deepest, darkest recesses of the worst of America, and spewed racism, homophobia and insults as no American politician had done before. The more outlandish his comments, the more he gained notoriety and support among disciples who mistook his words of prejudice for plain-speaking. He was/is different and exciting. But what makes him dangerous is his lack of detail – what he actually would do.

Once he scored the candidacy of his party one would have expected a whole new playbook, more befitting of a presidential candidate in the big arena. But Trump doesn’t have one. He has nothing to offer but his swagger, a revisionist unfunny Roger Dangerfield for our times. Whether that will continue to propel him is the big question. Hillary has not been able to cripple the significant public support he continues to garner. And so, like other irrational outcomes of public will, such as Rob Ford’s election and Brexit, Trump should not be discounted.

An interesting aspect of this race is the Russian card. Putin has confessed admiration for Trump and vice-versa. Trump’s campaign manager is pro-Putin, having advised the ousted pro-Russian Ukrainian leader, and the Donald’s musing about NATO and Crimea should be unsettling to an America once ready to nuke the Russkies to smithereens, and likewise. But Trump is the inveterate teflon-man and even flirting with Putin has not bothered his core followers, including many veterans and those raised during the cold war.

As the election gets nearer and Trump continues to poll well, Americans will need to ask themselves some hard questions. The first being how badly do they want the kind of change Trump is promising – isolation and a radical shifting of alliances. Do they really want to give him a carte blanche to reverse the past half century of American foreign policy?

Going to bed with Putin might be an exciting idea.

But where will this dangerous fantasy lead? Is Putin really Mr. Goodbar?

Editor’s note:

The conventions are over and the general election has officially begun. In the primaries, Bernie Sanders received 1,846 pledged delegates, 46% of the total. Hillary Clinton received 2,205 pledged delegates, 54%. She received 602 superdelegates. Sanders received 48 superdelegates.

The Democratic party, based on these numbers, is not as united as they would have us believe.  These are very dangerous times for the United States.  Rivers will write next on what he thinks Canada can and should do to protect its interests.


Ray Rivers is an economist and author who writes weekly on federal and provincial issues, applying his 25 years of involvement with federal and provincial ministries.  Rivers’ involvement in city matters led to his appointment as founding chair of Burlington’s Sustainable Development Committee.  He was also a candidate in the 1995 provincial election

Background links:

Mr. Goodbar –  Clinton Qualified 

Putin-Trump Axis

America’s Global Ranking –

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Brant, Hemmingway Drive and Upper Middle Road - get ready for dust and delays - water mains being replaced.

notices100x100By Staff

August 8th, 2016


Notice of Construction –

Brant Street, Hemmingway Drive and Upper Middle Road, August to December, 2016

The Region of Halton is installing and replacing water mains on Brant Street, Upper Middle Road and Hemmingway Drive from August to December 2016.

New street paving

New street got a new layer of asphalt after a full month of dust and traffic delays while water maims and sewage pipes were upgraded.

New Street from Guelph Line east to Martha had water mains replaced in July – the dust was terrible – and traffic delays were annoying.  They did lay down a new layer of asphalt – nice road now.

Contract Number: W-2898B-16

Scheduled Start Date: August 2016
Scheduled Completion Date: December 2016

Contractor: Ground Breakers Contracting Ltd
Project Manager: Gabrielle Feuvrier
905-825-6000, ext. 7417

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No sand castle contest during Children's Festival this year - expected to return in 2017

News 100 blueBy Staff

August 8th, 2016



In 2016, the city chose to discontinue the sand castles content event in the Beachway that they had been hosting since 2008.

Sand castle

Some of the sand castles done in 2015 were very complex.

The event, which had a following of its own, was initially created to bring both awareness and visitors to the Burlington beach. This highly successful, award-winning event has done just that. Now the city is looking for a new a host in the community.

The city has received an event application to host a similar event on the beach for 2017. The organizer noted that they did not feel that they had sufficient time to plan the event for 2016.

Has been

Clearly a labour of love.

So – it looks as if there will be a sand castle event on the Beachway in 2017.

Not having the event this year was perhaps a piece of good planning luck – with Lakeshore shut down completely while the road is being rebuilt and raised by about as much as a metre in some place – traffic could not have gotten to the Beachway very easily. The map below show how messy traffic is down there.


It would not have been easy to reach the Beachway Park this year if there had been a sand castle contest.

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Burlington resident made a Knight of th French Legion of Honour at ceremony aboard HMCS Haida.

