Rivers drops the hammer on Alberta Premier Jason Kenney

Rivers 100x100By Ray Rivers

June 4th, 2020



It’s not the first time that America has come to this point over race relations. Meanwhile Canadians are embroiled in a debate about whether there is systemic racism in this country, and asking why we still haven’t done anything about the legacy of missing and murdered indigenous women. Still the sudden prominence of racial issues almost provides a relief from COVID 19 crisis, allowing the the news media to change the channel.

sars cover newsweek

The lessons to be learned from SARS was lost

It has been about six months since we first heard about this novel coronavirus. We understand it most likely originated from an exotic animal in one of those disgusting wet markets in the heart of the Chinese city of Wuhan. Apparently we don’t learn from history so are having to relive the SARS epidemic of only a few years ago. Except that COVID 19 is far deadlier and more contagious, so perhaps we’ll get the message this time.

Six months in, and beyond the sickness and death and the economic collapse, we are witnessing changes in the mental health of our society.

The extent of protests over the George Floyd killing is perhaps a manifestation of people living on the edge, angry about all the sickness and death, out of work, tired of the isolation, and asking why.

Rivers in mask

Ray Rivers in his latest mask: He jabbered and jabbered until his message began to be heard.

Even mild mannered columnists, like me, are finding it harder to stay positive in light of all the bungling and betrayal by our federal and provincial governments.

The US is a basket case, but many other nations have safeguarded their population from the disease much better than Canada has. Some didn’t even have to lock down their economies and others are almost back to normal now.

One columnist recently complained that Mr. Ford has mismanaged the lockdown, squandering the effort without significantly lowering the infection rate. Others have contrasted how B.C., after an early long term care (LTC) home outbreak, mobilized to effectively protect its seniors, while Ontario dragged its feet while all those seniors died. And, of course, eliminating annual inspections of Ontario LTC homes didn’t help.

But it is the feds who got us here in the first place. Primarily concerned about the political optics of restricting travellers from China, they refused to close the borders until we had established our own homegrown contagion. And then the chief medical officer of health instructed Canadians not to wear protective face masks – something which might have saved thousands of lives.


Wash your hands at least eight times a day.

Research shows that physical distancing and being outdoors are the safest ways to interact with others. Research has also cast doubt on whether the virus is actually spread from contacting surfaces, and thus the high priority given to hand washing. Though hand washing is always a good idea – epidemic or not.

But since the virus is spread primarily from our mouths and noses, being in close quarters without face protection is a front seat to the virus. Seniors’ homes, hospitals, prisons, meat processing and other industrial facilities, grocery stores and schools head the list of dangerous places.

Face masks are now mandatory in over 50 countries globally. Had nursing homes insisted that guests and staff wear masks, much of the carnage could likely have been avoided. As it is, the elderly in these close-contact places have accounted for the bulk of this country’s fatalities – victims through no fault of their own.

And so it is upsetting to hear, Jason Kenney, the noisy premier from Alberta rant about why he thinks his province’s economy should be fully opened up. According to his numbers the average age of death for all people in his province is 82 and of those dying from COVID is 83. So bring it on!

There were casualties among younger folks at the Cargill meat plant and from those working the oil patch as well. But I guess those lives don’t count anymore than those parents and grandparents who might otherwise live into their nineties? Somehow it is strange to hear Mr. Kenny bang on about the immorality of a woman’s right to choose, but promote letting old folks die prematurely from COVID.

Rivers - Kenney H&S

Jason Kenny: It was a grossly irresponsible comment and demonstrates a willful misuse of statistics.

It was a grossly irresponsible comment and demonstrates a willful misuse of statistics. But that’s Mr. Kenny, and that perhaps reflects why his personal polling is near the bottom compared to the other premiers.

Renewed emphasis on racism in North America has moved the needle away from sexism and the Me Too movement, at least for now. But there is another ‘ism’ that also needs public attention. You may not see swaths of senior citizens brandishing their placards on the streets and setting police cars on fire – something they might have done in their youth. But they are still the victims of ageism, at least in Alberta.

It is said that the true measure of a society is how it treats its most vulnerable members – in this case our elderly. At least we know where Mr Kenny stands. He has shown his hand… and it isn’t pretty.

Rivers hand to faceRay Rivers writes regularly on both federal and provincial politics, applying his more than 25 years as a federal bureaucrat to his thinking.  Rivers was once a candidate for provincial office in Burlington.  He was the founder of the Burlington citizen committee on sustainability at a time when climate warming was a hotly debated subject.   Ray has a post graduate degree in economics that he earned at the University of Ottawa.  Tweet @rayzrivers

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Six Months –    Squandered Time –     Canada Bungles

Early Action Mandatory Face Masks –     Doctors on Masks

More MasksNot Just Alberta Seniors Kenny –  Mental Health

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40% of Food Bank hampers go to families with children.

