Burlington grass is greener - Mayor helps out attracting new building official

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April 10th, 2021



Meed Ward hands out frnt city hall

Mayor Meed Ward – welcomes the best to the city

The Mayor sent out a note from her Linked In account today, touting how great it is to work for the city of Burlington and pointing to the need for a Manager of Building Inspections and Deputy Chief Building Official. Job pays between $112,000 and $140,000.

If you follow the links that are part of the message the Mayor sent out we learn that:

“As you look through our current job openings, remember: the grass is greener at the City of Burlington. With approximately 890 full-time and 600 part-time employees, we focus on teamwork, collaboration and investing in our co-workers. It’s no wonder our employee turnover rate is less than 7 per cent (that’s good). The City of Burlington is an award winning city, filled with award winning staff. In fact, we put the “greater” in the GTA.

Laura Boyd 2a

Laura Boyd, Director of Human Resources

“We surveyed our staff and the top reasons why they chose to work/stay with the City of Burlington are the location/commute, the people, benefits and pension. Burlington is located between three major highways, has three GO train stations, public transit, bike paths and change and shower facilities at all main working locations.

“As public servants, our job is to provide excellent public service and good value for taxes. Our staff know this and are proud of the work they do, because as Canada’s best mid-sized city, we’re second to none. Our staff are dedicated, caring, professional and award winning.

“We have excellent benefits and pension as well as flexible work arrangements such as work from home, job sharing/rotations and a compressed work week. If you want to join a forward-thinking organization, apply today. Come for the job, stay for the career. We’ve got it all.”

Having the Mayor out there touting the city is a good thing. And there area lot of exceptional people working at city hall.

A report from the Human Resources department in the not too distant past paints a bit of a different picture.

Links to related news content.

Is Burlington going to have to pay more to attract good people?

Boyd report: trouble in paradise

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Civic Square is going to get a new look - to be completed sometime in 2025

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April 9th, 2021



Lots of cash poured into the city today.

The federal government dropped $1.9 million while the province added its$1.6 million and the city will contribute $1.3 million for a total of $4.8 million.

We don’t recall any mention of the $1.3 million the city is putting into this being mentioned during the last budget.


Civic Square Dec 2018

Civic Square as it looks today – by the time the redesign is done in 2025 the high rise across the street will have a major impact on the look and feel of the space.

The funds are going to be spent on revitalizing the Civic Square.

A Zoom call was used to make the announcement with talking heads from the federal, provincial and municipal levels chimed in.

The technology didn’t work all that well but the message was clear – Burlington is going to have a much different looking Civic Square starting in 2025.

The plan is to engage with the public in 2023, do the design work in 2024 and put shovels in the ground in 2025

What was a little confusing is that during the Zoom call both MP Karina Gould and Mayor Meed Ward made mention of trees being planted and a new fountain – the existing fountain is to be replaced.

How do those decisions get made without public engagement?

Burlington city hall with clock

A former Director of Planning once described the building as “iconic”; dated would be a better description

Civic Square was in need of an upgrade. It was not really accessible and the look is dated.

When the talks about how the inside of the ground floor of city hall might get changed mention was made of a much more grand entrance to city hall.

One gets the suspicion that a lot of decisions have already been made.

Let’s wait and see what happens.

Related news stories:
The ground floor of city hall plans.

2019 plans for Civic Square – what happened to them?

The 2018 plans for Civic Square

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City Staff performing very well after a full year of running a city while a Pandemic plagues that at almost every step

graphic community 3By Pepper Parr

April 8th, 2021



Tom Commisso

City manager Tim Commisso in his Pandemic bunker

It was exactly one year ago today that City Manager Tom Commisso and his staff began the practice of giving city Councillors a verbal update on how the city was coping with Covid19 pandemic.

It has been quite a roller coaster ride for all of them.

Director of Parks and Recreation Chris Glenn has learned to do a pivot within a pivot as he and his staff struggle to deal with how they are going to make the parks and recreation facilities available to the public when the rules get changed.

He is no longer "acting"; it's now the real deal as Chris Glenn gets appointed the Director of Parks and Recreation for the city.

Chris Glenn  Director of Parks and Recreation for the city. Doing pivots within pivots.

Glenn started the week being in a modified lock down mode – worked within those rules only to find that the province is now in a Stay at Home mode with being told to stay in their homes – but to also get out and get some exercise and maintain a semblance of mental health.

The only place you can walk and enjoy yourself is the public parks with Spender Smith being a magnet for most people.

So the crowds arrive – expected to wear masks and maintain the six foot distance rule and don’t be part of a group of more than five people

Glenn’s park experience as a young man was as a lifeguard at swimming pools. Not something that would prepare him for the current assignment.

What we are seeing is a staff that is much more in control of what they have to do and thinking several months ahead and trying to anticipate what they might have to do.

Councillors are in closer touch with the constituents and working hard to get the answers to questions.

Plains Road; an old suburban highway transitions into a vibrant urban main street.

Plains Road; an old suburban highway transitions into a vibrant urban main street with flower beds in place

Last year the city put plants in less than half of the 130 plant beds in the city.

This year they will have plants in every bed – assuming they can call back the part time staff that were doing this work. Many of them have moved on to other job opportunities.

What is visible is how Staff have upped their game to meet demands that change by the day – at times by the hour.

Staff are coming back with solutions to problems they didn’t even know existed.

Much more to tell about just how they are doing this.

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What were the most Profitable industries in 2020?

News 100 blueBy Jocelyn Bell

April 7th, 2021



What industries were some of the most profitable in 2020, and how are they achieving this? We took a closer look at three here!

