How to Use a Virtual Data Room for Your Business

By Staff

December 26th, 2022


Discover virtual data room – a super-secure multi-tool for advanced file storing. How to use it, and why it is a solid solution for your business.

How to Use a Virtual Data Room for Your Business

In this article, we want to demonstrate both the appearance and usability of a Virtual Data Room. We’ll also answer a few common queries from beginners.

However, you should remember that various data room vendors offer different software, but with the same main features:

Each dataroom software performs the same core tasks. In other words, you may choose a product by random, and it will probably work for you if you’re seeking ways to do something common, for example, minimize transaction time inside your firm. But it’s necessary to compare various items to one another to traverse the unique programs offered by a provider or two only.

Every virtual data room, including the cheap ones, has remarkable security. It may differ in details, even in notable ones. In general, high-quality corporate transactions like mergers and acquisitions or others involving more than two parties are not permitted in free virtual data rooms.
in this data room review, we’ll go into further depth about the VDR features and its using for business purposes.

Secure access can be given to people outside your organization who need to review data.

What Is Virtual Data Room
We can consider the virtual data room as part of the centralization of the entire enterprise. This toolkit allows you to improve management between departments in your company, intensify communication between employees, and ease the process of going through various business events like mergers, acquisitions, security audits, and other business transactions that involve more than two companies. VDR includes a huge number of supporting tools that greatly facilitate the work of each individual business.

Generally speaking, virtual data rooms are most often thought of as file storage. This is not untrue. But for a variety of reasons, no file storage can compete with a virtual data room. For example, most file storage lacks proper security. We do not even take into account the fact that classic file storage was not created for corporate purposes but for private use. This is an important point: if you use file storage frequently, it lacks security for the most important and secret data.

How to Use Virtual Data Room
As mentioned earlier, it is quite easy to use the software by virtual data room providers. Initially, you should find the right product. Follow these short instructions:

Choose the product that fits your company’s functionality, security features, and other requirements from a verified site.

Make sure that the reviews are real. On the site we offer, the reviews are always verified, and company representatives identify themselves with the documents that are required when leaving a review.

Write to or call the developer company that you have chosen its virtual data room.

Negotiate on a price and the services your company provides. Depending on the amount of memory available, the features provided, and the availability of advanced features like artificial intelligence, your price will be adjusted.

Install the software using the instructions by your provider, or with a browser if you choose a solution with an extended help section.

Once you have purchased and successfully installed the products, you must set them up. Pay much attention to this, as the setup will depend on the effectiveness of the tool within your company for as long as it is in operation. You can do this with these little instructions:

Organize your files first. Proper organization of files is necessary for proper indexing. The clearer the organization of documents is, the easier it will be for your employees and for the partner company that will be involved in your business processes to navigate there.

Adjust security policies. Once you have sorted all the files into folders and separated the private files from the public ones, you must adjust the security policy for accessing the files. You can do this by creating special roles or by restricting each individual employee manually, which can be less convenient.

Adjust the virtual data room software to your needs. If you are going to use the software on a daily basis, adjust it to meet these needs. If you’re going to use it for a short-term transaction, for example, due diligence, perform it right inside the application and sort the files according to the type of transaction.

In the end, using this software will be easy, costless and profitable.

The reason for looking at data in depth are limitless.

The Benefits of Using VDR
Numerous benefits of the virtual data room will surely enhance corporate efficiency in general. There are solutions that can manage staff, security rules, documents, and other aspects of the workplace environment.

There should be a differentiation between the fundamental and sophisticated features of data room software. Basic operations may consist of:

Document management technology. Artificial intelligence (AI) and manual work can both be used to accomplish this. Virtual data rooms, in general, offer an excellent chance to neatly arrange any document involved in your process. All legal and financial papers must be distinguished from one another, and the system itself appropriately indexes them. This is vital to prevent confusion among the other party and your workers regarding their own documents.

High-level security. Government rules and regulations require that data room services should be secure. Because you wouldn’t be able to utilize it in a business setting if security were a problem, this is not some extra feature. Both the existence of advanced encryption, which is only equivalent to military encodings, and the capability to construct a comprehensive local security policy are included in the security features. Local security policies include the formation of roles or personal limitations on storage use.

The ability to pay attention to customers and employees. Every electronic data room has a function that enables you to interact with your clients directly and learn about their requirements and grievances. It can be compared to a modern complaint book where no employee can withhold information from you. And every firm which wants to prosper needs it badly.

Advanced features of virtual data room might consist of:

The potential for being able to involve numerous people for a really big picture look at a transaction.

Artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence may be used for document management to automatically index or arrange your files. Additionally, artificial intelligence may contribute to security by halting attempted hacking assaults. In either case, you are surrounded by contemporary technology every day. Researchers predict additional developments for corporate software. Additionally, a great deal of innovation, such as virtual data rooms, may use these technologies in the future.

Cross-platforming. In reality, cross-platform functionality is claimed by practically all online data room software developers. But not all of them offer true cross-platform interoperability which means providing unique apps for every distinct operating system, such as iOS, Android, or Linux.

Availability of blockchain. Although it is not a must-have for virtual data rooms, support for blockchain technology is nonetheless occasionally employed. The widespread use of enhanced accounting for cryptocurrencies has successfully demonstrated itself in all information systems. It is required for greater hacking resistance and the elimination of human errors.

As you can see, this software stores quite a lot of tools. And the advanced features are constantly being updated, which makes this product exceptional.

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There are deals galore at the Performing Arts Centre: Dolly Parton reduced to $24.75 from $49.50

By Staff

December 26th, 2022



The Performing Arts Centre has announced their 2022 Boxing Week Sale.

The sale end December 31st, at 11:59 pm

You have to use the code BOXING when you place your order.

National Geographic Live
Thu Jan 26, 2023 at 7pm
Regular: $59.50 $29.75 (All-in)

Mark Lalama Trio, featuring: Jackie Richardson & Will Gillespie

LIVE & LOCAL: Hosted by the
Mark Lalama Trio, featuring:
Jackie Richardson &
Will Gillespie
Sun Jan 29, 2023 at 4pm
Regular: $39.50 $19.75 (All-in)

Thu Feb 16, 2023 at 7:30pm
Regular: $39.50 $19.75 (All-in)

Sun Feb 19, 2023 at 4pm
Regular: $49.50 $24.75 (All-in)

Family Day!
Mon Feb 20, 2023 at 4pm
Regular: $35 $17.50 (All-in)

Dolly Parton in five performances in February

Wed Feb 22, 2023 at 7:30pm
Regular: $39.50 $19.75 (All-in)
Audience warning: adult language.

Celebrating Dolly Parton
Thu Feb 23, 2023 at 7:30pm
Fri Feb 24, 2023 at 7:30pm
Sat Feb 25, 2023 at 2pm & 7:30pm
Sun Feb 26, 2023 at 4pm
Regular: $49.50 $24.75 (All-in)

Fri Mar 10, 2023 at 7:30pm
Regular: $59.50 $29.75 (All-in)

The Irish Rovers

Sun Mar 12, 2023 at 4pm
Regular: $59.50 $29.75 (All-in)

LIVE & LOCAL: Hosted by the
Mark Lalama Trio, featuring:
Tom Wilson & Andy Griffiths
Sun Mar 19, 2023 at 4pm
Regular: $39.50 $19.75 (All-in)

Thu Mar 30, 2023 at 7:30pm
Regular: $39.50 $19.75 (All-in)

Lightwire Theater:
Good Friday!
Fri Apr 7, 2023 at 4pm
Regular: $35 $17.50 (All-in)

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All City Facilities closed and Programs/Rentals cancelled

By Staff

December 24th, 2022



All City of Burlington facilities are closed today, Dec. 24. All programs and rentals have been cancelled.

Buses will continue to run; however, buses may be delayed due road conditions and high winds. Visit for detailed schedules, real-time bus arrival information and to plan your route.

The City of Burlington makes every effort to keep our facilities open during regular business hours; however, when unsafe weather conditions occur, the City must close facilities.

Ways to learn more about closure information:

• Weather closure information will be updated on
• Call 905-335-7738 for a recorded voice message

All City Facilities are closed to observe Christmas Day, December 25 and are expected to reopen on December. 26.

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Selling Your Property: Use these 5 Ways to Stage Your Windows Creatively

By Paul Sebastian

December 26th, 2022



Great windows will result in a sale above the asking.

When renovating your home for sale, there are a lot of factors that you need to consider. One of the significant key attractions for potential buyers is the windows. You need to ensure that they are in good condition so the buyers won’t be scared off by the thought that they will need to replace them. When your windows are well remodeled, your house’s value will also increase. That is why you must replace and repair them before the sales day. This article will explore ways to stage your windows when selling your property creatively.

Make sure the windows are spotless when showing your home.

Clean Your Windows Regularly

One of the easiest ways to guarantee your windows are in the right condition and look presentable is by cleaning regularly. Cleaning helps remove dust, dirt, and debris that could damage or make the window look ugly. Cleaning makes the windows help allow the light to enter and makes the house look great. If you are busy, you can look for cleaners to do the work for you.