News 100 yellowBy Staff

June 3rd, 2020



Who gets the food handed out Monday to Friday by the Burlington Food Bank?

The demographics look like this: 40% of the clients they serve are families with kids. The food they supply to families; about two weeks supply includes snacks with juice for school aged kids

Robin Bailey June 3rd-20

Robin Executive Director of the Burlington Food Bank doing one of his regular, and short You Tube broadcasts.

Robin Bailey, who does a podcast a couple of times a week,  points out that “students need to eat economically, people have just been so impacted by this pandemic. It’s really important for people to be able to meet their basic necessities and one of the ways they can do that is by accessing community support through us. We are continuing on with our safe home delivery distribution model. Don’t go into debt for your food. Let us help.”

The Food Bank is a not for profit organization that gets food from a wide assortment of organizations that are both local and provincial. Milk producers supply dozens of cartons of milk that is kept fresh.

A number of organizations hold food drives.

Different groups donate funds.

Food bank volunteers

Just some of the volunteers who make the Food Bank work.

The day to day work is done by volunteers who sort food as it comes in and then pack it into hampers for delivery.

Gazette mask sign

Food hampers include cloth masks that are made by volunteers who cut the cloth, sew the pieces together and distribute them to different groups, including the Food Bank.

The model created by the Food Bank is a direct delivery. They take orders by phone. When Food is being delivered the drivers calls the household when they are outside the door the drivers call and someone from the household comes out to pick it up.

Covid19 safety procedures are paramount; everyone is masked.

If you are in need or know of someone who could use our help have them email us at info@burlingtonfoodbank.ca or call 905-637-2273 to make arrangements to have food dropped at the door. If you live in Burlington, we are here to help.

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Inconvenience while eastern part of New Street is resurfaced - possible internet disruption.

News 100 blueBy Pepper Parr

June 3rd,2020



More grief in store of those who depend on or live near New Street.

The final phase of the renewal of the street – from Walkers Line to Burloak where resurfacing is to be completed.

The City of Burlington is making improvements to New Street as well as Shane Court, Patrick Place and Bower Court.
The work to be done is extensive. All the details are set out below.

New street - being rebuilt

New Street west of Walkers Line was done more than a year ago.

The biggest concern for many might be the disruption to home internet or telephone service which may occur. The city is aware of the heightened concern with respect to families who are working from home and has raised this concern with utility companies and their need to react quickly to disabled services. Our goal is to have affected internet connections repaired by the utility companies within 24hrs of an issue occurring. The contractor typically contacts the utility company, however if you lose service, please feel free to contact us.

The City of Burlington and Halton Region are working with the contractors to make sure this work is done in a safe and timely way.

This construction site is managed by Associated Paving Ltd (APL). It is APL’s Health and Safety Policies and Procedures that will govern the job site. City of Burlington staff, Halton Region staff and all other consultants that go to the project site will follow APL’s policies for onsite health and safety.

Project Contacts
Inquiry/Concern Contact Contact/Road construction inquiries
Jason Forde
Construction Inspector

All other inquiries

Marc Daffre
Contract Administrator

June 2020 Project Scope
New Street – Walkers Line to Burloak Drive

• Resurfacing
• Base repairs as required
• Curb and sidewalk repairs as required
• Bus stop landing pad improvements
• Minor drainage improvements
• Pavement markings
New Street at Walkers Line (in addition to the above noted works)
• Pedestrian accessibility improvements
• Remove traffic island north east corner
• Renew traffic signal
New Street at Longmoor (in addition to the above noted works)
• Widen Longmoor Drive to accommodate right turn lane
• Pedestrian accessibility improvements
• Minor traffic signal improvements
New Street at Belvenia Road (in addition to the above noted works)
• Pedestrian accessibility improvements
• Minor traffic signal improvements
New Street at Shoreacres Road (in addition to the above noted works)
• Pedestrian accessibility improvements
• Minor traffic signal improvements
New Street at Appleby Line (in addition to the above noted works)
• Full depth asphalt replacement
• Pedestrian accessibility improvements
• Minor traffic signal improvements
New Street at Timber Lane (in addition to the above noted works)
• Pedestrian accessibility improvements
• Minor traffic signal improvements
New Street at Adams Street (in addition to the above noted works)
• Pedestrian accessibility improvements
• Minor traffic signal improvements
New Street west of Wedgewood Drive (in addition to the above noted works)
• New Street widening to extend centre turn lane
New Street at Hampton Heath Boulevard (in addition to the above noted works)
• New Street widening to create centre turn lane
• Pedestrian accessibility improvements
• Minor traffic signal improvements
New Street at Amanda Crescent (in addition to the above noted works)
• New Street widening to create centre turn lane
New Street at Burloak Drive (in addition to the above noted works)
• Pedestrian accessibility improvements
Shane Court
• Full depth asphalt replacement
• Curb repairs as required
• Minor drainage improvements
Patrick Place and Bower Court
• Asphalt resurfacing
• Curb repairs as required
• Minor drainage improvements

Project Schedule and Temporary Lane Restrictions
Construction Start: May 2020
Construction Completion: November 2020
New Street works including the road widenings, curb and sidewalk repairs as well traffic signal improvements will be completed weekdays during daytime hours. The removal and replacement of the asphalt surface on New Street will be completed at night.

