A Closer Look at Ontario’s Legal Online Gaming Market Following Launch

By Maria Garcia

June 27th, 2022


Since April 4th, 2022, Ontario residents, including those in Burlington, gained legal access to online gambling sites. Now that the market is up and running, we thought we’d check in on what has changed.

Has the ability to place over under bets and wager on the outcome of the roulette wheel changed our attitude toward gambling? Are the legal safeguards in place working to improve the lives of people in Burlington and Ontario in general? These are the questions we aim to answer.

What’s Changed?

Plans to end the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation’s market monopoly were announced in April, 2019. The legislation was introduced and passed in 2021, and later that year, regulatory standards were drafted.

The main changes were new advertising standards and rules for casinos, as well as the introduction of a new licensing system. For sports betting, it brought forth more choices for sportsbooks and a wider choice of bet types.

iGaming Ontario

iGaming Ontario (IGO) is a subsidiary of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) and is in charge of regulations and licences. The government body has already granted licences to several operators, which have met the new regulations.

Online gambling isn’t new to Burlington. However, sites will now require a licence to operate. As they’ve become a part of the system, they’ll need to pay taxes that’ll benefit locals.

Sports Betting

Bettors aged 19 or over now have access to several online sportsbooks. Before the change, sports fans were able to make predictions via the only sportsbook available. Additionally, single-event betting is now possible, whereas before, the focus was on parlays.

Around 20 sportsbooks have been granted licences. It means bettors can choose where to spend their money based on various factors.


Offshore casino gambling was already pretty well established in the province. The change in licensing and regulations is giving home-grown establishments the opportunity to penetrate the local market.

The 20% tax rate is a bone of contention with the brick-and-mortar casinos, which are subject to a much higher percentage at 55%. Many argue that the changes will cause a loss of revenue for existing operators.

On the other hand, proponents of iGaming regulations suggest that offshore gaming was already competing with land-based casinos. They maintain that legal online casinos need a lower tax rate to compete with overseas sites.


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How Long Does a NASCAR Race Last?

By Maria Garcia

June 27th, 2022



Just like the various sports that millions of fans follow, NASCAR races have a particular range of time in which they get completed. Some individuals have opined that the races in NASCAR are quite lengthy, and that the focus of the fans decreases over time. Typically, NASCAR has the longest motorsports race times in its class.

A sport where winning is what it is all about.

A normal NASCAR Race at Road America lasts for 180 minutes. However, it can last longer under certain conditions. Every NASCAR race goes through different stages, with every stage possessing a certain number of points. The length of a race relies on several factors, including the weather and red flags.

Factors that Determine the Length of a NASCAR Race

For NASCAR race fans this is a truly magnificent view

The Racetrack

To a newbie, NASCAR’s signature oval racetracks all look the same. However, each racetrack is unique and defined with specific features that influence the average velocity of the circuit. Steeper racetracks typically encourage higher speeds and quicker lap times.

Race Stages
NASCAR races have different stages, where drivers are rewarded with points after each stage. Every race is split into three stages. Each stage is different depending on the length of the racetrack.

For instance, the Daytona 500 race has a sum of 200 laps. After 60 laps, stage 2 begins and ends after another 60 laps. Stage 3 has a total of 80 laps.

Every racer to finish among the top 10 gets rewarded with points and bonus Playoff points. Essentially, it means that no one can win the Championship until the last race has been finished.

Secondary Factors that Can Affect NASCAR Race Length
One of the secondary factors that can impact the length of a NASCAR race is an accident. When an accident occurs, there’d be wreckage left on the track that can affect other drivers. Solving this issue can take quite a long time.

Race course barriers are critical for public safety and drivers. Getting them in place and keeping them in good repair impacts on race time length.

The barriers can sometimes break down after repeated collisions with the cars. Leaving these fences unattended could possibly endanger both the drivers and the fans.

During the race, the barriers have to be repaired and oftentimes replaced altogether, which could lengthen the time of the race.

Motorsports fans complain that NASCAR races are lengthy but they watch them regardless. Many factors, such as the weather, state of the fence, accidents, racetracks, stages and so on affect the time of NASCAR races.

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Three people who made major contributions to the arts in Burlington recognized and placed in Hall of Fame

By Staff

June 24th, 2022



The Burlington Performing Arts Centre’s Hall of Fame recognizes persons who have made significant contributions to the performing arts in Burlington (individual or group).

Recipients of this award demonstrate the diversity of artistic accomplishment that comprises the rich cultural tapestry of the City of Burlington. The Hall of Fame award is normally presented to the inductee at BPAC’s Season Launch events.

The Hall of Fame awards are designed by Teresa Seaton.

Boris Brott Lifetime Achievement

Boris Brott

Boris Brott, OC OOnt (March 14, 1944 – April 5, 2022) was a Canadian conductor and motivational speaker. He was one of the most internationally recognized Canadian conductors, having conducted on stages around the world, including Carnegie Hall and Covent Garden. He was known for his innovative methods of introducing classical music to new audiences. Over his career, he commissioned, performed, and recorded a wide variety of Canadian works.

Brott was the founder and artistic director of the National Academy Orchestra of Canada and the Brott Music Festival, both based in Hamilton, Ontario. He was the founding music director and Conductor Laureate of the New West Symphony in Los Angeles, and artistic director and Conductor of the Orchestre classique de Montreal (formerly the McGill Chamber Orchestra. He was a former Principal Youth and Family conductor with the National Arts Centre Orchestra in Ottawa, where he conducted family and education concerts.

Don Allan is a 2022 Inductee to the Hall of Fame

Don Allan

The name Don Allan will ring a bell for many Burlington residents, especially those with ties to the Burlington Teen Tour Band (also inducted into the BPAC Hall of Fame in 2017). Many refer to Don as Burlington’s Music Man. After spending time in the Royal Canadian Air Force as a clarinetist, Don taught music here in the Halton District School Board and then became the Director of the Burlington Teen Tour Band and later the Burlington Concert Band. With over 40 years of bringing music to youth and taking them around the world to showcase the talent we have here in Burlington, we are pleased to announce that Don Allan is the recipient of the 2022, Hall of Fame Induction.

Gary DeGroote is a 2022 inductee to the Hall of Fame

From the right: Executive Director of the Performing Arts Centre, Tammy Fox, Gary DeGroote and his wife.  The art work was created by Teresa Seaton

Philanthropist, Gary DeGroote, will take a place in our Hall of Fame as our 2021 Inductee for his incredible contribution to the arts. BPAC’s existence was dependent on a lead gift, something to begin the campaign of raising the funds to build and establish a theatre for the entire community to enjoy. This lead gift was given by no other than Gary DeGroote. He also sat on the Campaign Cabinet as Co- Chair and used his leadership and passion for culture to drive the fundraising initiative which eventually culminated in the opening of Burlington’s world class theatre 11 years ago. Gary insisted the building not bear his or his family name and so it is with great pleasure that we induct him to our Hall of Fame to be recognized again for his contribution and commitment to the Arts.

