What comes after 'strongly recommending' the wearing of masks ? The public just doesn't seem interested

By Staff

November 14th, 2022



Ontario’s chief medical officer of health is “strongly recommending” that Ontarians wear masks in all indoor public settings, including in schools and in childcare settings, but stopped short of recommending a return to a mask mandate in the province.

Premier Ford has spoken out – wear a mask – but he won’t mandate it.

At a news conference on Monday, Dr. Kieran Moore said the province’s health system is facing “extraordinary pressures” with the ongoing circulation of COVID-19, the earlier than normal rise in Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), as well as influenza.

“What we are facing is a triple threat that requires our collective action and action to protect the most vulnerable in our communities, the very young, the very old and those with underlying medical issues and to ensure that our healthcare system remains able to care for Ontarians when they need it,” Moore said.

Will the Mayor take a lead and ask anyone planning to attend the inauguration Tuesday evening wear a mask or watch the event on line.

Will the Judge who presides wear a mask as he or she swears in each member of Council wear a mask and ask that Council members do the same ?


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Why do we continue to publish the rant ?

By Pepper Parr

November 14th, 2022



A number of readers have questioned the frequent publishing of a particularly nasty piece of behaviour on the part of Mayor Marianne Meed Ward.

The Gazette went to some effort to clean up the visual part of the 14 minute event at a council meeting in June.  The meeting was virtual and at the time the Mayor was not in the Council Chamber – she was in London Ontario to celebrate the graduation of her daughter.

We left in every word that was said by everyone: the Mayor, the City Clerk who was having some difficulty maintaining order and Councillor Shawna Stolte who was arguing that she had the right to determine when she would read out an apology.

Her choice was to read the apology at the end of the Council meeting during member comments – which are not debatable

Mayor Marianne Meed Ward chairing a virtual Council meeting from London, Ontario

Mayor Meed Ward had decided to re-arrange the agenda, which she had the authority to do.

Those who have been critical of our decision to publish that segment of the Council meeting are the kind of people who ask – why do we constantly talk about the Holocaust?

We talk about the unmarked graves found at the residential school locations where Indigenous children were sent to – some didn’t get to go home.

When there is unacceptable behaviour, and we have yet to hear anyone say there was anything good about what the Mayor said, it has to be made public and made part of the public record.

If politicians get away with this kind of thing once – they will do it again.

The public has to speak up and speak out – and they can’t do that if they don’t know.

Informed people can make informed decisions.  I personally wonder if every voter in the city knew of the behaviour would the election results have been the same.

The unfortunate part of the election result is that none of the people who ran for the office of Mayor were capable of doing the job. Meed Ward brings a set of skills to the job that no one else came anywhere near what she can do.

It is the downside of her behaviour that is troubling.

I don’t think anyone wants their Mayor to behave the Marianne Meed Ward did last June.

Listen  HERE  and tell me – you see this as acceptable?

Salt with Pepper is the musings, reflections and opinions of the publisher of the Burlington Gazette, an online newspaper that was formed in 2010 and is a member of the National Newsmedia Council.

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Easy Tips on How to Win More in Online Casinos

By Stephan Dimech 

November 14th, 2022


Playing in an online casino has become a popular pastime for many people. Whether you started playing more casino games online as a result of the brick and mortar casinos closing down for lockdown during the COVID19 pandemic, or have always enjoyed playing some casino games on an app in your spare time, there’s nothing more frustrating than losing. While losing is always going to be a part of playing casino games, no matter where you play, the good news is that there are several things that you can do to be in with a better chance of getting the win you deserve.

Find a location that you are comfortable with and feel safe using.

Choose a Good Online Casino

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Practice for Free First

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Only Bet What You Can Afford

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Play With a Clear Head

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Have a strategy then bet small and play often

Bet Small and Play Often

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Pick a Strategy Game

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Follow the tips above and you should find your luck improves!

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The Burlington Integrity Commissioner has been busy - looks as if he is going to be even busier.

By Pepper Parr

November 14th, 2022



Once the members of the 2022-2026 City Council are sworn in the Integrity Commissioner can begin to delve into the files they have on their desk.