Conduct Inspection of the Windows Regularly

There is a lot that can happen overnight and lead to damage to your windows. That is why it’s essential to inspect your windows regularly to ensure they are in good condition. When inspecting, look for any holes, cracks, and other damage. If you find any, ensure you repair it as soon as possible to avoid any problems during the sales process. When your windows are a problem during a sale, there is a high chance that your home’s value will decrease. Look for a professional to help you inspect your windows if you are unsure what to look for.

Add Curtains or Shutters

Consider adding curtains and shutters to make the window look amazing. Installing curtains and shutters helps keep out drafts and gives an impression that your windows are in good condition. Always look for designs that match and perfectly fit your windows. If you need help with how to do that, always consult with an expert. Always inspect the curtains and shutters to ensure they are correctly installed and avoid any problems or surprises when showcasing your house.

Hire a Professional

Use professionals when you are upgrading your windows – you want to ensure you are getting value for your money.

To ensure windows are in good condition, you must inspect and consider replacing some. This work can be challenging if you are planning to DIY. Any mistake you make while installing the windows or repairing them could lead to more damage. That is why looking for a professional and experienced window installation company to help you with the task is essential. A professional will know what to look for and will have the right tools for replacement. Additionally, they can advise you on the best design and what to do to make the windows more presentable for your buyers.

Decorating Your Windows to Improve the Curb Appeal

When selling your house, you must ensure it’s attractive enough to attract more potential buyers. One way to do this is by decorating your windows by adding flower boxes and window shutters to make them look more beautiful. Look for designs and colours that are neutral but attractive to people. This will help improve the overall curb appeal and increase the value of your home.

Final Words!

Use the above tips to ensure you stage your windows perfectly when selling your house. Always hire a professional to help you with the installation or major repairs to avoid damage.

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He will be called, Wonderful, Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace

By Staff

December 24th, 2022



It is a message that has been with us long before they invented Santa Claus.

It’s a Christmas message that often gets forgotten as we hustle and bustle through the malls.

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Just what is the ethno-cultural make up of the Region ?

By Staff

December 23rd, 2022



Throughout 2023, Halton Region Economic Development is releasing a series of infographics coinciding with Statistics Canada’s data releases from the 2021 Census.

On October 26, Statistics Canada released results related to Immigration, place of birth, citizenship, ethnocultural and religious diversity and mobility and migration. Below is Census Infographic 6 relating to ethno-cultural and religious diversity in Halton.

Results show that 36 per cent of Halton population represents visible minority groups, the highest being located in Milton. Furthermore, 54 per cent of Halton residents reported Christian faith, and 10 percent reported to belong to Islamic, the second largest religion in Halton.

The next census infographic will be related to education, labour and language of work.

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Did the politicians miss out on a photo op ?

By Staff

December 23rd, 2022



Aerial view of the condominium where five were killed by an unstable resident.

The Vaughan Slaughter

Joe Gaetan, a long time civic activist, is angry.

He lives in a condominium and tells us that

“Thousands of volunteer condo board members toil away supporting over 1.6 million condo residents.

“Five are blown away by a mentally unstable person and what do they get  – crickets.

“Condo boards have no tools to deal with mental issues meanwhile the 824,000 condo units contribute $1 per month per unit or over $840,000 per month to support the CAO.

“Twenty two people were killed in N.S and Canada lost its mind.

“Are you beginning to get the picture?

“Was Villis semi-automatic hand gun illegal? Crickets.

“Does Justin want to know if it was? I doubt it.

“Did MMW and Karina hold a vigil or use social media to offer condolences?

“Are condos the governments go to solution to intensification? Yes.”

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Glen Eden opens on the 26th

By Staff

December 23rd, 2022


Glen Eden has announced that the hill will officially open to the public on December 26th, 2022.

“The highly anticipated opening day of Glen Eden is finally here and we are excited to have the hills up and running for everyone to enjoy over the holiday season – whether you’re an avid skier, snowboarder, or someone learning how to ride the slopes for the very first time.

“A lot of attention, care and hard work has been put into making sure we have many lifts and terrain up and running to welcome visitors on our opening day,” said Craig Machan, Director Park Operations at Glen Eden. “This season we are excited to offer passholders and visitors more flexible ways to access the hill with the option to pre-book online or just visit and get a lift ticket in person.”

The hill will be open 8:30AM to 9:30PM daily. Guests can get lift tickets valid for four-hour increments. Although, visitors will not be required to book their lift ticket ahead of time, they are strongly encouraged to do so to take advantage of better lift ticket rates, reduced wait times, and secure parking.

Glen Eden continues to focus on ensuring that lift lines wait times aren’t too long and there is ample seating in both chalets for visitors to come in, sit down and relax or enjoy some food and beverage so that their time at the ski hill is spent having fun with friends and family.