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The Canadian team you can cheer for in the MLB

By Maria Garcia

June 24th, 2022



The MLB is the Major League Baseball, where the best baseball teams from North America compete to become this season’s best team.

As of 2022, a total of 30 teams play the league—15 teams in the National League and 15 in the American League —with 29 in the United States and 1 in Canada. The Canadian team that is participating is the Toronto Blue Jays, which is the one that most people here in the north are rooting for.

Betting on the MLB

To make any MBL match more exciting, you can try to bet on them. This is where you try to guess what will happen during the matches, for example, who will win. Before you can bet, you need to find a good betting site to do it on. This should be a site that offers to bet on the sports you like, and where you can find Mlb odds to wager on. You should also make sure that you are up to date on all the baseball rules, and on the different teams that are participating so that you can make educated guesses.

The Blue Jays
Most Canadians will probably want to bet on the Toronto Blue Jays. The team is a member club of the American League East division, and usually plays its home games at Rogers Center. However, the TD Ballpark in Dunedin, Florida has also been used for their matches. The name Blue Jays holds a special story and originates from the bird with the same name. It is also the traditional color of Toronto’s collegiate and professional sports teams in the country, of course including the famous Maple leaf. If you wish to bet on the Blue Jays, you should have a look at some Mlb lines to prepare.

Blue Jay fans have a history of waiting a long time to see their favorite baseball team play, but now they are finally able to see them play again. The Blue Jays are ranked as number 6 in the power rankings as of June 14. In other words, they are doing well, and as Canadians, we are thrilled to see the journey team represented in the MLB excell. It is also a great opportunity to bet on sports. Online sports betting is legal in Canada, so it might be time to find a good site to bet on.


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And now we would like your opinion - new polling feature in the Gazette

By Pepper Parr

June 24th, 2022



Another way for the public to express their views of what happens in Burlington.

The Gazette has created a poll that will run frequently – asking readers for their views on matters of public interest and concern.

The first was published yesterday asking people if they felt the Mayor owed Councillor Stolte an apology for the way she attempted to force the Councillor to read out an apology.

The polling questions will be inserted into stories that are relevant and related.

This is a bit of an experiment on our part – let’s see how it goes.

Related news:

The kafuffle at city Council on Tuesday

Mayor presses councillor to apologize.

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Mayor launches re-election campaign at a farm yards away from the border with Milton

By Pepper Parr

June 23rd, 2022



Mayor Marianne Meed Ward has launched her campaign for Mayor.

Vanessa Warren, who describes herself as a Business Owner, Rancher, Rider, Wrangler, Trainer Coach and sometime Activist, hosted a campaign kick off for Mayor Meed Ward

It took place recently at Capstone Farm, located in the northern part of ward 6: a road and a half north and they would have held the event in the Town of Milton.

Our source tells us that two members of council took part: Ward 3 councillor Rory Nisan and Ward 1 councillor Kelvin Galbraith.

One would have thought ward 6 Councillor Angelo Bentivegna would be on hand. Wonder why he wasn’t?

Capstone Farm is home base for past ward 6 candidate Vanessa Warren.

Nick Leblovic was on hand to do a lot of the glad handing

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Why is the webcast of the Tuesday Council meeting not available to the public? Because the Mayor doesn't want you to hear what she said?

By Pepper Parr

June 23rd, 2022



On Tuesday of this week there were two public meetings that involved city council.

One was a meeting of the Audit Committee – which is a Standing Committee of Council which took place at 10:30 am. There were some problems with the sound and the meeting was cut short with everything deferred until the July meeting.

The other was a meeting of Council which took place at 1:00 pm and was over shortly before 5:00 pm.

Both were public meetings delivered to the public as a web cast.

For people who were not able to watch the web cast as it was being broadcast there is an opportunity to go to the city web site and watch the meeting later.

Note the word live. You can click on that and watch the meeting.

Here is what you will see for the Audit Committee on the City Calendar.  Notice that there is a link that you can click on – the word LIVE in green lettering.

Now look at what is on the city calendar for the meeting of Council.

You can’t watch a rebroadcast.

Why not – the Audit Committee met at 10:30 and their meeting is available.

Note that the word lice does not appear. That is because the city technical people have not yet loaded the webcast. The big questions is – why has it not been loaded?

We may get told that there were technical difficulties and the broadcast is not available and may never be available.

The Gazette has a transcript of who said what when.

At one point the Mayor said she wanted remarks that were made by Councillor Stolte, as the two bickered back and forth, be “stricken from the record”.

Our transcript can be converted to an MP3 file which means you can hears the words for yourself.

It just might come to that.

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What did the Mayor think she was doing: it was certainly not Her Worship at her best.

By Pepper Parr

June 23rd, 2022



What we saw last Tuesday at city council was politics at its very worst – the only thing that didn’t happen was someone hitting someone.

It was disgusting, was not necessary and does not reflect the values of the people in Burlington who pay taxes – and everyone pays taxes.

Mayor Marianne Meed Ward

This disgusting display was led by the Mayor – Marianne Meed Ward.

Quite what motivated the Mayor to act in the manner she did is beyond me.

Are we looking at a person with a personality disorder who does not understand what is meant by good governance?

Georgie Gartside, a city hall staffer, who a one time was the assistant to Meed Ward when she was a Councillor and for a time worked with the Mayor in her office.

Gartside took exception to a statement Councillor Stolte made while being interviewed by the Gazette.

Stolte immediately apologized even though Gartside’s name was not mentioned during the interview or in the article the Gazette published.

Gartside took the position that her integrity had been compromised.

We don’t see it that way but that is just our opinion.

Ward 4 Councillor Shawna Stolte

Stolte chose to immediately apologize to Gartside which apparently was not enough for her. She filed a complaint with the Integrity Commissioner who took the position that the matter did not need to be investigated but also decided that Stolte should apologize publicly which Stolte agreed to do.

Stolte advised the city Clerk, George Gartside and others that she would read out the apology that Gartside had seen before hand during the Councillor Comments part of a Council meeting.

That was not good enough for the Mayor who had the right to revise the order of items on the Agenda.