Two members of council have issues the Integrity Commissioner is understood to be looking into.

The Gazette is aware of one complaint against ward 1 Councillor Kelvin Galbraith that has been filed and is aware of a second complaint against the same councillor that is being prepared.

Another member of Council reported herself to the Integrity Commissioner over what was later determined by Council to be an “inadvertent” comment made during a meeting of the Burlington Downtown Business Association.  A formal complaint on that matter is being discussed but apparently not made.

An Integrity Commissioner is in place to ensure that members of Council are adhering to the Code of Good Governance.

There have been two investigations: one resulted in a five day suspension of pay; a second was not accepted as a complaint but the Integrity Commissioner did suggest an apology be given which Mayor Marianne Meed Ward turned into a 14 minute display of exceptionally poor behaviour and spite.  For those who haven’t seen the behaviour it is HERE

Among the questions we asked are the following:

Does the person filing the complaint have to be a resident of Burlington?


Does a complaint have to come from an individual (over the age of 18) or can it be filed by an Ontario Corporation or non profit?

We will require the name and contact information for the individual representing the entity, but a complaint may be filed on behalf of an entity that is not an individual person.

This is not a sanction an Integrity Commissioner can impose. These devices were once used in the United States.

What are the sanctions that Integrity Principles have and do they include the power to declare a seat vacant?

Principles Integrity does not have the power to impose sanctions under its role as integrity commissioner for the City of Burlington. Sanctions, if made, will come about after Council’s consideration of an investigation report which contains recommendations for sanction.

An integrity commissioner cannot recommend, and a Council cannot impose, the vacation of the seat of an elected official.

The singular exception would result from a formal complaint made pursuant to the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act, in which case removal from office could be considered by a judge upon an application to the court. Such applications are extremely rare.

With respect to code of conduct infractions, the Municipal Act provides that the City may impose either of the following penalties if we report that, in our opinion, a member has contravened the code of conduct:

1. A reprimand.
2. Suspension of the remuneration paid to the member in respect of his or her services as a member of council or of the local board, as the case may be, for a period of up to 90 days.

In addition, the City can decide to take what we describe as remedial steps in the context of any particular code breach. For example, since it is always in the power of the City to choose who would chair a particular committee, in the circumstances of a complaint the City could choose to remove a councillor from their position as chair.

Who determines what the sanctions are by which we mean who tells you that this is what you can do.

We serve as independent statutory officers do not take instructions from either Council or the City’s administration with respect to the complaints we administer.
The sanctions we recommend to Council are in compliance with the legislative framework in which we and Council operates.

Are we correct in understanding that the you do not make the decision but recommend to city council that it make a specific decision.


Are we correct in saying that a person who is not satisfied with the decision a city council makes can appeal that decision to Divisional Court.

Not quite. The Divisional Court considers judicial review applications arising out of the decision, and in such a case the issues will centre around such things as jurisdiction and procedural fairness, not the quality or correctness of the decision.

The Ombudsman of Ontario also has jurisdiction when an integrity commissioner either refuses to investigate or completes an investigation, but once again the consideration there is whether procedural fairness has been afforded, not the decision itself.

With specific reference to public apologies, it is our practice to never recommend a public apology be imposed as a sanction, because an apology not freely given is not in our view productive or in the public interest. That said, we often suggest to a respondent that in the appropriate circumstances an appropriate apology can bring about an informal resolution to a matter.

Sounds a lot more serious than Traffic Court.

Related news stories:

Galbraith issues a statement

Advice given to Galbraith by the Integrity Commissioner

Why do we publish the rant again and again?

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The Burlington you knew is disappearing - almost everything east of Brant along Lakeshore will be high rise.

By Pepper Parr

November 14th, 2022



While city council waits to have their successful election campaigns made legal at the swearing in ceremony on Tuesday development mistakes made years ago proceed.

A rendering of what the BeauSoleil is expected to look like when completed. The trees on the right hand side never existed and never will. A 28 storey high rise is under construction

The Beausoleil is replacing what used to be the Pearl Street Café, that was operated by John and Martha Duff, a a couple that met each other when they were members of the Burlington Teen Tour Band.. the Café was on the ground floor and a graphics company was on the upper floor.

