It was a painful week for everyone - there was a bit of sunshine in a handmade poster

News 100 blackBy Pepper Parr

June 14th, 2021



The week that is now behind us was filled with so much heavy news.

The discovery of the remains of 215 children in Kamloops, British Columbia, and the news that four people were killed when a man behind the wheel of a pickup truck deliberately ran them down killing four members of a family out for a quiet evening walk. A nine year old son was in hospital unable to attend the funeral of his parents that took place on Sunday.

The city opened up some of the restrictions that were limiting what people were permitted to do. The opening of patios was a welcome change but couldn’t remove the weight on our hearts.

Muslims in prayer

Muslim community taking part in a public Call to Prayer last Friday.

On Friday the Muslim community held their Call to Prayer in Spencer Smith Park. It wasn’t a huge turnout but certainly respectful.

There were a few police cars parked on Lakeshore Road and the Gazette spotted a high end drone over the site.

Did the police expect people to be anything other than quietly respectful ? Shame on anyone who felt “those people” should not be in a public place.

Dennis a

Who wrote this sign? It would be an honour to meet the woman. What a profound statement.


There was a handmade sign held up by a Muslim woman that spoke to my heart.
One Gazette reader sent in a comment suggesting that the Mayor was a little early in publicly mourning the death of the Afzaal  family suggesting she should have waited until there was a full investigation.

Investigation of what ?

The police have charged the man with four counts of first degree murder and a charge of second degree murder. They have added a charge of terrorism to the four murder charges.

That kind of comment is veiled racism. We did not publish it – but it is out there. The way to change that behavior is to speak out every time.

I don’t know who made the sign we photographed. It would be an honour to meet the woman.

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City Enters into Stage One of the Provincial Reopen Plan

News 100 yellowBy Pepper Parr

June 12th, 2021



Early reports on the opening of restaurants and bars are that things went well. The turnout was brisk and the weather supported getting out and relaxing with friends over what a colleague used to call An Adult Beverage.

patio - port house

A location where you can see and feel the lake. The Port House is located at the Waterfront Hotel

The province was in Step 1 of the Re-open plan which permitted


This step was expected to begin on June 14 or two weeks after 60 per cent of adults in Ontario have at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Ontario officials said 58.5 per cent of the adult population have received a first dose as of Thursday. They added that the province would need to wait two weeks after hitting the vaccination target before entering the first step in order to monitor the vaccine outcome.

In this stage, outdoor activities and gatherings will be first to open but with some restrictions and limits.

Here’s a full list of what will be allowed:

  • Outdoor gatherings for up to 10 people
  • Outdoor dining for up to 4 people per table
  • Non-essential retail at 15 per cent
  • Outdoor religious services, rites and ceremonies with capacity limited to permit two metres of physical distancing
  • Outdoor sports, training and personal training for up to 10 people
  • Day camps
  • Campsites and campgrounds
  • Ontario parks
  • Outdoor horse racing and motor speedways
  • Outdoor pools, splash pads and wading pools

We stay in this stage for 28 days and if the new infection levels hold the province will move into Stage Two.

The target is to get past the 70% of the population vaccinated and as close to not more than 200 new infections each day.

The hospitality sector has been desperate for a Re-open date that would hold.  The province had indicated it would probably be June 14th – than at close to the last day they moved that to the 11th giving restaurants and bars an additional weekend.

patio - staffIt was certainly welcome but played havoc with scheduling.

Most commentators believe the province is through the worst of the pandemic and that we could be in for  reasonable summer, providing we follow the rules and get everyone vaccinated.

The Delta variant has been found in Halton but does not appear to be rampant at this point.  We are the best defence against that variant.

Vaccination Centres across the problem are busy with a large number of young people showing of for the inoculation.

The Centre I attended for my second dose at the First Ontario Art Centre in Milton had nurses doing the needle thing at five different parts of the building..

It was problem free while I was there.

patio- lakeshore rd

Healthy traffic – content customers.

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Nelson Pool and Splash Pads Closed Today and Sunday - operational issues

notices100x100By Staff

June 12th, 2021



Due to an unforeseen operational issue, Nelson Pool and Splash Park is closed Saturday, June 12 and Sunday, June 13, 2021.

Nelson swimming pool

Nelson Pool – opened just last year after a total re-build.

The Gazette got this notice shortly after 3 pm today.

No word on what the “operational” issue was.

The city asks that people who want to swim visit for swim times at Mountainside Pool and Splash Park, or for park Splash Pad locations.

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Mayor mourns loss of four members of a Muslim family

News 100 greenBy Dennis Gibbons

June 12th, 2021



Burlington Mayor Marianne Meed Ward says she and members of city council are committed to bringing an end to hatred of Muslims.

dennis d

On the left MP Karina Gould with Mayor Marianne Meed Ward.

Speaking at a Call to Prayer Service in Spencer Smith Park on Friday, the mayor joined about 200 people in mourning the loss of four members of a Muslim family tragically killed in London.

“City council and I as your mayor stand with you in ending Islamophobia,” she said.

“We mourn with you the loss of this beautiful family, leaving a nine-year-old boy alone.”

The mayor said the city of Burlington and its council promotes diversity and inclusion.  “We want everyone to be welcome and respected,” she said.

Meed Ward said everyone needs to speak out anytime they hear a word of unkindness or hatred spoken.

Imam Abdullah Hatia and Imam Junaid Hanslod of the Halton Mosque led the prayers.

Burlington MP Karina Gould, the minister of international affairs, also pledged to keep working to stamp out racism.  “I never want any of you to experience what we are experiencing right now,” Gould said.

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Muslim Community holds their service in Spencer Smith Park

News 100 greenBy Pepper Parr

June 11th, 2021



They gathered quietly at the edge of Lake Ontario to take part in a Muslim Call to Prayer.

It wasn’t a large crowd. It was an exceptionally well behaved crowd with members of the Halton Mosque ensuring that people knelt on their prayer rugs well within the required space.

dennis c

Burlington’s Muslim community celebrating their faith in a park on a Friday afternoon.



For those who did not bring a Prayer blanket there were replacements, hand sanitizer and bottles of water.

The actual Call to Prayer had a poetry to it. It was said in Arabic and sounded strong.

The women were separated from the men as is the custom.
The man who spoke after the Call to Prayer told the crowd that he was a Canadian, born in Scarborough, educated in Canada and did not believe that the tragedy in London earlier in the week, that took the lives of four people who were out for a walk leaving a fifth boy in hospital, is what Canada is about.

Dennis a

A very powerful statement from a community that struggles to heal.

Those of us who are not Muslim see it as a tragedy; the Muslims see it as a threat to their lives every day of the week. They don’t want to live this way.
There is healing to be done; understandings to be created and customs for those of us who are not Muslims to get used to and respect.

The Muslim community opened itself up to the people of Burlington Friday afternoon. It was an act we should be grateful for and use it as the occasion to help them heal and at the same time work towards tighter ties between the communities.

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