Mayor Meed Ward decided that Gartside needed to be able to see and hear what she was already fully aware of – and for that to happen Stolte had to read the apology at the beginning of the council meeting so that Gartside would not have to sit through a full Council meeting until the end when Stolte was going to speak.

Did we have a situation where Gartside was to have her pound of flesh for something we don’t think called for a public apology in the first place.

Did we have a Mayor taking the position where she would attempt to compel a member of Council to speak at a time she did not wish to speak?

And where were the other members of Council while the Mayor ran amock?

Did the Clerk not have a responsibility to caution the Mayor?

And could the City Manager not find a way to communicate with the Mayor and suggest a different approach and maybe suggest a recess to let less heated heads prevail?

Some questions:

Was the friendly relationship between Gartside and the Mayor a contributing factor in this disgusting outburst by the Mayor?

If the Integrity Commissioner decided that there was no public interest in doing an investigation where did they get the authority to require Stolte to apologize publicly?

Why is the webcast of the Council meeting not yet available to the public on the city’s web site


Salt with Pepper is the musings, reflections and opinions of the publisher of the Burlington Gazette, an online newspaper that was formed in 2010 and is a member of the National Newsmedia Council.


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Can CBDCs and Cryptocurrency coexist at this point in time? in the Era?

By Alex Larsdens

June 23rd, 2022



Can CBDCs and Cryptocurrency coexist in the Era?

As much as everyone enjoys using digital currency and payment systems like UPI transactions, NEFTs, (National Electronic Funds Transfers) and others, their structure hinges on the existing banking structure. While we send transactions from our apps back and forth, the banks who work at the back end need to exchange a ton of information for the transaction to be successful. Sometimes, you might even encounter different server or network issues which can leave you frustrated.

CBDC’s aims to bring all parts of the infrastructure together under one umbrella.

Out of the blue comes CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) and its conjecture due to its worldwide adoption. This piqued the interest of many investors who invested in many cryptos to understand and dig deeper into the realm by finding unexplored parts to show people with interest.

As opposed to current payment systems, where banks keep different databases of information and require constant monitoring and insight exchange for every two- or multi-party transaction, CBDC aims to bring all parts of the infrastructure together under one umbrella.

However, CBDCs are digital tokens that are backed and issued by the Central Bank. They can be termed as legal tender when people start using them for transactions.

CBDC and Crypto
A lot of you may wonder if CBDC isn’t anti-crypto but the answer remains it’s not. People with an understanding of how fiat and the digital payment sector work will understand that CDBC will bring about a more structured series of transactions. Moreover, CBDC will be built on blockchain technology which will help facilitate real-time funding.

That’s not all. Due to the blockchain framework, CBDCs will help the government to set up elaborate monetary policies and allocate stimulus packages cheaper and quicker without bearing the cost of heavy logistics.

With these services, CBDCs will have to rely on the authorized part of the blockchain. What this means is that the blockchain will have the right to modify a transaction if necessary. This sounds nothing like crypto, right? Probably not, but to achieve financial inclusiveness and monetary sovereignty for everyone, this might be what we need.

In addition to this, the security of transactions remain paramount for crypto platforms. Some of them even make use of Bitcoin Profit and other similar apps to help users make the most of crypto price volatility while helping them secure their transactions.

What does this mean for Crypto?
Even if the CBDC looks like it defeats the purpose of financial sovereignty which is what crypto is about, CBDC will have no negative impact on the position and popularity of cryptocurrency. The reason for this is that even though CBDC comes across as not favoring crypto, it uses the same technology to perform its duties. The idea of using digital currency through certain levels of transactional immutability, smart contracts, quick payments and more will always be possible.

In addition, it’s also worth noting that a majority of international CBDCs are looking into using the Ethereum blockchain to launch what is being envisioned as a new form of digital payment.

CBDCs will speed up regular payments and transactions

Can CBDCs and Cryptocurrency Coexist?
Yes, it’s very possible. With the growth of cryptocurrency and its continuous adoption especially by global leaders, investors have to be ready for government-backed CBDCs. However, CBDCs will add to the recent drive for crypto and cause the right to the digital realm.

Moreover, once people begin exploring the decentralized and private advantages of blockchain-based payment systems, they won’t take long to venture out and search for something similar. This will cause CBDCs to speed up regular payments and transactions and make the path to crypto acceptance clearer through palatial benefits and different use cases.

What are the benefits for investors?
With Ethereum being the choice of many rising CBDCs, investors can begin to look toward Ethereum Powered blockchains and their different tokens. On the other hand, there will be massive blockchain technology adoption due to the optimism that will come with CBDCs.

Bottom Line
The bigger picture suggests a harmonious coexistence of crypto currencies and CBDCs in an era when financial inclusivity and asset class diversification are key user requirements.

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Gloves came off and a very very nasty meeting took place with the Mayor trying to bend a council member to her will.

By Pepper Parr

June 22nd,  2022



The gloves were off when Mayor Marianne Meed Ward and Councillor Stolte took at it during a City Council meeting Tuesday afternoon..

Several months ago there was a complaint made by a staff member to the Integrity Commissioner about a statement Councillor Stolte had made when being interviewed by the Gazette.

The comment had to do with the difficulty Stolte was having getting an administrative assistant.

Ward 4 Councillor Shawna Stolte

When Stolte made the statement  during a long interview she did not say who the staff member was who had decided that she did not want to work as an assistant to a member of council but wanted to return to the Clerk’s Office to further her career.

The staff member, Georgi Gartside was not identified in the article – I didn’t know who the person was who didn’t want to work with Stolte.

Apparently Gartside believed that anyone who was familiar with what goes on at city hall would have been able to figure out who it was that quit the job.

Personally I thought that was a bit of a stretch and apparently so did the Integrity Commissioner who decided there was no public interest in proceeding with an investigation – providing Stolte made a public apology.

There was a lot of back and forth between Stolte, Gartside and the Integrity Commissioner on the content of an apology – when all that was worked out Stolte advised the Clerk that she would read her apology during the Councillor Comments at the end of the meeting.  Gartsdie was fully aware of this.

The Mayor took it upon herself to revise the agenda, which she has the right to do, and put the apology at the top of the agenda.  Stolte was not aware of the agenda change until the Mayor announced it at the beginning of the meeting.

And that is when things got ugly – very ugly.

The Mayor, who was not in the Council Chamber, she was at Western University watching her daughter graduate, took part virtually.

Weird as it was Councillor Stolte was the Deputy Mayor who would take over chairing the meeting when the Mayor excused herself to take part in the graduation event.

As the Mayor was proceeding with the meeting she made a comment about “All questions will be stated succinctly and not used as a means of making statements or assertions. That is section 49.3 of our procedure bylaw.”