Work on Shane Court, Patrick Place and Bower Court will be completed weekdays during daytime hours.

The roadworks will progress from east to west over the project duration.

Traffic signal work will be completed in advance of the roadworks.

Single lane restrictions will be in place in the area of the active work.

Sidewalks will be closed where work is being undertaken.

Access to Businesses
Vehicle access to and from businesses will be maintained. Where a business has two driveways, one may be closed temporarily when work is being carried out in the immediate area.

Access to Your Residence
Vehicle access to and from your residence may be affected during normal construction hours, Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Driveways will be temporarily closed when work is being carried out in the immediate area.

Burlington Transit
This project will include upgrading most of the bus stops between Walkers Line and Burloak Drive.
During the construction, Routes 4, 10 and 25 will be impacted with possible delays and stops may be temporarily inaccessible or moved. Signage will be installed at all affected bus stops.

Lawn Irrigation System
If you have a lawn irrigation system where a curb and sidewalk are to be replaced, please disconnect and remove any sprinkler heads within the City’s road allowance. Please flag all other irrigation heads.

You may experience some minor vibration in your home during construction. We recommend you remove small, light objects from shelving in your house.

Waste Collection
Please continue to put your garbage and recycling out on the usual day. It is the contractor’s responsibility to move your bags and containers to a location that can be reached by the waste collection vehicles and return your containers. To help the contractor, please mark your house numbers on your garbage cans and recycling bins.

For more information, please contact:
Bob Jurk, C.E.T.
Senior Project Manager, Design and Construction
Capital Works Department
905-335-7600, ext. 7682

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Local artists given an opportunity to show their work nationally,

artsblue 100x100By Staff

June 2nd, 2020


Date moved to June 20th

There is an organization that wants to register 10,000 Canadian artists for an event that will supports 10 different verticals within the arts community – film, fashion, music, visual art, performing art, beauty, accessories, photography, craft and technology. There is no charge for artists to participate.

The National Arts Drive, a three-hour community experience on Saturday, June 20, 2020, 4 – 7pm, spanning throughout Canada, United States and Mexico. Local artists will showcase their work while respecting social distancing – from windows, balconies, driveways, front lawns, workspaces, or appropriate commercial spaces.
Community neighbours and supporters are invited to visit participating local artists, performers, musicians and designers living in their community from a safe distance.

raw graphic

Described as an engaging and exciting opportunity for artists and art lovers its being sponsored by RAW Artists Canada who have teamed up with Artfest Ontario to bring the National Arts Drive to Ontario Communities.

• Free to participate
• Easy to sign up
• Open to all art disciplines and arts supporters
• A driving tour taking place in communities across Canada
• Saturday June 6 from 4-7pm

Collingwood resident Michelle Bylow is leading the charge in bringing the drive to Canada.

“We are using all the resources available to continue our mandate of supporting and empowering artists,” said Bylow, executive director of RAW Artists Canada. “The drive will give artists visibility and financial support from their communities. 100 per cent of the proceeds go to the artists”.

Thousands of artists and art lovers are signing up.

The driving tour will be paired with a mobile website designed and built by RAW Artists. Art showcases will be identified on a map within the app, enabling drivers to plan their routes.

Using the site, visitors can support artists by liking, following and/or sharing artists’ work via social media, tipping artists through a touch free pay app (i.e. Venmo, PayPal), and/or making future purchases from the artists online. All donations go directly to the artists.

For more information on CLICK HERE


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Government will seek an additional 28 day extension of the State of Emergency

News 100 redBy Staff

June 1st, 2020



Queen's Park slight angle

Legislature will meet on Tuesday to get a motion to extend the State of Emergency

Assuming the Provincial Legislature approves the motion the state of emergency, which was set to expire on June 2, will be extended until June 30.

Included under the province’s state of emergency are a number of emergency orders. The emergency orders include restrictions on social gathering limits.

This morning, Premier Ford said his government is “aggressively” working on a plan to continue reopening the economy.

“If numbers go down, we’ll be looking at other stages,” Ford said. “I want to get the economy going but we have to do it safely.”

The province was hoping to make an announcement on allowing larger social gatherings last month but said it was due to an uptick in cases.

