Name change: From Burlington Economic Development Corporation to Burlington Economic Development - go figure

News 100 redBy Staff

January 13th, 2021



Breaking news?

“The Burlington Economic Development Corporation, also known as BEDC, announced today that effective immediately it will be revising its name to Burlington Economic Development and will drop the use of an acronym. When needed, Burlington EcDev will be used as the abbreviated name. The revised name will allow Burlington Economic Development to better represent their value proposition and provide a stronger, more obvious connection to the city it represents.

bedc data“The acronym BEDC does not resonate with our audience because there is no explicit connection to Burlington. The change will also help minimize confusion with private-sector companies using similar acronyms, a challenge we have experienced in the past,” explained Anita Cassidy, Executive Director of Burlington Economic Development.

This comes across as much ado about nothing. Don’t they have better things to do?

“In November 2020, Burlington Economic Development launched the brand new website. With a focus on storytelling and user experience, the new website features dedicated pages for Burlington’s key sectors and easy to navigate tools and resources that provide all of the qualitative and quantitative information businesses and investors need to locate or grow a business in Burlington.

“The site also features a number of success stories and testimonials from businesses that call Burlington home. The evolution of the name is a natural next step in building awareness of Burlington Economic Development, and its role in attracting new investment to Burlington, as well as in supporting Burlington’s existing business community.”

Not to be picky – but in in orderto be identified as a separate legal entity does the organization not require either Inc., or Ltd., or Limited, or Corporation as part of its name?

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Political reputations and police careers badly damaged: resignations are required but be polite and call them retirements

SwP thumbnail graphicBy Pepper Parr

January 13th, 2021



The Halton Police Services Board will meet on Friday in a closed session.

The former Chair of the Board, Oakville Mayor Rob Burton, gave up the Chair but is thought to still be a member of the Board.

Jeff Knoll, an Oakville Councillor and a member of the Police Services Board will serve as acting Chair during a meeting that will have legal counsel on hand to advise.

On December 21st, Premier Ford announced a lock-down to take effect Dec 26.

On December 22nd, Police Chief Stephen Tanner asked the then Chair Rob Burton for permission to leave the jurisdiction to travel to Florida on a private matter.

Burton gave permission and said at the time that he didn’t have a problem with the Chief being away.

On December 26th, Chief Tanner left for the United States.

On December 26th, the province invoked a shut down for 28 days.

There has been considerable demand for the Chief to be fired.

He asked for and was given permission to travel.

Can he be fired?

In order to lead a leader has to have the confidence and respect of the people  being led.

The rank and file of the Halton Police Service are said to be “outraged”.

Driving their feelings is the fact that the Chief was not on hand to meet with the family of a Detective Constable who died while on an observation assignment in Burlington.

One of the Deputy Chiefs met with the officer’s family.

Burton Rob - glancingf left

Oakville Mayor Rob Burton

Chief of Police Steve Tanner explains that Social Media is not the same as a 911 call

Chief of Police Steve Tanner

It is a messy situation created when a foolish decision was made by Burton.

Can the mess be cleaned up?

The retirement of the Chief and the former Chair will resolve the problems.

Salt with Pepper is the musings, reflections and opinions of the publisher of the Burlington Gazette, an online newspaper that was formed in 2010 and is a member of the National Newsmedia Council.



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Rivers found that TV was reality last week; watches an insurrection live.

Rivers 100x100By Ray Rivers

January 13th, 2021



It seems that watching TV is about all there is to do during this lockdown.  I was looking for something exciting to watch on the channels last Wednesday and boy did I find it.  In fact I could swear I was only picking up one of those action movies on Netflix.

insurection 1a

Americans had never seen anything like this before.

It was pretty fast moving though I kept thinking that I could probably have done a better job on the script and with the staging.   Those police characters were getting walked over by the mob.  Where was the army?  After all, the last time the US Capitol got attacked it was by invading British troops in 1814.

And the invading squad seemed pretty authentic except for that nutter with the bull horns costume on his head.  And where was the superhero who also shows up at times like these?  I almost expected to see an Adam Schiff or Nancy Pelosi grab those invading bums by the scruff (or horns) and single handedly Sock!!! Pow!!! and Wham!!! them until they cried out UNCLE.

horned man

Rioter seen frequently on TV screens. Will be seen in a Court House in the near future -minus the horns.