The world of business is filled with so many interesting sectors nowadays, but there are still some that stand heads and shoulders above the rest. Let’s take a look at some of the most profitable industries operating this year.

profits - coins

Profits come from growth and growth is the result of wise investing and patience. Image Source: Pixabay

gaming young people

The gaming industry that attracts a younger crowd has events that involves thousands of people from around the world.

Without a doubt, gaming is proving to be one of the biggest industries of the moment. Brands like Mr Green as a prime example are leading the expansion of safe betting and casino options across the USA and Canada. What’s more, there has been a massive boom in esports growth. It is slowly moving from being a niche hobby into a more mainstream business. With that will come bigger sponsorships and more opportunities for people in the industry.

casino graphic walker

Gaming at casinos is also growing – especially for the on-line locations that put a gambler right at the table.

The marketplace has so far exceeded $1 billion and this is just set to get bigger. Top matches are also pulling in figures akin to major sports events like a FIFA World Cup Final.

Even in the wider industry there are massive strides forward being made. Sony is lining up to release the PlayStation 5. Though we currently have little idea about when this release will be, it will hopefully be as innovative a release as its previous incarnations. Gaming as a whole is on the rise. Though many dismiss it as “just playing games”, this then leads to them missing out on some of the incredible opportunities available in this exciting development in the gaming universe.

software coder

Development in the software field has sky-rocketed with public companies registering big price increases. The opportunities with private companies ready to go public are immense.

Software Development
As we move towards a world that becomes more and more reliant on technology, we are going to need more software developers to help us achieve our goals. There have been many moves to introduce coding and other digital-based skills to young children in the classroom, so they can begin to pick up things that might help them when they are ready to enter the workplace later in life.

Not only have there been calls for software that covers a variety of new tasks within a workplace or home, but there have also been calls to make many more multi-purpose software hubs. Business owners don’t want to transfer data between multiple programs to get the results they need. They want to be able to plug everything into the one portal, so that they can get back results that have already been parsed and analyzed into a format they understand. Software developers are keen to meet these demands, and it makes for an incredibly profitable industry.


Alton Village is not a cheap place to live - it is also sassy and brassy - these people worked hard to be able to live in this community and they are going to make the city a different place.

Homes in many markets are selling well above the asking price. Major gains are being made.

With property prices moving up at an incredible rate, there is no better time to be involved in the real-estate business. In the Burlington area alone, sale prices are up 17% compared to the beginning of 2019. There are lots of opportunities at both ends of the market here. Developers who want to focus on the high-end, luxury market will find plenty of things to play with. There are always new property trends and new tech that you can introduce to the right property.

At the other end of the scale, you could choose to work in the affordable housing markets. There is and always will be a need for affordable property. This sector will help to create homes and houses for those who need them the most. Choosing to get involved with this area of the real estate sector is incredibly charitable, and it could result in some brilliant business dealings for anyone brave enough to try.

These are just three of the many industries proving to be profitable in 2020. No matter where you look, there is a way to make money in a sector. It will take a lot of hard work, and a great business idea, but it is more than possible. Start thinking about a business you could launch in one of the above sectors now.

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Minister Gould issues a statement about the canal piers - there is more that can be done

graphic community 5By Pepper Parr

April 7th, 2021



The Gazette saw the mention of some possible changes to public access to the piers at the Burlington canal.

canal two piers

There is a Hamilton and a Burlington pier – and people should be permitted to use those piers

There wasn’t much in the way of immediate response from the Member of Parliament Cabinet Minister Karina Gould.  Today she released the following statement:

“Over the last few months I’ve heard from constituents regarding their concerns about the closure of the Burlington Canal Piers.

I have been in close contact with all relevant parties about how we can work together to have the Piers stay open, while also keeping residents safe.

I’m pleased that the cities of Hamilton and Burlington, as well as Transport Canada, have indicated a willingness to work on a solution to ensure that the Piers can remain open for public use while ensuring safety for all users.

There are ongoing conversations but we are all committed to working together to keep the piers accessible and safe.

I’d like to once again thank all of the constituents who have contacted my office to express their support. Your voices have been heard, and I will continue to advocate for our community.

As always, I still encourage everyone to stay safe on our waterfront and piers.”

That’s fine as far as it goes.

Gould as a bandit

Showing the way: Burlington MP Karina Gould has an opportunity to fully engage the public on the matter of access to the pier.

During an interview with Minister Gould a number of months ago I recall the Minister saying that as a Cabinet Minister it enabled her to call meetings.

The Gazette would urge the Minister to call a public meeting, perhaps out on the pier where the public can ask questions and the bureaucrats can respond.

All the fresh breezes coming in off the lake would help with the six foot spaces.

The ‘where’ isn’t all that important – what is really vital is that there be a public meeting.



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What are the benefits of VIP-casinos?

sportsgold 100x100By Denise Dalsgaard

April 7th, 2021


This content is sponsored.

Being a VIP – that sounds nice to most – It makes you think of shining cars, red carpets and exclusivity. While there are no cars or red carpets in the online casino, being a VIP does offer a range of exclusive advantages for you as a person who enjoys attending the online black-jack table, playing the slot machines or any other games offered on your favorite online casino. Check Casinoclaw.com to figure out the ins and outs of VIP status in online casinos.

paid dice jocelyn bell

Photo credit: Heather Gill

Often you can be offered VIP status if you are a loyal customer. If you frequently use the same website, they know that you are trustworthy and that you are a good customer.

loyalty rewards

Rewards for VIP members can be significant

Some online casinos wish to offer good customersVIP-advantages, because they trust you, and they wish to keep you around.

That means, you can get a lot of great advantages doing what you were already doing before. You can usually build up loyalty with playing and betting more, but also if you refer your friends to your favorite sides. This will increase your VIP status.