It would appear that the Mayor was getting ready for a contentious meeting – which she certainly got.

Mayor Marianne who is close to the end of her first term as Mayor: Will there be a second term?

The Mayor then announced that there was some “… agenda management to deal with this morning.

“There are four items on today’s agenda that we are going to bring forward and deal with at the top of our agenda in accordance with our procedure bylaw section 32 which covers agenda changes.

“So as I introduce each item that we will deal with I’ll provide the rationale for bringing it forward.

“The first item is an Integrity Commissioner matter.

“A member of staff filed a complaint with the Integrity Commissioner against councillor Stolte that she violated several provisions of the council code of good governance.  The recommended resolution to that complaint by the Integrity Commissioner was a public apology by the counselor. The Apology had been agreed to by the staff member and the councillor. The details of the complaint and resolution are included in a disposition letter from the Integrity Commissioner.”

At this point there was a point of order raised by counselor Stolte

The Mayor said: “I will finish my remarks and then I will take the point of order. Typically these disposition letters are not made public by the Integrity Commissioner. ”

Stolte interrupted saying “there’s a point of order” which the Mayor did not appear to want to recognize. 

The Clerk appeared to agree saying “I would recommend just hearing the point of order read by the member.’

Stolte then said: “Mayor, I do believe that you understand protocol that a point of order, which has now turned into a point of privilege is to be dealt with before you continue with your remarks. I was really hoping to not have to say this today but I actually have prepared a statement because unfortunately I was expecting this.

Ward 4 Councillor Shawna Stolte who has yet to file nomination paper for the October election.

“This is entirely unprofessional and inappropriate for you to be discussing this matter. While there was a complaint made to the commissioner the Integrity Commissioner deemed that it was not appropriate to come before Council in the form of a report which it sounds as though you have taken it upon yourself to do of your own accord.

“That’s entirely unprofessional. The only reason this is being made public is because of a private agreement that I made a promise to a staff member that I wanted to rectify. It’s a private agreement and a promise I made to a staff member that has been agreed upon. I will be dealing with it during statements by members as you were already informed. As I said it’s entirely inappropriate that you make an attempt to bring that forward now and turn it into yet another political circus for your own selfish gain.

“I think you should be ashamed of yourself.”

“Thank you, counselor,” said the Mayor “I will ask that all those remarks, especially attacking my integrity be struck from the record as violating the code of good governance.

“However, the reason I wished to continue with my remarks was to provide the basis for why they were being made in the first place. So it’s really important and helpful to be allowed to finish what we are doing here and I think once you hear the balance of my remarks you will understand.

“A point of order” said Stolte interrupting the Mayor who was not going to be interrupted saying “… to finish my remarks that the statement that has been made will be explained if I’m permitted to finish.

“The staff member has asked for this to be made public. The staff member has asked for this to be dealt with at the top of the meeting and it is the mayor’s prerogative to do that. So we will proceed with this I’m going to proceed.”

Councillor Nisan interrupts “your worship may I make a point of order?”

The Mayor responds “Sure. Counselor thank you

Nisan continues: “I’m gonna try to be helpful as well. there’s a lot of emotions in the various rooms  – I want to take the opportunity to have the floor on the point of order and suggest Councillor Stolte if she does not wish to proceed this way that she requests a vote on the matter.  That will require a two thirds majority and then we can we can move forward with a mutual understanding and put the point of orders to bed.”

Stolte responds: “I’m having issue with the fact that I asked for a point of order and a point of privilege and was denied and instead councillor Nisan was granted a point of order.

Stolte continues: “This is not a matter for public discussion. This is not a matter for public debate. This is not the business of counsel to be dealing with what has already been determined. The process where it is to be given was determined is not your place to decide, it’s going to be a publicly debated matter whether you like it or not that is not your place to do.

“I will leave this meeting if required to do so because I am not going to compelled to partake in a political circus for a private matter that is between myself and employee of the city. We had come to a mutual agreement on how to best deal with that. It is not the business of Council.

“It is not the business of the mayor to make it a public spectacle. Do I need to leave the meeting?”

Mayor:  Thank you, councillor. Do I now have the floor the Mayor asks the Clerk who responds: “Yes, as presiding officer you do.

Mayor “Thank you. Am I permitted to complete my comments?

City Clerk Kevin Arjoon at a council meeting

Clerk: Well, there was a point of order though. So if you want to just like determine the point of order and then kind of then you can proceed on to your comments.

Bedlam takes over with the Clerk saying: “hold on, hold on one at a time please one person at a time … if we need to take a recess we will do so. The fact of the matter is a staff member has requested that this be put on the public agenda for a public apology and as requested the item be heard at the beginning of the council meeting.

Stolte: Yes. And there has been an explanation as to why that is not appropriate.

Mayor: Okay. Counselor Stolte You do not have the floor. Please do not interrupt.

Stolte: “Well, what I’m asking is a privilege to cease this conversation.  Are you marching ahead and refusing to seize this topic? Is that what I’m understanding?”

Mayor: I’m trying to complete the comments around why this item is appropriate and I am telling you it is inappropriate?   Are you refusing to do that?

Stolte: “Okay, so I just want to know who has the floor.”

Clerk: ” So I just want to jump in just to give some clarity here. So the point of order will be taking precedence over any other matter and a member will not be permitted to enter into debate or introduce any motion not related to the point of privilege.

“Section2.3 of the Procedural bylaw is the Chair will decide upon the point of privilege and advise the members of the decision, than section 2.4 is the chairs decision is final unless a member immediately appealed the decision. And then section 2.5 is if the decision of the chair is appealed. The chair will immediately call a vote on the decision. The vote will occur without debate and the results will be final based on a two thirds vote.

“So that’s in the procedure by law.”

Stolte: sir. “I’m requesting clarification from the mayor whether it was her decision on my point of privilege and if she’s refusing to acknowledge my request to cease this conversation until the appropriate time during statements of members later today?

Mayor: “So my decision in respect of the staff member who is here to hear the apology from you, that the apology be heard at the beginning of the meeting. That is the way we have ordered the agenda so I can turn it to you to make your apology now if you wish. And that’s how we will proceed.”

Stolte: “I will be making any statement that I need to make during statements by members as you were made well aware of.”

Mayor Meed Ward chair a city council meeting

Mayor: “So the staff member who brought the original complaint is on the line now. The staff member has requested that the apology agreed to by the counselor be heard at the top of the council meeting that is now so that they can be present to hear the apology if so the staff members on the line and they would like to be present to hear the apology rather than wait till the end of the meeting. So I will turn it to you counselor Stolte to read the agreed upon apology.”