And the script was America classic.  I mean by the time the army (National Guard) showed up, dressed to the nines in riot gear with gas masks, and everything you’d expect but armoured personal carriers, it was all but over.  Some of the clowns hung around thinking there might be a second scene to this movie – or maybe to give out autographs, but this movie, ‘insurrection’ was over.

The reality is that this attempted coup was far more serious than it seemed when sitting two metres from the TV screen.  For one thing it’s pretty clear it had been premeditated.  For his part Trump had primed his fans and this particular mob for weeks with his lies about the election.  He and his pal Rudy actually told them to march to the Capitol building and fight for him.  And there was something fishy about how long it took for federal troops to arrive.

The rioters were prepared for a serious occupation of the legislative building.  They brought an assortment  of assault weapons, Molotov cocktails, pipe bombs for distraction, wrist-tie straps for the hostages, and instruments to enable breaching the entrances.  This had to be a planned invasion of the Congress, a takeover of the government and a plan to capture the political representatives as hostages – or did they always carry this kind of weaponry with them when they travelled.

These people – the Proud Boys, Q-Anon and other right wing extremist and conspiracy theorists – were looking for trouble.   They were violent and aggressive.  Four people died in the melee including one police officer and a rioter whose laser weapon accidentally nuked his family jewels.   How do his kids explain to their classmates how their daddy died?


The troops were not on hand at the beginning.

The capital police force was outnumbered eight to one and over 50 officers suffered serious injuries and beatings.  Their call for assistance from the DC National Guard was ignored by Trump’s hand picked military leaders until the fighting was pretty much over.   Members of the Senate and House of Representatives had to be sequestered for safety in a crowded room and mostly without face masks.  One 75 year old congresswomen has since been diagnosed with COVID as a result.

There was something about what I saw that made me think it could be a 1950’s movie.  Most of the folks on the screen were white, especially those in the mob.   Recall the way which the mostly peaceful Black Lives Matter (BLM) demonstrations last summer were handled by the authorities.  There was no shortage of military uniforms and tear gas on parade back then.

Of course the BLM protesters were neither armed nor were they trying to occupy the Congress.  They were just asking not to be killed wantonly by the police.  If ever anyone doubted white privilege, they’d just need to review the tape of the assault on the US legislation by the president’s men.

trump flags

Trump speaking to the rioters before they marched on the Capital

Trump tried and he failed.  Whether he is impeached or not, his future in US politics is over, and so is that of his family.  The House of Representatives is charging him with inciting an insurrection against the legislative branch of the US government.   It is very likely that he will have to face judgement in the US criminal system as well.

Trump may yet avoid judgement for this sedition or his tax evasion and other crimes.  Perhaps he’ll seek asylum somewhere in a nation more friendly to him.  There was an unsubstantiated report that a rioters who was arrested had requested a Russian translator – that should make anyone wonder about who this mob really was.

The FBI has warned more violence is likely on the way for inauguration day.  One can only wonder what Trump really meant when he promised to make America great again.   It certainly hasn’t improved television viewing.

Rivers hand to faceRay Rivers was born and raised in Ontario and earned a degree in economics at the University of Ontario.  He taught at a university in New Zealand for a period of time and then earned a Masters degree in economics at the University of Ottawa.  His 25 year stint with the federal government included time with Environment, Fisheries and Oceans, Agriculture and the Post office.

After leaving the federal government he consulted for private sector and government clients.  Ray became Executive Director for an organic farm certification organization and then executive director of Clean Air Canada, an environmental emissions trading company.

Rivers completed his first historical novel The End of September in 2012.  This story about what might have happened had Quebecers voted for sovereignty association in that first referendum in 1980 is set in Ottawa and Montreal.

He has been active in his community including ratepayers groups, a food bank, environmental organizations, community journalism, policing and community associations and service clubs, churches, boy scouts, and community theatre.

Background links:

Capital Police –   White Lies Matter More –    Trump Limits Guard Role

Trump Lies     Trump and White Males 

Russian Translator –     Trump’s Team –      Trumps Incitement

National Guard and Trump

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What does the data the Premier said was going to knock us off our chairs look like ?

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

January 13th, 2021



table logoThe data in a visual format tells the story.

Stark evidence of what we have done to ourselves.

What happened to those in Long Term Care (LTC) facilities.

Key Findings•Growth in cases has accelerated and is over 7% on the worst days.•Almost 40% of long-term care homes have active COVID-19 outbreaks. Since January 1st198 LTC residents and 2 LTC staff have died of COVID-19. Forecasts suggest more deaths in wave 2 in long-term care than in wave 1.•COVID-19 ICU occupancy is now over 400 beds. Surgeries are being cancelled and the access to care deficit will continue to increase with real consequences for health.