Go other places
Most casinos have both tournaments, games and bonuses that are reserved for the VIP players. With a VIP access you will be able to play whole new games. This will expand your possibilities to play and have fun online. Sometimes the casinos also offer VIP players rewards as extra spins, cashbacks or extra tokens – what is not to like?

Build you status
29 casinos are a part of Casino Rewards Loyalty Program. This means that the credibility and status you build in one casino is transferable to the others. They work with six levels of VIP-status. As you gamble, have fun and play you will climb the ranks. In the beginning the advantages are small, but as you get more and more status, you will have a chance to win gift cards and hotel stays.

invitation card

Ask around at the casino you patronize about becoming a VIP member.

How do you become a VIP?
It changes from site to site how you become a VIP member. Some casinos will have you sign on specifically and activate a vip-account, in some casinos you are automatically registered in a reward program and some casinos have invite only systems. If you are interested in all the advantages that comes with being a VIP-member, you will have to investigate how to be a VIP at your favorite online casino.

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Details on four week Stay at Home order to be released later today.

graphic community 3By Pepper Parr

April 7th, 2021



Later today Premier Doug Ford will set out the details on a four week Stay at Home order.

We’ve been down this road before, which doesn’t make it easier.

The specifics of the order are not yet known – the Premier is expected to make an announcement during the day.

Reports are that the Stay at Home order will be effective at midnight.

Feeding people who are not able to get out is going to be just a little more difficult for the Food Bank.

Mayor Goldring and his wife look on as the Burlington Teen Tour Band entertains hundrreds in the family Room of the Centre.

Former Mayor Goldring and his wife look on as the Burlington Teen Tour Band entertains hundreds at the Performing Arts Centre.

Unfortunately, due to the lock-down measures last Saturday the Teen Tour Band Boosters Spring Food Drive was postponed – groups outdoors need to be 5 or less so it made it impossible to proceed.

If you had picked up some food donations and weren’t able to drop off, please consider dropping them off in any grocery store’s food bank bin – or drop off at a local fire hall. You can even mark teen tour band on the bag and we can keep track of donations in lieu of the Teen Tour Band.

The Burlington Teen Tour Band is the oldest continually operating municipally-sponsored youth band in Canada and participates in many international parades, bursting with national pride. They have been Canada’s musical ambassadors since 1947.

Helping those who need help.

If you are in need or know of someone who could use our help PLEASE have them email us at info@burlingtonfoodbank.ca or call 905-637-2273 to make arrangements to have food dropped at their door or make arrangements to pick it up through our curb-side pickup option. If you are a resident in Burlington, we are all here to help. Don’t struggle – give us a call.

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Responsible on line gaming - have a strategy and have fun

sportsgreen 100x100By Matthew Gomes

April 5th, 2021


How to win more with online gambling

PAID top five iphone screen

You can play responsibly from the comfort of your couch.

While the thrill of playing your favourite games at a physical casino is real, sometimes, you might have to twist up your gaming a little bit and try out an online casino instead. Online casinos come packed with tons of benefits, the first on the list being the fact that you get to have quite a blast, right from the comfort of your house. In addition to this, online casinos boast tons of lucrative promos and bonuses, allowing you to take full advantage of some hot deals!

If you are eager to win big at an online casino, here are some CasinoTop10 Tips that you can consider:

 Welcome Offer Package
Most online casinos will try their best to appeal to new customers by way of giving them sign up bonus offers. As you shop around for your favourite online casino, be sure to check out what offer they have in store for you.

Wagering Requirements
While a particular online casino’s welcome bonus offer might be seemingly lucrative, it is no use if the wagering requirements are too high to meet. Look for a platform that has relatively fair and easy to meet playthrough terms.

Consider your choice of games
Understandably, you might feel the need to try out as many games as possible, hoping to increase your chances of winning. However fun it might be, this is not the best approach. It is advisable to choose a few of your favourites and stick to them. This gives you the opportunity to focus on those games, and with time, you will learn some tricks on how to win big on them.

PAID games screen shot 5 locations

There are any number of on-line gaming locations – find the one that you are comfortable with and have fun.

Practice on Demo mode
Most people live delving right into wagering, without necessarily taking their time to learn the details of how their online casino of choice operates. Seeing as most casinos allow game-play in demo mode, be sure to try it out before you can bet using your hard-earned real cash.

Game selection
Look for an online casino whose game selection is wide in the array. You don’t want to join a casino with limited games available. This gives you an opportunity to try out several games before you can settle for your favourite ones to focus on.

Choose a reputable site
Picking the right casino leaves you rest assured that there won’t be challenges with payouts and that your personal information is safe and secure.

Try out jackpot games
Most online casinos will have a range of Jackpot games available. Be sure to try them out seeing as great treasure awaits, especially on progressive Jackpots.

Ensure that you read all terms and conditions
While most people tend to ignore the details here, it is quite crucial to familiarize yourself with the various terms of your online casino of choice. This way, you get to learn how the site operates, including bet options, minimum deposits, as well as the rules of engagement on different games.

responsible bettingStick to your betting Budget
Agreeably, one might be tempted to bet more with each loss made. However, it is advisable to have a plan for your betting finances to avoid making even bigger losses.

Have a well-balanced betting strategy
Ensure that you use an appropriate betting strategy to ensure that you work with calculated risks. An example would be striking a balance between low and high-risk bets.

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Plants that can only make a dismal time feel much nicer - available May 1st

graphic community 2By Staff

April 5th, 2021



They have been doing it for 25 years – providing lush hanging baskets of flowers.

The event is part of a fund raiser where everyone wins.  St. Matthews Church in Aldershot takes great pleasure in making these plants available.