Hands began to be raised by different Councillors who wanted to speak.

Mayor: “I have a couple of hands as well as Councillor Kearns and then I have Councillor Stolte

Okay. Going to Councillor Kearns go ahead”

Kearns: “The question perhaps to the clerk. Can you confirm that the statement that was read out previously was in fact part of the council script or not? Was this reviewed by the clerk’s and or city manager in order to be presented in this forum?”

Much of what members of Council say when they are chairing a meeting is prepared for them by either the Clerk or the Director of Communications.

Clerk: “through you Counselor to the chair to the committee to council. We didn’t write this in the script. This is the mayor’s remarks and the mayor is doing this as the chair of Council and the presiding officer”

Kearns: “Okay, so just as a follow up, I’m not sure I needed that information whatsoever from a third party. Is there a way to this now part of public record and something that was just brought forward solely by the chair.”

Clerk: “through you, counselor to the council in terms of By law section 32.2 it states that the mayor, the clerk or a member of council can bring forward an amendment to the order of the agenda. So that’s the rule that the Mayor stated when she started the remarks. There was a request from the staff member of the complainant that this matter be held at the beginning of the meeting.”

Mayor: “To be clear the remarks were pre circulated to the complainant, the director of HR the city clerk Kevin Arjoon, the city manager.  So everyone was aware that we were reordering the agenda. All of this was discussed by all parties in advance (apparently Stolte was not aware of the plan to re-order the agenda) as the way to deal with the matter.

“In respect of the city staff members desire to have the item publicly disclosed and to have the public apology made at the beginning of the council meeting. So all we are discussing right now is that this item be heard at the beginning of the meeting which is the chair of the meetings prerogative to reorder.

“The agenda item would otherwise have been held during statements by members. If I had been permitted to finish my statement that would have been made clear to everyone that typically if there is no other provision provided for in the procedure bylaw the matter will be dealt with during statements by members.”

Stolte begins to speak.

Mayor cuts in: “you don’t have the floor. It’s really important for the balance of this meeting that people do not unmute and speak unless they have the floor.

Mayor Meed Ward during better days.

“So we we will proceed. The item was to be dealt with under statements by members exactly as it unfolded just now. At the request of the staff member who is present and on the line right now. The request was made to have it at the beginning of the meeting while she can be present and tune in and not have to wait till the end of the meeting to hear the apology that was directed towards her.

“So that is why we reordered the agenda and all of that was discussed in advance by all parties at the pre-meeting this morning.  So there are no other items of business. I will turn the floor to Councillor Stolte to offer the apology to the staff member.  Is Councillor Stolte in chambers

Perhaps city manager can advise whether Councillor Stolte is present in chambers to offer her apology.

Meed Ward was not in the Council Chamber and was not aware that Stolte had left her seat.

Meed Ward, seeing that there is no one present. said “We will now turn to and I do apologize to the staff member who’s on the line you will have to watch the balance of the meeting. We don’t know when we’ll get to it but it will come up later in the meeting.”

It was a brazen use of power on the part of the Mayor who was determined to force Councillor Stolte to do what the Mayor wanted and not what had been determined previously as an acceptable way to handle this matter.

It was not a pretty picture.

Is this the issue that former Mayor Rick Goldring will use to run again?

Not mentioned at the meeting is the fact that Georgie Gartside was Meed Ward’s assistant when she was a Councillor.

At that time none of the people working as councillor assistants wanted to work with Meed Ward.  Gartside accepted the job on the understanding that she could leave if things did not work out.

They did work  with the Council member and Gartside worked with Meed Ward for eight years.

Quite why Gartside needed a public apology is not clear.  Insisting that the apology be read out at the beginning of the Council meeting so she could hear what she had already read suggests a level of vengeance that has taken hold in the office of the Mayor.

Stolte did not reveal who it was who quite the job as assistant.  The Integrity Commissioner decided that while it was not a matter for Council – they would not issue a report providing Stolte apologized.

This is the second time the Integrity Commissioner has come forward with a decision that is at best questionable.



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Finally - the apology - and a comment about a head of counsel who continually seeks out opportunities to cause quarrels and distress'

By Pepper Parr

June 21st, 2022



Finally, with the Mayor away – her daughter graduates from Western University and Momma wants to be there for that event, Councillor Shawna Stolte, serving as the Deputy Mayor and Chair of the city council meeting got to read out her apology to staff member Georgie Gartside.

Stolte began:

“ I’m going to start with a comment to say that it really saddens and distresses me that we have a head of counsel who continually seeks out opportunities to cause quarrels and distress at the expense of honest and genuine work of councillors. The statement I’d prepared for today is an apology to a staff member named Georgie Gartside for comments made by myself that she was concerned had impugned her professionalism.

“I’m not sure how the mayor came to know the details of the issue  which were a private matter.

Ward 4 Councillor Shawna Stolte

“I had come to a genuine and heartfelt resolution that had resulted in the Integrity Commissioner determining that a public report and discussion was not necessary, as Ms Gartside and myself had reached a satisfactory resolution to her concerns. I’m concerned that the mayor’s behaviour has only served to taint and cheapen what was meant to be a positive and collaborative closure for Ms Gartside and myself.  Having said that, I’d like to take the time now to read the statement that I’d prepared and I hope that she’s listening and that I hope that her experience has not been too tainted by the display earlier today.

“The statement I’d like to make is that creating and maintaining positive and productive relationships with staff at the City of Burlington is very important in our role as counsellors.  It came to my attention, that a direct quote of mine in an article in the Burlington Gazette resulted in a city staff member feeling as though their character or reputation had been affected and this is not something I take lightly.

“I’d like to express my sincere regret that my involvement in an article in the Burlington Gazette on April 11 of 2020  caused distress to a staff member,  Ms Georgie  Gartside, as this was certainly not my intention. The nature of my interview for that article was very casual regarding the first year of being a new counsellor. And my answer to the general open ended question of what was the first few months like was described in a casual storytelling manner, which was intended to be only background material for what I assumed would be an edited article.

“Had I understood that my general and casual comments were be going to be printed verbatim in a series of articles, I certainly would have taken greater care to ensure that the explanation of my own experiences did not have any potential to negatively impact others. While I did not mention Ms Gartside specifically by name, I can certainly appreciate that she felt as though she’d be too easily identified by the comments in the article. It came to my attention that Ms  Gartside felt that the comments made it sound like she had spoken to myself in a rude manner and that she did not want to be a counsellor assistant or that she planned to leave the counsellor’s office as soon as she could or that we did not work well together.