When a developer came along with an offer was just too good to turn down the properties were sold.

They were later flipped to another developer who filed a development application, that ended up going to the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT) where the developer won.

It wasn’t long before demotion work began.

Wreckers have cut off the back end of the house that was once the Pearl Street Cafe

Part of the OLT agreement was that the two houses on the property would be kept as part of the development.

What is being kept is the façade that would serve as the entrance to two units. What isn’t clear is if the units were to be seen as private dwellings. That will all get worked out when the sales work begins.

The houses were built in 1880 and are the last examples of housing from that period on Pearl Street

The only thing that is going to be kept is the façade, which doesn’t do much for the sleek glass lined look of the building that will go up on the site.

Right now demolition is underway for the BeauSoleil development while construction takes place in the building to the immediate east – that being the Nautique.

An aerial picture of the BeauSoleil site with the Nautique under construction at the top of the photo. Photograph by Harry Hersh

In the past ten year the pace of development has been incredible. A run down motel was on the south side of Lakeshore Road – now the site of the Bridgewater development.  The Waterfront Hotel could end up being torn down and replaced by two towers that will be more than 40 storeys.

Almost all the land between Lakeshore Road and Old Lakeshore Road is set up for future development.  Don’t expect to see any affordable housing in any of these buildings.

That part of the downtown in Burlington will become very high end and expensive.  No one is at all certain what the area might draw in terms of commercial operations.

The facade that will be part of the BeauSoleil is all that will be left of the kind of housing (built in the late 1800’s) that made up a Burlington that is fast fading from view – all that will be left are the memories.

One of the occupants of what was known as the Acland house had a job filling water trucks that were used to put water on the streets to keep down the dust.  A person with that kind of job would never be able to rent a house in Burlington today.

It was a kinder, more gentle town that was livable.


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Stolte advises that she will not attend the Swearing in Ceremony on Tuesday - Covid19 results not where they need to be

By Staff

November 13th, 2022



There will not be a full complement of the members of Council who are to be sworn in on Tuesday evening.

Stolte Covid test results

Ward 4 Councilor Shawna Stolte posted the following on her Facebook page earlier today:

Well…clearly I will not be attending Council Inauguration on Tuesday…

Disappointing , but when I think of all the residents of Burlington who have missed the births of grandchildren , family weddings, special celebrations and end-of-life gatherings over the last 2 1/2 years…I certainly can’t complain.

Thank you for putting your faith in me again Ward 4 and I promise to rest up so that I can work hard on your behalf for the next four years!

Good on the Council member for making a responsible decision.

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Burlington Governance Material? What happened to it? The way we govern ourselves matters

By Anne and Dave Marsden

November 15th, 2022



270 (1) (5) of the Municipal Act states:
A municipality shall adopt and maintain policies with respect to the following matters:
The manner in which the municipality will try to ensure that it is accountable to the public for its actions and the manner in which the municipality will try to ensure that its actions are transparent to the public.

November 4, 2022 we sent an email to Burlington Clerk Kevin Arjoon, members of his staff, all elected members of Council and Kwab Ako-Adjei Director Corporate Communications and Engagement. The purpose was to put the Clerk and Council that gets sworn in on November 15, 2022 on notice that Clerk Kevin Arjoon has been derelict in his duties associated with Council’s need to ensure accountability and transparency to the public.

The review was to take place last April. It has yet to take place.

Most members of the electorate, who do their due diligence in terms of researching candidates, utilize the website for researching how incumbents have performed in terms of decisions that are close to their hearts. The webcasts in particular, are very useful given our research since 2010 shows the minutes often don’t reflect an accurate or full picture of discussions that took place. The Burlington ombudsman Amberley Gavel, in a report that went before council December 2014 set out support of this statement with: “It appears that they (the minutes of the October 2, 2013 CSC – Community Services Committee) are not compliant with Section 239 (7) (Municipal Act) with respect to the recording of committee minutes.” This is something that our in-depth review of Report CL-23-14, webcasts and minutes, all contained on the website previous to May 2022, showed Council have yet to address. How could Council avoid responding to its Ombudsman’s negative observation? It’s beyond belief but the city website backed this position pre May, 2022.