A bright spot in a not so bright situation.

They go quite quickly. Get your order

21- Plants Order Form Flyer

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Top five card themed games for your new iPhone

sportsred 100x100By Lana Petrovski

April 5th, 2021



Playing cards has been part of human civilization for at least a millennium, long before the dawn of technology. Even though many people associate cards with online casino games such as poker and blackjack, there are several themed card games that go beyond the standard 52-card deck.

PAID top five iphone screen

It is now all at your finger tips- you can play anywhere – safely.

The good news is that you can also enjoy your favourite games on your new iPhone. Here are our Top five card themed games that you can download from the App Store today.

Hearthstone is a card collection game from the studio that brought us World of Warcraft, and it sees players build decks with powerful cards to summon heroes and minions to gain control of a complex battlefield. Hearthstone merges skill and strategy with the joy of completing a set of characters as the battle unfolds.

Paid explod kitten Top 5 on line games

Kittens – a different approach to a game.

Exploding Kittens
Probably one of the most successful Kickstarter stories to date, Exploding Kittens transitioned from a fun board game to an even more enjoyable online game. Essentially, this is a game of hot potato that combines equal measures of cute felines and total destruction. Exploding Kittens is a great multiplayer game that makes for a fun and enjoyable night with your mates.

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game
Gwent: The Witcher Card Game is a free-to-play digital collectable card game based on the infamous novel and video franchise. This turn-based game has simple rules for challenging gameplay to collect ‘power’ and win. The cards and game board burst with colour and animations, transporting players deep into this fantasy world as they work to defeat their enemies.

Uno has been a family favourite card game for over three decades, and it is still loved by many! The mobile game version, UNO!, keeps the same rules and gameplay in Classic Mode, but also adds a 2v2 Mode where players can team up and strategize together.

PAID Game of thrones Top 5 iiphone

Includes fan favourite characters from the Seven Kingdoms that battle for control of the Iron Throne.

Reigns: Game of Thrones
Reigns is a card simulator game set in a fictional medieval world where players need to rule over their kingdom by accepting or rejecting advice from their counsellors. Reigns: Game of Thrones keeps the basic rules of the Reigns franchise, but includes fan favourite characters from the Seven Kingdoms that battle for control of the Iron Throne.

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Urban farm to appear on Brant Stret

graphic community 2By Staff

March 4th, 2021



urban farm 2 Kearns

Farmer Kearns

Farmer Kearns – oops that was meant to read Lisa Kearns, ward 2 Councillor, was out on a pasture making an announcement.

There is going to be an “urban farm” on Brant Street at Ghent in the North West corner.


A Molinaro development that is years away. The empty field will be turned into an urban farm.

Kearns advises that the property is the subject of a development application submitted by the Molinaro Group.

Kearns explains that the development is years away and in the meantime a group asked for and has been given permission to set up an urban farm.

That got through city hall in record speed.

Not much more in the way of details – other than to say there are bales of how now set up on the property.

urnam farm 1

Phase 1 of an Urban Farm – on Brant Street.

Grow for Change a group that advocates for the farming community. They can be reached by email at grow4changes@gmail.com

They are reported to be looking for volunteers once everything is set up.

So if you own a pitchfork and farming trousers – stand by – someone is going to want you.

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Why live casino games have been such a big hit among Canadian gamers in 2021

sportsgold 100x100By Franz Kerl

April 5th, 2021



The surge in popularity for all types of gaming over the course of 2020 is a phenomenon that has already been discussed. This has been particularly noticeable in the online casino sector, which has benefited from more potential players being at a loose end at home, along with land-based alternatives facing temporary closures.

paid Khanwake min deposit

Get into the game for as little as $1

Those within the industry have taken full advantage, and you need only take a glance at this site to see Canadian minimum deposit casinos compared and to get a picture of just how competitive a market this is becoming. The various platforms don’t purely focus on bonuses and free offers to tempt new members. They all have their own ways of trying to bring something extra special to the table, and one technology that has proved exceptionally popular has been live gaming. This is when the player is connected via webcam to a real dealer spinning the wheel or dealing the cards. But why has this proved to be such a major attraction?

An authentic experience
There is more to a night at the casino than the mechanics of a card game or a spinning wheel. Casino goers love the theatre of the blackjack table or the roulette wheel, and that is something that live casino manages to achieve, even in the online environment. Studios typically have multiple camera angles so you can see the action from every angle, while the croupiers are professionally trained.

Increased trust
Paid KhanawakeToday’s casinos are closely monitored and regulated by bodies like the Kahnawake gaming commission. Everyone knows that the games are not rigged and the random number generators can be trusted to give a fair game. But despite all that, players still feel more comfortable seeing a physical roulette wheel spinning, or watching a real dealer shuffle a real deck of cards. Ultimately, even in the technical world of the 2020s, we still trust another human being more than we trust a computer algorithm.

Social play
There has been lots of talk about social gaming over the past few months. It is important to appreciate that social games are about more than Words with Friends and the like. Is there any gaming experience more social than sitting at a blackjack table or jostling around the roulette wheel, chatting to the dealer and exchanging some banter with the other players? Live casino games allow you to do all that, just without the jostling, via the chat box on your screen.

PAID Khanawake dealer mobile

The game is live – you see everything you would see if you were in the gambling hall.

Mobile connectivity
Live casino games have been around for a while, but it is only in the past year or so that the mobile infrastructure has been sufficient to allow you to play them from your smartphone. Given that mobile is now the platform of choice for more than 50 percent of all gaming, bringing the live casino experience to iOS and Android has been a crucial factor in it’s rising popularity. It is a phenomenon that will only increase.

