Worobec: Gearing down - letting her body adjust and set her mind on the New York City Marathon,

sportsgold 100x100By Ashley Worobec

October 16th, 2019



It’s officially taper time! Tapering means that the bulk of work is done, and now it’s time to rest and recover from the cumulative effects of training- the idea being that you show up to the start line with rested and refreshed legs, so that you’re ready to go.

For a marathon, the taper period is usually around 3 weeks, and that’s the plan I’m following. This past week was my “peak week” of training, and I totaled 75km out on the roads this week. The next three weeks will have a dramatic decrease in that mileage number, with the week before the marathon being less than 20km of running. I will continue to do Pilates and yoga weekly, but I’ve shut it down on Crossfit right now, and want to give my legs the best chance possible to recover.


That watch records every km Worobec runs. This run is the last really long one before New York City.

On Thanksgiving Sunday, I ran 38km, my longest run in this marathon build. I have had October 13th circled on my calendar since training began back in mid-June; a distance like that can be daunting. But somewhere over the last few months, I have come to embrace these long runs rather than fear them, and I found that by early last week, I was actually looking forward to Sunday’s run to see what my body could do.


The after-effects of a treatment called “cupping.”

I am really happy with how it went- I felt great and kept a strong pace, and I’ve recovered really well; I have no soreness in my legs at all and I can only notice minimal fatigue in my lower legs and feet. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been struggling with some calf tightness after my runs- the red circles in the picture of my legs are the immediate after-effects of a treatment called “cupping.”

This treatment got its claim to fame when Michael Phelps showed up to the 2016 Olympics with circular bruises from cupping, but it’s actually a method of treatment used in Traditional Chinese Medicine that has been modified and adapted by many manual therapy practitioners.

Family Thanksgiving

That stroller has a couple of thousand km on it.

The group photo here shows my family and my brother’s family enjoying an apple orchard on Thanksgiving weekend- my nephew is using our running stroller, and I would estimate that stroller probably has a couple of thousand kilometres on it, from all the runs I used to do with my kids when they were little!

Water bottle 4l

The target is to swallow the 4 liters – she doesn’t always make it.

One other thing I’ve been focusing on lately is hydration; I’ve been using a huge 4L refillable water bottle, and my aim every day is to drink the entire thing by the end of the day. I am not succeeding every day (that’s a lot of water!), but I figure if I aim to finish the entire thing and then fall a bit short, I will still be much more hydrated than I would be if I didn’t have this black and white measurement starting me in the face.

Hydration is key for so many things, including recovery and race day performance, so it’s extra-important at this stage of the game.

Less than 20 days to November 3rd – New York City –  the Marathon. .

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Are we a little thick between the ears: the instructions for this installation art experience just didn't sink in.

theartsBy Pepper Parr

October 15th, 2019



The city invests a considerable amount of money in public art and throughout each year contests are held that allow artists to pitch their ideas for what is referred to as “installation” art; something that is not permanent and is often work that can be interacted with.

The city announced seven installation art locations that were to be launched along with Culture Days which took place late in September.

A communications glitch got in the way of our publishing and promoting these events. The Senior Manager Strategic Communications prevented us from talking to the Manager of Cultural Services for some clarification.

The answers the Senior Manager Strategic Communications gave us were not clear and we didn’t have the time to do the back and forth that was required to get clear answers.

Cobalt Connects, the Hamilton based organization that manages the selection of artist’s process, made what appears now available and we share it with you.

With information that is clear we can now share with you what the city made possible.

These installations were available on September 27 and will be on display until October 27, 2019. There are seven Temporary Art Installations.

These artists transformed spaces across Burlington with temporary public art installations. By placing art in unexpected spaces such as parks and community centres, the Public Art Lab brings contemporary art to new audiences. All installations are free of charge! The Public Art Lab is produced by the City of Burlington’s public art program.

The art is pretty well distributed throughout the city – except for Aldershot – they got stiffed.

Troy Lovegates, Hide and Seek at Spencer Smith Park has a communication challenge of its own.

Art Spencer Smith image

We were Ok up to this point. Where is the stamp we are supposed to put into the map we picked up at the Gazebo. Confusion reigned – it was good idea though.

It is a Wood Sculptures, Scavenger Hunt Map

Hide and Seek is a series of folk art wood sculptures that have been hidden throughout Spencer Smith Park.

So far – so good.

Park visitors are invited to participate in a “scavenger hunt” to find the sculptures and collect a stamp at each location.

Who hands out the stamp ? Are they just sitting there for the taking?  What happens when it is raining?

Visitors can pick up a map with clues from the birdhouse box located beside the gazebo and start their adventure.

The first people to turn in their completed map to the Burlington Visitor Centre (414 Locust Street, 9:00 am 0 4:00 pm) will receive a special prize!

Is this the first person every day?

Sounds like a great idea – but the instructions aren’t clear enough.  If this part of this art event worked for you – do let us know.  We might be the ones that are a little thick.

Troy Lovegates is an internationally prolific street artist who begins his process by immersing himself within the project’s immediate area, breathing in its surroundings and passersby. His public art centres on the holistic importance of community, frequently featuring images of residents taken on early expeditions around a project site. Lovegates has spent many years exploring the nooks and crannies of Lake Ontario, its nearby railway corridors and green spaces.