Former Ontario Ombudsman Andre Marin is at least one of the persons, if not the person, we can thank for having webcasts made available to us. We don’t think the former Ombudsman who is on the record likening some members of municipal councils to “gangrenous limbs” who make provincial politicians look like choir boys, will be happy to hear about the Burlington dearth of information that suddenly occurred just as nominations opened. Marin and many others worked hard to ensure public have the right information available to us all the time and especially immediately before a municipal election.

We, use the website Agenda and Minutes services frequently regardless of election time or not, and we believe many others, especially media, do too. We mainly used the older minutes to research the quality of public engagement for changes to governance materials covered by 270 (1) of the Municipal Act For example in 2016 the definitions of accountability and transparency were removed from the Procedure By-laws and changed in terms of .the previous definitions that are now part of 270 (1) Municipal Act Corporate Policy. Expired review time for corporate policies is the subject of a past Marsden opinion piece. However, it is important enough to repeat in case it was missed the first time around. The Clerk who is responsible for reviewing and amending the corporate policy that sees council ensure that it is accountable to the public for its actions and the manner in which the municipality will try to ensure that its actions are transparent to the public was the responsibility of the Clerk to review and amend if required previous to April 2022. Something which the new web site showed never happened.

The Clerk has assured us that Council knew and agreed to the replacement of the web site and thus access to all the associated minutes etc. so close to election day. We are, however, not convinced of that.

Mr. Arjoon as at November 4, 2022 has been asked to advise when all webcasts, minutes, agenda and attachments July 2016 – present will again be available to us through the City website. We are also asking for the opportunity to search previous Committee and Council Agenda and Minutes that have been available to us on the city website for at least the last ten years as we did before; i.e. without having to go through staff.

Policies are debated at length – they are in place for a reason. Staff are directed by these decisions.

We believe the absence of this information that was previously and easily available to residents and media alike significantly affects public engagement. It clearly affects the right to access decisions made by our council and committees and determine if they are being made as they should be in a manner that positively affects the well-being and best interests of families and businesses of Burlington. Further, whether the responsibility for the disappearing information should be the subject of a complaint on reduced accountability and transparency immediately prior to an election, that seriously affected ability to determine council incumbents’ performance.

We have repeatedly raised these issues with Mr. Arjoon and he simply passes us on to Mr. Ako-Adjei who has been unable to answer our questions as to when, or indeed if, the website information will be restored to what it was prior to 2022 municipal election nominations opening

While too late to use for election candidate research, public and media access to the same level of information we had before nominations opened is a must prior to a new council term beginning.

Accountability for such a dearth of information the last few weeks of our municipal election that is continuing right into Council’s next term must occur. Mr. Arjoon is well paid for the level of competence that is expected of him in terms of securing access to council and committee decision making processes for whoever and whenever public and media access is required.

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Looking at the Different Gambling Options in Ontario, Canada

By Frank P Mickens

November 12th, 2022



With the regulated iGaming in Ontario Canada, what are some of the options that are available?

Just a few months after the enactment of laws governing online casinos and other gambling endeavors in Ontario, the sector is booming. Joyce R. Knox, an online casino expert attributes this to the confidence that has been created in the Ontario online casino scene where players are assured of fair play. Regulated industries tend to play by the rules since they are supposed to meet certain requirements. The new gambling laws Ontario enacted recently require operators to register as well as meet other standards and regulations. This, according to Joyce R. Knox ensures that players are protected and unfair competition is eliminated.

With such, one can only expect a boom in the industry. And this is what is happening in the Casino Ontario scene. Recent data published by iGaming Ontario (iGO) indicates that the Ontario online gambling market raked in close to $162 million in the first three months after the enactment of the new iGaming regulations. This translates to a player spending approximately $ 113per month. Experts point out that this growth will continue to be seen in the coming years as more players take advantage of the new regulations to play Ontario online poker and other casino games in safe environments. So, which are the different Ontario online gambling options that are available for players? This is what we explore in this article, giving players a chance to learn where to start.