“I absolutely acknowledge Ms  Gartside is concerned that my comments could have been misinterpreted in this manner. I want to state without hesitation that was certainly not in any way what I intended to communicate, and I regret any misunderstanding that caused Ms  Gartside distress. Ms  Gartside was very professional, upfront and honest and advising me during the first week of this term of counsel that her preference would have been to have stayed in the clerk’s department to further her career objectives. And I appreciated that honesty and I supported her desire to continue her career path.

This is the paragraph in the April 11th, 2020 interview that led Georgie Gartside to think that she was the staff member. The Gazette was not told who the person was.

“Ms Gartside remained my ward for assistant for a period of seven months in 2018 and 2019, before being requested to fill a temporary vacancy in the mayor’s office. And during those seven months, Ms Gartside was always highly professional, collaborative, polite and helping to navigate the steep learning curve at City Hall.

Upon learning of Ms Gartside’s concern I immediately sent her a private apology as I would never intentionally cause a respected colleague distress. Miss Gartside indicated it was important to her that her colleagues and the public hear directly from me that I have nothing but the utmost respect for her work and her commitment to her career. And I was more than willing to clear up this misinterpretation. If it brings comfort and resolution to a colleague for whom I have nothing but respect for.

“I want to conclude by stressing that positive and respectful relationships between staff and council are important to accomplishing the good work of the city. And I truly hope that this apology brings Miss Gartside, some peace of mind.”

The complete story of how this disturbing situation came about will follow.

Related news:

The interview that started it all.

The Mayor sets out to squash a city councillor – it backfires.

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Mayor slammed by Councillor for turning something into yet another political circus for your own selfish gain.

By Pepper Parr

June 21st, 2022



The following are excerpt from a story the Gazette is doing on a vicious, vile debate between a member of Council and the Mayor.

The full story will appear later in the day.

Mayor Marianne Meed Ward

The Mayor : “A member of staff filed a complaint with the Integrity Commissioner against Councillor  Stolte that she violated several provisions of the council code of good governance. The recommended resolution to that complaint by the Integrity Commissioner was a public apology by the Councillor. The Apology has been agreed to by the staff member and the Councillor. The details of the complaint and resolution are included in a disposition letter from the Integrity Commissioner.

Councillor Shawna Stolte

Stolte then said: “Mayor, I do believe that you understand protocol that a point of order, which has now turned into a point of privilege is to be dealt with before you continue with your remarks. I was really hoping to not have to say this today but I actually have prepared a statement because unfortunately I was expecting this. This is entirely unprofessional and inappropriate for you to be discussing this matter.

While there was a complaint made to the commissioner the Integrity Commissioner deemed that it was not appropriate to come before Council in the form of a report which it sounds as though you have taken it upon yourself to do of your own accord. That’s entirely unprofessional. The only reason why this is being made public is because of a private agreement that I made a promise to a staff member that I wanted to rectify.

It’s a private agreement between a staff member and myself that has been agreed upon. I will be dealing with it during statements by members as you were already informed. As I said it’s entirely inappropriate that you make an attempt to bring that forward now and turn it into yet another political circus for your own selfish gain. And I think you should be ashamed of yourself.

“Thank you, Councillor,” said the Mayor.

The balance of this very sad day for city council will be published later today.

Stolte did not read out her apology – she instead walked out of the Council Chamber.

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Just what is there in the city for seniors who need to get out to meet people where there is air conditioning

By Pepper Parr

June 21st, 2022



In the past few days we have published extreme heat notices from both the Region and the city.

Not exactly a senior’s destination – just what does the city have for the seniors?

Libraries are open for those who want to get out of the house and be in a cool place.

There really aren’t that many places that are cool that people can spend time at.

Not sure what the Seniors’ Centre is offering – the malls are always open and the Food Courts are kept busy.

But sitting in a Food Court is not really “programming”.

Haven’t seen anything from Parks & Recreation on what they have planned.

City Council is meeting this afternoon – will someone on Council ask Parks & Recreation what they have in mind for the senior set.

Excessive heat is a killer for that demographic.

Renamed and now known as the Burlington Centre – still has one of the nicer Food Courts.

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Some very pointed questions from well informed people on the Bateman High School property. Why is city hall making this so difficult?

By Pepper Parr

June 21st, 2022
The Procedural Bylaw determines what you can say and how you must say it when you are delegating before city council.
They like it that way.  I will come back to that Bylaw later.
It’s a little different when citizens can put what they are thinking and feeling about the plans to purchase Bateman emails/questions posed
The following are questions that were sent to the city by residents.

Why is the business of purchasing this property proving to be so difficult – it is really about one pocket of public money being put into a different pocket of public money.

1. Hi there,
I would like to give feedback on the project. Hope this is the correct forum.

I have lived in Burlington my entire life, I have been a volunteer in various areas from
sports to mental health.

My family [Greg/Andrea] Howard has been recognized for work in the community.
Today I am 45 years old – the last two ice arenas that have opened were Mainway in
the 1980’s / then Appleby in the 2000’s.

Our population continues to grow, our recreational infrastructure for ice sports / indoor
events does not.

Youth hockey is growing, girls and women’s hockey continues to grow, adult programs
are growing.

Arena’s are destinations, and I would bet besides the sound of music festival and
soccer fields – more visitors come to these arena’s / rec. centers than other place in

The “Skyway” rec center project is now used to hold city arborists equipment. We have
now reduced arenas, not grown them

The city of Burlington needs to look at this project with the inclusion of an arena. The
youth deserve it.

Hope someone can acknowledge this.
I’m happy to discuss more.

Thanks, Justin Howard

2. Turn the available land into a much needed full ice and training facility for our
youth. Ice availability in our City is not sufficient for the demand. Our youth are
shortchanged when it comes to ice sports!

Do something to make our residents proud without turning it into another pier
disaster! Dave Guluche

3. Why did the city not have a public engagement plan in place from when it decided
to pursue the acquisition of the property? Jim Thompson

4. When will the traffic studies be complete?
5. What is the plan for removing the asbestos on the site?
6. What is the plan for removing the asbestos on the site? (see above, in the

7. When will the traffic studies be complete?

8. “What regulation prevents the release of the cost information? The city offer was
accepted by the school board so why the need for secrecy?”

9. Good Morning, I’m glad to see and very much support the proposed adaptive
reuse of Robert Bateman High School by the City of Burlington for a combination
of community and educational uses. I am particularly happy to see the relocation
of the New Appleby public library branch to a more appropriate long term home.
Thank you to city staff and council for your leadership in making this happen.