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'I wish I could explain': installation art at Norton Community Park

artsblue 100x100By Pepper Parr

October 14th, 2019



The city invests a considerable amount of money in public art and throughout each year contests are held that allow artists to pitch their ideas for what is referred to as “installation” art; something that is not permanent and is often work that can be interacted with.

The city announced seven installation art locations that were to be launched along with Culture Days which took place late in September.

A communications glitch got in the way of our publishing and promoting these events. The Senior Manager Strategic Communications prevented us from talking to the Manager of Cultural Services for some clarification.

The answers the Senior Manager Strategic Communications gave us were not clear and we didn’t have the time to do the back and forth that was required to get clear answers.

Cobalt Connects, the Hamilton based organization that manages the selection of artist’s process made what appears now available and we share it with you.

With information that is clear we can now share with you what the city made possible.

These installations were available on September 27 and will be on display until October 27, 2019. There are seven Temporary Art Installations.  These artists transformed spaces across Burlington with temporary public art installations. By placing art in unexpected spaces such as parks and community centres, the Public Art Lab brings contemporary art to new audiences. All installations are free of charge! The Public Art Lab is produced by the City of Burlington’s public art program.

The art is pretty well distributed throughout the city – except for Aldershot – they got stiffed.

Art Norton image

The wish might get you thinking – which is the point of it all.

The installation at the Norton Community Park is called Typographic Fencing; something that  defines space and prompts conversation by creating large-scale text in areas where it is not expected— around the edges of parking lots, near ravines, off divided highways, around a fenced-in playground.

These temporary installations are woven out of flagging-tape, a simple, inexpensive material used to mark boundaries. Squares in chain-link or vertical-bar fences become pixels on a screen or canvas, the medium for messages. The messages are installed anonymously and removed without ceremony. By transforming large-text into large questions, aim to spark a dialogue.

Lambchop is a street artist and designer based in the American South, specializing in permanent and ephemeral public installations investigating the relationship between place, typography, and interaction. Lambchop’s work has been exhibited internationally and recognized with a Communication Arts Award, a Society of Typographic Arts “STA 100” Award, has been featured through DesignMilk, NotCot and SHFT.

More on this artist at: cargocollective.com/lambchop

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Police Trying to Identify Owners of Seized Property

Crime 100By Staff

October 11th, 2019



The stuff is sitting in a locker at Police Headquarters waiting for someone to claim it.

The “stuff” is recovered stolen property that police discovered when they arrested Bradley MARK (37) of no fixed address and charged him with:

Break and Enter with intent
Possession of Break in instruments
Possession of property obtained by Crime
Fail to comply with probation order

The Halton Regional Police Service are still trying to identify the rightful owners of property seized in relation to the arrest made last July. You can Click Here and review the photos of the property on the police Flickr account.

Police theft recoveries

Some of the jewelry recovered by police.

If you are the rightful owner and can identify any of the property or have information concerning this investigation please contact Detective Constable Jacques Brunelle of the 3 District Criminal Investigations Bureau at 905-825-4747 ext. 2334 or the 3 District Criminal Investigations Bureau general line at 905-825-4747 ext. 2316.

This situation goes back to July 4th 2019, when the Halton Regional Police Service arrested a suspect attempting to gain entry into the Kings Carwash located at 1448 Grahams Lane in the City of Burlington. At the time of the arrest a large quantity of jewelry believed to be stolen was recovered.

Investigators are currently liaising with Hamilton Police and further charges are pending.

Anyone who may have additional information concerning this investigation is asked to contact Detective Constable Jacques Brunelle of the 3 District Criminal Investigations Bureau at 905-825-4747 ext. 2334 or the 3 District Criminal Investigations Bureau general line at 905-825-4747 ext. 2316.

Tips can also be submitted to Crime Stoppers “See Something? Hear Something? Know Something? Contact Crime Stoppers” at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS), or through the web at www.haltoncrimestoppers.ca

People charged with a criminal offence are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


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Charo: Hot Flamenco Night - Instantly recognizable!

eventspink 100x100By Staff

October 8th, 2019



Charo at BPAC

Charo: Instantly recognizable for her witty humour, lovable accent and mastery of the flamenco guitar.

The Burlington Performing Arts Centre presenting: Charo: Hot Flamenco Night on Saturday, October 12 in the Main Theatre, the only Canadian date for this legendary performer.

Instantly recognizable for her witty humour, loveable accent and mastery of the flamenco guitar, Charo has been an integral proponent of contemporary Latin music since the 1970s.
is also smoking hot!

Although popular as a musician, singer, comedienne, stage and screen performer, it is Charo’s trademark quirky comedy and expressions – Cuchi-Cuchi! – which has endeared her to the world.

Charo: Hot Flamenco Night will feature a mixture of her patented rhythms and mastery of classical guitar. It is a combination of the most exciting and original music of today and the most famous classical masterpieces in the world. Charo performs passionately throughout, blending heart and soul with her unique Flamenco style.

Charo is an American music and pop culture icon who has entertained millions throughout her career. She also teams up with top-name DJs and producers from around the world, who add their dance mixes to Charo’s virtuoso guitar performance to creates dance hits.

Charo: Hot Flamenco Night
Saturday, October 12 at 8pm
440 Locust Street, Burlington, Ontario
Tickets can be purchased by telephone, online or in person:
905-681-6000, https://burlingtonpac.ca/events/charo/
Tickets: $69.50
Sponsored by Andrew Peller Ltd.