News 100 blueBy Pepper Parr

August 7th, 2016



It was a small, dignified ceremony on a lovely sunny summer afternoon at HMCS Star aboard the retired Tribal Class destroyer HMCS Haida.

There Colonel Roger Vandomm, of the French Consulate pinned a medal on the chest of Bill McConnell. The media release had Bill down as William (Bill) Basil McConnell RN (retd)


HMS Ramillies firing all four 16 inch guns

While aboard the British Battleship HMS Ramillies, Bill, as what we would call an electrician today, climbed up into the Aloft Directory of the ship to fix an electrical fitting when the four 16 inch guns of the battleship roared.

Bill was not able to put his hands over his ears because, as he put it, “you can’t cover both ears, hold the ladder and your tool kit at the same time”. He was instantly deafened, completely in on ear and seriously in the other.

Battleships were huge ships and carried four 16 inch guns that sometimes were fired so often that the paint burned off the barrels. We rattle off that phrase “16 inch guns” quickly when we are talking about a big bullet that measures more than a foot wide.

The roar of the shell coming out of a barrel, four of them at the same time, pushes that battle ship sideways.

The guns had huge range and required a crew of gunners, fitters and electrical types to maintain it. Bill was one of the electrical type, known then as an electrical artificers,

Bill joined the navy at the age of 11. He was at the Royal Hospital School, which was part of the British Navy at the time. It was basically a boarding school where the students wore uniforms. The students got seven weeks of vacation each year.  Bill’s father was a Gunnery Chief Petty Officer, these were tough men.

Bill served on a number of ships – the one that he served on the longest was HMS Ramillies, a First World War battleship that was deemed to be good enough to put to sea.

The electrical types were seen as better educated than other ratings – thus when it was clear there was going to be a war in 1938, Bill found himself doing paperwork related to reserve naval types being called up. It was a situation where 15 year old boys were doing the paper work that brought men, some 60 years of age, back into the service.

Battle map D day

HMS Ramillies was part of the naval support on DDay. She was tasked with taking out German guns at Benneville shown on the far right. They needed just 80 minutes to destroy most of the German guns

Ramillies was part of the D Day landing in June of 1944. She was to use her big guns to take out a German battery with six 6” guns at Beneville, France to the east end of Sword Beach. The Ramillies took out four of those gun batteries in 80 minutes. The British shells coming in meant the Germans had to do their best to return fire and were not able to train their guns on the troops landing on the beaches.

It was during this battle that Bill had to go aloft to the Aloft Director to repair some electrical equipment. The Aloft Director is the station high up on the ship that was used for observation.

The Allied landings on the Beaches of Normandy France were ferocious battles; thousands of men were lost. It was however the battle that turned the tide and the beginning of the Liberation of France.


Legion d’Honneur awarded by the President of the republic of France.

On the 70th Anniversary of the war ending the French government decided to make anyone who was involved in the landings a member of the Legion d’Honneur – the Legion of Honour.

During the ceremony on Sunday Colonel Vandomm read a document that said: “By order of the President of the Republic of France, you have been awarded the rank of Knight of the French National Order of the Legion of Honour.

McConnell + Vandomm

Chief Petty Officer William Basil McConnell being awarded the French Legion of Honour by Colonel Roger Vandomm. The smile of appreciation on the Colonel’s face told the story.

“This distinction, the highest national order of France, illustrates the profound gratitude France would like to express to you in recognition of your personal involvement of the liberation of our country during World War II.”

Bill kept his eyes closed for much of the presentation – no doubt recalling the roar of those guns and the huge risk he was under.

While the guns were blazing three torpedoes sped past the battleship – two on one side, one on the other.
Bill stayed in the Navy after the war and left in 1953 after fifteen years of service.

His skills were quickly put to use as he worked for the next sixteen years in the development, installation and acceptance testing of guns and missile controls.

While on a vacation to Canada he found a job working on the “Sea Sparrow” missile control systems for the Canadian DDH280 destroyers.

Bill moved from working on ships to becoming part of the team that established sites, did equipment installation, commissioning and acceptance trials for the Anik geostationary satellite TV receive and telephone transreceiver stations in the far north and the Maritimes.

In 1977Bill joined the Canadian Department of Communications doing sub contract work for the Hermes satellite operations group,

In 1986 he was part of the Canadian Astronautics organization that designed and assembled high gain extendable array antennas.

After overseeing the construction of three satellite receiving stations in Goose Bay, Labrador, Churchill and Edmonton Bill returned to retirement.