Meanwhile, Health Minister Christine Elliott said the province “still needs to go some distance” before moving to stage two of the reopening plan.

“We need to take a careful and measured approached based on four factors: the number of new cases needs to go down, make sure that we have sufficient capacity in our hospitals, make sure we’re doing adequate testing and we need to do contact tracing with public health units.”

A list of the Order the government has issued and the details behind the order is set out below.  Just click on the link and you will be able to read the orders.  This is what government is all about.


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Emma's disappears because there was a deficiency of $168,706.89 - That's all?

News 100 blueBy Pepper Parr

June 1st, 2020



The first meeting of the creditors of 975445 Ontario Inc., which operated as Emma’s Back Porch is to take place electronically tomorrow, Tuesday.

The short financial picture is this: there was a deficiency of $168,706.89

While it is a lot of money, it struck me as a small amount and I found myself wondering if this could not be found within the community.

On the many occasions I was at Emma’s I often had to sit at the bar and wait for a table.

Emmas and the cooker - Street viewThere is a Balance Sheet and a list of the creditors in the papers that were filed with the Trustee in Bankruptcy.

There does not appear to be any rent due. Burlington Hydro is going to take a hit, there is a stated $40,000 due in taxes.

Gordon Food Services is down for $25,039.67

Most of the claims are for well under $5000

There is no Profit and Loss Statement – so we don’t know what the revenue was, what the profits were and where those profits went.

Thirty years of history down the tube for something over $150,000.

If 300 people had loaned Emma’s $575.00 interest free in return for premium service and a regular discount – the place could have been saved.

If 500 people had loaned Emma’s $340.00 interest free in return for premium service and a regular discount – the place could have been saved.

A failure of imagination for sure.  Disappointing and unfortunate.

Or was this a situation where it was a business decision? The COVID virus was going to kick the stuffing out of every restaurant if rent had to be paid.  It was unfair to expect the landlord to take the hit.

Of interest is that it is the landlord who now has possession of his property and the understanding is that the owners will operate the premises as Emma’s Back Porch.

Documents setting out the financial details are shown below:

Balance sheet

Balance sheet filed with the Bankruptcy Trustee

Creditors 1
Crediitors 2

Creditors 3

Creditors 4

creditors 5

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Arrests Made After Investigation into Objects Thrown at Vehicles on the QEW

Crime 100By Staff

June 1, 2020


The Regional Police Service (HRPS) has made three arrests in connection to the investigation into objects being thrown at vehicles on the Queen Elizabeth Way. This incident took place on Sunday May 10, 2020

HRPS crestOn Sunday May 31, 2020 police arrested and charged:

Alias Ouzzine (20) of Burlington
• Mischief Cause Danger to Life

Geoffrey Prins (18) of Burlington
• Mischief Cause Danger to Life

A 17 year old male from Oakville was also arrested and charged with Mischief Cause to Danger Life however police will not be revealing the identity of the youth.

Investigation confirmed the accused were throwing eggs at vehicles driving on the QEW in Burlington.

All three arrested parties have been released from custody pending a court appearance in Milton.

Snow 2 QEW btwn Walk and Apple

Dropping eggs on cars as they pass under an overpass was really stupid. Hours and hours of community service is called for

Investigators would also like thank residents for their assistance in this investigation. Police received a large amount of information from the public after the initial media release, and that information helped investigators immensely.

A social media video was posted on Sunday May 10, 2020.

In the video two male persons are observed on the South Service Road and were throwing objects at moving motor vehicles in the eastbound lanes of the QEW. The males are observed doing this numerous times and laughing as they attempted to hit vehicles with objects.

Tips can also be submitted anonymously to Crime Stoppers. “See something? Hear something? Know something? Contact Crime Stoppers” at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS) or through the web at www.haltoncrimestoppers.ca.

Please be reminded that all persons charged are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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That $300 bonus from the federal government for the senior set has yet be to be sent. Soon.

News 100 yellowBy Staff

June 1st, 2020



Is the cheque in the mail?

Not yet, but Burlington Member of Parliament Karina Gould (who is also a Cabinet Minister) assures everyone that – well let’s let the MP speak for herself:

Karina Gould - fingers apart

That cheque is close but it isn’t in the mail yet. For most people the $300 will go directly into your bank account.

“Over the past week, a number of Burlington residents have contacted my office asking when they will be receiving the one time Old Age Security and Guaranteed Income Supplement Payments.

“This one time payment will be a separate payment to the OAS and GIS cheques that seniors receive at the end of each month. I can assure you that these payments will be delivered automatically as soon as possible and that beneficiaries do not need to apply. Further details will be available soon.”

Soon is the best they can do at this point.

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Does wearing a mask protect you? No but it does protect others who in turn can protect you if they wear a mask.Hand washing is the best protection.