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What’s open and closed in Burlington on Thanksgiving ?

News 100 yellowBy Staff

October 8th, 2019



City crest - old hand drawnThanksgiving should be something special for Burlington. Deep within the DNA of the city is an attachment to the land that is evident in the city crest.

Time to be aware of both the changing of the season; farmers are beginning to roll out large sheets of plastic over some of their crops, there are pumpkins for sale at the supermarkets and almost every rural cross road.

For those who get to church – that time honoured hymn: First the blade and then the ear, then the full corn shall appear – come ye thankful people come …comes to mind.

What’s open and closed in Burlington on Thanksgiving

Most administrative offices will be closed Monday, Oct. 14, 2019 for Thanksgiving. For a complete listing of hours of operation, phone numbers for City facilities and available services, please visit burlington.ca.

For information about what to do in Burlington on Thanksgiving weekend, please visit burlington.ca/calendar and tourismburlington.com.

Tree - Thanksgiving

Sign of the season changing.

For hours, City facilities’ phone numbers and services, please visit www.burlington.ca.

Looking for things to do?
Please visit www.burlington.ca/calendar and www.tourismburlington.com

City Hall
Closed Monday, Oct. 14, 2019.

Parks and Recreation Programs and Facilities
Hours vary.

Activities and customer service hours at City pools, arenas and community centres will vary over the holiday weekend. For drop-in program times, please visit burlington.ca/dropinandplay. For customer service hours, please visit burlington.ca/servicehours.

Burlington Transit
On Monday, Oct. 14, 2019, Burlington Transit will operate a Sunday service and the downtown Transit Terminal and Specialized Dispatch will be closed. Regular service resumes Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2019. The administration offices are closed Monday, Oct. 14 and will reopen Tuesday, Oct. 15. For real-time schedule information, please visit triplinx.ca or use Google or Apple maps.

Roads, Parks and Forestry
Closed Monday, Oct. 14. Only emergency services will be provided.

Animal Shelter and Control
Closed Monday, Oct. 14. Open 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday. For more information or to report an animal control-related emergency, call 905-335-3030 or visit www.burlington.ca/animals.

Halton Court Services
Halton Provincial Offences Court will be closed Monday, Oct. 14.

Free parking is available in the downtown core, on the street, municipal lots and the parking garage on weekends and holidays.

NOTE: The Waterfront parking lots (east and west) do not provide free parking on statutory holidays.

Do you have family and friends visiting for the holiday weekend? A reminder that there is no parking on city streets overnight between 1 and 6 a.m. Exemptions to allow overnight parking on city streets may be obtained by calling 905-335-7844 or visiting www.burlington.ca/parking.

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Rivers on the Debate: Was this Dragon’s Den or the Cooking Show?

Rivers 100x100By Ray Rivers

October 8th, 2019



Trudeau scheer

Just Trudeau and Andrew Scheer – they hammered away at each other. Neither managed to land a really hard punch.

There were fleeting discussions around some issues, but all anyone will remember is the storm of insults hurled by adults acting like children.

And it all started with Andrew Scheer using his opening speech to level insults, and stunning hyperbole, at the prime minister.

“He puts on a middle-class mask and then raises taxes on middle-class Canadians. Mr. Trudeau you are a phony and you are a fraud and you do not deserve to govern this country….”

The concept of a single national leaders forum to discuss policy in both official languages is a worthy goal. But the proof is in the execution and there was so much wrong with this so-called debate. There was way too much on the program plate to being with. And when one tries to do everything one seldom does anything well.

May Trudeau

Elizabeth May, Green Party leader held her own – was it enough to advance their number of members in the House.

For another thing there is no such thing as an ordinary undecided Canadian voter. And I’m getting really tired of seeing some random uninformed person pretending to represent me and asking a poorly constructed question to the leaders. That time would have been better utilized in the debate proper by the party leaders to actually explain their policies.

Then there were too many people involved for an effective debate. And while everyone wanted to be there, not everyone benefitted from that experience. Maxime Bernier, for example, might have stood a better chance of winning, at least his own seat, had he just stayed home. And what is a separatist party doing in a debate about national issues?

While the Greens, NDP, Bloc and the People’s Party all serve a useful function in our political system by bringing ideas to the table, there is no hope any of them will be forming government.

Max Jagmeet BLOC

Maxine Bernier on the left Yves-François Blanchet of the BLOC, center and Jagmeet Singh – they won’t form a government but they could determine who does govern.

And how is it fair that a party without official party status, and currently holding only a couple seats, like the Greens, Peoples or BLOC, get equal debate time with the Liberals or CPC which hold the vast majority of seats and popular support? Shouldn’t they have just mailed in their questions instead?

But it was the negativity which almost sent me off to bed for an early night. Real debates are supposed to be beyond insults and slander. And Scheer wasn’t the only one trying to brand his main opponent, though he was the worst. That is after all, the sum total of how the Conservatives are running their campaign this year. Almost half of everything (47%) coming out of mouths of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) is negative and personal, and all of it aimed at Mr. Trudeau. And, despite Mr. Singh claiming the high moral ground, the NDP is almost as bad.