10. Why is the city rushing engagement – how much is this going to cost the city

11. Why is the city not answering any questions regarding this project – who wrote
the FAQ.

12. How can a survey that was only up for one day and an information that only
lasted 90 minutes be considered as adequate public engagement?

13. There are outstanding questions that needs to be answered.
who provided the money to purchase the property in question?

who provided the money to build the school sitting on the property?

In both cases it was the TAXPAYER. Therefore the TAXPAYER should receive
the money back, NOT have to “PAY AGAIN” for the City to obtain the property &

We TAXPAYERS would like these questions answered!!!

Some additional questions from the Gazette.

Why is this engagement business being handled so badly?

Is anyone in the Communications department even listening?

And that Procedural Bylaw – it gets written for Council based on what they want the bylaw to be – why isn’t this an election issue?

Why isn’t there a group people (10 or so is all it would take)  to go over the document, re-write and then lobby the members of Council and put together a petition and press council until they make changes to the document.

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Dance Academy - Year End Event - Together Again

By Staff

June 21st, 2022



Burlington Dance Academy is presenting their year-end performance “Together Again”. From our youngest dancers to our graduating students our show is certain to entertain every one of all ages!

At the Performing Arts Centre June 25th and 26th

Serving Burlington for over 60 years, Burlington Dance Academy is the most tenured dance school in the community.

The fully qualified and accredited faculty’s goal is to provide a love of dance as well as excellence in dance training for students of all ages and abilities.

The Academy believes in developing co-operation, teamwork and self-discipline. – life skills that transcend dance. They offer instruction in Classical Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Acro and Creative Movement.

Dates & Times

Sat Jun 25, 2022 at 2:30pm
Sun Jun 26, 2022 at 2:30pm


Main Theatre

Ticket Prices

Regular: $40 (All-in)
Child (under 2 years): $22 (All-in)

Also offering fantastic summer camps!

Visit them at www.bdacademy.ca

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Factors Influencing The Prices of Cryptocurrencies

By Alex Larsens

June 21, 2022



Factors Influencing The Prices of Cryptocurrencies
Over the last few years, cryptocurrencies have become popular among investors worldwide. These digital currencies are characterized by high volatility, which translates to high levels of risk. Simply put, crypto prices can experience a wide swing in both negative and positive directions.

If you are wondering about the causes of these price fluctuations, then it is a must to look into the various factors that can influence the prices of cryptocurrencies. As the use of cryptocurrencies gains more adoption, they have become intertwined with the global economy. For this reason, this guide will look into these price fluctuation drivers.

What Drives Price Changes In Cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrencies are not backed by the government or any central authority. This ensures that they are not affected by inflation rates, as well as other monetary policies, that can affect regular fiat currencies. However, other common factors can impact crypto prices. Some of these are introduced as follows:

Demand and Supply
Just like other traditional commodities, the concept of demand and supply can affect the prices of cryptocurrencies. Take, for instance, the supply of the largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is limited to 21 million coins. As the supply of this cryptocurrency nears its limits, demand increases since the supply drops. When demand rises, the price also rises.

The Impact of crypto exchanges
There is a dramatic rise in the rate at which cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and TeslaCoin, among others, are traded. This higher rate has been followed by the introduction of a plethora of crypto exchanges on the internet. For most major tokens, which are available on many crypto exchanges, there is a rise in the number of investors that are purchasing and selling the tokens.

For investors that are interested in swapping a cryptocurrency token with another by making use of multiple exchanges, each swap comes with a fee, which eventually increases the cost of investment.

Production Cost
To verify the authenticity of a transaction on a cryptocurrency network, there is a need for a process called mining. To reward miners, the network offers them a new cryptocurrency. In Bitcoin, for example, this is how new coins are produced. Miners are often charged with the responsibility of solving complex mathematical algorithms for the right to add a block of transactions to the public ledger, called Blockchain.

With this effort from miners, the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies is not compromised. As the supply limit draws near – 21 million for Bitcoin – the level of mathematical algorithms that miners must solve to find and verify a block becomes much harder. The amount of energy and time that is needed to achieve this mining process might become very high.

To maintain their profit to make up for the high production costs, most miners often raise the value of cryptocurrencies. After all, it makes no sense for miners to invest more production costs into the mining process if the cryptocurrency they are rewarded is lower in value.
Government Regulation and Media Hype

The fact that cryptocurrencies cannot be controlled by a single entity scares the government. They feel that traditional FIAT currencies might be under serious threat since cryptos are more than capable to stand in as alternatives. For this reason, many governments restrict – or completely ban – the use of cryptocurrencies in their country.

For nations with a high number of crypto investors, any bad government regulation can negatively impact the value of the digital asset. Besides this, social media hype has also been known to affect cryptocurrencies by lowering and raising their values. The involvement of celebrities can also influence the adoption of cryptocurrencies, which raises demands for them and increases their values.

The crypto market is on the rise. However, its high volatility makes it a risky investment. For this reason, it is important to understand the various factors that can drive crypto prices while implementing the right strategy that can manage these factors.

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Facebook is the launchpad for another large-scale phishing campaign,

By Christopher Boyd

June 21st, 2022


One of our security service providers published a scam that is targeting Facebook users – targeted in massive phishing campaign. We share it with you. First published June 9th, 2022

Facebook is once again the launchpad for a large-scale phishing campaign, according to researchers at PIXM. The campaign, which first shows signs of life back in September 2021, has generated millions of page views and ad referral revenue “estimated to be millions of USD at this scale of operation”.
Credential harvesting on a grand scale

Researchers claim the threat actors stole one million credentials in four months to help achieve the above potential level of revenue. Aspects of the phish campaign are fairly typical of what you can expect to see from a Facebook phish, and the tactics used to spread bogus links are not particularly original. What matters most of all is that it works. When basic phishing tactics pull in so many accounts and clicks, there’s no need to overcomplicate things.

One of the scam pages from 2021 attracted no fewer than 2.7 million users, with the number rising to about 8.5 million in 2022. This is a huge ramp-up of already significant numbers, and also perhaps a little surprising that the site avoided being taken down for abuse.

This is one phishing campaign that isn’t messing around.

How the phish worked

Unfortunately specifics are absent in a few areas, but it works as follows.

A Facebook user receives a notification in Messenger. This is, at its most basic, a rogue link.

There’s no information around whether a message accompanies it, and if so, what it says. However, something as simple as the below messages are routinely used in Facebook scams:

Seen this?
Is this you in the photo?
Guess who died?
Check this out!

The link is shortened to help bypass any Facebook spam filters. The shortening services used are commonplace, popular and entirely legitimate. This makes it trickier for Facebook to figure out if the link is potentially good or bad.