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Federal plans to put in gates and fencing to keep people off the pier locks out a once very populart]

background graphic greenBy Pepper Parr

April 3rd, 2021



While the city is taking a closer look at how to deal with the crowding problem in the Beachway a federal government is looking for ways to limit public access to the piers on both sides of the canal that separates Burlington from Hamilton.

canal two piers

The two piers reach more than 320 metres out into the lake. The federal Transportation wants to fence them off to prevent the public from walking out.

The canal is overseen by the federal department of Transportation; in the words of Ward 1 Councillor Kelvin Galbraith, “it’s their asset and they get to do whatever they want”.

Burlington’s MP Karina Gould got wind of the Transportation plans – they probably ran what they had in mind past the Minister which got the issue to the city.

The Gazette learned about the plans more by luck than anything else. No direct word from the Minister, the Mayor or the ward Councillor.

We learn now that the idea of putting up fences and gates has been paused. Galbraith believes that it is just a matter of time before the federal people decide this is necessary and just go ahead and build.

canal tour boat

Tour boats made use of the canal and the public got out on them much of the time.

There was a time when those piers were the point at which steam ships that were taking people on tours would tie up and take on passengers.

We believe there are many people in the city who can add to what we know at this point – we would sure like to hear from them.

Governments do respond to pressure – the planned upgrade – it’s actually more of a rebuild – calls for the Beachway community plans for parks that run right up to the canal area.

It will be interesting to hear what the Region tells the city in the fall when they are scheduled to bring the city up to date on where the plans for the “new” Beachway stand.

canal - train bridge

A bridge dedicated to rail traffic into Burlington. At one point there were two tracks leading into the city.

The walking trail that begins at the west end of Spencer Smith Park and goes right up to the canal was once a rail bed for trains that came into Burlington, picked up some of the produce from large farms and took it on in to Toronto and Montreal.  Some of that produce made its way to European cities.

The trains that came through the city had their own exclusive bridge across the canal.  At one point there were three bridges across the canal.  When the Skyway bridge was opened – there was just the one bridge.

canal Royal Hamilton Yacht Club

The Royal Hamilton Yacht Club – a significant point of Hamilton Society

There is a lot of history in that part of the city.  During a walking tour with former Mayor Walter Mulkewhich he pointed out the location for a planned science museum tucked into land close to the western pier.

The Royal Hamilton Yacht Club had a magnificent clubhouse on the western side of the canal.  An impressive stone light house used to serve as a beacon for ships – it is still there, hidden from view by the lift bridge that changed the movement of traffic that used to clog the road that serves as the entrance to the hospital

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Some good ideas came out of a virtual meeting that wasn't all that well attended

News 100 greenBy Pepper Parr

April 3rd, 2021



Convinced that there is actually going to be a summer that doesn’t have us in some level of lockdown, city hall people held a virtual community meeting on what could and should be done with the Beachway that was flooded with a level of traffic last summer that had not been seen in decades.

With few places open for walking around and a requirement that we keep six feet apart and wear masks – and at the same time try to get outdoors for some exercise and a chance to upgrade our mental health, the city was open to new ideas.  The city hall types wanted to hear what people thought should be done.

Many of the people using the park are believed to be people who were not Burlingtonians which rubbed some the wrong way.

The virtual event was a bit like a workshop; staff from Transportation, traffic, parks and recreation and tourism were taking part to explain what they were doing, as well as what they were up against.

beachway web cast

The virtual meeting was designed to get public input on how to handle the problems – though public take-up was low, there were some very good ideas. The Beachway traffic is close to being out of control.

Parking and waste removal were top of mind for those who did call in. The take up by the public wasn’t as high as Mayor Meed Ward had hoped.

There was a note that spaces on the call were limited to 500 – nowhere near that number – yet there were some good ideas.

When it was suggested that the Beachway be limited to just people who lived in Burlington, Mayor Meed Ward pointed out that the Beachway was a Regional park operated by the city.

That means having to take in the “rabble” from everywhere.

Charging for parking is something we are likely to see come the summer. The rate mentioned was $20 a day – $2.50 an hour. How those amounts are going to be collected wasn’t talked about.

Beachway - two storey + roof deck

This house was torn down – just an empty plot of land. All part of the Region’s willing seller – willing buyer program designed to remove all of the homes in the Beachway. It could serve as a temporary parking lot.

One call had a really good idea: Use the spaces that used to have homes on them before the Region began buying them up – they are now just vacant lots. The suggestion was to turn them over to one of the service clubs who would handle the parking and split the income with the city.

Given that we are dealing with municipal administrations there were problems (the Region owns the land) – the grounds would have to be properly prepared which would cost and thee is no budget in place to cover that cost.

We did learn that there are conversations taking place with the Region.

There are plans to put Ambassadors in place who will travel in pairs and patrol both the Beachway and Spencer Smith Park explaining the rules to people. Parking bylaw officers will also be well represented.  They will be wearing uniforms – no hats or badges said the Mayor.

Beachway washrooms

The Pavilion, which was badly in need of an upgrade will reopen around Victoria Day. Washrooms will be available.

The Pavilion is undergoing upgrades – washrooms will be operational by summer time.

City Staff are looking into ways to get mobile food vendors in the space.

Director of Parks and Recreation Chris Glenn, apologetically explained that the “healthy food” mandate they had in place will give way to products that are more popular. The vendors can’t make a living selling kale with dressing on the side.

French fries and ice cream will do it.

There are a lot of unknowns including whatever the province and or the Public Health Unit decide to impose.

Parking - municipal cash grab

Parking tickets get handed out when people decide they can park wherever they wish. This was in the west end of the Beachway – some of those houses in the background were torn down.