Oh sure, negative campaigns work. At least they did in the USA for Donald Trump, who falsely accused his opponent of being crooked, accompanied by a charming chant of ‘lock her up’. It was a lie but if you repeat a lie often enough people start to believe it. And though Trump lives in a glass house, none of the stones have ever bounced back to hit him – at least not yet.

And so it is with Mr. Scheer. He lied on his resume about being an insurance broker. He tried to hide his dual nationality. Doesn’t he break US law every time he crosses the border without his US passport? And he lies every time he talks about the federal carbon tax.


Andrew Scheer – he was better in the English language debate – French is not a language he is comfortable with.

Scheer has never taken responsibility for his actions. Unlike Trudeau who recognizes his mistakes, Scheer never apologized for misleading people with his fake resume, not his previous stand on LGBT rights, nor holding back on his citizenship. And how ironic to label Trudeau with ‘not as advertised’ and ‘can’t be trusted’.

There are serious policy differences between the two leading political entities in this country. Let’s have a serious debate about the future of fossil fuels and whether we need more pipelines and petroleum resource development.

Let’s discuss the merits of doing more of what we have always done or taking more drastic climate action. Let us address the still growing wealth and income gaps in this country. Let us resolve the importance of balancing the budget versus borrowing for investment in our human and physical capital, and growing the economy.

Maxime Bernier has invited Canadians to have an adult discussion on immigration and our refugee policy. Elizabeth May has demanded that we ban the internal combustion engine by 2030. Jagmeet Singh would like Canada to reopen the constitution and find a new accommodation for Quebec.

Mr. Scheer has promised to bring back a partisan Senate and Mr. Singh’s party has long called for its abolition.

What about defence policy and Canada’s contribution as it applies to NATO spending targets? There is discussion of a wealth tax and of raising the capital gains tax to 100%. What about China?

This week’s debate may have been good entertainment, though for me it was depressing. Government should be about policy and not just theatre. It is unclear if any one of the six party leaders ‘won’ in the so-called debate, but we all lost an opportunity to be better informed on the issues before us and what these characters would really do if we elect them PM.

Rivers hand to faceRay Rivers writes regularly on both federal and provincial politics, applying his more than 25 years as a federal bureaucrat to his thinking.  Rivers was once a candidate for provincial office in Burlington.  He was the founder of the Burlington citizen committee on sustainability at a time when climate warming was a hotly debated subject.   Ray has a post graduate degree in economics that he earned at the University of Ottawa.  Tweet @rayzrivers


Background links:

Five key moments

Two two mainline parties.

Where do they stand on taxes


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Rivers on the Premier Débat en Français


Rivers 100x100By Ray Rivers

October 3rd, 2019



The Bloc leader, Yves-François Blanchet, was in good form, making his points as the leader of the resurgent Quebec federal, but separatist, party. It has to be an appealing option for Quebecers – a political party dedicated solely to protecting their interests in Parliament. And their end goal is ‘Quebexit’ (Quebec exit). After all, as Mr. Scheer pointed out, thanks to Mr. Harper Quebec already can claim ‘nation’ status.

All fr lang candidates Oct 2

Five candidates took part in a French language debate:  Yves-François Blanchet, for the BLOC Quebec, Andrew Sheer for the Conservatives, journalist Pierre Bruneau, Justin Trudeau for the Liberals and Jagmeet Singh for the New Democrats.

Justin Trudeau was reserved, calm and collected even when when he was bombarded by personal attacks and cut off in mid-sentence by both Singh and Scheer. He chose to patiently bide his time even if it did reduce his speaking time. And he chose to ignore cheap shots by Sheer over costumes, his passion for canoeing or about about having two planes, which he also used during the 2015 election. Indeed, unlike Scheer, he did buy emission credits for his travel.


Jagmeet Singh with some of his supporters.

Jagmeet Singh spoke well, at least until he started into his well-worn rant about the rich and poor. In the process he took personal shots at Trudeau, calling him rich. In fact Justin inherited a little over a million dollars when his father died – about the value of a nice bungalow in Toronto. And it’s not as if Singh, a lawyer, was ever poor. His father, a successful psychiatrist, put him through a private American high school which charges US $31,260 annual tuition. He is known to wear tailor-made expensive suits, owns a couple of Rolex watches and chooses to ride a high end bicycle.


Andrew Scheer, leader of the Conservative Party.

Almost every time Trudeau was given the podium, Andrew Scheer would butt in to interrupt him in broken French. And it was painful watching Scheer stumble with a language he never will be able to speak fluently. While Scheer’s French comprehension seemed pretty good, his ability to express himself was abysmal. For someone who grew up in mostly bilingual Ottawa, attended French immersion classes, and would have had free language training as an MP, that is inexcusable.

Scheer has been a federal MP for 15 years, since 2004, and House speaker from 2011 till 2015. Watching him stumble on the podium was embarrassing for everyone. Finally Mr. Blanchet helped him out by translating his so-called win-win strategy as just an ‘oil pipeline’. And even Singh got frustrated as Scheer fumbled trying to translate the Anglicism win-win into French.

But language aside it was what he was saying that differentiated him from the other candidates/party leaders. When Trudeau asked him directly, he refused to endorse a woman’s right to choose. Though the next day he said he is pro-life, what ever that means. We are all pro-life, but he is anti-choice.