For players looking for online poker and other casino games in Ontario, the options are many. Ontario casino gaming industry is big with BetMGM casino, Royal Panda casino, and Ceasers Casino being some of the big operators in the province. Let’s explore what these and other platforms have to offer to players in this region and beyond

Royal Panda Casino

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Ceasars casino

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Draftkings Casino

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Party casino

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Today as we remember – we know full well those that were lost knew just what they were fighting for.

By Pepper Parr

November 11th, 2022



Burlington actually has two Remembrance Day event, three if you count the goings on at the Legion Gall but that is another story.

The Naval Monument

Early in the morning the Haltom Naval Veterans Association holds a ceremony at the Naval Monument on the Promenade at Spencer Smith Park.

That’s where that splendid statue of the sailor looking out over the lake with a list of all the ships that were used during the wars – and on the back side of the pedestal there is a list of all the merchant marine ships that were lost.

The Naval Monument is the smaller event but it is the event where you can talk to the veterans in a different way.

Near the end of the event the Bosun’s whistle was piped followed by the Up Spirits command.  Small paper cups are handed out.  A small splash of rum is put in the cup for a quick swallow.

Burlington MP Karina Gould talking to a member of the Halton Naval Veterans Association.

For the ships at sea Up Spirits is a fine event. Each person has their own pewter tankard that has served them well for years. Those tankards are never washed – they get a rinsing – and a small one at that. Over time they have a lining that is basically a nice rum residue that adds to the tot that is served daily when you are at sea.

This is how a parade is led.

Later in the day large crowds gather along Brant Street to watch the parade and take part in the service, they laying of the wreaths, the singing of him, the sound of the Last Post and the joy and strength in the Reveille.

There is a sense of “I have come and done what I needed to do”

There were far more of the close to 60 in the crowds but this year more younger people than I have seen in the past.

The Teen Tour Band seldom fails to deliver. With the light drizzle they were wearing thin bright red slickers that were rather attractive.

The laying of the wreaths, the singing of hymns and reading of prayers are all part of a traditional Remembrance Ceremony.

The Teen Tour Band – they never fail to deliver.

One couple had lanyards around the necks with small picture frames at the end of the lanyard. One of the pictures was of a woman, she looked like a WREN; couldn’t make out picture the man had. Each of the pictures had a poppy tucked inside the frame.

A couple, each wearing pictures in small frames of people who served.

I chose not to interview them – it seemed to me that this was a time they wanted to remember and not be bothered by questions from someone they didn’t know.

The Day was not celebrated the same way during the last two years.

Before that we did not have war on our minds – but today war is a very real thing. The Ukrainians are fighting a devastating war and more than holding their own.

Hearing a man who is fighting that war say publicly that “we are not winning yet but Putin is losing” is a good sign – but unless you have experienced the loss and devastation of a war it is hard to fully comprehend.

Today as we remember – we know full well those that were lost knew just what they were fighting for. Hold those you love a little tighter in the days ahead.

Mere boys – I wondered what the Day meant to them and what they think when singing the hymn that goes: Eternal Father strong to save Whose arm has bound the restless wave Who bids the mighty ocean deep It’s own appointed limits keep./strong>



They marched down the Street with a stride and a step that was wonderful to see.

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Three of the seven members of Council have had Covid19 infections that kept them away from their desks

By Pepper Parr

November 11, 2022



From the Ward 4 Councillor Shawna Stolte Facebook page:

Will be honouring our Veterans quarantined from home today as I take my turn with this nasty COVID. From fever, aches, sore throat, coughing and so very sleepy…this virus is no joke.

Wasn’t wearing the mask somewhere – Covid19 doesn’t fall off the back of a truck.  Shawna Stolte with one of her three daughters.

Most informed people know this virus is not a joke and the signs suggest it will get much worse before it gets better.

Will Stolte have cleared the period of time people with Covid19 are expected to stay isolated – and could that impact her taking part in the inauguration in the 15th ?

Might be appropriate to be sworn in separately this time around.

So far three of the seven members of Council have been infected: the Mayor, Councillor Kearns and now Stolte.

We did see Councillor Nisan at the Remembrance service at the Naval monument – mask-less as well.