The Learning Centres will be open as well as Twister and Night Hawk runs, which will be serviced by the Ridge chairlift.  As more winter weather is forecasted in the coming days, the team is hoping to continue making more snow and opening up even more terrain for visitors to come and experience.

To prebook your lift tickets online, please visit

Glen Eden is a public ski and snowboard hill that is operated by Conservation Halton. The hill is located at 5234 Kelso Road—just a 20-minute drive from Mississauga, Burlington and Hamilton.

Conservation Halton is the community based environmental agency that protects, restores, and manages the natural resources in its watershed. The organization has staff that includes ecologists, land use planners, engineers, foresters and educators, along with a network of volunteers, who are guided by a Board of Directors comprised of municipally elected and appointed citizens. Conservation Halton is recognized for its stewardship of creeks, forests and Niagara Escarpment lands through science-based programs and services.

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City Administration Phone Service Disruption

By Staff

December 21st, 2022


Due to a phone outage, please reach out to the City in these ways. We are here to assist you.

Request City services through the Customer Web Portal below. or email

Service Burlington counter: Connect with Service Burlington online at

Burlington Transit: For real-time bus information and schedules, visit

Recreation, Community and Culture customer service is available:

• In person at recreation facility counters during program times
• By email at

No word on what caused the service disruption.

We will do our best to keep in touch with city hall.



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What do Canadians think about the economy they have to deal with?

By Pepper Parr

December 21st, 2022



Data and the big picture – does it help us in deciding what to do ?

Does this data reflect the way you see things?

The Angus Reid Group is a Canadian organization that has been doing public opinion polling for decades and are recognized as one of the best in the world.

The following is some of the data they released earlier this week.

Is the budget you have to live within reflected in this data.

Can people afford the higher prices? Some do, some are finding it very hard. Food bank usage reflects the change.

Who has a credit card ? Almost everyone. How do they use them.

Does your bank meet your needs? Is this a good time to invest?

The mortgage problem. For some what lays ahead is bad news

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Eight teenage girls charged with second degree murder

By Staff

December 20th, 2022



If we didn’t think we are a society in serious trouble – think again.

Headline in a Toronto newspaper.

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As long as you don't have to shovel it - the snow is a great playground

By Pepper Parr

December 20th, 2022



It is about to officially winter; a great time to get outdoors and make the best of it.

There are opportunities galore for everyone to be active outside and inside.

Centennial Pond becomes a skating rink

Burlington Rotary Centennial Pond
The Burlington Rotary Centennial Pond at the waterfront in downtown Burlington is now open. Skating will be open daily but closed on Christmas Day. Registration is not required. For times, visit

Residents are encouraged to call the ice conditions hotline, 905-335-7738, ext. 8587 before leaving their house, to make sure that the Pond is open.

The skate lending program is back this season at the Burlington Rotary Centennial Pond and is available Monday to Friday, 5 to 10 p.m., Saturday, Sunday, PA days and holiday school breaks, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Holiday Ice and Gym Rentals
Stay active this holiday with family and friends by renting ice or a gym. This holiday season, ice and gym rentals are 45 per cent off the regular fee, available now for any booking dates up to Jan 6, 2023. Residents can view facility availability and complete the rental on their own through their online Live & Play account.

Learn more about how to rent at

Created by neighbours, maintained by the neighbourhood – a great place to gather and get to know those neighbours.

Neighbourhood Rinks
There are 17 neighbourhood rinks in 16 parks this year. The rinks will be open to the public and free to use once the weather is cold enough for the ice. City staff will install boards for the natural ice rinks that will be maintained by neighbourhood volunteer groups. Everyone is asked to respect the open/closed signs and stay off the ice when the rink is closed.

There are six designated areas in the city that are safe for tobogganing. They include:

• Brant Hills Park, southwest of the tennis courts, 2300 Duncaster Dr.
• Central Park on the hill northwest of the community garden, 2299 New St.
• LaSalle Park, east of the parking lot, 50 North Shore Blvd.
• Lowville Park on the hill at the southwest end of park, 6207 Lowville Park Rd.
• Nelson Park on the east side of park, north of the Centennial bike path, 4183 New St.
• Tyandaga Park at hole number four on the west slope, 1265 Tyandaga Park Dr.