His climate change dream plan amounts to a bunch of hypothetical schemes and a recycled home energy retro-fit program. And his plan to cancel the carbon tax seemed so out of context, especially given his refusal to acknowledge the carbon tax-rebate. Scheer re-iterated the false-hood that a carbon tax doesn’t work.

But where he really ran into trouble was his big win-win job creation project – an oil pipeline across Quebec. That is never going to fly in today’s Quebec. They understand that the gasoline car is on the way out, to be replaced by the EV In fact, if Scheer had checked he would have found out that Quebecers buy more EV’s per capita than folks anywhere else in the country.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seeking a second term of office.

Inevitably Trudeau was also challenged for his government’s apparent hypocrisy in purchasing the TMX pipeline and his plans to more than double capacity. Perhaps explaining that he was using federal money to protect Alberta’s oil industry would have been unwise, given where he was speaking? Instead he defended the purchase on the basis that profits from the pipeline will be dedicated to fund national renewable energy projects.

TVA, the French language network hosting the debate, has broad coverage through out Quebec, particularly in the area outside of Montreal. This is territory traditionally friendly to the Conservatives. So it was important for the Tories to hang onto their ridings here. But this was also an opportunity for the Bloc, NDP and Liberals to try to take some of these ridings away.

And the truth is that Mr.Scheer had a really bad night. It was the toxic combination of what he said as well as how he said it. Scheer’s main platform is about a national energy corridor which includes an oil pipeline. There is no social acceptability for that kind of initiative in this province. Quebecers care deeply about climate change and the environment so the last thing they want is another oil pipeline.

Bloc leader

Yves-François Blanchet, leader of the BLOC. was clearly the winner

There is another French language debate, so one shouldn’t count Mr. Scheer out of the race just yet. Berlitz can work miracles they say. But, language aside, he has his work cut out on policy development if he wants to inch his way into the hearts of Quebecers.

Blanchet was clearly a winner and Trudeau held his own. Singh performed well, but it remains to be seen whether Quebecers will opt for retaining the remaining NDP seats in the face of a mostly like-minded Bloc that is committed solely to their provincial interests. And for a land which recently enacted a law outlawing public servants wearing religious symbols, Mr. Singh has a huge uphill climb to convince them that he should be the top public servant of the country.

Rivers hand to faceRay Rivers writes regularly on both federal and provincial politics, applying his more than 25 years as a federal bureaucrat to his thinking.  Rivers was once a candidate for provincial office in Burlington.  He was the founder of the Burlington citizen committee on sustainability at a time when climate warming was a hotly debated subject.   Ray has a post graduate degree in economics that he earned at the University of Ottawa.  Tweet @rayzrivers

Background links

Sheer Face to Face 

BC Carbon Tax –       Liberal Planes –      Singh and Wealth –     Scheer Anti-Choice

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Parent Involvement Conference to feature impressive speaker: Nora Young will talk about the coming data boom.

News 100 redBy Staff

October 3rd, 2019



The Halton District School Board’s Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) will be hosting the 12th Annual Parent Involvement Committee Conference on Saturday, Oct. 19, 2019 from 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. at Garth Webb Secondary School (2820 Westoak Trails Blvd, Oakville).

The theme of the conference is, ‘Envisioning Possibilities: How innovation inspires students to learn, grow & succeed’.

Registration is now open.

Nora Young

Nora Young, technology journalist and host of CBC Radio program “Spark”

This year’s conference features Nora Young, technology journalist and host of CBC Radio program “Spark”, as the first keynote speaker. She will speak about “Seeing the Forest and the Trees: Surviving and Thriving in the Coming Data Boom”.

The ‘Data Boom’ is a new era in information that requires balancing the increasing use of digital devices and privacy protection.

data deluge

The amount of data that is now available and the amount of data that will be available has the potential to drown out much of the content. Learning how to manage the flow is a major social challenge.

Members of the HDSB’s, The SHIFT, will be the second keynote speaker. Led by HDSB Superintendent Jacqueline Newton, the team’s presentation will address the topic: ‘Top Ten Lessons from a Year of Innovating (Dangerously)’.

Attendees will hear about some of the lessons the Halton District School Board has learned about evolving teaching approaches and how parents/guardians can support and inspire children to become innovators in school.

The 2019 PIC Conference will provide engaging workshops that address topics such as Building Healthy Relationships, The Gifted Learner, Tech Help, Making Financial Decisions, the HDSB I-STEM Program, Equity & Inclusion in the Classroom, Vaping and Cannabis and TVO Mathify.

“The Halton District School Board’s Parent Involvement Committee welcomes parents, guardians and community members to join us for a great conference, filled with outstanding speakers and curated content,” says John Pennyfather, Superintendent of Education for the Halton District School Board. “This annual conference is designed to recognize the important role parents play in the development of their children and in their success throughout their school experience.”


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ECoB brings the federal election candidates to your living room.

federal election 2019By Staff

October 2, 2019



ECoB – the grass roots organization that gave Burlington the best look at the candidates in the municipal election has come up with an interesting approach to giving the public a look at what the federal election candidates have to say.

ECOB logoECoB, formed in 2017 , are the Engaged Citizens of Burlington. They have a small group in every ward in the city with a membership of 600 people. Anyone can become a member.

Producing videos like this takes hundreds of volunteer hours and needs money too. If you like what ECoB is doing, please consider donating to ECoB and becoming a paid member (it’s just $10 a year).