The link takes potential victims to a variety of sites but a phishing page will be the primary destination. Once phished, the victim is sent elsewhere. It could be a promotion, a survey scam, or pretty much anything else that’s ad-centric. There’s also the mention of potential malvertising pages, on top of the threat of being phished. All these links have ad trackers and other ad-related forms of revenue generation buzzing away in the background.

Current state of play

According to PIXM, the campaign is still alive and kicking. Many of the sites involved have been taken down, and one website listed in the landing page code has been “seized” in relation to an investigation. What that investigation is, and who is doing it, isn’t clear.

What is clear, is that without dedicated resources and probable law enforcement involvement, something like this will never fully go away. It’s simply too easy to keep creating spam domains, signing up as an affiliate, and generating endless shortened URLs. The (potentially exaggerated) claims of $150 for every thousand visits from the US alone from the threat actor is all the incentive they need to keep doing it. As researchers note, this figure would result in a theoretical revenue of $59M from the end of 2021 to now.

Tips to avoid Facebook phishing

Be wary of messages which don’t follow the natural flow of a conversation. Messages sent at unusual hours or out of the blue with a link should be treated with caution.

If you’re presented with a “Login to view content” box, take a deep breath before going any further. If you’re already logged in, there should be no reason why you’d be asked to login again. Check the URL. Are you on Facebook.com, or an unrelated website?

If you’re able to, ask the sender about their message away from Facebook. Their Facebook account may have be compromised, but you probably don’t have to worry about sending them a text.

Enable 2-factor authentication (2FA). If you hand over your password to a phishing page, the phisher can’t do much with it while you’re protected with 2FA. Keep in mind that some phishing sites will also try to steal your 2FA codes.

Add login alerts to your Facebook account. If someone does compromise your login credentials and access your account, you’ll be notified by Facebook as soon as this happens.

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Where do they come from and why are they here? The Sound of Music of course

By Denis Gibbons

June 20, 2022



The Sound of Music Festival attracts people from all parts of Canada and even the world. The Gazette’s roving reporter talked to some of them on a picturesque Saturday at the waterfront.

John  and Sue Sadowski

John  and Sue Sadowski made the short jaunt from Dundas to attend the Sound of Music Festival. A freelance drummer with various tribute bands in the Bay Area. John said Spencer Smith Park is so beautiful it should be extended around the bend to the liftbridge over the Burlington Canal. He was pleased when the Gazette’s roving reporter told him there are long-range plans to do that. Asked how the event compares with the Dundas Cactus Festival, Sue replied, “There’s a whole lake missing at the Cactus Festival. I once got caught in a tornado that almost blew down all the tents on King Street!”

Const. Kevin Bochsler – took care of the Lost and Found Booth

Keeping everybody safe and having a good time is the main concern of Const. Kevin Bochsler, a Burlington-based community officer with Halton Regional Police. Bochsler was in charge of the missing persons tent at the festival. He reports there was one missing child and one missing adult, but fortunately both were reunited with their families.

“If I can chat with people as they pass by,it’s a good day,” he said. “Whatever we can do to help.”

Peter Munn,

Peter Munn, a resident of Winnipeg and originally from Melbourne, Australia, felt right at home on the waterfront. “He was in Burlington for his son’s wedding. “Melbourne also has a reputation as an outdoor city with a lot of festivals. It’s on a big bay, perhaps 20 miles by 30, with beautiful beaches all around it.

I’m very impressed with this piece of land (Spencer Smith Park), they have good food trucks and great music.”

Cimba, the dog, just loves all the people

A resident of Oakville, Lana says she comes to the Sound of Music Festival every year. This year she brought along her cute little Pomeranian  Cimba. “Cimba just loves all the people and how busy it is down here,” she said. Obviously, Cimba also has plenty of experience posing for the camera.

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A parade -what a great way to let the city look at itself

By Denis Gibbons

June 20TH, 2022



Mayor struts in the parade

Faraway fields look green for some Burlingtonians who fork out their hard-earned cash to travel to Caribbean destinations for a holiday.

They’re leaving a venue just as beautiful right under their noses.

Breezes at the Spencer Smith Park waterfront Saturday rivaled the West Indies as bright sunshine created a marvelous vista for the Sound of Music Festival.

Spectators filled the stands on Brant St. in front of city hall.

Some parents brought their children to the tiny beach. Yes, that’s right – a beach right at the foot of the city’s main street. How many towns and cities envy that ?

Boats even conveyed passengers over from Hamilton through the Burlington Canal to enjoy the festival.

On Saturday morning the Burlington Teen Tour Band and Top Hat Marching Orchestra led the Grand Festival Parade, with Mayor Marianne Meed Ward dancing along the way. The mayor walked the entire route, rather than riding in a car.

Bringing up the rear was the massive Burlington Teen Tour Alumni Band, which got the loudest applause of all. It was fascinating to see musicians who marched as teens 40 years ago still able to play their instruments and keeping up to the beat of the drums

The Burlington Teen Tour Band


Some fans listened to the music from their boats out in the lake. They were short far too many life jackets.


The British are back!


Gymnasts performed in front of Scrivener’s on Brant Street. Above the BTTB Alumni

The Naval Promenade was packed on a sunny Saturday afternoon

COGECO-TV Channel 23 and 700 HD will show a replay of the parade on Tuesday, June 21 at 2 p.m.

There could be other replays as well. Viewers should check COGECO listings on the web.

All photos by DENIS GIBBONS


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Victim of a terrible accident was a Burlington restauranteur

By Pepper Parr

June 20th, 2022



The news report was pretty blunt:

Two people are dead, one person in critical condition. 10:30pm EB #QEW/Cawthra Rd. Two vehicle collision, three  people involved, both vehicles blocking the left lane. Moments later a third vehicle collided into stopped vehicles. Driver of third vehicle minor injuries.

The photograph Is mind jarring; people don’t survive accidents like this.

We shake our heads and the news cycle brings something else to us.

Then we got the following;

Sorry to let you know that Rama Pirakala, a young entrepreneur and a co-owner of a restaurant in Burlington (Charminar.  https://charminarindiancuisine.com/foodmenu-burlington) has passed away in a tragic accident on the QEW in Mississauga.

He started that restaurant recently. He is the sole breadwinner of the family and is survived by his wife and two young kids, 10 year old boy and 4 years old daughter.

Friends of his have started a fundraiser to support his family.


Here are the details of the accident on CP24:


Can you please publish this in your newspaper and support a halton resident and a member of the business community?

For details, please contact Satish Kalla at 647 523 4477.



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