Tim Hortons Free Skating
Thanks to Tim Hortons, Burlington residents can enjoy another year of free skating this holiday season. An online reservation is not needed. Skate is first come, first serve until capacity is reached. For dates and locations, visit

Drop-In Programs
Drop-in program schedules vary over the holiday break, including swimming, skating, shinny, and fitness. Reserve ahead or drop-in, schedules and online reservations at

Play Equipment Lending Library
If you need some play equipment or want to try something new without having to buy it, try the City’s Play Equipment Lending Library, including glow-in-the-dark equipment, which can be useful as the days get shorter. Pick-up the equipment at Central Arena, 512 Drury Lane. To borrow, visit

Swimming Lessons
Swimming lessons are available at Tansley Woods Community Centre for Preschool 1-2, Swimmer 1-2 and Adults from 9:30 a.m. to noon, Monday, Jan. 2 to Friday, Jan. 6. By registration only. Register online at

One of the inside things you can do in the winter.

Disc Golf and Hiking at Tyandaga Golf Course
Tyandaga Golf Course (1265 Tyandaga Park Dr.) is open for disc golf and hiking during the winter season and open from dawn until dusk. Players need to bring their own discs or they can be borrowed through the Play Equipment Lending Library.


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Burlington Chamber of Commerce sets out its five priorities for 2023 and goes looking for new Board members

By Pepper Parr

December 20th, 2022



Burlington Chamber of Commerce Terry Caddo

The Burlington Chamber of Commerce speaks of a great first year under the direction of Terry Caddo who has sent out a call to the Burlington business community asking for responses from anyone interested in serving on the Board of Directors.

They are looking for senior level people with strength in Financial, IT, Large and Small Business and Corporate Communications.

The Chamber Board meets approximately 6-8 times per year with additional board subcommittee participation . The Burlington Chamber of Commerce board of directors is appointed annually at the Annual General meeting. The directors shall hold office for a term of one year to a maximum of six terms.

If you are interested in being a Burlington Chamber of Commerce board member and be part of a progressive, results-oriented and fiscally responsible Board of Directors – they want to hear from you.

The Chamber has set out its five priorities for the 2023 – 2024 (Roll your cursor over the graphic for a larger image)

All five priorities are defined as urgent.

Very significant changes were made in the Chamber Committee structure – that ruffled some feathers and led to some talk about how effective Caddo was as Presidnet.  The current committee structure is:

Member Experience and Engagement Committee
Policy and Advocacy Committee
Business Awards Task Force
Women’s Leadership Event Task Force
Golf Tournament Task Force


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Get a sneak peek at how popular fashion trends and technology are working together

By Alex Miller

December 20th, 2022



There’s been a revolution in the way people buy fashion. In the past, shoppers would head to high street stores and wait for sales to tempt them into splurging on luxury brands. But this process can be slow and laborious. With the rise of digital channels, buying fashions has become a much quicker and easier experience. If you look closely, trends have always played a big role in what people buy. From new style rules to the merging of departmental stores, fashions have changed over time as consumers have evolved and new ideas have taken root.

How do you put yourself at Fashion events without leaving your living room? NFT’s are one of the solutions being offered.

Today, more than ever before, we’re experiencing an era of disruption where old ways of doing things can’t survive if they aren’t adaptable and innovative. While we talk about trends and the world is proceeding towards a new dawn of digital transformation, here is a brand that has been a part of this revolution for a while now.  ice7 casino has a wide array of offerings to choose from and makes your free time worthwhile.

Luxury brands have increasingly ventured into the digital realm, exploring new means of introducing NFTs to their product ranges and marketing campaigns in an effort to stand out. Some prominent brands joining the bandwagon are Burberry, Gucci & Louis Vuitton.

In this blog post, you can discover some of today’s most prominent trends that are likely to impact the way you buy fashion in the future — as well as potential opportunities that come with each one.

Close ups of what the fashion world is planning.

What Is an NFT, and How Does It Relate to Fashion?
A non-fungible token is recorded in a blockchain and is cryptographically linked to a unique digital identifier. It is used to certify authenticity and ownership. With its advent, the fashion industry has been striving to win a piece of this exclusive piece of technology to increase its brand awareness and take the fashion game up a notch.

The Advent of Metaverse Fashion
With more and more immersive technology becoming available and the developer’s race to create newer digital products that enhance a user’s experience, it is no surprise that Metaverse is becoming quite a popular trend that fashion brands want to make use of. There was an NFT fashion show that was hosted sometime back, which showcased brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Karl Lagerfeld and Tommy Hilfiger in their glory. These brands took fashion design to the next level by collaborating with digital designers. This show was a success wherein these brands were able to get registered users to try out and buy NFT wearables for their digital avatars. Now, this is what is truly the next level of fashion.