The organization is doing two minute videos of the candidates, well at least those that accept the offer to take part.

So far there has been one video each from the New Democrats, the Liberals and the Greens.

The idea was to produce short videos on the one subject. The same question is put to every candidate. The location is always the same at the Burlington Baptist Church on New Street.

Jennifer Olchowy, a member of the ECoB executive reads a prepared introduction about the candidate, introduces the candidate who then speaks for one minute.

The best way to appreciate and understand what ECoB is doing is to watch the videos.

The Gazette will be publishing everything produce and will archive the material as well.

October 1st

Liberal candidate Karina Gould

Green Candidate Gareth Williams

New Democrat Lenaee Dupuis

The Conservative candidate declined to take part.

ECoB did not hear from the Peoples Party of Canada candidate.


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Federal election debate to take place at the Nuvo Network Thursday evening.

federal election 2019By Staff

October 1st, 2019



BurlingtonGreen is sponsoring what is probably going to be the best debate between the federal election candidates that citizens of Burlington will get to hear is to take place on Thursday at the Nuvo Network.

They expect a large crowd based on the registration thus far. The event will go like this.


A rendering of what the Nuvo Network will look like when the refurbishing of what was once the television studio that broadcast the 100 Huntley Street evangelical programs from is completed.

• 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm: Doors open and opportunity for the public to submit questions. There will be an opportunity for interviews with the candidates during this time, in addition to photography.

• 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm: Moderated Debate. The emcee/ moderator of the debate is BurlingtonGreen’s Executive Director, Amy Schnurr. The debate will take place in Founders Hall, thus we respectfully ask that you wrap up conversations and take your seat among the audience in a timely fashion, no later than 6:55 pm.

The debate will commence at 7:00 pm sharp and finish at 9:00. The format will consist of a series of pre-determined questions asked by Amy, our partner and a youth representative, in addition to questions that will be provided from the audience and vetted.

There will be no open microphone.

• 9:00 pm – 10:00 pm: Reception to meet the candidates.

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Senior's Day on Tuesday - several free drop-in programs

News 100 yellowBy Staff

September 30th, 2019



October 1st is National Seniors’ Day and the city is going to celebrate with several free drop-in programs.

The objective is to honour and encourage older adults to connect and play which is important for a healthy, active life.

On this day, City of Burlington Adults 55+ Aquatics and Skating drop-in programs are free for participants aged 55 years and older.

Tyandaga golf course aerial

Golf goody: two adults aged 55 years and older can play for the price of one between 10 a.m. and noon.

At Tyandaga Golf Course, two adults aged 55 years and older can play for the price of one between 10 a.m. and noon.

Community partners will be at various facilities with information on services and fun activities.

Older adults are encouraged to visit any of the locations listed below to meet community partners and be entered for the chance to win one of two Burlington Seniors’ memberships and one of two Parks and Recreation $25 gift cards.

There is nothing fancy about the place. It's simple, serves the purpose with a bus stop almost outside the door and plenty of parking. And the kitchen will rustle you up a sandwich if you're hungry. The Seniors like it the way it is.

There is nothing fancy about the place. It’s simple, serves the purpose with a bus stop almost outside the door and plenty of parking. And the kitchen will rustle you up a sandwich if you’re hungry. The Seniors like it the way it is.

Participating Locations:
• Aldershot Pool
• Tyandaga Golf Course
• Burlington Seniors’ Centre
• Tansley Woods Community Centre

To view a complete listing of drop-in programs CLICK here.

Mayor Marianne Meed Ward tells us that “The older adult population of Burlington is vibrant and engaged, and a vital part of our communities. I encourage all adults aged 55 and older to take advantage of the free drop-in programs or to stop by the Burlington Seniors’ Centre to see our community partners, socialize and enjoy the day.”

Mandy Newnham, Supervisor of Recreation wants these senior’s “to come out to the variety of registered and drop-in recreational programs for Adults 55+ across the city to keep active and play every day.”
Ensuring Burlington is an age-friendly city is a commitment Burlington City Council made in the City’s 25-year Strategic Plan. Under the ‘A City that Grows’ direction, the City committed to developing an age-friendly strategy that supports aging in place. Ensuring sufficient Adults 55+ space for recreation and social activities is provided throughout the city is part of the plan.

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Nelson quarry will hold an Open house that will include a tour bus that will drive down into the pit.

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

September 23rd, 2019



Nelson Aggregates announced today it will host an Open House at its Burlington quarry on Saturday, October 5, from 1pm to 4pm.

The Open House will feature bus tours of the quarry and interactive exhibits, including quarry machinery such as crushers, loaders, bulldozers and excavators. All are welcome, including children.

One of these was enough for the people in rural Burlington. Is a bylaw creating a Heritage Conservation District the best way to prevent any quarry application - or is there a larger objective being sought?

The Open House tour will cover the existing quarry operation.

“We welcome our neighbours to visit, as well as anyone interested in how we balance the industrial process of producing limestone with the sustainability needs of the environment in which we work,” said Nelson President, Quinn Moyer.

The Mt. Nemo quarry has played an important role as Burlington’s main source of limestone for more than 50 years. Its aggregate forms the foundation of most roads, buildings and infrastructure in Burlington.