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Heavy armoured personell carriers lead the Remembrance Day parade

By Pepper Parr

November 11, 2022



They were at the head of the parade coming down Brant Street.

They were not what anyone expected to see.

These two pieces of military equipment led the 2022 Remembrance Day parade down Brant Street.

They weren’t tanks – they were armoured personnel carriers with rubber treads.

There were no markings which struck me as odd – which unit did they come from.

Turns out the two pieces of equipment were privately owned by “a couple of guys up north”

At the end of the parade the equipment stopped outside a coffee shop.

My guess is that they were bought as surplus from the federal government.

Wonder just what was stripped out of those units. Do they have any fire power left in them?

The crews aboard were certainly proud. One appeared to be driven by a woman but I’ve never understood just who drove the things. Someone took care of the guns and the shells and someone took care of communications – and that is about all I know. I was in the Senior Service (Navy) don’t know much army stuff

It will be interesting to read what shows up in the comments.

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Hearts will swell,tears will be shed as we honour those that were lost in wars to protect the democratic freedom we have today

By Pepper Parr

November 11th, 2022



People have their own personal, unique way of handling Remembrance Day.

For many it is a very deep, personal and painful day.

There is, for almost everyone, a lingering sense of loss – of what could have, might have been.

The crowds that show up to take part in the Remembrance Day event have always been large.

In Burlington the crowds that gather at the Cenotaph are large. In the past I have seen gatherings that flood Brant Street – they were larger than similar events in Toronto at the Cenotaph in front of the old City Hall.

For the Marsden family – it is a major event. They see it as the lynch pin that holds a society together. That men and women put on uniforms and went to war prepared to die to save the democracy, damaged as it is, is something not to be forgotten.

Anne and Dave Marsden and their granddaughter Ava. Ave will be serving as a sentry at the Cenotaph today.

For Anne and Dave Marsden it is an event they are proud to be part of; something they remind people of again and again.

For some that ‘reminding’  is tiring – for Anne and Dave it is who they are.

This year Anne will be laying a wreath – something she has wanted to do for some time.

And this year her granddaughter Ava, an Army cadet will be serving as a sentry

We all know what that phrase “my heart swelled” means. It is a wonderful part of human nature.

Today the hearts of the Marsden family will swell.

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The Stroll - something the city has had to live without for a number of years - is back.

By Staff

November 10th, 2022



The Candlelit Stroll is back!

The event this year will be taking place throughout downtown on Friday, November 25th from 6pm-9pm.

It marks the start of the winter holiday season

Candles set out for Strollers

Three long years ago – this was the scene. It will return November 25th, 2022

The Stroll starts at Civic Square, for the lighting of the Tree of Hope.

From there, folks will set out on a self-led winter wonderland tour of Burlington Downtown.

We will have breathtaking illumination along the Promenade West (perfect for capturing IG-worthy moments!) and a pulled-taffy stop along the route as well!

Kids (and kids at heart) will want to stop by Centro Garden to watch a holiday movie.

Take in the holiday display at Joseph Tassoni’s (be sure to stop inside for a complimentary family photo!)

There is a new winter-wonderful art display … at a walk-in snow globe feature!

NYNY Men’s Grooming Lounge will be offering complimentary neck shaves and shots of Italian espresso (to keep you energized thru the night!)

Warm up with delicious hot chocolate from La Creme de la Creme Creamery Inc.

Fill your bellies with free sliders from our friends at the WORKS Craft Burgers & Beer.

Peachey Counselling and Family Support will be handing out holiday-stress-busting presents (and maybe a candy or two as well!)

Head down to Joseph Brant Museum for “Lights from the Rooftop” (and some popcorn, hot chocolate and holiday tunes!)

Get ready to clap your hands while listening to incredible live music with the Burlington Teen Tour Band.

And no Candlelit Stroll would be complete without a visit with Santa.


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The Ho Ho Ho man will be on New Street this year - December 4th

By Staff

November 10th, 2022



 The Santa Claus parade is returning to beautiful downtown Burlington Dec. 4, from 2-4 p.m.

The parade will feature floats, community groups, costumed characters, the Burlington Teen Tour Band, Junior Redcoats and other marching bands. As always, Santa will be the grand finale of the parade.