The job on the public health side is to do everything possible to keep us all safe; parks and recreation needs to find ways for creating things people can do while traffic needs to exercise some control over the parking.

Staff are looking into pick up and drop off locations where people can be driven into the park and be dropped off at a location where they could put all their ”stuff” and get driven out of the Park when they are ready to go home. Cumbersome to even think about.

A number of people wanted to see much better maintenance – the grounds get to look pretty tacky at the end of a busy day. The suggestion was that roving maintenance people be on hand to do the clean up throughout the day.

Staff would like people to realize that when they bring waste into the park, they should be made responsible for taking it out with them.

A lot of educating to be done – and these things cost money.

Using electric carts to move people in and out was mentioned, shuttle buses brought out the fact that one of the bus routes runs from the John Street terminal right through the Beachway. Parking in the city is free on the weekends – could work.

Council will be getting a report on Tuesday – the option will be spelled out along with the costs.

The virtual event was to take the pulse of the community and see what they had to say.


The Mayor monopolized the microphone – partly because the ward Councillor didn’t have much to say – the Beachway is in his ward – he should be THE champion for that part of the city.

The Beachway is in ward 1 and while Councillor Kelvin Galbraith could be seen – the public didn’t hear all that much from him.

For much of the webcast it sounded like the Mayor was the prime input person – she asked the questions, guided those who were calling in and passed things along to Staff.

The one really “hot potato” was finding a way to reserve the park for Burlingtonians – no one wanted to touch that one.

Sitting in the background is the work being done on a Master Plan for the Beachway that began in 2015. Council is scheduled to receive a report on that sometime in the fall.

Beachway - Full park

Almost every foot of the Beachway park will look differently if the Master Plan now in the works actually gets done.

What Meed Ward consistently calls the jewel in the city’s crown” is going to begin to look a lot different in five years.

Hopefully we are out of public health restrictions by then.


Related news story

The Master Plan for the Beachway

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Online Job Opportunities for People with Casino Skills

News 100 blueBy Alexander Cedborn

April 1st, 2021



In a time where no career seems to be immune from the knock-on effects of COVID-19, job security is at an all time low. Tourism and hospitality is decimated, aviation and ground support staff are being laid off left, right and centre. Not one to sound bleak, but it is what it is. And what it is hasn’t been seen since the 1930’s. If even for the lucky that haven’t been effected, it’s still a big shake up around just how secure your life can really be, or if it can all change in an instant.

What this time is showing us, is that things can change so easily, so then they can also change for the better. Maybe your job isn’t going anywhere, your steady paycheck will keep turning up, month after month. But just maybe you’ve started to realize that there is more to life than your boring 9-5 that feeds your bank account but not your soul.

Whatever the case may be, the online casino industry is booming according to Casino Pilot Canada. Also, this trend will only continue until 2026 says Mordor Intelligence.

So, if you have some decent casino skills that could be put to good use, now could be the time of change. Here’s a good selection of jobs that will value your skills and may just have you living the good life on a Mediterranean island.

Job Opportunities


Croupier: It may seem a little obvious, but every casino has plenty of them

It may seem a little obvious, but every casino has plenty of them and if you’re a social butterfly, it’s perfect for you. All casinos have a lot of on the job training so don’t worry if you’re not a pro. But having some skills in your back pocket will always get you a foot in the door.

And we’re not just talking about your local casino either. Live dealer casinos are becoming an extremely popular part of the online market. Many jobs are available in the central hub of these gaming countries where huge studios are set up to offer a live feed all over the world. The likes of Estonia, Malta and the great state of New Jersey have many opportunities available, so live a little and go out on a limb.

Customer Support Agent
All casinos operate with a customer support team. Many are hired as the first step into a career in gaming, so experience isn’t essential. You generally work as part of a rotational shift that may cover a 24-hour period or at least until 11pm. It’s a buzzing environment and again, a good knowledge of the workings of a casino may not be a prerequisite, but it shows your interest in the field at least.

Many positions are language based though so if English isn’t your first language, then you’re in luck. But either way, many positions are around.


There’s never been a better time to step up your hobby into a career.

Be a Professional Player
There’s never been a better time to step up your hobby into a career. With many of us working from home and living our lives in our tiny apartments, spare time is no longer sparse. You can start off slow by playing a few hours a night, after your normal working hours. That way you don’t have to make the big plunge.

As time progresses, you’ll soon know by the state of your finances if you’re cut out for the life of a card shark or not. But if you are, you can live anywhere in the world and play when you want. You’ll get to dictate your job rather than the other way round. But can you really make a good living from it? If you’re good, you’ll be more than comfortable. Just take it slow and see how it feels.

Should I go for it?
So, although the world may seem a bit mixed up right now, there’s still plenty of opportunities for people who have unique skills. And yes, brick and mortar casinos aren’t doing so well without punters through their doors, but that don’t doesn’t mean all is lost. Even for those who may have found themselves unemployed from these establishments can use their skills of numeracy, customer support and multi-tasking to gain further employment.


You’ll get to dictate your job rather than the other way round. But can you really make a good living from it? If you’re good, you’ll be more than comfortable.

It may seem like desperate times, but maybe it’s just that shake up that we need every once in a while, to think outside the box. To stop living on autopilot and start living the life we want and we deserve. Because we humans may be far from perfect, but we’re extremely adaptable when we need to be. So let’s start focusing less on what we don’t have in our lives and more on what we want to take from life.

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Food Bank names volunteer of the year - she put in 1000 hours.

graphic community 5By Staff

March 31st, 2021



The Burlington Teen Tour Band Boosters have been partnering with the Food Bank for events for some time and this Saturday at the Burlington Centre (formerly Burlington Mall), they are running a covid-safe food drive from 10am to noon in the parking lot beside the Bay on the south side – please join them and cheer them on!