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

May 31st, 2020


There is a crusty old salt in the east end of the city who from time to time send us a note that actually makes a lot of sense.

Let me share it with you,

Mask - anti virus

That’s creative – effective, not so.

“On the matter of masks” he opines. ”And looking beyond the junk science and conspiracy theories that abound and confuse, I think it is fairly obvious that wearing masks is at very least …. Helpfull … And just possibly more than that. Especially in preventing transmission.

mask Blue jay

Masks have gone corporate.

“I think we can also agree that masks are virtually useless at preventing reception/ingress via droplet /aerosol/ physical proximity or contact, and we have to be careful not to let our mask lull us into a false sense of safety.

“I’d suggest the mask argument is situational.

“I don’t wear a mask when I take my daily walk and I certainly don’t wear it at home.

“I do wear it every time I’m in my apartment elevator as a courtesy to others. NOT to protect myself.. It won’t!

Creative masks

You should get a prize for wearing one of these.

“I wear one when I go shopping and believe all stores should insist on wearing them within the store.

“And by the BTW, the LCBO should be emulating other retailers.

“I don’t wear it in the car on the way to and from but again …. In the elevator going home.


Hand washing is the best defence you have – and it costs next to nothing.

“I protect myself with an almost paranoid hand washing and sanitizing regime.

“People have the right to choose Not To Wear Masks. If they choose that option the store owner or other patron’s rights must hold equal value and suasion.

“No Mask …. No Entry …. is a reasonable position. Someone much smarter than me once said …”Your right to swing your fist freely … ends at m y nose!”

“There is probably a universal agreement that masks, while imperfect and certainly not foolproof, do help.

“Stay safe, keep others safe …. Wear a mask where appropriate, and as my old Mum always said: “Have You Washed Your Filthy Hands Yet?” She actually yelled it more than simply suggesting it.

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Farmer's Market to open on Wednesday June 10th.

News 100 yellowBy Staff

May 31st, 202-



The Farmer’s Market Opens on June 10

The Burlington Centre, (you used to know it as the Mall) on Guelph Line, continues to be the home of the Farmers Market, which has been operating for 62 consecutive years by the Burlington Lions Club, offering great fresh and processed products from local farmers and vendors.

Burlington Lions showing their support for the redevelopment and expansion of the Joseph Brant Hospital - %750,000 over five years

Burlington Lions showing their support for the redevelopment and expansion of the Joseph Brant Hospital

The opening of this Ontario Essential Business, a fresh air grocery, is the culmination of careful collaborative work by Vendors, Halton Region Health, City, Centre Owner RIOCAN, Lions Club and local businesses. Changes have been made for COVID safety and protection of the public, vendors and Market volunteers.

farmers market map

It’s a bit of a maze but there will be a lot of people to help out if you get confused. Make it a fun day.

The biggest changes are mandated for disease control and are based on experience at other already open operations: 6 foot distancing, cough containment and hand sanitizer, controlling the number of patrons in the Market at one time, and one-way traffic flow. The Market perimeter is defined by rows of bright colour pennant flags.

There is one entrance Gate (watch for Greeter’s Green or Red Wait sign) from the Parking Lot side indicated by an 8 ft high yellow ENTER sign. Once entering, all patrons will use one-way traffic flow in much wider aisles, including a centre median to mark the travel lanes and direction. Patrons may cross the median at various locations to change direction to the other side of the Market or to the single EXIT.

farmers market direction siigns

This is one of those “abundance of caution” situations. Follow the instructions from people who really want you to have a good experience.

Other precautions include protection from touching the produce and a new slogan: “Point to Buy” – Vendors will put less product on display at one time to help protect it. Cash is facilitated and some vendors are offering electronic payment options. All bags are supplied by Vendors. Sorry, no samples permitted.

Visitors are encouraged to wear a mask, use the Market Hand sanitizer (or your own), contain your cough/sneeze, keep six feet apart at all times. Service Dogs only please. Crops are coming in a bit later this Season, but Vendors will be happy to see You!

It will be a different experience but all that fresh produce will make it worth the bit of bother.

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How Do Canadian and American Gambling Laws Differ?

News 100 red

By Claire Nash

May 31st, 2020



The gambling scene has certainly come a long way over the last few decades.

With the proliferation of online casinos and gambling platforms, the opportunities for high-quality and dynamic playing have never been greater. Although America tends to enjoy the more robust reputation for gambling possibilities – it is home to Las Vegas after all – there are actually a few key differences in gambling legislation that give Canada’s casinos a bit more freedom. That’s good news if you’re looking for an awesome online casino for Canadians that will present few obstacles to the gameplay. There’s no doubt that you can certainly find excellent gambling sites no matter where you are, but it’s a good idea to take a few minutes to understand the different laws that govern this activity in Canada and the United States.