People can once again line New Street to enjoy a Seasonal event.


The parade will start at 2 p.m. at the corner of Guelph Line and Prospect Street and makes its way downtown along New Street. The parade then travels north on Brant Street and finishes at Caroline Street.

Roads of the parade route will be closed Dec. 4, at 1 p.m. and will re-open shortly after the final float has moved through and a clean-up has been completed.

For the past two years Santa got driven around in an antique Fire Truck

Children are encouraged to bring letters for Santa, which will be collected by letter carriers from Canada Post along the parade route. Spectators may bring non-perishable food donations, which will be accepted by the Burlington Teen Tour Band boosters for local food banks.

The Burlington Oldtimers Hockey Club will be collecting donations of loonies, toonies and $2 tap to help support the operation costs of the parade.

Any individuals or groups also interested in volunteering with the parade can email volunteer@burlington.ca, call 905-335-7777, ext.7978 or visit burlington.ca/volunteer.

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One of the truly great hockey players will be at the Mapleview Shopping Centre on Saturday

By Staff

November 10th, 2022



The good people at Mapleview Shopping Centre announce the grand opening of leading Canadian sports lifestyle retailer.

For the hockey sports fan it is an occasion to meet Doug Gilmour, NHL Legend and Hockey Hall of Fame Member. He will be at the centre this Saturday, November 12th, for a meet & greet and photo opportunities from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. to mark the opening festivities.

People can meet Gilmour in-person for a photo opportunity on Saturday, November 12th from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. inside Mapleview Centre’s upper level, outside the new Sporting Life store.

The first 100 customers in line (Sporting Life entrance, Maple Ave) on grand opening day will receive a $50 Sporting Life promo card to use toward a $100 purchase. Grand opening promotions also include contests and in-store deals. Sporting Life will be operating special hours for one-day only, opening at 8 a.m. ET on Saturday, November 12th. Guests are encouraged to arrive early – line-ups are expected.

Gilmore played for a lot of NHL teams. It is a long list

St. Louis Blues

Calgary Flames

Toronto Maple Leafs

Rapperswil-Jona Lakers

New Jersey Devils

Chicago Blackhawks

Buffalo Sabres

Montreal Canadiens

He was one of the greats when he was on the ice.  5’9 weighing 140 lbs he was often referred to as the “killer”  Hs goals scored record is impressive.







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It was at the 11th hour of the 11th Day on the 11th month that the hostilities came to an end. We call it Remembrance Day

By Staff

November 10th, 2022



This year’s Remembrance Day event will be in-person in downtown Burlington. The Remembrance Day Service at 11 a.m. is in-person and will also be broadcast online.

Burl-Oak Naval Veterans Remembrance Day Service, 9 a.m.

This 30-minute ceremony takes place at the Naval Ships Memorial Monument in Spencer Smith Park.

Remembrance Day Procession, 10:30 a.m.

The procession will begin at Central School on Baldwin Street, traveling down Brant Street to Elgin Street, Locust Street, Ontario Street and ending at the Cenotaph in Veteran Square, 426 Brant St.

The streets noted above will be closed from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 60, Remembrance Day Service, 11 a.m.

This 45-60-minute ceremony will be held at the Cenotaph in Veteran Square, on the north side of City Hall and will be live-streamed for those who cannot physically attend.

The ceremony will include a colour guard, two minutes of silence, music performed by some members of the Burlington Teen Tour Band, reading of In Flanders Fields along with the laying of the wreaths.

A live web cast that will begin at 11:45 can be found HERE



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How does getting most of the votes cast by the 27.6% of the eligible votes get turned into an 'overwhelming majority'. She must have used fairy dust

By Staff

November 9th, 2022



In an advertisement published in the November 3rd of the Burlington Post Mayor Elect Marianne Meed Ward wrote:

This is the advertisement as it appeared in the Post on November 3rd, 2022

I’m honoured by the support and trust the overwhelming majority of Burlington residents have put in me. This is a tribute to the work of the entire council over the last four years.