The Rise of the E-Commerce Marketplace
More and more people are saving money by shopping online. In fact, one in three people says they regularly shop online, compared with just one in five people who said the same back in 2004 (Bank of America Research, 2017). This rise in online shopping has led to an era of exponential growth in the number of e-commerce start-ups. These start-ups have been creating innovative ways to reach consumers, including the use of artificial intelligence, blockchain technology and virtual reality, to name a few. Online retailers have become more than just places to buy: they’re also powerful marketing tools, driving brand awareness and securing future sales. E-commerce companies have also become more than just a Marketplace — they’re also data-driven businesses, tracking customer behaviour, shopping interests and more.

With an NFT you could be part of the fashion show audience seen on the left.

Exclusive and Unique Content
Exclusivity is up for grabs when it comes to NFTs in the fashion world. Brands like Gucci launching their Aria collection and NFTs named Gucci Grail – featuring 11 collections showcasing popular brand-inspired avatars like Cool Cats and more. Another notable mention is that of Adidas; they have executed a similar brand engagement strategy with collections like Punks Comic.

The Upgraded Video Game Collectibles
It was the first luxury brand to create a virtual album when Burberry recently launched Blankos Block Party, a game that features only luxury brands. Louis Vuitton created its own game in which players explore worlds and collect 30 embedded NFTs. There is a chance to win an ultra-rare NFT once players collect enough, and once they do, they can use it on social networks as a unique avatar.

Bottom Line
The digital transformation of the fashion industry is happening at a fast pace. The digitization of platforms and channels, as well as data management and profiling, are enabling brands to reach more customers than ever before. The future of fashion is in an exciting and significant phase of change, and it’s happening now. As the pace of change continues to accelerate, it’s important for retailers to be adaptable and nimble enough to keep pace with the times. There is so much potential for both new and existing retailers to profit from the future of fashion. Retailers can benefit from the increasing popularity of e-commerce, as consumers are more likely to shop from home if they know they can get great value and selection from the brands they love.

Ready to explore the future of fashion? Let’s get started.

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Art Gallery holiday hours and program offerings

By Staff

December 20th, 2022



The Art Gallery of Burlington holiday Hours are:

December 24: 10am – 3pm
December 25: CLOSED
December 26: CLOSED
December 27 to December 30: Regular hours
December 31: 10am – 3pm
January 1: CLOSED
January 2: CLOSED

Program offerings are:

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The challenge as we celebrate Hanukkah. and Christmas

By Pepper Parr

December 19th, 2022



As we approach a time of year when the spiritual part of our lives is more focused,  the words of a man that we lost during 2022, set out the challenge for we human beings.

Sacks was a member of the House of Lords but chose to use his title as Rabbi first when his name was being used.


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Ontario Place will be bigger, better and partly private when provincial government completes its overhaul

By Staff

December 17th, 2022


Some of the illustrations can be enlarged by rolling the cursor over them

The Government of Ontario is chugging along with its plans to overhaul Ontario Place, filing an official development application with the City of Toronto at the end of November.

The planning documents, which recently became available to the public, lay out details of what exactly the province has in store for the Toronto waterfront space. Notable changes and additions to the original design include more park space, a taller Budwiser Stage, and a more detailed plan for services that will be offered in the spa.

It will be a much different place when the work is completed. Cost is in the $300 million range.

The update comes after many month of criticism from residents, activists, and politicians alike, largely directed at the province’s decision to lease out large swaths of the 155-acre Ontario Place to private companies. The most controversial private partner was Therme Group, a Vienna-based firm tasked with building a $350M spa and waterpark for Ontario Place that visitors would have to pay to access.

The province appeared to address concerns of privatization in the planning documents, noting that “the proposed development ensures that approximately two-thirds of the parkland site is open to the public without cost,” which , of course, still means one-third of the parkland will be restricted. However, “100% of the waterfront is publicly accessible,” the planning documents say.

Therme Group’s waterpark and spa engulfs much of the West Island, but new updates to the plans now call for more park space to be included. Their section of Ontario Place will feature 12 acres of new public space, including parkland, a beach, and gathering places. Plans also call for a man-made wetland area that will help to manage water run-off into the lake.

A look at the site from a different angle.

“Over 25,000 square metres of aquatic habitat and wetland will be created across the West Island, including a new submerged reef at the East Headland and new wetland created along the inner lagoons,” the documents read. “The potential for additional habitat in Brigantine Cove is being considered through the advancing EA process, which may result in over 6 acres of new wetland across Ontario Place.”

Ontario Place – a much different destination when it is completed.

Therme’s 50,000 sq.-metre futuristic-looking glass structure that will house the spa and and waterpark will top out at nine-storeys (45 m) at its peak, with sloping green roofs covering much of the building. The facilities inside, which guests will have to pay roughly $40 to access for the day, will be divided into four main zones:

Genesis: Where the spa’s therapy services will be housed, including “curated sauna and steam room experiences.”