He spent several years travelling and then spent eight years in a French Canadian farming village.

He moved to Burlington in 2008 to be nearer his only Canadian relative.

McConn aborad Haida

Bill McConnell, speaking to an audience after being made a Knight of the French Legion of Honour. He was aboard HMCS Haida in Hamilton. Burlington MP Karina Gould and Burlington Mayor Rick Goldring took part in th ceremony.

As a 93 year old Royal Navy retired Chief Petty Officer, William Basil McConnell climbed the steps of the gangway to board HMCS Haida where he was made a Knight of the French Legion of Honour.

A long way from his experience as an 11 years old Electrical Artificer.

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IBL quarter finals not likely to go beyond four games; Tuesday will tell the tale.

sportsgold 100x100By Pepper Parr

August 7, 2016



They are going down like ten pins at a bowling alley.

The bottom three teams in the Inter County Baseball League may not win as much as a single game in the quarter finals the way the games are going so far.

IBL August 7The Barrie Baycats inched closer to the second round of playoffs with a 14-4 win over the Burlington Bandits at home Sunday night.
Barrie leads the best-of-seven quarter-final 3-0.

Jeff Cowan had four of the Baycats’ 17 hits and also drove in a run and scored four times. Glenn Jackson had three hits, four RBI and two runs, Branfy Infante singled, doubled and drove in two while scoring twice, Ryan Spataro singled and tripled and had four RBI, Jordan Castaldo had two hits and two runs, Kyle DeGrace had an RBI, and Conner Morro had a single, RBI and run.

Adam Rowe (1-0) threw six shutout innings and scattered five hits with three walks and seven strikeouts.

For Burlington, Matt McCue had two RBI, and Robert Tavone drove in a run. Justin Gideon singled three times and scored once, and Nolan Pettipiece had two hits and a run.

Christian Hauck (0-1) went five innings and allowed eight runs (three earned) on 10 hits with two walks and no strikeouts.

In London the Majors moved one win from the semifinal after an 8-5 victory over the Guelph Royals Sunday afternoon.

London leads the best-of-seven quarter-final 3-0 and can wrap up the series on the road Tuesday.

Byron Reichstein had three of the Majors’ nine hits and drove in three runs while scoring once. Cleveland Brownlee had two RBI, Carloa Arteaga drove in a run and scored once, and Keith Kandel and Humberto Ruiz each had a hit and two runs.

Owen Boon (1-0) went five innings for the win, giving up two runs on seven hits, striking out four and walking two.

Ben Runyon picked up the last seven outs for the save, giving up two runs on three hits with a pair of strikeouts.

Matt Schmidt and Keegan Marsden each had two run home runs for the Royals. Marsden added an RBI single. Chandler McLaren singled four times and scored once, and Aaron Loder picked up a pair of hits.

Daniel Marquez (0-1) took the loss, allowing four runs on five hits over 5.2 innings, walking six and striking out one.

In Toronto, Brandon Dailey hit three home runs and drove in four to lead the Brantford Red Sox past the Toronto Maple Leafs Sunday afternoon.

Dailey homered to lead off the third inning and added a solo home run in the seventh and a two-run shot in the eighth as the Red Sox won 16-6 to take a 2-1 lead in their best-of-seven quarter-final.

Ricky Murray singled, homered and drove in three, while Benjamin Bostick doubled, tripled and had four RBI and two runs. Chris Dennis drove in a pair of runs, Jeff Hunt added three hits, two RBI and two runs, Tyler Patzalek singled twice and had an RBI and run, Josh McCurdy had two hits and one run, and Nic Burdett singled, doubled and scored three times.

Jonathan Joseph went five innings for the win, allowing five runs on eight hits. Joseph struck out eight without issuing a walk.

Jonathan Solazzo had a two-run home run to pace the Leafs’ offence. Jon Waltenbury picked up three hits, two RBI and a run, Justin Marra singled, doubled and drove in two, Sean Mattson had three hits and a run, and Brendan Keys singled, doubled and scored once.

Marek Deska (0-1) lasted 3.2 innings and gave up six runs on eight hits with a strikeout.

While in Kitchener the Panthers beat the Hamilton Cardinals as Tanner Nivins continued his torrid start to the playoffs, hitting two home runs to lead the Kitchener Panthers to a 17-7 win over the Hamilton Cardinals Sunday night.

Kitchener leads the best-of-seven quarter-final 3-0.