3 holdings

The long term plan is to complete mining in the current quarry – outlined in blue and at the same time begin mining in the south extension and ta a later date in the west extension.

A proposal is underway to expand the quarry over the next 30 years, and to donate the rehabilitated land in parcels over that time to form the largest park in Burlington.

The proposed park would be nearly six times larger than Burlington’s City View Park. The size and scale of the park would allow for abundant recreational opportunities, from biking and swimming to rock climbing and soccer.

Information on the expansion plans and park proposal will be available.

The Gazette will provide an update on the tour when details are available.

We have learned that the ward 3 city Councillor, Rory Nissan has yet to meet with the quarry operators but that there are plans to do so in the very near future

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Burlington Foundation convinces 'Pinball' Clemons to speak at their 20th anniversary event when 17 companies will be celebrated for their community giving.

eventsblue 100x100By Pepper Parr

September 23rd, 2019



It is going to be a fun night for the sports crowd and the supporters of the Burlington Foundation.

The local news is that $60,000 in new grant gifts to local charities through the support of 17 businesses who are members of the Foundation’s Brilliant Business Circle will be announced

Pinball H&S

Michael “Pinball” Clemons grew into an amazing charismatic speaker who was generous with his time and his financial resources.

The buzz though will be the words that Michael “Pinball” Clemons will give on the subject of community giving.

It all takes place at the Burlington Golf and Country Club on Tuesday September 24th; 6:30 to 9:00 pm.

Clemons was born in Florida but came to play for the Argos in 1989, going on to enjoy a remarkable 12-year career in the CFL before going on to coach the team. Clemons is now the Argos’ vice chair.

He and his wife Diane recently became Canadian citizens.

Pinball with football

He knew what to do with the ball when you put it in his hands.

The Burlington Foundation is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year; the evening is an important celebration of giving across our community, both through the collective giving of local businesses as well as through the amazing work of local charities.

It should be a night to remember.

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Job Fair: Halton Region connects job seekers with local employers.

News 100 blueBy Staff

September 18th, 2019



Halton Region is hosting a job fair to help connect job seekers with more than 90 employers in the local community. The event is being held on Tuesday, September 24 at the Oakville Conference Centre, located at 2515 Wyecroft Road in Oakville, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Region holds Job Fair at Burlington Convention Centre

Region holds Job Fair at Oakville Conference Centre, located at 2515 Wyecroft Road in Oakville

“Halton Region supports job seekers and employers through a variety of valuable services including training, career development and networking events,” said Halton Regional Chair Gary Carr. “We are very fortunate to have a highly skilled talent pool here in Halton, and our job fairs provide a great opportunity for those seeking employment to meet in person with employers from our thriving business community.”

Employers at the September job fair will represent a variety of industry sectors including technology, government, advanced manufacturing, retail, hospitality, and healthcare.

Halton Region will also be accepting resumés and interviewing candidates for roles in its three long-term care homes. Job opportunities at the Burlington, Milton and Oakville homes include cooks, dietary aides, personal support workers, registered nurses, registered practical nurses and schedulers.

Each year, the Region’s Employment Halton staff connect more than 12,000 job seekers with more than 250 local employers by providing services such as training, job placement and access to online job boards.

Employment Halton staff also offer workshops and one-on-one sessions to help job seekers create resumés, prepare for interviews and ultimately find work.

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City goes into some kind of a 'feed everyone' mode on Saturday.

eventsred 100x100By Staff

September 16th, 2019



Everyone was going to get fed.

Seniors taking in the music

A pleasant way to spend the morning after a hearty breakfast – listening to music they enjoyed when they were younger.

Early on Saturday morning the seniors were given a free breakfast, an update on the plans for the fall and winter season and then an hour of entertainment that had people tapping their toes and drumming with their fingers.

Senior taps his fingers

Tapping his fingers to songs he probably danced to as a young man.

Staff dance at sesnior event

The music was enough to pull staff out of the kitchen to dance.

The music brought staff out of the kitchen to dance at the back of the hall.

It was a“hearty” breakfast “among friends” event – and everyone had a fine time.

Later in the day, the city set up tents and tables and waited for people to show up and take part in the Food for Feedback event.

Saturday evening the Burlington Caribbean Connection hosted a dinner and a dance and awarded a scholarship to an MM Robinson high school student.

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If you feed them - will they come? Some did.

News 100 blueBy Pepper Parr

September 16th, 2019



It was a bold venture.

It was something different and based on what we saw it appeared to work.

The city is trying very hard to hear what residents think about what city hall is doing. The came up with an idea – why don’t we feed people and listen to what they have to say?

Food trucks

With a ticket in your hand you got to eat – but you had to talk first.

The called the event Food for Feedback – and added a small twist: you don’t get the food until the city has your thoughts.

Food ticket

The rules were simple enough – tell us what you think and we will feed you.

Take action siign

City hall is reaching out – asking – close to begging people to say what they think. People were so used to not being listened to that they stopped talking. This city council wants to change that and has directed staff to do things differently.

What they did was give each of the tables set out a small box of cards – about the size of a business card. Once you had your chit chat with the people at either the Integrated Mobility table or the Cycling table or the budget table they gave you a card that could be redeemed at one of the four food trucks that were lined up at the curb of Central Park beside the band shell.

There was a table with fire department people, a table for those who wanted to talk about Leash free areas in the city and a table for those interested in where cannabis retail operations were to be located.

