The importance of looking after the caregiver.

Seniors - caring for them

By Staff October 25th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON Parents/guardians are invited to attend a free evening presentation on Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2019 aimed at addressing the […]

Journalist, broadcaster and historian to talk about her book on Mary and Christopher Pratt - a couple that left a significant mark on Canadian art.

Gwyn book on Pratt

By Staff October 23rd, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   Carol Bishop-Gwyn, is a journalist, broadcaster and historian of the arts who has written an enthralling chronicle […]

Can innovative farming technology make a difference to the agriculture sector in Burlington?

Farming tractor ancient

By Daniel St George October 21st, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   This is the Escarpment where there are farms that thrive. Enough to make farming viable […]

Interactive Art Installation - Invites visitors to engage with a 10ft long, handmade waste receptacle.

Art image spencer smith 2

By Pepper Parr October 20th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON From October 22-25 from 1-5 pm each day, The Hobbyist will be performing on site maintenance, collecting […]

If you make a bundle gambling on line - do you have to pay taxes on what you win?

Gambling Jump in

Claire Nash October 17, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   No need to do any tax accounting for your on-line wins We won’t be exaggerating if we […]

Calling All Three-Year Olds - Kindergarten Open Houses

kindergarten children

By Staff October 11th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   Beginning school is a big step for children and parents, and the Halton District School Board wants […]

Parent Involvement Conference to feature impressive speaker: Nora Young will talk about the coming data boom.

Nora Young

By Staff October 3rd, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   The Halton District School Board’s Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) will be hosting the 12th Annual Parent Involvement […]

ECoB brings the federal election candidates to your living room.

ECOB logo

By Staff October 2, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   ECoB – the grass roots organization that gave Burlington the best look at the candidates in the […]

City council opts for free transit for high school students; top bus driver in the city and the Mayor and going to steer this one.

Public transit more enjoyable

By Pepper Parr September 30th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   It was the Mayor’s initiative from the get go. She is going to ride this one […]

High school students do very well in mathematics and literacy tests; exceed the provincial average..

Students doing survey

By Staff September 30th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   We reported earlier today on how well the grade 3 and grade 6 students did on their […]

Some of the grade 3 and 6 marks are ahead of the provincial average but down slightly from the previous year.


By Staff October 1st, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   The concern about student performances, the worry about disruption in the number of students in a classroom […]

Fire Prevention Week is more than a date on the calendar. It's an occasion to learn how to protect yourself and your family.


By Staff September 23rd, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   Do you have one? Do you know how to use it – and is it up to […]

Counterfeit Oxycodone Pills Containing Fentanyl Circulating in the Greater Toronto Area - that includes Burlington.

HRPS Oxy photo

By Staff September 21st, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   Can you tell the difference between these pills? Neither can we. One of these is oxycodone, and […]

Bookstore chain teams up with schools to increase the number of books in school libraries.

Indigo wall sign - books

By Staff September 18, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   Burlington’s Tecumseh Public school is going to be part of the Indigo Love of Reading Foundation’s Adopt […]

Job Fair: Halton Region connects job seekers with local employers.

Region holds Job Fair at Burlington Convention Centre

By Staff September 18th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   Halton Region is hosting a job fair to help connect job seekers with more than 90 employers […]

Mayor moves into Town Crier mode - spreading the word on needed information.

Meed Ward hands out frnt city hall

By Staff September 17th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   Town Crier Dave Vollick Mayor Meed Ward just might be thinking about becoming the Town Crier or […]

Burlington Green staffing up - last minute notice of job opportunities.

By Staff September 16th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   Burlington Green is staffing up. They are looking for three new dynamic team members: • Program Coordinator […]

Jim Young on alternatives to Local Planning Appeal Tribunal.

Jim Young

By Jim Young September 12th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   Burlington City Council wants to eliminate LPAT (Local Planning Appeals Tribunals), formerly the OMB (Ontario Municipal […]

Public school board loves the idea of free transit on Burlington transit buses for their high school students.

HDSB sign and bench

By Pepper Parr September 12th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   When Mayor Marianne Meed Ward left a city Standing Committee earlier this week she had a […]

Friends of Freeman station find they have friends at city hall as well - the city will pay to have rolling stock moved.


By Pepper Parr September 11th, 2019 BURLINGTON, ON   This one has been a long time coming – and very richly deserved. The volunteers that […]