Elysium: The wellness centre with “individually tailored therapies to enhance well being including massages, light and LED therapy, cryo-saunas, and vitamin and mineral pools.”
Palm: The family relaxation zone with mineral baths, steam rooms, and a quiet area with pools for guests 16 years of age and older.
Galaxy: A family recreation area with water slides, a wave pool, relaxation areas, and steam rooms. This will be the largest component of Therme’s programming.

Over on the East Island, Live Nation will build an entirely new Budweiser Stage that can operate year-round — a big change for the currently seasonal venue. The new stage and seating bowl will both be taller than their predecessors, a move that the Province says will protect against future flooding.

20,000 people when set up as an outdoor venue – that is a crowd. Wonder who the first concert will be.

The venue’s capacity is set to increase to 20,000, although it will be less when operating as an indoor venue. Live Nation also has plans to build new service and pedestrian bridges to the mainland, a new gateway plaza, and a new hospitality building. But as the planning documents note, “The proposal remains at an early stage of development. A future rezoning submission will be required, which will provide greater clarity regarding the building design.”

The intention is to add to the science aspects and to link up with the Science Centre

The Province is also considering a “potential science-based destination” that would occupy the underutilized pods and Cinesphere. They’re working with the Ontario Science Centre to explore the opportunity, but are currently envisioning a new single-story mainland entrance pavilion, which would sit above the parking structure and add 21,000 sq. m of programming space to the pods and Cinesphere.

A collection of Islands.

Outdoor adventure programming and active recreation uses are also being considered, but no details were provided as of yet. An adventure park was originally planned for the updated Ontario Place, with private partner Ecorecreo Group set to build aerial obstacle courses, net-based aerial adventures, ziplines, and escape rooms. But in the fall, it was reported that Ecorecre pulled out of the project.

Parking to access all of the planned changes to Ontario Place will be largely consolidated in an underground garage that can also accommodate bus pick up and drop off. The garage will have 2,118 parking spots, with 632 of the existing surface-level parking spots also being retained for a total of 2,750. This will be a big change from the 1,270 spots that exist currently.

The development will have to go through the City of Toronto’s approval process before the province can get to work, which, if history is any indicator, will likely spur further changes to the proposed plans.

Content for this article came from Storeys, a web site dedicated to news for the development sector.

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Halton Public School Student EQAO grading was above average for the 2021-22 school year

By Staff

December 16th, 2022



Despite the chaos on attending classes during the academic year the Halton District School Board the Ontario Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) were very good.

Students writing exams

Grade 3, Grade 6 and Grade 9 students performed above the provincial average based on assessments completed in the 2021-2022 school year. These results on EQAO ( demonstrate that HDSB students are well above the provincial standard (Level 3 & 4, or a B grade or above) in Grade 3 and Grade 6 Reading and Writing, as well as Grade 9 Mathematics and the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test.

In Grade 3 assessments, the HDSB outperforms the province by eight to nine percentage points. In Grade 6 assessments, the HDSB exceeds the provincial average by six to eleven percentage points with 91.5% and 90.6% of Grade 6 students meeting the provincial standard on Reading and Writing, respectively.


In Grade 9 Mathematics, the HDSB outperforms the provincial average by 9 percentage points.


In primary classrooms, HDSB staff continue to focus on sustaining effective Comprehensive Literacy Programs which include assessment for learning, differentiated and guided instruction and methods of monitoring student achievement. The Board continues to apply responsive support for all learners.

EQAO assessment results expand upon the current knowledge about student learning, and serve as an important tool for improvement at the individual, school, school board and provincial levels. The Board uses this data at the school and Board level, along with a variety of other student assessment data, to focus efforts toward continuously improving student achievement.

In high school math is very much a hands on subject.

While students in the HDSB perform well above the provincial average, the Board continues to prioritize Mathematics as an area for improvement. This work includes a focus on professional learning to support teachers in mathematics instruction and assessment, and supports an investment in high-quality resources and training in every school.

Our revised Math Plan is reflective of the new Math Curriculum. It provides opportunities for staff learning and involves developing learner profiles, using effective instructional and assessment strategies and resources to support Math learning.

“We are very proud of the HDSB’s EQAO results as the Board exceeds the provincial average on all assessments,” says Tina Salmini, Associate Director for the Halton District School Board. “After several challenging years, this success is attributed to the hard work, flexibility and dedication of our staff, students and families.”

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Hamilton Airport Does it Again - Best Canadian Growth Numbers in 2021 with 2022 looking even better

By Staff

December 15th, 2022



The Hamilton airport people report that they have done it again. Statistics Canada data.