Michelle Dwyer

Staff did all the heavy lifting.


Ward 4 residents George and Norah talking to ward 2 Councillor Lisa Kearns – and doing a little bit of business while they were downtown.

Tables were set out for some of the members of council – not all took part. The Mayor was expected to do a walk about.   There weren’t great “crowds” but there was a healthy turnout and some of the discussions at some of the tables was “animated”. It will be interesting to hear what staff report on the event.

Councillor tables

Tables were set out for three of the six council members.

The bureaucrats are trying everything they can think of to get people out and listen to what they have to say.

Burlington has some very significant decisions to make in the year ahead.

While city council is approaching their first anniversary – they have needed some time to get used to the idea of being public figures and begin to understand the complexities of municipal government.

Five of the seven members of council had never held public office. Some are doing very well; others may find that they were not cut out for the job they now have.

Moment she became Mayor

Marianne Meed Ward taking the Oath of Office.

Too early to be definitive. What is very evident is that there is a Mayor with an agenda and a mandate and she is going to do whatever it takes to deliver. She has taken an approach to leading that Burlington has not seen in more than 12 years; she is proactive and doesn’t have any problems stepping over jurisdictional lines.

Burlington crest - with city reference

City crest.

Nothing shy about this woman. Mayor Marianne Meed Ward has wanted to be mayor for more than a decade – her route to getting the Chain of Office placed around her neck never wavered. Now the people that elected her get to see just what a committed, driven, passionate politician can do.

There are two words on the city crest: Stand By. Mark them well.

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Terry Fox Run had great participation and excellent donation levels: Next year will be the 40th anniversary.

News 100 yellowBy Staff

September 16th, 2019



Craig Gardner reports that despite iiffy weather the 39th Annual Terry Fox run brought out more participants this year than last and raised more in the way of funds for cancer research.

Craig Gardner Terry Fox

Craig Gardner delegating before city council – asked for a waiver of a municipal fee.

There were 1139 participants (944 last year). The donation total so far is $111,470 ($81,000 last year).

Fox monument with Brant Inn

A monument done in granite that marks the spot where Terry Fox was in 1980 when he made an historic run across most of Canada.

$111,470 is the second highest amount raised; in 2005, the 25 anniversary they raised just under $127k

Participant-wise the Run has had three years where the number was over 1200. Gardner reports that “this is our fourth best participation number and second best donation total.”

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Public art for the proposed pavilion at City View Park.

artsblue 100x100By Staff

September 13th, 2019


Request for Expressions of Interest
For public art proposals at City View Park.
Deadline: Friday October 11, 2019
Budget: Budget: $120,000 CAD

The City of Burlington invites professional artists to submit Expressions of Interest to create an exterior public art installation for a new pavilion being constructed at City View Park (2500 Kerns Road, Burlington). This competition is open to all Canadian and International professional artists and/or artist-led teams.

City view park pavillion

Proposed pavilion got City View Park.

A professional artist is an individual who has specialized skills and/or training in his/her artistic discipline (not necessarily in academic institutions), has a history of public presentation and is critically recognized as an artist.

The artwork will be located in a large naturalized area in front of the pavilion. This area serves as an entrance point to the pavilion, linking together pathways from the (future) parking to the front entrance and a central roadway. This location will also allow for excellent views of the artwork from inside the pavilion’s main lobby as there are large glass walls looking out onto this area.

An artwork proposal is not requested at this time. This is a two-phase process: in Phase One, applicants will be reviewed on the basis of artistic merit of past work, professional qualifications and experience. In Phase Two, short-listed artists will be required to submit a preliminary artwork concept proposal that will be displayed for public comment and jury review. Artists selected for the short-list will be provided with a full Request for Proposals outlining detailed artwork specifications prior to developing their proposals. Short-listed artists will be paid an artist fee of $1500 to develop their proposals.

To learn more and apply visit:   burlingtonpublicart.com

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They need some help - have you got four hours to spare?

eventsblue 100x100By Staff

September 13th, 2019




Freeman station - old GTR picture

It cleaned up pretty good. The station was the start of trips to other places. And it was where you got off when you were coming home. Troops left for war from the station. They would march up Brant Street and onto the railway property. Keeping it and turning it into a small local museum has taken a lot of work with many obstacles to overcome. Now the station has to be prepared for the winter weather.

Freeman - tracks in place

They need some help.

They are a great bunch to work with and this will get you out of the house.

The Friends of Freeman Station note that it has been a great first summer season at Freeman. Now we need help tidying up, getting the Station ready for the winter. Hopefully you will be able to spare some time on one or more of the following days to help out.

Freeman station Sept 18-17

Evening settles on the station.

September 14,     Saturday 9am to Noon            Scrape & Paint Outside Trim
September 16,     Monday 9am to Noon           Winterizing the Station
September 18,     Wednesday 9am to Noon     Moving the compound
September 21,     Saturday 9am to Noon          Scrape & Paint Outside Trim
September 23,     Monday 9am to Noon          Winterizing the Station
September 25,     Wednesday 9am to Noon     Winterizing the Station
September 30,    Monday 9am to Noon           Winterizing the Station
October 2,           Wednesday 9am to Noon      Winterizing the Station

Just come on down to the Station in your working clothes and we will set you onto to the tasks required.

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