Both of Nivins’ home runs were solo shots, and he now has four in three games. The Panthers leadoff hitter added a single to bump his average to .615 and also scored four runs. Mike Gordner had four singles, five RBI and a run, David Whiteside singled, doubled, scored three times and drove in two, Terrell Alliman had three hits, an RBI and run, Frank Camilo Morejon went 3-for-5 with two RBI and two runs, and Luke Baker had an RBI and scored once.

Matt McGovern (1-0) went five innings for the win, giving up six runs on five hits, striking out three and walking two.

For Hamilton, Liam Wilson, TJ Baker and Callum Murphy all homered. Wilson finished with three hits, two RBI and two runs, Baker’s blast was a three-run shot, and Murphy’s home run was solo. Dre Celestijn had two hits and two runs.

Rhys Tapper (0-1) took the loss, allowing eight runs on seven hits over 3.2 innings. Tapper walked six and didn’t record a strikeout.

Baseball IBL league colours2016 IBL quarter-finals

Series A
(1) London Majors vs (8) Guelph Royals
London leads series 3-0
Game 1: London 9, Guelph 4
Game 2: London 10, Guelph 0
Game 3: London 8, Guelph 5
Game 4: Tuesday, Aug. 9 at Guelph; 7:30 p.m.
*Game 5: Thursday, Aug. 11 at London; 7:35 p.m.
*Game 6: Friday, Aug. 12 at Guelph; 7:30 p.m.
*Game 7: Saturday, Aug. 13 at London; 7:35 p.m.

Series B
(2) Kitchener Panthers vs. (7)
Hamilton Cardinals Kitchener leads series 3-0
Game 1: Kitchener 12, Hamilton 6
Game 2: Kitchener 6, Hamilton 2
Game 3: Kitchener 17, Hamilton 7
Game 4: Tuesday, Aug. 9 at Hamilton; 7:30 p.m.
*Game 5: Thursday, Aug. 11 at Kitchener; 7:30 p.m.
*Game 6: Friday, Aug. 12 at Hamilton; 7:30 p.m.
*Game 7: Saturday, Aug. 13 at Kitchener; 7 p.m.

Series C
(3) Barrie Baycats vs. (6)
Burlington Bandits Barrie leads series 3-0
Game 1: Barrie 6, Burlington 1
Game 2: Barrie 7, Burlington 3
Game 3: Barrie 14, Burlington 4
Game 4: Tuesday, Aug. 9 at Burlington; 7:30 p.m.
*Game 5: Thursday, Aug. 11 at Barrie; 7:30 p.m.
*Game 6: Friday, Aug. 12 at Burlington; 7:30 p.m.
*Game 7: Saturday, Aug. 13 at Barrie; 7:30 p.m.

Series D
(4) Brantford Red Sox vs. (5) Toronto Maple Leafs
Brantford leads series 2-1
Game 1: Brantford 9, Toronto 8 (10 innings)
Game 2: Toronto 6, Hamilton 5
Game 3: Brantford 16, Toronto 6
Game 4: Wednesday, Aug. 10 at Brantford; 8 p.m.
*Game 5: Friday, Aug. 12 at Brantford; 8 p.m.
*Game 6: Saturday, Aug. 13 at Toronto; TBD
*Game 7: Sunday, Aug. 14 at Brantford; 8 p.m.

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The Foxcroft men - gather around the Golden Whistle - reverently.

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

August 8th, 2106


How does he do it?

The guy gets the Prime Minister of the country to say nice things about him – on tape – it was almost an endorsement – and he isn’t even a Liberal? All true – check the video

Queen Elizabeth II, in her capacity as Colonel-in-Chief of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada, receives Colonel Ronald Foxcroft (Honorary Colonel) at Buckingham Palace in London.

Queen Elizabeth II, in her capacity as Colonel-in-Chief of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada, receives Colonel Ronald Foxcroft (Honorary Colonel) at Buckingham Palace.

Ron Foxcroft almost had the Queen blowing one of his whistles when he was presented to her.

Foxcroft with THE whistle

Astronaut Clayton Anderson who took a Foxcroft whistle into space poses with the inventor of the thing.

He gets the highest award available for sports officiating – The Golden Whistle and then gets his picture taken with the astronaut who took one of the things into space.

Foxcroft with wife Marie

Ron Foxcroft with wife Marie and the Golden Whistle

He gets his picture taken with the woman who played basketball better than he ever did – made a smart move and married the woman.

Foxcroft men - cropped

The Foxcroft men – what a blood line.

Then he poses with his sons and grandsons – can you see another Ron in that bunch?

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