The support for the Food Bank comes from the community. A few recent food drives deserve a heart felt mention – without them the system and the service provided wouldn’t work.

The Sheldon Creek community has done an amazing job recently bringing in 1,500 lbs of donations. The BAD parents and team (Burlington Aquatic Devil rays) raise funds and food. The Pauline Johnson Public School did an excellent job collecting donations at various locations while keeping all safety protocols in place. And a special thanks as well to Zoe & Christian for their Easter Food Drive.

Food BAnk_Dominique

Dominique Wildeboer – Food Bank Volunteer of the Year

Our Volunteer of the Year Award – Dominique Wildeboer
There were 160 different volunteers helping out during 2020 with 11,774 hours put in. The Food bank managers had to pick just one volunteer out of all of that. Congratulations to Dominique Wildeboer for stepping up during this year of the pandemic.

Dominique has been helping us out for approx. 4.5 years and she volunteered approx 1,000 hours logged in 2020 herself. Robin Bailey, Executive Director of the Food Bankasks, how did we get so lucky?

“I started volunteering after retiring from teaching. I had some experience in the grocery store industry growing up and thought the food bank would make a nice fit. After 4.5 years here I still love it mostly because of the wonderful people I volunteer with.” says Dominique.

“She goes above and beyond often times shopping for special requests for our clients. We truly are lucky to have her with us; she’s an inspiration to everyone”, said Bailey.

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Federal transportation department doesn't appear to be aware of long range plans for the Beachway

News 100 blueBy Staff

March 31st, 2021




MP Karina Gould engaging a constituent during the last federal election

In her monthly report to the public Burlington MP Karina Gould, a Member of the Trudeau Cabinet said she was “pleased to share the news earlier this month that an agreement is in the works between Transport Canada and the Cities of Burlington and Hamilton to come to an arrangement to keep the Burlington Piers open and accessible.

There is more work to do, but this is a very positive development for our community.”

The decision to limit access to the piers on both sides of the canal came as a surprise to many.

Burlington Canal

A federal government department is working with both Burlington and Hamilton to find a way to keep the piers open to the public.

What concerns the Gazette is: Where is the public participation on this one?  It was the public that was being kept off the pier for really spurious reasons.

Can you just imagine telling the public they could not stand on the pier and watch as the ship, some under full sail, glided by.

As well – Burlington and the Region are toiling away at a major design task for the Beachway including a park setting that will be on the north side of the bridge coming right up to the water’s edge of what is at that point Hamilton harbour.

Beachway - federal pier

Long range plan for the Beachway is to upgrade the area including significant changes to the western end – around the canal. These plans would seem to be at odds with what the federal Transportation department is working through for public access to the piers.

Sandy Empire - canal

Hundreds gathered on the piers to watch ships like this glide by.

Ships canal - crowd bith sides

Many will recall the hundreds of people that lined the piers when the tall ships paid Burlington and Hamilton a visit.




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Holiday schedule: It is about more than the Easter Bunny

News 100 blueBy Staff

March 29th, 2021



City of Burlington administrative services will be closed for Good Friday, on Friday, April 2, and Easter Monday, on Monday, April 5.

For a list of which City services and facilities are available on the Easter holiday weekend, please see the summary below or visit burlington.ca

The information provided below is accurate as of March 29, 2021. In the event of any changes made to current COVID-19 public health measures by the Province of Ontario, please visit burlington.ca/coronavirus for potential impacts to City services and programs.

Residents can also stay informed about city news on our social media channels: @cityburlington on Twitter and facebook.com/cityburlington.

City Service Holiday Closure Information

sick cat

You are going to have to nurse the cat yourself.

Animal Services
The Animal Shelter at 2424 Industrial St. remains closed to the public due to COVID-19.

To report an animal control-related emergency, call 905-335-3030 or visit www.burlington.ca/animal.

Burlington Transit will operate a Sunday schedule on Good Friday. For real-time bus information and schedules visit myride.burlingtontransit.ca.
The downtown terminal at 430 John St. and Specialized Dispatch will be closed on Friday, April 2.

City Hall The Service Burlington counter at City Hall (426 Brant St.), will be closed to all appointments and walk-in service on Friday, April 2 and Monday, April 5.
Many service payments are available online at burlington.ca/onlineservices.

Halton Court Services – Provincial Offences Office Court administration counter services at 4085 Palladium Way will be closed on Friday April 2, 2020 and Monday April 5, 2021.

With the exception of the Easter closure, telephone payments are available at 905-637-1274, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.

All in-person services are available from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday to Friday. Many services are also available by email at burlingtoncourt@burlington.ca or online at Halton Court Services

Parking Free parking is available downtown, on the street, in municipal lots and in the parking garage (414 Locust St.) on weekends and holidays, including Good Friday and Easter Monday.
NOTE: The Waterfront parking lots (east and west) do not provide free parking on statutory holidays.
Parking exemptions are required to park overnight on city streets and for longer than five hours. Visit burlington.ca/parkingexemptions

Recreation Programs and Facilities Drop-In Recreation Activities
All users must pre-register and complete the online COVID-19 screening at burlington.ca/screening. Registration opens 25 hours in advance of program start times. To view program times, visit burlington.ca/dropinandplay

centennial pool - inside

Centennial pool

• Lap swimming and recreational swimming are available at Tansley Woods Community Centre (1996 Itabashi Way) and Centennial Pool (5151 New St.)