LTC July 20

LTC Oct 20

LTC Jan 7 21




Daily mortality is increasing under current restrictions, doubling from 50 to 100 deaths per day between now and end of February.

Projections: COVID-19 ICU occupancy around 500 beds in mid-January, potentially over 1,000 beds in February in more severe, but realistic scenarios. Graph below.

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Burton reported to be ready to resign from Police Services Board - calls a Special closed meeting of that Baird for the 15th

Newsflash 100By Pepper Parr

January 11th, 2021- 9:45 pm



From a source that has never let us down before we were told that Oakville Mayor Rob Burton has or will be resigning as Chair of the Halton Regional Police Services Board.

In an email from Burton to the Board members they were advised that there will be a Special Meeting of the Board.

Burton said: “In response to concerns regarding Chief Tanner’s recent travel to the U.S., the Halton Police Board will be holding a special meeting on Friday January 15th to obtain legal advice.

“This meeting will be closed to the public, as permitted under the Police Services Act. The Board will deal with the matter at its next public meeting January 28th, which will be held by Zoom.”

Chief Tanner was reported to have left Canada and entered the United States with a person who is the president of a nationally known advocacy group that has chapters in Burlington, Oakville and Milton.

Early reports were that Tanner had sought permission from Chair Burton to travel who said that at the time, the first day of the province wide lock down, that he had no objections.

Related news stories:
Chief of Police travels to the United States during lock down.
Chair of Police Services said at the time that he had no objections to the travel.

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Why are the anti-maskers gaining traction in Burlington?

SwP thumbnail graphicBy Pepper Parr

January 11th, 2021



Why is the refusing to wear masks gaining traction in the city?

Fortino Appleby

Is there a policy at Fortinos that masks are not required by all customers

A report today came in that a small group of anti-maskers entered the Appleby Line Fortinos location.

People, not staff, asked them to put on masks or leave.

The police were called – not certain at this point who called them.

The manager was brought into the concern and he is reported to have said that those not wearing masks could and would be served.

Tamp coffee window

The coffee is good – the ambience used to be funky but pleasant in its own way.

Another report has been received about the Tamp Coffee Shop (best Espresso in town) where they are said to be very loose about masks and due to that a number of anti-maskers have chosen that as a destination.

Tamp screen shot

Not the kind of social message that you grow a business on.

The reports we get are from people we know; people who are reliable and trusted.

All this when the Health people report that there were more than 4000 new infections. The Premier tells us that the modelling data is scary and that he will reveal that data soon.

People who don’t like the need to have to wear masks can read the tea leaves – you can get away with not wearing a mask.
Big shots fly south – they don’t get hammered. All the political buzz has the now fired Minister of Finance showing up in Cabinet again in a different portfolio – he’s ’described as a very smart guy.

They seem to think that they can take a pass on the rules – and should they be infected they are young and will probably not become all that ill.

However, there are 4250 people in the province who are now infected and just under 100 who died.

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Provincial Government Wants Your Thought on the Way the Condominium Corporation is Working For You.

News 100 blueBy Staff

January 11th, 2021



Given the number of condominiums that are either in the early stages of construction or in the planning approval process – it would follow that more people are going to live in condominiums.

The operation of a Condominium Corporation is not like running your ball team. It is complex.

The Ministry of Government and Consumer Services would like to invite you to participate in a written consultation on potential permanent changes to enable digital and virtual processes under the Condominium Act, 1998.


Nautique – an ADI Development: When built it will operate as a Condominium Corporation. If you buy – you might want to know how that corporation is going to work

The Legislature passed the COVID-19 Response and Reforms to Modernize Ontario Act, 2020 which, among other things, made temporary legislative amendments to the Condominium Act, 1998 related to virtual meetings and the deferral of annual meetings in some circumstances in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

These temporary legislative amendments were further extended by regulation to permit corporations to call and hold meetings as applicable through electronic and telephonic means, notwithstanding certain requirements until May 31, 2021.

The Ministry is now seeking your input on whether further temporary or permanent amendments are required under the Condominium Act, 1998 in relation to virtual processes, as corporations adapt to new ways of doing business that are more digital/virtual allowing for broader participation. The Ministry has developed a Condominium Act, 1998 Feedback Form that consists of targeted questions intended to guide participants feedback regarding (1) virtual meetings, (2) electronic delivery of notices and documents, and (3) storage/examination of records through electronic means.