Their growth numbers were the best in Canada for the year 2021 according to Statistics Canada.

Hamilton International facilitated more than 156,000 tonnes of cargo in 2021, which reflects a notable 59 percent increase as compared to 2017 and as compared to an average three percent decline across Canada in the same period.

A Lynx Air plane arriving in Hamilton on its inaugural flight.

“This steady growth in cargo activity can be attributed to the accelerated shift to e-commerce, alongside the increased demand and movement of a variety of essential medical supplies during the pandemic,” said Cole Horncastle, Executive Managing Director of Hamilton International. “As the largest domestic overnight express cargo airport and the third largest cargo freight airport in Canada, Hamilton International is a key economic driver and vital transportation hub for the Hamilton region and across Ontario.”

Hamilton International’s 2021 Economic Impact Study, completed by ICF International Incorporated, found that Hamilton International delivered 4,720 jobs and $1.5b in total economic output, with 2,770 jobs and $1b of that directly attributed to its cargo business. Cargo operations at the Airport have experienced a 29 percent growth in all areas, including employment, labour income, value added and industry activity, over the past five years:

Hamilton International offers cargo partners significant advantages, including its strategic proximity to Ontario’s 400-series highways, the Greater Toronto Area, and the U.S. border. The Airport also has 24-hour landing capability, a dual runway system of 10,000ft and 6,000ft, and dedicated Canada Border Services Agency staff on site, all of which support quick turnarounds for cargo carriers. Hamilton International was also designated as a Foreign Trade Zone Point in 2020 Ontario – providing businesses that import/export goods or manufacture products in Hamilton access to direct support on a range of duty deferrals and tax exemptions.

“Hamilton International is a thriving multi-modal hub and has become one of the fastest growing cargo airports in Canada. We are proud to work with numerous cargo partners to ensure Ontarians can ship and receive the goods they need reliably, safely, and efficiently,” added Horncastle. “The Airport is a vital gateway in Southern Ontario’s strategic transportation corridor and looks forward to continuing to grow cargo and passenger activity in the years to come.”

Ron Foxcroft: Chair of the city owned John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport

Chair of the city owned Hamilton Airport, Ron Foxcroft said: “Management and Stakeholders are delighted with the success of John C Munro Hamilton International Airport achieved in 2021.  He adds that: “We have our numbers for 11 months of 2022 and expect to exceed budget for the year.   We are kicking serious butt at the airport, because we have a Championship Management Team.

Personal, vacation and business travel increased as passengers resumed post pandemic travel. Customers were happy with the friendly and efficient    service levels  minus gridlock flying out of Hamilton.    In 2023 passengers levels have the opportunity to exceed pre pandemic levels, as ultralow cost carriers continue to grow in Hamilton.   John C Munro Airport is the fastest growing overnight express cargo airport in Canada.   World class cargo operators at Hamilton, see continued growth in 2023.   Leadership at Hamilton with Cathie Puckering, Cole Horncastle , Dina Carlucci, and their team with the help of the shareholder Vantage Airport Group, plan to exceed budgets and forecasts in 2023.”

About John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport
John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport is owned by the City of Hamilton and managed under an agreement by TradePort International Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Vantage Airport Group – an industry leading investor, developer, and manager of airport assets.

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When will the Public Participation and Engagement in the Robert Bateman 'Adaptive Re-use' Project Take Place?

Jim Thomson

December 14th, 2022



In a presentation to council yesterday, in the Engagement Matters, there is no mention of there having been any public engagement or input into this project. Public engagement is something that is planned for later when it will be too late for the Citizens of Burlington to have their say on the project and the expenditure of $80 million dollars.

Jim Thomson: less than impressed with the way public engagement is taking place on the Bateman High School “adaptive reuse” project that is going to cost $70 million plus. Much of that will come out of the taxpayers pocket.

This is not in keeping with the Burlington Community Engagement Charter

There was no “Early and Widespread Notification” of the magnitude and scope of this project.

Well you now have a complete report isn’t it time to have a public information session to explain the project and allow the public to ask questions of staff.

There is plenty of time between now and when the actual price comes back to council for approval.

You have kept the public in the dark for over a year.

Time for Council to step up and ensure that “Engagement” actually happens on this project.

In addition to the Code of Good Governance the Corporate Policy is that ” the City of Burlington will engage stakeholders throughout the decision-making process which will be open, visible and transparent to the public.

It doesn’t say that stakeholders will be consulted later, it says throughout the process.

So it’s time to have real public engagement about this project.

Editor’s note: The city at times does not see the public as stakeholders; the school board, Brock University, the Library and Tech Place are seen as the stakeholders.

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