• Recreational skating is available at Appleby Ice Centre (1201 Appleby Line) and Mountainside Arena (2205 Mt. Forest Dr). An artificial rink at Hidden Valley Park (1137 Hidden Valley Rd.) is open for skating daily from 11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and is ideal for young families and people learning to skate. Capacity on the rink is 10 people.

Lending Library
Play Equipment
• Horseshoes, glow in the dark soccer balls, Kanjam, washer toss, tennis, Spikeball and more are available to borrow. Visit burlington.ca/playlending

Pickleball Equipment
• Borrow pickleball equipment for free, including noise-reducing paddles, ball packs and portable nets that can be used anywhere. Visit burlington.ca/pickleball

Outdoor Activities
Please see below for a list of opportunities available in Burlington (weather permitting) or visit www.burlington.ca/outdoorplay.

Please note: several of the outdoor recreational amenities listed below are not monitored. We ask that you cooperate with others using the space and follow all COVID-19 health precautions and posted signage. If the outdoor recreational space is busy, please try another outdoor recreational amenity in the city or come back at a different time. Please be kind to one another, remain vigilant and stay safe.

Tennis and Pickleball Courts
• Outdoor tennis and pickleball courts at Leighland Park (1200 Leighland Rd.) and Optimist Park (2131 Prospect St.) are open and available for play daily, from 8 a.m. to dusk.

This is the rural Burlington residents want to keep - walking trails and quiet countryside.

This is the rural Burlington residents want to keep – walking trails and quiet countryside.

Parks and Trails
• Enjoy any of the city’s trails and parks. Visit burlington.ca/outdoorplay

Active at Home
Options to stay active at home are available online at burlington.ca/activeathome, including a series of virtual activities from fitness to crafts for everyone to enjoy. All videos are free and new videos are added frequently.

Follow @BurlingtonParksRec on Facebook and @Burl_ParksRec on Twitter for the latest updates and videos.
Roads, Parks and Forestry The administrative office will be closed on Friday, April 2 and Monday, April 5.
Essential services will be provided as required.

Residents can stay informed about City news at www.burlington.ca/coronavirus and our social media channels: @cityburlington on Twitter and facebook.com/cityburlington


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How has the city shaped you? The city wants to hear your story.

graphic community 3By Staff

March 29th, 2021



It’s tell me a story time. Can I fib a bit you might ask?

Just how colourful can my story be?

Beard - hoola hoope - run jump playCan I tell you about the time a leader in the Parks and Recreation department gave a hula hoop demonstration outside city hall?  Didn’t think so.

Everyday in Burlington, someone does something for a friend, a stranger or their community. Many times, no one knows the action or even the impact it has. Sure, the city has some larger than life events and local personalities that are exciting, award-winning and newsworthy, but it’s the random acts of community that really build our strength, sense of belonging and defines who we are as a city.

We are asking residents to share stories of what makes you proud to be Canadian and a Burlington resident, and how we come together as a City. Tell us about how you or someone you know has made a difference or has brought people together through random acts of community; moments of kindness or through small acts that may have made a bigger impact in your life or those around you.

We are looking for your stories of what makes you a proud Canadian and Burlington resident and how we come together. Here are some thoughts on stories you could share:

This is what city building is all about. Seven young Burlingtonians made plaster impressions of their hand prints which were then engraved on the marker that tells the story of the pier and its construction. Despite its construction woes and legal problms the pier is a magnificent addition to the city.

This is what city building is all about. Seven young Burlingtonians made plaster impressions of their hand prints which were then engraved on the marker that tells the story of the pier and its construction. Despite its construction woes and legal problems the pier is a magnificent addition to the city.

1. What do you love about Burlington or your local community?

2. What is it about Burlington that drew you here or keeps you here?

3. How has the Burlington community made you feel welcome or proud to be a part of it?

4. How have you or someone you know, contributed to the Burlington community that brings us closer together?

5. How has Burlington shaped you?

We are looking for your submissions in writing (500 words or less) or through a video (no longer than 1 min and upload via YouTube or Vimeo) or a combination of written with photos sharing a story.

You can start your story like this: “I’m proud to be Canadian and I love Burlington because……”

Personal Information contained on this page is collected under the authority of the Municipal Act, S.O. 2001, c.25, as amended and will be used for the purpose of gathering and sharing stories. Select submissions may be contacted for permission to share in other mediums. Questions about this collection should be directed to the Supervisor, Festivals & Events sandra.maxwell@burlington.ca, by phone at 905-335-7600, ext. 7724, or by mail at 426 Brant St., Burlington, Ontario L7R-3Z6.

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Earth Hour - 8:30 this evening - we might apologize for all the damage we've done

graphic community 3By Staff

March 27th, 2021



Earth Hour – this evening .

The occasion to think about the planet we live on – and acknowledge that perhaps we haven’t treated the land and sea all that well.

Communities around the world will turn off all the lights from 8:30 – 9:30 p.m. Millions of people across the globe are expected to turn off lights to recognize the importance of nature and protecting the environment.

The initiative started as a symbolic lights out event in Sydney, Australia in 2007. Since then, the World Wildlife Fund’s (WWF) Earth Hour has grown to become the world’s largest grassroots movement for the environment.

candle light dinner

Perhaps it has been awhile since you’ve spent an evening like this?

What do people do – sit in the dark ruminating over the state of things?

Some have decided it is a perfect occasion to have a candle light dinner – the over-riding question is – what kind of wine?

dancing couple older

After dinner – try this?

You could
• Discus the loss of nature and the importance of nature
• Under-stand biodiversity and its importance
• Explore the role of nature as an ally in the fight against the climate crisis
• Evaluate where and how electricity is used, and the importance of turning off and unplugging as many electronic devices as possible.

I think in our household we are going to try dancing to songs we sing to each other.

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