The Feedback Form is now posted on Ontario’s Regulatory Registry for public comment. If you wish to participate we encourage you to provide feedback on these topics at the following link by 5 p.m. on February 8th, 2021.
The link for comments is HERE


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Staff Layoffs at City Hall are Impacting Morale

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

January 11th, 2021



The City today released data on the impact COVID19 has had on city hall

City hall - older pic

The reality that the restaurant and hospitality sectors have been dealing with for months has made its way to city hall.

Thirteen people have become infected by the virus; City Manager Tim Commisso said that all 13 cases have been resolved. There was no detail on whether any of the 13 had to be admitted to hospital – just that they had been resolved.

There have been staff layoffs – particularly at the school crossing guard level.
196 people have been laid off; 290 jobs have reduced hours and 68 people were asked to put in additional hours.

City Manager Tim Commisso said that some of the people who were laid off have advised the city that they are looking for work elsewhere and may not be able to return to the city.

Staff morale has been impacted.

Council learned that 700 hours of work were required to get the provincial lockdown in place and that it will probably take that much to get back to what was once the lick down is lifted..

The reality that the restaurant and hospitality sectors have been dealing with for months has made its way to city hall.

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City gets ready to do its part in the mass public vaccinations - might all be in play by the end of the month

News 100 yellowBy Pepper Parr

January 11th, 2021



Vaccinations are taking place now and there is a plan to do the mass vaccinations that will be needed to bring this virus to heel.

Big picture 3 phases

The big picture: sets out the rate at which the city and the Region will get us all vaccinated.

The city administration created a Task Force that would work directly with the Regional Public Health Office which has asked the city to find a possible three locations at which vaccinations can be administered.

launching CIB task force

The make-up of the Task Force – city side

They asked that one of the three be the Haber Recreation Centre which has been used in the past for measles vaccinations.
The way this will roll out is to have the city providing the space with the required security, backup power supply and the on hand staffing that will be needed. Parking and transit access were also important.

The public will be given details on who is to show up when.

Council learned that it is going to be many months before everyone is vaccinated. Sheila Jones, one of the Executive Directors,  who guided the presentations made by staff said she thought it could be completed by August.

There are three phases to the plan. The time lines for each phase are not cast in stone. All the people who are working on this task are fully aware that everything is both fluid and dynamic.

Some people may be getting their vaccinations at a Doctor’s Office; some may get their vaccination at a pharmacy, assuming they are part of the picture.

Phase 2 roles and Resp COB

Who does what?

Karen Roche

Burlington Fire Chief Karen Rocke will work with City Staffer Amber Rushton to lead to Vaccination Task Force

Amber Rushton and Fire Chief Karen Roche are the staff members leading this Task Force. More on Ms Rushton in a separate article.

The Plan they are administering so that vaccinations can be given quickly and efficiently includes:

Having the needed equipment in place
Site set up
Traffic control
Site security
Public safety and volume management.

Sites that are set up will have to stay in place until the public vaccination is complete – we are talking about many months.

There will be a military liaison person attached to the Task Force as well as someone from the Mayor’s office – that was defined as the Mayor’s Chief of Staff Victoria Al Samadi.

The Task Force reports directly to the Emergency Control Group weekly.

One of the problems that has plagued this health crisis is the, at times, very poor messaging by the province.

The Regional Public Health Network hasn’t earned all that many gold stars for the way it has communicated with a worried public. However, they have been good at getting data out.

Dratf reporting structure (LAST)

Reporting structure is a work in progress at this point – but there are very good people in place to make it all happen.

This next phase is going to require very tight communication between the city – they are going to provide a location that is ready the moment the nurses walk through the door ready to put needles in arms – and the Region, that is going to bring the thousands of doses that will be needed to the location and ensure that there are enough nurses on hand to work from 8:30 am to about 5:30 pm seven days a week.

There are still a lot of questions to be answered. Things will be moving very quickly by the end of the month when the public vaccination takes place.

One message to the public:  the City and the Region have a very firm grip on what has to be done.  The role for individuals is to be patient and to trust the civil servants to do their jobs.  The really do know what they are doing.

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Is it time for some good old fashioned police work?

News 100 blackBy Pepper Parr

January 9th, 2021


Update: Since publishing this piece the following information from a source that can be considered reliable. “ If I have read the articles correctly, the chief left the country on December 26th as we went into full lock down and as of today, he has not returned. I would call that an extended vacation.