 The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act 

Back in 2006, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act  (UIEGA) was introduced into US legislation under President Bush. Although it has since been clarified and it’s restrictions loosened, it initially served to prevent payments on various kinds of online gambling. Although in its current iteration it focuses mostly on determining how betting on sporting events can be done, it still causes some headaches below the border. Ultimately, it can make it difficult for players to use certain types of payment when playing at online casinos. The way it is implemented varies state-to-state, meaning that some places enjoy more streamlined access to online casinos.

You can learn more about that here.

There is less red tape in Canada

Despite the fact that the UIGEA doesn’t necessarily prohibit online gambling, it can simply add another step and therefore acts as a big enough inconvenience to dissuade some players from taking advantage of all the online gambling opportunities that exist.

gambling illustration NashIn Canada, on the other hand, there is no need to overcome these limitations. No federal framework governing the parameters of online casinos exists, and therefore they can operate more freelance and are only subject to the controls imposed by each jurisdiction. Overall, the lack of an overarching legal requirement makes it easier to transfer money directly to the gambling site of one’s choosing, using a variety of payment methods, and to be able to withdraw without hassle. With fewer impediments to account for, it provides a pleasant and coherent online casino experience.

You should still do your research 

 That being said, there are always going to be crooks out there ready to take advantage of a loosely governed situation, and it is therefore important to do a bit of research before deciding where to play. Keep in mind that having a gambling license is just the first step in running a fully legal operation, and in order to ensure that everything is being done above board, you should dig around a bit and see what you can find about the casino in question. If anything seems fishy, you’d be well advised to look elsewhere. There are plenty of great gambling opportunities that are 100% legal, so there’s absolutely no need to put yourself at risk.

The last word.

Online gambling is legal in both Canada and the United States, and both countries offer plenty of legal online casinos to choose from. Due to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, which exists exclusively in the United States, it can be a little bit more difficult to transfer and withdraw funds for certain types of gaming. As it stands, there is no equivalent legislation in Canada so it presents a more economically flexible environment in which to explore the world of online casinos and gambling. Nevertheless, it is also advisable to research a specific casino before playing.



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New Covid19 infections reported in Burlington, Oakville and Milton

News 100 redBy Staff

May 31st, 2020



New Covid19 infections show up in Burlington, Milton and Oakville, reports the Halton Public Health Unit.

The data released by the Halton Public Health brings the total confirmed and probable cases in Halton to 717.

Eight more residents across the four local municipalities are now listed as recovered — two in Oakville, two in Milton, three in Halton Hills and one in Burlington — bringing the total number of resolved cases to 581.

Oakville has 212 confirmed cases and 196 recoveries

Milton has 167 confirmed cases and 147 recoveries

Halton Hills has 140 confirmed cases and 125 recoveries

Burlington has 122 confirmed cases and 113 recoveries

Among the total Halton cases, 11 % have been residents or patients associated with a confirmed institutional outbreak.

There have been 25 Halton residents whose death has been attributed to COVID-19.

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When public refuses to follow the rules on use of the beach city puts up metal screens.

News 100 blueBy Staff

May 31st, 2020



It started on the 25th when the weather was great – that Beach was either just too tempting to stay away from or there are a lot of people who are hard of hearing and can’t read.

On the 28th, Thursday, the city decided they would take strong steps and put up fences to keep people off the beach.

Babes on beach

People want to be near the water – it’s the lake and beach that make much of what Burlington is all about.

The province mandated that Beaches were to stay closed period.

Many appear to have thought that if they respected the six foot social distance rule they were Ok – they weren’t.

The Premier of the Province has taken part in a media event every week day for some weeks. We expect that he will be on TV again on Monday – maybe that rule about beaches being closed will be relaxed.

It was people, people, people - for almost as far as the eye could see along the Beachway.

It used to be people, people, people – for almost as far as the eye could see along the Beachway. Province said No and the sound has fenced off the area.

There are a lot of people who aren’t happy with those Beaches being closed.

The Mayor isn’t one of them. When asked why, she is reported to have told other media that they can look to the FAQ section on the city website for the details.

MMW hair disheveled May 2020

Mayor Meed Ward presiding over a virtual city council meeting

The Mayor’s statement is reported to read: “Unfortunately, despite announcements and signage asking people to comply with the Provincially-mandated beach closure, last weekend, we saw a high volume of users on the beach who even when approached with educational measures by our bylaw team, still refused to leave,” reads the statement.

“Our options at this point are either: to issue a high volume of costly tickets; to accept increasingly higher numbers of COVID-19 in Ontario as we have seen since May 10; or to put up a fence.”

Public beaches across Ontario are currently closed following the provinces Emergency orders.

