Ok - who did it? The lovely painted rocks didn't just fall out of the sky. Do we have rock painting fairies amongst us?

Big hug

By Pepper Parr March 27th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   We used to say we were always so busy – now hundreds of us are sitting […]

Little rays of sunshine in uneasy times - sprinkled along the Centennial Trail


By Staff March 27th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   Special Joy not GERMS – done in chalk on the Centennial Trail Sylvia and Pat Lennon walk […]

Marathoner is ready for the long haul with kids out of school.

graphic coping red

By Ashley Worobec March 26th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   The Gazette has put together a team of parents who are at home taking care of […]

Rivers masks up for a food run - gets mistaken for a Ninja


By Ray Rivers March 23, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   It is frustrating, feeling helpless as we watch the daily roll out of pandemic numbers continue […]

Want to get into care mongering - there is just the place to do that.

By Pepper Parr March 23, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   It is really interesting watching how people respond to a crisis. The innovative ideas bubble to […]

Aldershot community working with St. Matthews on food collection

St Matthews Aldershot

By Staff March 21, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   St. Matthews-on-the-Plains Church, through a Partnering Aldershot, helping our neighbours have food initiative, are trying to make […]

Slot machines: easy to learn - fun to play - know your limit.

slots 7777

By Clair Nash March 19th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   Did you know that just under 20 million Canadians regularly gamble? Astonishingly that is almost half […]

Significant changes in the way the community celebrates and entertains itself on the way.

Sound-of-Music-Festival-2017 large crowd

By Staff March 18th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   Decisions are being made in the community that give us some sense as to what we might […]

Old world courtesy goes the extra mile meeting the needs of the community


By Pepper Parr March 18th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   A Different Drummer, is one of the more consistently successful book stores in the country. Ian […]

Freeman Station: Also closed for the duration of the CORVID19 pandemic

Freeman Junction sign BEST

By Staff March 15th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   Ron Danielsen President, Friends of Freeman Station announced yesterday that : “In order to help contain the […]

Art Gallery joins the list of locations that will be closed to the public.

AGB logo with colour graphic

By Staff March 14th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   The Art Gallery of Burlington has joined with other community organizations in an effort, led by the […]

Performing Arts Centre closes Main Theatre - Community Theatre will remain open.


By Staff March 13th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   After first deciding to keep the doors open the Burlington Performing Arts Centre will be following the […]

Conservation Halton closes almost all sites; administration offices closed to the public

Mt Nemo entrance

By Staff March 13th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   Conservation Halton has made the difficult but necessary decision to close a number of their park operations. […]

Ireland House and Brant Museum to be closed for three weeks

Brant Museum transformed

By Staff March 13th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   Due to recent developments regarding COVID-19, it has been decided that the Museums of Burlington will be […]

Tap a Maple Tree event cancelled.

Crawford maple_syrup___Super_Portrait

By Staff March 13th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   Conservation Halton announced this morning that the Tap a Tree event that was scheduled for today, March […]

Contemporary Dance company is looking for four choreographers

dance logo

By Staff March 13th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   The Aeris Körper Contemporary Dance company is looking for four choreographers to participate in their spring edition […]

City announces recreation facilities and program registration refunds policy during COVID19

Live and play cover

By Staff March 12th, 2029 BURLINGTON, ON With the COVID-19 situation, the City of Burlington will be offering full refunds for Recreation facilities and program […]

Schools to be closed for two weeks after Spring break - Performing Arts Centre to remain open.

classroom empty

By Staff March 12th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   The Minister of Education has issued a Ministerial Order to close all publicly funded schools in Ontario […]

Shakespeare at the Rock on the move - Dundurn Castle is their new home.

Dundurn Castle

By Pepper Parr March 5th, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   In the summer the Tottering Biped Theatre (TBT) creates contemporary, highly physical interpretations of Shakespeare. Since […]

Spring? Might be - Leslie Bullock saw flowers in her garden

Spring flowers Bullock

By Staff March 2, 2020 BURLINGTON, ON   Signs of spring in our garden announced Leslie Bullock earlier today. She wouldn’t stretch the truth. Could […]