Is it time for some good old fashioned police work?

The Gazette reader reaction to the news that the Halton Region Chief of Police was out of the country for a period of time, albeit with the permission of the Chair of the Police Services Board, has been significant.

Most of those that commented want to see the Chief fired including a former police officer who has taken up politics as a new career option.

Rob Burton, Chair of the Police Services Board and Mayor of Oakville (I got it right this time) did say that with hindsight he might have made a different decision. Many don’t seem prepared to accept that explanation; the Mayor of Burlington certainly isn’t on side.

In a Statement released by Mayor Meed Ward yesterday she was both pointed and direct. The Chief had no business being out of the country.

It is not healthy for a part of society to have lost faith in the man who runs the police service.

So some questions:

When did the Chief of Police ask the Chair of the Police Services Board for permission to leave the jurisdiction and travel to Florida to take care of some personal business?

When did the Chief of Police leave for Florida, how long was he there and when did he return to Canada?

Once that information is made public we can lay that over it when the Premier announced there would be a lockdown.

With all that information we will know if Burton was irresponsible and the Police Services Board can decide if they want to take any action and if there should be any repercussions.

Overriding all this is the Advisory that has been in place from both the federal and provincial levels for some time advising the public not to travel outside the community.

The failure to follow those advisories has Quebec with a curfew in place; be off the streets at 8 pm and stay at home until 5 am.

Is this what we are going to see in Ontario?

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Police tells Mayor 'it was a poor decision and one he deeply regrets' and he walks - no penalty

News 100 redBy Staff

January 8th, 2021



The Mayor issued the following statement a few minutes ago.

For full transparency and accountability, I have not travelled outside the country or province in more than a year and have not left the City of Burlington since before the Provincial shutdown.

Moment she became Mayor

Mayor Marianne Meed Ward being sworn in as Mayor

I am just as troubled and frustrated as the community about continued news of travel outside the country or province by elected representatives, health officials or community leaders. This erodes public trust at a time we need to work with the community to defeat COVID-19.

I immediately spoke to Halton Regional Police Services (HRPS) Chief Stephen Tanner, when I learned today (from the media) that he had travelled outside the country to attend to a property, with the permission of the Chair of the HRPS Board, Oakville Mayor Rob Burton. I expressed my concern about the travel. I appreciate that Chief Tanner has now apologized and said it was a poor decision and one he deeply regrets.

I encourage those with properties outside the province to consider local property management companies and continue to avoid non-essential travel. I have heard from constituents who also have properties outside the province who are not travelling to those properties, and they expect the same from their community leaders.

Clearly, as community leaders, we need to hold ourselves not only to the same standards we expect from the public, but a higher standard of accountability, transparency and behaviour. We are in a public health emergency when all non-essential travel is being discouraged by our public health officials and provincial and federal governments.

Accountability starts in our own backyard. My expectations are that no senior City staff or Council members will be travelling outside the province for non-essential trips during the shutdown. I can confirm that no senior staff at Burlington City Hall has travelled outside the province since the province-wide shutdown. I also asked and have received confirmation from all City Council members that none of them have travelled outside of the province since the shutdown.

As a new measure during virtual City of Burlington Committee and Council meetings, and other public meetings, I will be voluntarily disclosing where I am calling in from. I have asked all of my City Council colleagues to do the same.
Additionally, I have put on the agenda of our upcoming Emergency Control Group a discussion of what further measures are warranted to ensure our staff and council walk the talk, lead by example and hold ourselves to the same and higher standard than we expect of the community.

We are in the worst of this pandemic. It is all hands on deck. We need to trust each other and work together. To do that, we all need to make the same commitments and sacrifices to beat this deadly virus.

We need to work to restore trust when it has been broken, as it has recently with many announcements of travel by health, elected and community leaders.

I have a question: Why does saying “it was a poor decision and one he deeply regrets” close the matter. That’s just not right.

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Chair of Police Services Board gives Chief of Police a 'Get Out of Jail' card - let's him off the hook

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

January 8th, 2021


Corrected: Rob Burton is the Mayor of Oakville and not Burlington – When I type Mayor my computer adds Burlington.

Chair of the Police Services Board Rob Burton, who is also the Mayor of Oakville said today that “Chief Steve  Tanner informed me in advance of his travel to tend to a property matter. I had no objection.


Halton Regional Police Chief Steve Tanner has the full confidence of the Chair of the Police Services Board.