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We owe Craig Kowalchuk an apology - he did not declare personal bankruptcy. That was our mistake. The corporation that ran the restaurants was owned by Kowalchuk. That corporation filed bankruptcy papers earlier this month.

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

May 29th, 2020


We owe Craig Kowalchuk an apology – he did not declare personal bankruptcy. That was our mistake. The corporation that ran the restaurants was owned by Kowalchuk. That corporation filed bankruptcy papers earlier this month.

I learned early this morning that an error was made in the story published yesterday on the situation at Emma’s Back Porch.

I met with Craig Kowalchuk yesterday afternoon and had a five minute conversation with him.

In the story that I published later in the day we said the bankruptcy was personal.

It was not. The corporation that Craig Kowalchuk formed to run the restaurants filed bankruptcy papers.

We owe Craig an apology and do so unreservedly. It was an error which we corrected.

Craig Kowalchuk put 30 years of his life building a great business. He was ready in an instant to do what he could to make Burlington a better place. His energy will be missed. Hopefully he will rise again.

Our information from a source at the restaurant was that the restaurant would re-open and operate as Emma’s.

It is not clear at this point just who owns the name; the insolvent corporation?

Many people, the Gazette included would love to see Craig Kowalchuk somehow come out on top of all this when the dust settles.

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Traffic comming into the downtown core from the east is going to be slower for the next few years at least.

News 100 blueBy Pepper Parr

May 29th, 2020



nautique-elevation-from-city-july-2016If you thought traffic was tight on Lakeshore Road as you come into the downtown core from the east – get ready for a real squeeze.

Hoardings up and lane closed May 28-20The Adi Development Group is now getting serious about their Nautique Development. A passageway for pedestrians in the north side of Lakeshore Road is being put in place; it will take up one of the two lanes that run west from Martha.

They will be in place for years. Hopefully they will not find themselves with a timeline similar to that of Bridgewater on the south side and a block to the west.

Adi has had a bumpy relationship with the city; they are a little on the roguish side but do build smart looking buildings. Their architecture is progressive and we’ve yet to hear a negative word about the quality of their developments.

Adi is also putting up the Station West development in Aldershot at the same time.

This development and The Gallery (26 storeys) that is being built across the street from city hall will, in the future be seen as the beginning of a process that changed to feel of the downtown core.

What that change will come to look and feel like is something we won’t know for another four, maybe five years.

Add to this the difference the pandemic is going to have on the whole world – leaves one asking the question: what will it be like ?

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Hotel in the Bridgewater development inches forward.

News 100 yellowBy Pepper Parr

May 29th, 2020



Construction is underway again in the downtown core.

Three structure project has been the "in the works" since 1985 when developers were given the right to build a 22 storey plus building on the property where the Riviera Waterfront Motel used to exist.

Three structure project has been the “in the works” since 1985 when developers were given the right to build a 22 storey plus building on the property where the Riviera Waterfront Motel used to exist.

The hotel part of the Bridgewater development is seeing workers on the site with a large chute attached to the side of the building.

Construction tube Bridgewater

Debris chute attached to the side of the hotel part of the Bridgewater development.

Those chute are usually used to dump debris from each floor of the building when there is a renovation or an upgrade being done.

The hotel has had a tough time getting to the point where it could open the doors to the public. It was originally going to be open for the Pan Am Games in 2015.

It was originally going to be a Delta Hotel, then got upgraded to a Marriott. Then there was a new player.

The Pearle Hospitality group, the operators of Spencer’s on the Waterfront and the Old Mill restaurant in Ancaster, bring a strong reputation to this endeavour.  It will be the place to celebrate New Year’s Eve – in 2021 ?

Nothing from the latest restaurateur directly.

We will do what we can to talk to the people who make the decisions at Pearle Hospitality.

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Emma's will re-open - Craig will not be behind the bar.

News 100 blueBy Pepper Parr

May 28th, 2020


Emma’s Back Porch and the Water Street Cooker will re-open but Craig Kowalchuk will not be behind the bar.

Emmas and the cooker - Street view

One of the greatest watering holes in the city.

The buildings were always owned by 2084 Lakeshore Holdings Ltd., they were Kowalchuk’s landlord.

Craig MArch 19 notice BEST

Craig Kowalchuk speaking to his Customer base

Emmas 2084 LAkeshore Holdings BEST BEST

2084 Lakeshore Holdings, Craig Kowalchuk’s former landlord, decided to run the two restaurants when the province permits them to re-open

The Pandemic forced Kowalchuk to close the restaurants which he explained to his loyal client base on March 19th.

Between then and May 12th, when Kowalchuk declared bankruptcy something changed.

The sign on the door explains that 2084 Lakeshore Holdings Inc. will be the operator of the two restaurants.

No word yet on when the province will permit restaurants to re-open.

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Fire Chief will be packing his bags - City parted ways with Chief Lazenby earlier this week

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

May 28th, 2020



Parting ways with a senior member of the team is never easy.