I love serving our community. I’ll continue to advocate for reasonable growth in the right place; more community amenities and parks for our growing community; action on our affordable housing, climate and mobility plans; protecting our rural area and cutting red tape for businesses and farmers; and promoting community pride, so everyone feels welcome and included.

Please join me and council to usher in another four years of service at our official Inauguration Celebration on Tuesday, November 15th, 6;30 pm, Burlington Performing Arts Centre.

For a better Burlington.

We have a question for the Mayor:

What does she mean when she said she was honoured by the

“…support and trust the overwhelming majority of Burlington residents have put in me.”

The facts are that 27.6% of those eligible to vote cast a ballot. The Mayor Elect did get a majority of that minority.

This year,  2022, 27.6 per cent of eligible voters in Burlington voted in the municipal election.

In the 2018 municipal election, 39.79 per cent of eligible voters cast a ballot.

This is yet another example of the Mayor taking the truth and twisting it to serve her agenda.

A responsible politician would comment on just how poor the turnout was and think aloud about how she will work towards getting better voter turnout.

One of the things Marianne Meed Ward might do is look at what a community based organization did in the 2018 election to get out the vote.  They held debates in all six wards.  Another group held a debate for the people running to be elected Mayor.

That is what community involvement is about – which the Mayor knows – but isn’t able to actually do.

Photo ops are not community engagement

Ward 4 Councillor was reelected in October.

Councillor Shawna Stolte nailed it back in June when she was having a nasty public dispute with the Mayor during a virtual session of Council.  At that time Stolte said:  “it’s entirely inappropriate that you make an attempt to bring that forward now and turn it into yet another political circus for your own selfish gain. And I think you should be ashamed of yourself.

If you want to refresh your memory on how that event went click HERE

While we have published the video of the Mayor’s 14 minute rant – take another look  HERE


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It took days to capture this image - and more than 100 pictures to get what the photographer wanted

By Staff

November 9th, 2022



The phrase is usually a “picture is worth a thousand words”. This picture needs a few words.
John currently lives in Kitchener but did reside in Bronte previously.

He has been an avid photographer and is a member of the Latow Photographers Guild, a member Guild of the Art Gallery of Burlington (AGB), for many years.

He adds: “I recently developed an interest in astrophotography and try to get out to take photos of the moon when conditions will allow.

Previous attempts to see the moon rise behind the Burlington Pier were not successful due to either fog or cloud cover.

Using an App called “PhotoPills” I determined the timing and directionality of moonrise at this location. I took more than 100 images last evening but this was my favorite as it has a human element.

Larsen used a Canon 7D Mark 2 using a Tamron 150-600mm zoom lens mounted on a tripod.

John Larsen of Photo Graffics Bytook the picture

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Transit Service to Aldershot GO Station

By Staff

November 9th, 2022



Aldershot GO Station bus stops are closed.

All Burlington Transit buses that normally go into the Aldershot GO Station are being re-routed to temporary bus stops located on Masonry Court.

This detour will be in effect until further notice.

Because of this detour, service may be delayed and connections missed.

Please try to give yourself extra travel time during any detour.

Visit myride.burlingtontransit.ca for detour details, real-time bus schedules, and temporary bus stop locations.

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Virus experts are urging Health Official to bring back masking requirements

By Staff

November 8th, 2022



This should come as no surprise.

Back to masking – new virus strains are infecting children

Toronto’s top doctor has been told by a local health board to “urgently explore” reissuing mask mandates, starting with local schools.

Rising COVID19 levels and increases in cases of influenza and respiratory syntactical virus

A respected health expert and assistant professor of the University of Toronto’s Dalla Lana School of Public Health   said “we really need a renewed sense of urgency,”

The public has been lulled into a false sense that the pandemic is over and it is only those in long term care facilities that are being infected.

This is far from over

Health officials urge residents to wear masks in crowded indoor spaces, including schools, to reduce viral spread and take pressure off pediatric units.

Toronto, along with other jurisdictions across Ontario, dropped mask mandates last March. The health board was told Tuesday that residents are now advised to mask in indoor spaces, especially crowded ones, if they feel “comfortable doing so.”

500 + people in a small space – few if any reports of a Covid spread. The Mayor was infected but that was believed be prior to this event


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