“Things can always look differently in hindsight, can’t they, and things looked differently back before the partial lockdown began when I didn’t have an objection.

Burton Rob - glancingf left

Rob Burton – Oakville Mayor and Chair of the Police Services Board – gives the police chief some wiggle room

“Since then, I would have responded differently. Chief Tanner continues to have my full confidence. The Chief leads our police service in an exemplary manner and will continue to do so.”

It would appear that the Chief advised the Chair – the Chair said ‘no problem’ bring back some of those Cuban cigars with you’.  Then the lock down was imposed.  Did the Chair direct the Chief to get back pronto – and is the Chief in place now or is he self isolating?

Related news story

Police Chief in the sunny south

Burlington Mayor releases a Statement

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Police Chief Reported to be in Florida.

Newsflash 100By Pepper Parr

January 8th, 2021



Tanner travelsIs there anyone left in the country?

What do you say when the Chief of Police is reported to be in Florida?

Halton Regional Police Chief Stephen Tanner is reported to have been or is still in Florida.

Global News broke the story an hour or so ago.

No notice of a police convention in Florida.

There is a report that the Chief is in Florida on a property related matter.

Another report has police union members outraged.

The Gazette has reached out to Oakville Mayor Rob Burton, who is the current Chair of the Police Services Board – the level that hires the police Chief.  He has not returned our request for comment.

Public trust just goes down the toilet.


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Burlington Scoops Senior Staffer from Oakville: Scalera to head up Roads, Parks and Forestry

News 100 blueBy Pepper Parr

January 8th, 2021



There is some chatter about the level of staff turnover at City Hall and there have been Staff Reports that reflect what is going on in city hall – it wasn’t a pretty picture.

That may be changing.

The Mayor recently used her Newsletter to welcome Enrico Scalera as the new Director of Roads, Parks and Forestry Department.

Enrico Scalera Director PArks and Roads

Enrico Scalera named Director Parks, Roads and Forestry

Scalera brings 30 years of private and public-sector experience in engineering and operations to the City of Burlington. For the past 10 years, he has served as Director of Roads and Works Operations with the Town of Oakville and was responsible for road infrastructure maintenance, fleet and operations facilities.

Burlington scooped a senior staffer from Oakville?  That is news.

During his time with Oakville Scalera oversaw the department implementation of many program improvements and enhancements including Asset Management and Work Order and AVL systems and implementation of customer service and response tracking systems.

Scalera is a graduate of the Bachelor of Applied Science Program in civil engineering from the University of Toronto and is a licensed Professional Engineer. He is also a member of the Board of Directors for Ontario One Call, the Provincial agency advocating for best practices and communicating locate requests for underground infrastructure.

Something about Burlington attracted the man. Our City Manager appears to be in the process of putting together a different team.

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Burlington Man Proves Slots Can Be a Full-Time Job - Think YouTube

sportsgold 100x100By Mildred Austria

January 8th, 2021



‘Who says you can’t have fun and earn a living at the same time? Brian Christopher from Burlington, Ontario, proves that it is possible to take gambling to a level that is more enviable than having a lucky streak. From classic to progressive slots, gambling has been more than enjoyable for the 39-year-old gambling enthusiast.

PAID Burl man at progressiveChristopher is not making money directly from winning at slot machines, although he occasionally earns some from them. He is having slots as his “full-time job” by being a YouTube who plays slots. He is now one of the leading YouTubers who specialize in videos about wagering.

Christopher did not plan any of his YouTube fame and money-making. It was in April 2016 when he posted his first ever video on the video sharing platform. He thought only his family and friends would consider giving his video the views. However, in around a month after posting his first video, he noticed his followers were growing rapidly. This led to him getting an invite to be part of YouTube’s partner program, allowing him to monetize the content he posts.

He said he decided he would record some of the instances he was enjoying slots after seeing others doing the same. It would be fun, he thought, and he was not seriously considering giving it a lot of effort. It was just about him filming for fun.

After seeing the growth of his channel and making money out of the videos he used to post without any thought of monetization, Christopher decided to make it his full-time job. He eventually planned trips to casinos where he can create his unique content. He also thought of posting videos daily since nobody playing slots was doing it at that pace.

Christopher thinks that his channel grew further because of the frequency he was posting videos. He was not doing something that is in a very narrow niche. It’s not the same as the content produced by many of the top YouTubers around. However, he managed to attract regular viewers of his videos because he was doing it daily, so he had something new to offer to his subscribers every time they visit his channel.