Today the city parted ways with Fire Chief David Lazenby.

Fire chief + swimmer

Fire Chief David Lazenby. during a presentation to a fireman who saved a senior having difficulty in a swimming pool.

The standard practice when a senior member of the team that runs the city when they decide to move on is to thank them for their service and to wish them well.

Our colleagues at the Bay Observer caught this try before we did – the picked it up from a Twitter feed and published a short piece.

We popped a note along to Kwab Ako-Adjei, Director, Corporate Communications & Government Relations who responded with:

The City of Burlington does not comment on specifics of personnel matters. We would like to thank Dave Lazenby for his service as Fire Chief over the last 3 years.

So Dave got turfed.

He was a good Fire Chief. He worked well with most people and was very accommodating with the Finance people during budget discussions.

Lazenby was one of the few people on the Emergency Coordinating Group (ECG) with command and control experience; something critical in an emergency environment.

Of interest is the part of the city council meeting that went into closed session on a “Human Resources” matter earlier this week.  I think one can connect the dots.

While the City Manager makes the staffing decisions – for the Fire Chief position he would be obliged to take it to Council

Was the Human Resources matter a behaviour issue or was there a significant difference of opinion between the City Manager and the Fire Chief.

We will never know – we might pick up some scuttlebutt in the days ahead – the fire people are a tight group.

In the meantime – the city needs a new Fire Chief and Tim Commisso needs some new weight on his Emergency Coordinating Group

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Food donations are still important - it might be this way for awhile.

News 100 blueBy Staff

May 28th, 2020



Aldershot Food Collection Committee reaches out to the wider community:

“We need your help!”

Unfortunately, the hot weather this week decreased the food donations.

Robin Food Bank with milk

Robin Bailey, Executive Director of the Burlington Food Bank

Also, according to the Food Bank, they are low on Peanut butter and Mac & Cheese which is very unusual.

Of course, with the kids at home, their snacks and juice boxes are still needed and most families are also running out of toiletries.

Please share with your contacts, so maybe they can shop over the weekend and we can make up for the low donations this week to both the Food Bank and Compassion Society.

Robin Bailey, Executive Director of the Burlington Food Bank shared the love with the organizations the Food Bank collaborates with.

The Salvation Army tends to the east side of the city, The Compassion Society manages to reach a vulnerable sector (homeless) that we aren’t able to connect with in the same way. Wellington Square and their Community Meals program, is supported by the Food Bank every month and more regularly during COVID-19. The Food Bank provides meal preparation support from Glad Tidings Church, Open Doors at St. Christopher’s, Next Door Social Space.

Food for Life shares the rescued food around Halton.

Bailey makes the same plea every time he speaks:  If you are in need or know of someone who could use our help have them email us at info@burlingtonfoodbank.ca or call 905-637-2273 to make arrangements to have food dropped at the door. If you live in Burlington, we are here to help.

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Upcoming telephone town hall on June 4 will focus on what summer in the city will look like in the current COVID-19 situation

News 100 blueBy Staff

May 27th, 2020

Thursday, June 4, between 6 and 7:30 p.m., the City of Burlington will hold another telephone town hall event to share information and answer resident questions about what summer in the city will look like during the current COVID-19 situation.

The town hall will be hosted by Mayor Marianne Meed Ward, who will be joined by a panel of local leaders to help answer residents’ questions.

Telephone town hall logoHow to Participate
Residents who would like to participate in the town hall can do so in the following ways:

1. Register in advance: Burlington residential phone numbers will be randomly selected to be part of the telephone town hall. Residents who would like to be added to the telephone call list can email getinvolved@burlington.ca by the end of day on June 3.
Please note: if you registered for either of the two previous town halls (held on March 26 and April 14), you are not required to register your phone number a second time.

2. Join by telephone: Anyone who does not receive a telephone invitation can call 1-800-779-7154 just before 6 p.m. on Thursday, June 4 to join the town hall. For those individuals calling in, please be advised more than one attempt may be required due to the high volume of traffic on the phone lines. If the first call does not connect, please hang up and dial the 1-800 number again.

Once the call begins, a moderator will provide participants with instructions for how to submit their questions to the leadership panel.

Any questions not answered during the call will be posted, with answers, to the City’s website at burlington.ca/townhall, along with an audio file and full transcript of the call after June 4.

Mayor Marianne Meed Ward will be connecting directly with the community on what will be the third public telephone town hall since this crisis began. With the volume of ever-changing information people are dealing with on a daily basis, the Mayor wants to create the opportunity to answer questions about current health advice and testing, programs and facilities that are resuming throughout the city, and how we can continue to mitigate the spread of this virus while we adjust to the reopening of many businesses, services and popular activities this summer.

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