In an interview with The Star, the successful YouTuber expressed elation over doing something he enjoys. He said being a gaming-focused YouTuber is so much fun. He unapologetic ally professed his fondness for gambling and his desire to entertain people, two things he is able to do and make money from by being a YouTube video blogger.

On average, YouTuber content creators earn in the range of $3 to $5 for every 1,000 views their videos get. A single video with a million views in a month can already generate a hefty amount to pay for living expenses.

Christopher’s channel averages 207,000 views per day. Many of his videos are already above the 1 million view mark. As of January 6, 2021, his channel has already accumulated more than 201 million views and 314,000 subscribers.

Mildred Austria tracks and analyzes the any ways social media is used by several sectors.

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Demonstrators want the Fearman pork processing plant closed during the lockdown

News 100 greenBy Staff

January 8th. 2021



A group of people who object to the slaughter of pigs at the Fearman plant in Burlington have shifted their focus just a bit and want to see the slaughterhouse shut down because they believe there are a number of people working in the plant who have become infected with the Covid19 virus.  They are demonstrating outside the plant

Their information, which could not be confirmed, was that 29 workers at the Fearman plant have become infected.

A 150 year old corporation that plays a significant role in the Burlington economy. Should a slughterhiuse be in this location?

A 150 year old corporation that plays a significant role in the Burlington economy is part of the Sofina Group that is close to the largest pork producer in Canada. 

The Public Health Unit reports on the number of new infections but they don’t break that data out with enough detail to know if there have been infections at the plant.

Fearman’s is a very large employer operating a plant that is said to process 10,000 pigs each day.

The torontopigsave group has organized a small demonst5ation at the plant that started at just after 9:30 am.

Trevor Miller told the Gazette that the small number of demonstrators (there are just five) was done for two reasons – they didn’t want their people to create a crowd that could spread the virus and they wanted to ensure that there was not a repeat of the Regan Russell tragedy.

Regan Russell save the pigs

Regan Russell, was run over by a truck transporting pigs into the Fearman plant last June

Ms Russell was run over by a transport truck that was getting ready to enter the plant  on June 19th, this year when the accident took place.

The demonstrators are asking why the business is continuing to operate during the lockdown while elsewhere in Canada and worldwide similar facilities are shut down to slow infections. Two days ago the City of Toronto released a report condemning the company for posing a significant risk to public health.

pigs - watered - girls

Save the pigs activist watering pigs in a transport truck while it was stopped at an intersection just before entering the slaughterhouse.

“There’s no reason to put the lives of slaughterhouse workers and their communities in harm’s way to produce non-essential products,” says Trevor Miller with Toronto Pig Save. “The 10,000 pigs who lose their lives there every day, along with the employees now contributing to overloaded hospitals and ICUs, deserve to be treated with the same privileges as granted to white-collar workers throughout this pandemic – the chance for healthy lives.

“Many employed in this industry are themselves members of vulnerable and marginalized populations and have found themselves forced into unsafe work spaces.”

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Festival Lights Might be on for a Bit Longer - Smart Idea

News 100 yellowBy Staff

January 7th, 2021



Will the lights be on forever?

Lights festival BTTBWell maybe not forever – but there are reported to be lighting the evening skies until the end of the month with a number of people wanting to see them on until March.

One of our sources said he “posted a mention on two Facebook pages and in less than 24 hours got 200 likes.”

The lights have been a festival season feature for more than 25 years.

Given the mood of the city and the oppressive feelings keeping the lights on would be nice.

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Body Positive - a Different Way of Looking at What Woman Look Like

News 100 blueBy Pepper Parr

January 6th, 2021



At the beginning of a year people make resolutions.

Losing weight is one that is at the top of many resolution lists.

We care about the way we look.

Some people care much more than others and go to great lengths to change their natural appearance

Emily Lauren Dick, Burlington author, graduated from Wilfred Laurier University where her focus was on Women’s Studies. She began to learn about the intense focus on what women should look like.

The fashion world set the tone, the media picks it up and men were persuaded that THIS is what an attractive woman looks like.

Billions of dollars were poured into the marketing of what women had to look like – the pressure on young women – girls actually, is intense.

For many young people it was not a pretty picture.

Anorexia was prevalent as early as the middle years of school.

Body book cover Dyck

Interviews with 75 women about what they look like and what, if anything, they want to do about it.

Emily’s book, Body Positive,  is made up of a lot of pictures and interviews she did with more than 75 women who came in all shapes and sizes.

It’s not easy being a girl today. We live in a culture in which Average Girls feel bad about themselves for being unable to achieve society’s ideal standards of beauty. The media makes it nearly impossible for girls to develop a positive body image. Many of you may feel alone in your struggle with your body image. But you should know that your experience is . . . well, average.

Some of the quotes from the interviews actually hurt:

“The media pressures girls of all ages to be perfect and cool-looking, from having the newest Barbie when they’re young to having the perfect everything when they [are] elementary-school age and older. It’s ridiculous because people get teased . . . about their appearance— not even their personality, but their appearance—and it’s so hard not to get wrapped into it. People usually do. I know I do.”

“The media is the biggest reason for my being anorexic.”

“Perfect skin, long eyelashes, big eyes, pink lips . . . I don’t know, I just think it’s pretty. That’s always shown in films and in magazines and stuff. I just love the look I can’t do. I’m just ugly, and I can’t be [bothered] to do makeup—don’t have much money for makeup anyway.”

The book tends to focus on younger women – because Emily feels that is where the most help is needed. “This is the age most impacted by anorexia”, she said.

The objective is to teach people to be who they are and that who they really are is perfectly alright.

This is a book you work with – the pictures themselves say a lot about different sizes and shapes – it is the comments and the questions that are out to readers that makes it worth the time and effort for those who question what they look like and go to some length to change that look.

You can order online anywhere that sells books – specifically Amazon Canada, Chapters Indigo, Amazon US, Bookshop, Indiebound, Books-A-Million, Barnes and Noble, Workman!

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CondoGuide Available from Province - Best Information Source for Condo Buyers

News 100 blueBy Staff

January 6, 2021



Buying a house is something most people know a little bit about.

The Baxter was a very successful condo development; seen as a prime location and an attractive building to boot. The proposed structure for Brock and Elgin is anything but attractive if the drawings are any indication of what they want to build.

The Baxter was a very successful condo development; seen as a prime location and an attractive building. 

Not the same with a condominium. The rules are a little different for the condo world.

The province has released a CondoGuide that sets out just what the buying process is and what you need to know. The Guide was developed by the Condominium Authority of Ontario (CAO) in collaboration with the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services (MGCS) and approved by the Minister as a helpful resource for the buyers of residential pre-construction/new condo units.

Realtors are required to give you a copy of that guide and to allow a ten day cooling off period once the paper work is completed.
The Condo Guide equips prospective buyers of residential pre-construction/new or resale condo units with information on condo ownership and the condo purchase process.

It also contains various topics including moving into a residential pre-construction/new condo unit, condo living, and how condo owners can resolve issues.

Although the Condo Guide is primarily written for condo buyers, if you have recently purchased a unit, or even if you are a long-time condo owner, the Condo Guide may also be of interest to you as it covers many topics relevant to condo ownership.

You can access a copy of the CondoGuide HERE

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Seventy units proposed for a small lot in the Dundas Appleby area. Public meeting #2 - virtual

News 100 blueBy Staff

January 6th, 2021



It is a smallish development put forward by one of the premier developers in the city.

The application is under review.

Second community meeting to take place virtually Thursday evening.

Zoom coordinates are:

Webinar ID: 944 0610 6407
Passcode: 917193

Turnberry - rendering of structures

Rendering of what the development would look like when completed.

The purpose of the second public meeting is to present and discuss the latest revisions to the proposed residential development at 2273 Turnberry Road. Since the last meeting with the community in March 2020, Branthaven have been working with City of Burlington staff to refine the concept for the property to address a number of the comments heard from the residents as well as municipal and other agency comments.

The original plan has been resubmitted to the City after substantial discussions with staff, and has been included on the Committee of Adjustment agenda for January 20, 2021.

Turnberry site

The site is currently a vacant lot. Proposed configuration appears to be the same as the houses to the right.

Turnberry - site plan

Quite tight.

It’s currently a vacant lot, fronting onto Appleby Line, backs onto Turnberry Road, and abuts Taywood Drive to the north, and a Private Condo Road to the south.

Proposed 70 townhouse units.
Overall heights include 2- and 3-storey units, with basements.
18 visitor parking, including one Type-A Barrier-Free space.
Zoned: RM3-104 – Townhomes permitted use under current Zoning By-Law.
Land Use Designation: Residential – Medium Density.

Not that much in the way of information on what took place at the March meeting. Unusual for a development to be before the Committee of Adjustment and the Planning department at the same time.

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